Monday, January 16, 2017

Total Wrestling Entertainment Report from Chattanooga on January 7

From Scott Hensley:

A catch up report from a couple of weekends ago – I went to nearby TWE in the Red Bank area of Chattanooga to see some young and hungry guys competing in some good looking match ups back on 1/7/17.

The event started on time and began with fan favorite Jaden Newman announcing that he will be going after Chris Crunk’s TWE Championship. “King” Bailey Blake w/ Roger Cantrell came to the ring and claimed that Jaden had to go through him to get that title shot. They agreed to a #1 contender’s match to take place on January 21.

1) Black Diamond d. Chris Styles by pinfall in 5:57 after a cutter

Black Diamond is a smaller, lean guy that the crowd got behind here as he battled West TN/Mississippi veteran Chris Styles. Styles stalled a lot and had some not so PC words for some fans. Diamond used his athleticism to get the advantage and to put Styles away.

2) Ryan Vega d. Josh Matthews by submission in 11:32 with the London Calling seated armbar clutch

Vega came out in grunge attire, the first time I’d seen that look on him. Matthews hails from the West TN area also, I believe and is a bigger, lean athletic guy - but wasn’t familiar to the crowd so they had a hard time taking to him. They battled back and forth until Vega was able to wear Matthews down and apply the submission for the win.

Manager extraordinaire Steve Dave talked to Ryan Vega after the match. Steve Dave has been looking for someone to manage at TWE.

3) “King” Bailey Blake w/ Roger Cantrell d. Slade Porter by pinfall in 17:34 after a running knee to the head.

These guys had a heck of a match. They told a story and the fans were 100% for Porter and 100% against Blake. Blake is a young guy that’s confidently obnoxious and even more unlikable with Cantrell in his corner. I would describe Porter as Colt Cabana’s awkwardly lovable younger brother. Porter is out of Orlando, FL and has a lot of charisma. Blake worked over the knee of Porter, which caused Porter to limp around and slowed down or limited a lot of his offense. Porter hung in there though until Cantrell got involved by getting up on the apron and providing a distraction for Blake to capitalize and finish off Porter with a running knee to the head. I look forward to seeing more out of both of these guys.

Cantrell and Blake had plans to give Porter an even greater beating but they were run off by Jaden Newman, who made the save for Porter.

Chris Crunk, the TWE champion came to the ring and said that he and challenger Jayke Murphy would compete in a 2 out of 3 falls match on January 21. He said he had a 100% chance of winning and that literally anyone stood a better chance of beating him than Murphy did – and to prove that point he was going to challenge their security guy “JoJo”.

4) Security Guy JoJo d. Chris Crunk by pinfall after a rollup in 3 seconds

Crunk turned to put his belt down and JoJo rolled him up. Alrighty then.

5) Adrian Ackyl d. AJ Gray by pinfall in 13:45 after a spear

Ackyl is a younger guy that Gray called a Chad Gable wannabe. He doesn’t have a lot of size but he has tenacity and heart that makes him likable. Gray is a West Tennessee based guy who only has a year of wrestling under his belt but has already done some traveling. Gray is an athletic powerhouse who has some technical ability, high flying ability, and tree trunk legs of muscle. This was a really physical match. Gray had an answer for most of Ackyl’s offense but the crowd got behind Ackyl, who hung in there and nailed Gray with a big spear to score the pinfall.

Gray showed the crowd no love but there were actually cheers for his efforts after the match.

6) Jaden Newman d. Owen Knight by pinfall in 18:17 after a rollup

Knight hated on the crowd, who still showed him a little love at times because of his efforts in the ring. These guys had a lengthy, hard fought battle that included some stiff strikes and dueling fast paced offense. They went back and forth and it really could have gone either way. Newman got free from Knight and surprised him with a roll up victory.

Knight reluctantly shook Newman’s hand after the match.

A couple of things were built for January 21 and it was interesting to see the guys from outside of the area. TWE did announce that they will be running events the 1st and 3rd weekends of the month now. For more information, you can check out their facebook page at or

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