Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CWF Mid-Atlantic Results from Gibsonville on November 5

From Brian Slack:

CWF Mid-Atlantic was in Gibsonville, NC on November 5.  Results:  Cutie & The Beast (Beau Crockett & Isaiah Santero) defeated Him & Sis.  Mitch Conner defeated Ethan Alexander Sharpe (w/Number Man & Number Boy).  Nick Richards defeated Cain Justice.  Chasity Taylor & Dirty Daddy defeated Aspyn Rose & Mike Jordan.  Arik Royal defeated Joey Rogers.  Aric Andrews vs. Chet Sterling ended in a time limit draw.  Aric Andrews retains the CWF Mid-Atlantic Television championship.  Andrew Everett, Chet Sterling, Mecha Mercenary & Trevor Lee defeated The All-Stars (Otto Schwanz, Roy Wilkins, Vlad Baleshov & Walter Eaton)(w/Coach Gemini).

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