Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why We Wrestle News and Notes

From Larry Goodman:

Friday night show will make their return to the Landmark Arena starting on March 3 under the NCW banner. Weekly Friday night shows were a staple during the NWA Wildside era at the Arena. The NCW shows will feature young wrestlers that are not part of the regular WWW roster with veteran leadership provided by Simon Sermon and Ryan Michaels. Admission will be $5.

Dany Only announced that Hardcore Hell 19 will take place on March 25.

Match announced for February 11: Triple Crown Champion Gunner Miller vs. Se7en, Jacob Ashworth vs. Iceberg, Gladiator Jeremiah vs. Billy Buck, Lynch Mob vs. Team T.A.G. (Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra) and Chris Henry vs. Trevor Aeon.

Prince Apollo dedicated his match to Tom Brady for some easy heat. .

Reserved seats for Landmark Arena events are now available by calling (706) 968-5580.

Lucas Caylor from Empire is on board to assist with video editing. The plan is to produce DVDs of the shows and put some matches up on Youtube but not complete TV shows.

Former ring announcer Jonathan Feltner was in the house. Michael Gentry is handling the ring announcing duties.


  1. The matches that have been announced are for the show on February 11th, not the 4th! Great write up bro!