Sunday, February 5, 2017

Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Porterdale on February 4

From Alicia Stockton:

Platinum Championship Wrestling continued their hot streak last night with a packed house, and a card that was exciting from top to bottom. Though there were only 4 matches, it felt like a full show. The highlights of the show were the NWA North American Title match between Tyson Dean and Anthony Andrews and the Reality of Wrestling Texas Championship match between the Gladiator Jeremiah and Rex Andrews. If Platinum Championship wrestling keeps this momentum, it will be a very exciting year for Porterdale's wrestling fans.

The show began as Bill the Butcher carried to the ring what announcer Matt Hankins described as "the spoils of war" from the street fight where he and the Hooligans crushed The Carpenter, Iceberg, and Tank at the previous event. Butcher dressed the ringpost in Carpenter's coat and hat in mockery. To the surprise of everyone, Carpenter came out from under the ring, and attacked Butcher with his patented baseball bat. He judged Butcher guilty, and vowed to beat him down every time he set foot in PCW. Security attempted to help Bill to the back, but he pushed them away. He fell flat on his face, and finally only Geter was able to offer help, coaxing him back upstairs.

Match 1-Battle Royale to be #1 contender to the Porterdale City Limits Championship.

Order of entrance
2-John Anderson
3-Brandon Cage
5-Cameron Jackson
6-Go Time Eric Jones

Order of Elimination
1-John Anderson
4-Brandon Cage
6-Cameron Jackson
Winner: Go Time Eric Jones

Like most battle royals, this had a chaotic beginning. Cameron Jackson was really the stand-out performer in the match with his suplexes and his vicious strikes. Marko and Jackson battled on the apron, exchanging blows. They believed they were the final two competitors. Marko kicked Jackson off the apron, but as Marko was about to celebrate a victory, Eric Jones came back in and eliminated Marko. Jones was believed to be previously eliminated, however, he'd only gone through the second rope. He camped outside until he caught Marko in a moment of complacency. It worked to his favor, and it secured him the win. I admit I like the change in Jones, and I hope that being an opportunistic heel works better for him because I wasn't charmed by him as a face.

Match 2-Anthony Andrews vs. Tyson Dean for the NWA North American heavyweight title

It makes me so happy to see Tyson Dean carrying an NWA national title because I've followed his career for four years starting at NWA Atlanta, and I can see how much he's grown as an athlete and a performer in the time I've watched him wrestle.

The two men battled fiercely. Dean executed a gorgeous dropkick followed by a textbook arm drag. Dean hit his knee on the ringpost allowing Andrews to gain advantage for a bit, showing off both his wrestling ability and his meanness. Dean hit Andrews with a spinebuster that was on point, but Andrews attempted to roll him up to no avail. Dean won the match with the Ego Trip, pinning Andrews. This match was nothing short of amazing.

Match 3-Gladiator Jeremiah vs. Rex Andrews for the Reality of Wrestling Texas Championship

Jeremiah showed a lot of his mat wrestling talent in this match as it began as a ground game. Jeremiah also showed off his impressive aerial abilities with a gorgeous hurricanrana followed by a corkscrew for a two count.Jeremiah is a multi-talented wrestler, and truly a pleasure to watch. Andrews did a standing suplex. Jeremiah kicked Andrews off the apron, but it didn't shake Andrews because he came in and gave Jeremiah a lariat so powerful it looked like he killed him. Andrews followed with a beautiful bridging suplex, which gained him only a two count. Jeremiah did an amazing takedown from the top turnbuckle. Andrews hit an Alabama slam for 2, and Jeremiah followed with a neckbreaker for 2. Eric Jones attacked Jeremiah viciously and the match ended in a disqualification. Andrews retained his title.

Main Event: Tag Team Season Kickoff Match: Geter and Brian Blaze vs. Reflection and Rudy

Rudy was felled by a chop from Geter, and Geter pinned Reflection. The whole thing was over in less than a minute. Matt Hankins was ready to send the crowd home, but Geter grabbed the mic and said that Big F'n Deal was there to fight, and they wanted someone to go to the back and get them some real competition.

This led us to our real main event, Big F'n Deal vs. The Get Along Gang (C.B. Suave and Gil Quest). Blaze wasted no time tossing both Quest and Suave out of the ring. Geter threw Suave back in. Suave dropkicked Geter in the head. Suave and Quest showed amazing synergy, and used frequent tags to their advantage. They isolated Geter in their corner for a long time, but Geter finally clotheslined them both and tagged in Blaze. Blaze hit a spinebuster for a two count. Suave and Quest taunted Geter as they double teamed Blaze. The referee was caught up in making sure Geter did not enter the ring, and he did not see the shenanigans Quest and Suave were involved in. Geter cleaned house when he came back. Suave countered a chokeslam attempt, and he and Quest both attempted to pin Geter. Blaze threw Quest out of the ring. They hit Suave with their joint finisher and they won the first match of the tag team season.

Geter declared that there was only one piece of business left, and that is the snake Gunner Miller. Gunner Miller vs. Brian Blaze has been set for PCW's return to Porterdale on February 18th.

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