Friday, December 16, 2016

Ohio Valley Wrestling Results from Louisville on December 14

From Brian Slack:

Ohio Valley Wrestling was in Louisville, KY on December 14 for a TV taping.  Results:

Dark matches:  "The Pastor of Disaster" Reverend Stuart Miles defeated Adam Slade by submission.  "Dapper" Dan Van Zandt (w/Scarlet) defeated Lucas Jacobs.

Episode 904:  "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix defeated Jade Dawson to retain the OVW Television championship.  After the match, Jade Dawson attacked Tyler Matrix.  Bily O & Kevin Giza defeated The Ringmaster & "The King of Hairstyle" Robbie Walker in a Nightmare scramble first round match.  Big Smooth (Big Jon & Justin Smooth) defeated Rocco Bellagio, Cash Flo & Big Zo (w/Josh Ashcraft).  Due to pre-match stipulations, Big Jon and Justin Smooth both get a future OVW Heavyweight championship match.  "The Chosen One" Mitch Huff & "The Complete Athlete" Devin Driscoll defeated "Wrestling's Rockstar" Diamond & "Shotgun" Tony Gunn in a Nightmare scramble first round match after Gunn, Huff & Driscoll attacked Diamond.  Devin Driscoll then tells the referee to ring the bell and gets the pin.

Dark match:  Trevor Steele defeated LJ & Carlos Gabriel.

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