Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 Georgia Wrestling Award Winners

From Brian Slack:

Here is the list of 2016 Georgia Wrestling award winners and runner ups.

Overall Wrestler Award:  Chip Day wins the award for the first time, edging out 2015 winner and fellow Hierarchy Jimmy Rave.  

Best Technician Award:  Kyle Matthews once again wins the award, making it seven times.  Gladiator Jeremiah aka Slim J was a very close runner-up.

Best Male Performer Award:  Sal Rinauro became the first back to back winner of the award since 2012.  Kevin Blue was runner-up.

Best Female Performer Award:  Kiera Hogan wins this award after edging out the first runner-up and the 2015 winner Dementia D'Rose.

Ted Allen Legends Award for Mentorship Contributions:  There was no winner of this award due to no one getting 50% of the vote.  The top vote getter was Woody Hullender followed by Rick Michaels.

Best Tag Team or Stable Award:  Backbone (Drew Adler, "Marvelous" Michael Stevens, "Encore" Zac Edwards, Leon McMichaels & Shane Curtis) became the first stable to win this award.  Runner ups were Backbone members, The Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards), The Hierarchy (Jimmy Rave, Murder One, Iceberg, Chip Day, Adrian Armour, Kimber Lee & Tessa Blanchard) and The Lynch Mob (Joey Lynch & Matt Lynch).  

Most Improved Wrestler Award:  Torque won this award.  Odinson was the runner-up.

Best Manager or Valet Award:  Jeff G. Bailey and Bill Behrens are the co-winners of the award.  This is Bailey's seventh time winning the award.  Logan Chase III was the runner-up.

Best Promoter Award:  Peachstate Wrestling Alliance's Shane Noles wins this award.  Woody Hullender & Darrell Morris from Deep Southern Championship Wrestling & Georgia Premier Wrestling are the runner ups. for the second time. 

Best Booker Award:  Rick Michaels from Peachstate Wrestling Alliance is a back to back winner of this award.  Platinum Championship Wrestling's Matt Hankins was the runner-up.  

Best Promotion Award:  Peachstate Wrestling Alliance repeated as the winners.  Georgia Premier Wrestling was the runner-up.

Best Live Event Award:  While technically in Tennessee, the 2016 Scenic City Invitational ended up winning this award.  Georgia Premier Wrestling's No Limits, which was AJ Styles' final indy event, was the runner-up.

Best Announcer Award:  Jonathan Feltner won this award for the third year in a row.  Great way to go out as Jonathan takes some time off from professional wrestling.  Brittany McWhorter was the runner-up.

Best Referee Award:  Triston Michaels, last year's runner-up, became this year's winner.  Daryl Hall was the winner. 

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