Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why We Wrestle News and Notes

From Larry Goodman:

I got to thinking about the show held at the Church during the January 2000 ice storm. A chance of snow was in the forecast but nothing like what actually happened. 675,000 homes were left without power. Mike Harris and I hardly ever missed a show during the early Wildside years so we decided what the hell. Mike was about the only Afro-American fan Wildside had in the early years. I recall Simon Sermon looking down his nose at Mike as he approached the ring one night and saying, "I didn't know they allowed black people in here."   But I digress...I cut my driving teeth in Chicago and Iowa  winters and I promise you,that night was the worst driving conditions I have ever experienced. Everything was OK until we got close to Cornelia. I spun the car around on Highway 23 near Alto and ended up on the shoulder with no damage done. There was no point in turning back since were only a few miles from the building. About 20 diehard idiot fans showed up. Rick Michaels somehow cobbled to together enough workers to put on a show. I think they had four matches and the show was over in less than 90 minutes. That's when the real fun began. Highway 23 was like a skating rink. It was impossible to drive more than 15 miles an hour without spinning the car around which I did a several more times before getting the hang of it. Mike got out of the car to piss and went down like he had stepped on a banana peel. It took us over three hours to make it back to Atlanta.

The next major event from Why We Wrestle is set for January 14. There is a possibility the event will have an NWA Wildside reunion flavor.

Michael Gentry doubled as ring announcer and play-by-play man for the December 4 event. WWW is uploading a television episode each week to the Why We Wrestle Youtube channel.

Lynch Mob missed the show due to a family issue. Their number one contender's match for the tag titles vs. Adrian Hawkins & Chris Henry was rebooked as a singles match. 

The third referee for the November 4 show was Darryl Howe. In his relatively short career as an in-ring official, Howe has reffed for many of Georgia's top indy promotions including Platinum Championship Wrestling, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, Peachstate Wrestling Alliance and Why We Wrestle.

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