Thursday, January 26, 2017

Orlando City Wrestling Results from Orlando on January 19

From GWH News:

Orlando City Wrestling was in Orlando, FL on January 19.  Results:  Axx Clover defeated Gio Faria.  Jason Cade defeated Nick Nero, Gil Quest, Richard Delicious and Troy Hollywood in a five-way fray championship qualifier match.  Alexx Todd & Derick Grayson defeated Vertigo & Rome (w/The Kid Kyle).  Chasyn Rance defeated Richie Pepperfield.  Hired Guns (Braydon Knight & Ronnie Ladd) defeated Chico Adams & CT Brown.  Jesse Neal defeated CJ O'Doyle.  Iron Monkey Squad (Seth Petruzelli & Josh Woods) defeated the Dirty Blondes (Michael Patrick & Leon Brien).  Su Yung defeated Raegan Fire.  Johnny Killer defeated Main Man Malken.  Aaron Epic defeated Snoop Strikes.  Lindsay Snow & Shannon Moore defeated Maxx Stardom & Angel Rose.

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