Thursday, December 29, 2016

Puerto Rican Wrestling News & Notes

From Alfred Feliciano:

Even though Christmas may be over the Holiday season still rolls on all the way this coming weekend with the year 2016 saying goodbye in the next few days and the new year 2017 looking more brighter especially for Puerto Rico's top wrestling promotions. From the legendary World Wrestling Council who in it's 43 year history has been a year of not just up and downs, but for WWC Puerto Rico marks as more of another year in their storied history that many superstars returned home such as in the likes of former WWE Superstars: Rey Mysterio who still currently wrestles in Lucha Underground, after five years since 2011 and also who was on the TNA Impact Wrestling roster: former WWE United States, WWE SmackDown! live Tag Team Champion and former WWE Intercontinental Champion, MVP, former TNA World Champion: Bobby Lashley, once again former WWE Superstar who was on the  WWE SmackDown! live roster this past summer Thanks again to the Brand Extension after five long years being dormant , "El Patron" Alberto Del Rio with his brother who came back in WWC's 43rd Anniversary Show dedicated to the late Pierre Martel, El Hijo De Dos Caras (Formerly known in the WWE NXT roster as Memo Montenegro), "La Maquina De Destruccion" Black Pain, Aaron Rex,(The former WWE Superstar formerly known as Damien Sandow), Konnan,Jesus Rodriguez, El Torito,  and the tag team who are still active  in WWE and can be seen every Monday as a part of the Raw roster on USA network, while being WWC's 43rd Anniversary Show in the two nights this past October in Humacao and Bayamon: Primo and Epico (The Shinning Stars).  

There were also debuts as well, such as TNA's "Brother Nero" Jeff Hardy, Robbie E CMLL's Demus 3:16, El Arkangel De La Muerta, Reyna Isis, Texas Pro Wrestling's Scotty Santiago and Lucha Underground's Rey Horus, better known as Dragon Azteca. 

With the new year 2017 coming in WWC's Euphoria 2017 Weekend begins in full force on Friday, January 6,2017 at the  Ineabelle Diaz  Arena located at Barrio Higuillar in Dorado,PR at 8:30 PM Bell time, Saturday January 7,2017 live at the historical Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum, Bayamon, PR  at 8:35 PM Bell time and Sunday, January 8, 2017, live from the Mayaguez Sports and Recreation Palace, Mayaguez, PR at 6:05 PM Bell time. with the return of El Leon Apolo with his wife La Reina Habana to WWC also returning is El Hijo de Dos Caras who replaces Pentagon Dark for the event, because due to his contractual agreements with AAA in Mexico and Lucha Underground. Pentagon will not be in WWC Euphoria 2017 weekend. For more info on WWC Euphoria 2017 go to their Facebook page for more details. 

Throughout the Weekend before Christmas the Puerto Rican wrestling scene has had it brightest moments from "El Hombre De Los Kilates" Abbad's own live wrestling fundraising event "La Noche De La Evolucion 4" that was held live on Friday December 16,2016 at the Lenin Lopez Coliseum, Guayanilla,PR the event was to raise funds for the Ultimum Novanta Graduating Class of 2017 from the Asuncion Rodriguez De Sala High School in Guayanilla,PR along with the support from fans locally even the wrestling fans who traveled to the show even throughout Georgia and Florida especially with the help of local sponsors including Open Mobile of Puerto Rico, the event was a huge success. Here is a video from our friends at Clutch Zone Wrestling where Tio Mingo spoke with Abbad about the event. For more video highlights of the event go to La Noche de la Evolucion's Facebook page.

The main event of that evening was for the 100% Lucha World Championship where current champion: "Capitan Peligro"  Payatronic defends the 100% Lucha World title against Vassago, who both are also on the WWL roster to watch the match in its entirety and for Upcoming events in this new year 2017 go to the 100% Lucha Facebook page.  

Meanwhile ending the weekend before Christmas both World Wrestling League's Christmas in Puerto Rico which was live on Saturday December 17,2016 at the Jose Pepin Cestero Arena in Bayamon and Comerio,PR's CWA's Christmas Showdown being held live Sunday, December 18, 2016, at the Cosme Salamo Beitia Coliseum in Catano, PR were equally successful if not memorable because of the working relationship with WWL and CWA together. on those two nights, there were title changes especially on CWA Christmas Showdown where fresh out of WWC; El Sensacional Carlitos beat Ring of Honor superstar and now former CWA World Champion: Jay Lethal becoming the new CWA world Heavyweight Champion. and of course 24 hours before on WWL's Christmas in PR there were more controversies surrounding the mysterious black box when the revealed identity of the employer who paid the West Side Mafia. "The Glamour Boy" Shane Sewell came back with WWL General Manager: "La Mina De Oro" Dennis Rivera wanted to reveal all the way up to Bruiser Brody's murder just almost 29 years ago. WWL President "El Boricua Mayor" Savio Vega stopped that. these next videos and highlights from both events in the two nights tell the side of the story. along with the interviews with newly crowned CWA World Champion: El Sensascional Carlitos, Jay Lethal and in her debut in Puerto Rico: Deonna Purazzo.

This past Friday, December 23, 2016, was New Revolution Wrestling's Christmas:  One Last Chance was held live at the Sabalo Gardens Residence Arena in Mayaguez was the moot point where despite the betrayal of "El Tramposo" Gansta, Team NRW has defeated Team TWA in a Winner Take All Survivor Series elimination match. "La Chica De La Actitud" Roxy defeated Daddy White with the help of NRW President and owner Evelyn Gonzalez by a chair shot. making the NRW the sole surviving promotion. and the now defunct Terror Wrestling Association led by now former owner Ricardo Fonalledas gone out of business. Even with the victory, and during the event. former NRW Intercontinental Champion and one-half of the WXW World Tag Team Champions with a fellow boricua wrestler of the Deathdealers, Vertigo in Afa The Wild Samoan's WXW promotion in Florida. Raziel returned with his daughter. Raven Marie, debuting in NRW from San Juan,PR's CWS promotion: "La Perla Negra" Allison and still reigning NRW World Tag Team Champions as well as former CWA World Tag Team Champions: The Kings of the Night" (Rocky Ocean and Empio.)  whom earlier on the event beat The Looney Twinz retaining the championships, formed a faction. also, Peter The Bad Romance and The Mighty Ursus came into the event for more on NRW with their first scheduled event of the new year coming up.  Go to the NRW Facebook page to watch highlights of their end of 2016 event and more news in their first new year 2017 big and regular events.  

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