Saturday, November 12, 2016

The 2016 Hensley 100: North Georgia

From Scott Hensley:

For the second year in a row, I've compiled a list of what I feel like are the top 100 professional wrestlers in North Georgia. Ready for the disclaimers?

1. This is my opinion. I'm a fan, ring announcer, and occasionally even a promoter. PLEASE feel free to have your own opinion. We all see things differently and there's certainly guys I like more/less than other guys but I appreciate the hard work that the dozens and dozens of wrestlers in North Georgia put in.
2. If you're not included, it's not me trying to insult you. It's probably one of three things:
A) I've never seen you, maybe never heard of you. You may work shows I don't keep up with - and that's fine. It's your choice.
B) It is MY opinion based ranking so there's the chance that I just enjoy or respect the work of the people on the list more than yours. It doesn't mean I don't like you personally.
C) I just flat out forgot you. Mistakes do happen.

My ranking system is based on my opinion when it comes to a guy's name value, wrestling ability, entertainment ability, potential, and peer respect. For the most part, guys who regularly work Georgia and travel to other states and major promotions were ranked higher.

Many wrestlers were left off because I was not sure they had wrestled at least 10 matches in the state of Georgia during 2016. AWE has certainly blessed the state with tons of AWEsome talent throughout the year, with many talented " special guests" becoming regulars. Empire Wrestling closed its doors and many of the wrestlers did not continue wrestling - so most of them were left off of the list.

With all of that said(as if anyone actually reads all that...), here ya go!

1. AR Fox
2. Jimmy Rave
3. Anthony Henry
4. Corey Hollis
5. Martin Stone
6. Fred Yehi
7. Sal Rinuaro
8. Kyle Matthews
9. Chip Day
10. Slim J

11. Aaron Epic
12. Drew Adler
13. Ethan Case
14. Shane Marx
15. Drew Delight
16. Gunner Miller
17. Odinson
18. Nick Iggy
19. Kerry Awful
20. Simon Sermon
21. Francisco Ciatso
22. Joey Lynch
23. Joe Black/Joseph A'gau
24. Jon Williams
25. Trey Williams
26. Tank
27. Bobby Hayes
28. Iceberg
29. Billy Buck
30. Styknyn
31. Austin Theory
32. Michael Stevens
33. Zac Edwards
34. Bobby Moore
35. Geter
36. Tyson Dean
37. Logan Creed
38. AJ Steele
39. Cyrus
40. Mikael Judas
41. Black Baron
42. Adrian Armor
43. Mike Posey
44. William Huckaby
45. Tommy Too Much
46. Kevin Blue
47. Matt Lynch
48. Torque
49. Cousin Cletus
50. Owen Knight
51. AC Mack
52. Chip Hazard
53. Fry Daddy
54. Brian Kane
55. Marvelous Marko
56. Murder One
57. Trevor Aeon
58. Jason Collins
59. Talon Williams
60. Ashton Starr
61. Ray Ray
62. CB Suave
63. Kevin Kaufman
64. Lex Lee
65. Ace Haven
66. Charles Zanders
67. James Drake
68. Paul Lee
69. Lamar Phillips
70. Nigel Sherrod
71. Shaggy
72. Prince Apollo
73. Ayden Andrews
74. Jagged Edge
75. Bill the Butcher
76. Ray Fury
77. Chase Jordan
78. Chris Crunk
79. Bobby Popham
80. Scott Morgan
81. Chris Ganz
82. Brandon Parker
83. Damien Bennett
84. Johnny Rokk
85. Chris Nelms
86. Drew Game
87. Kavron Kanyon
88. Zane Stevens
89. Jacob Ashworth
90. Matt Gilbert
91. Brian Blaze
92. Carpenter
93. Brad Cash
94. Ryan Vega
95. Cody Roberts
96. Effy Gibbs
97. Mikey Watkins
98. Brandon Collins
99. Baniac
100. Johnny Danger

Bonus 10!
101. Sylar Cross
102. Jacoby Boykins
103. Chris Mayne
104. Dark Mon
105. Chris Henry
106. Ken Lee
107. Johnny Viper
108. Matt Develine
109. Brent Banner
110. Eli Thompson

I'm not perfect and the list won't be either. Feel free to let me know about people you think should be on the list or if you think you should be on the list.

Thanks for reading!
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