Thursday, December 15, 2016

SFCW/PCW Clash of Titans Report from Covington on December 11

From Larry Goodman:

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.

― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

The Platinum Championship Wrestling/Southern Fried Championship Wrestling fundraiser at NewRock Prep Academy in Covington was permeated by a warm, fuzzy feeling, befitting the holiday season.

It was the final show of the year for PCW and SFCW. For most of the wrestlers, it was the last time they would see each other this year. Charlie Smith was at the gimmick table. Tim Rice, Big Wood, Darrell Morris, and Nemesis were in the crowd.

Attendance was right at 100 with proceeds going to benefit the New Rock program. All of the wrestlers donated their time.

Carpenter said he was here for one reason and one reason only – Bill the Butcher. Butcher answered the call but was attacked from behind by Iceberg leading to a brief 2 on 1 until Marko Polo came to the rescue.

PCW booker Matt Hankins said it smelled like a tag match to him…

(1) Carpenter & Iceberg defeated Bill the Butcher & Marko Polo in 7:04. The heels got heat on Polo, who powerslammed Berg for the first big pop of the show. Butcher cleaned house and speared Iceberg for a near fall. But Carpenter interfered to set up Berg’s Ground Zero splash on Polo.

(2) Shane Marx defeated Gladiator Jeremiah in match one of their best of seven series (12:49). These guys make beautiful music together. Crisp, back and forth and nothing outside the rules. A tornado kick off the top by Gladiator left both men shaken up. Jeremiah turned on the jets. Marx back with a powerslam followed by belly to belly suplex for two. Jeremiah reversed Shane’s vertical suplex with a stunner to set up the flying reverse DDT but Marx kicked out. Marx countered Screwdriver on the Rocks with a Michinoku Driver for a close near fall of his own. Jeremiah with the Meteora for two and back up top to fly. Marx made the catch and pinned Jeremiah with the Natural Selection. These guys make beautiful music together. This was an outstanding match that fans appreciated on the level of a true athletic contest.

Postmatch – respectful applause for the supreme efforts of both men.

(3) Brian Kane defeated Brian Blaze to win the Porterdale City Limits Championship in 12:23. Hankins said he had given special dispensation for a title defense outside of Porterdale. The story was Kane going for variations of his vaunted moonsault early and often, while Blaze sought to keep Kane grounded and employ his power game. Blaze had Kane beaten with The Burn when Gunner Miller’s fight song played…but no Miller. Kane capitalized on the distraction with a blockbuster, which set up a moonsault for the pin. ‘Tis is the holiday season when back-to-back babyface matches get over this well.

Postmatch --Blaze handed the title to Kane and raised his hand.

Intermission between the PCW and SFCW portions of the show…

(4) Jimmy Rave defeated Logan Creed (with Brooklyn Creed) in around 15 minutes. Rave ran. Logan asked if Rave was a Southern Fried Chicken? Rave’s shoulder blocks bounced off Logan so Rave slapped him and ran to the locker room. Rave ordered referee Radar Martin to slow his count, then apologized with fingers crossed behind his back. At this point, Rave’s antics really had the crowd going. Logan worked on Rave’s arm. Rave used Logan’s momentum to send him to the apron where Rave spit in his face and hit the STO on the ring frame. Rave heeled. Rave with a shadow STO. Comeback time. A big Kass boot sent Rave to the floor. Rave kicked out Creed’s chokebreaker. Rave got a cheap, cheating two count with feet on the ropes. Creed with a major league clothesline for two. Rave escaped Creed’s finisher but another big boot connected. Rave rolled out of the ring like he was done. Creed fell for the deception and Rave surprised him with the smallest package in pro wrestling. The strong heel/face dynamic was the perfect counterpoint to matches 2 and 3. I see a rematch in Monroe at some point in my crystal ball.

Rave faces Mikael Judas on January 7 at the SFCW show in Monroe. Winner gets a title shot later that night.

Joseph Brock III joined Santa Claus (ring announcer Rick Richards) iand introduced the greatest Christmas gift the fans had ever received in the form of Drew Blood. Blood wanted his money. Santa didn’t work for free and neither did he. He had some free advice to the New Rock athletes – pursue a dream not doomed to failure like PVC manipulation. Blood said this Santa was a fraud. The real Santa wouldn’t come because no way any of these fans made the good list.

NWA North American Champion Tyson Dean challenged Blood to a match. Blood again said he didn’t work for free and he didn’t know why a prestigious commodity like Dean would. Dean offered to make it a title match. Not good enough. Blood wanted all of the proceeds and all the presents. Dean offered up a ride on Rudolph as well BUT if Blood lost, he would have to kiss some Covington, Georgia feet. As Blood headed to the ring, he offered to kiss the feet of ringside photographer Lottie Pace right on the spot.

This segment was comedy gold. Blood is an epic talker and he was really in the zone.

(5) Tyson Dean defeated Drew Blood to retain the NWA North American Championship in 8:49. More ridiculous comedy from Blood as he was getting his ass kicked. Brock grabbed Dean’s leg to give Blood the opening he desperately needed. It wasn’t nearly enough as Dean hit his spinning neckbreaker finisher to pick up the win.

Postmatch -- Covington feet were kissed as promised by Blood and Brock.

(6) Geter won an elimination Bunkhouse Brawl in 13:56. The response to Geter’s entrance blew me away. He got a standing ovation. This was a battle royal with weapons legal. Participants included Terry Lawler, Jamie Holmes, Twisted, Jam, Damien Bennett, Eric Jones, Justin Legend, Brandon Kage, Dogs of War (with Ace Hefner), Chris Nelms and Kavron Kanyon. Geter was destroying guys right and left until Dogs of War teamed up against him. Holmes, Twisted, Nelms and Legend bled but nothing to gory for a Sunday afternoon. It came down to Dogs of War and Geter at the end. Dogs of War got Geter off his feet and planted him but never got close to getting him over the top rope. Geter first eliminated O’Shay and his partner wasn’t far behind. Geter received another huge ovation after the match.

These people love me because I…AM…GETER.

On behalf of both companies, Geter thanked the fans coming.

(7) Jagged Edge defeated CB Suave to retain the AIWF Americas Championship in 9:47. Suave worked on Jagged’s leg calling him “old man” and “ragged edge”. Jagged superkicked Suave and planted him with a Rockbottom but Suave kicked out. Suave tried to pin Jaggged with his feet on the ropes. Jagged kicked out and hit the Oklahoma Stampede to retain the title. Good match in a tough spot as the crowd started to wane after the battle royal.

Jagged was attacked by Blood and Brock after the match. New Rock coach Anthony Ivory came to the rescue with the worst clothesline in wrestling history on Blood.
More Covington feet were kissed.

Jagged Edge talked about NewRock’s sports prep programs and thanked Coach Ivory for giving him the opportunity to coach football.

SFCW owner Charles Anschutz announced that PCW and SFCW would be returning to NewRock for another joint show but things wouldn’t be quite so friendly next time. Bah humbug. 

And to all a good night.

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