Monday, September 26, 2016

Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on September 24

From Why We Wrestle:

1) Nemesis and his "slave" Jacob Ashworth come out before national anthem. Nemesis demands Jacob take a knee for anthem. Jacob says he respects his freedom to do what he wants but refuses to kneel, Nemesis slaps him a few times Jacob finally bucks up and cold cocks room pull apart.

2) Trever Aeon defeats Adryan Hawkins in a 2/3 falls match.

3)  Odinson defeats Bobby Moore. (Pre match Bobby tries to recruit Odinson to Southern Bastards Crew, Odinson declined.) Post match a discombobulated Bobby says Odinson is a bully and will get the chance to pick on someone his own size at Fright Night if he has the guts to face Cyrus The Destroyer! Odinson accepts.

4) Monarchy defeated Billy Buck and James Drake to retain the WWW tag titles
(Drake gets mad at Buck post match for losing his focus and storms off)

5) Kevin Blue introduces his new best pal Chris Spectra who them as a tag team defeated Garret Shanks and Mike Outlaw in tag team action. (Spectra was actually the guy who shoved Slim J into Dany Only during the insane melee that got Slim suspended a few weeks ago)

6) Dementia D'Rose w The Carpenter defeated Aja Perera to advance to the Women's title match at Fright Night. She had some assistance from The Carpenter's ball bat.

7) The Viking War Party defeated WWA4 tag champions Austin Towers and Tony Midas (subbing for Brutes who had to cancel due to injury)

8) Gunner Miller w Jeff G Bailey defeated Anthony Henry to retain WWW Triple Crown Championship

Attendance was about 50. 

Confirmed for Fright Night so far on 10/22
WWW Triple Crown Championship Gunner Miller w Jeff G Bailey defends against former champion Stryk nyn in the rematch.

The Battle Of Gods and Monsters
Odinson vs Cyrus The Destroyer

4 Way Elimination Women's Championship
Nina Monet vs Dementia D'Rose vs.? vs ?

Signed for next show on 10/8

Winner faces Monarchy for the tag titles at Fright Night- 3 Way Dance- The Lynch Mob vs The Hooligans vs The Viking War Party

More women's qualifying matches

Elijah Evans vs "Death Wish" Brad Cash

Slim J returns from suspension!

Dany Only makes official announcement on Nemesis and Jacob Ashworth situation..

And more announcements to come.

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