Monday, February 6, 2017

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report from Monroe on February 4

Photos courtesy of Ken Wallace
From Larry Goodman:

Southern Fried Darkness Falls results from Nowell Rec with attendance of 180.

1-Brian Kane, Justin Legend and Seth Delay win a spirited contest over the Dogs of War and Twisted. Dogs weren't happy with Twisted after the match.

2-Chris Nelms over Tim Rice in a bloody, gory streetfight.

3-Rave Approved (Bobby Moore & Adrian Hawkins) over Odinson & Stryknyn with help from Jimmy Rave.

4- Mikael Judas over Jimmy Rave

Doc Brock demand that Judas' title match start right away...

5-Tetchi over Judas and then Rave Approved starts a 3-1 attack on Judas. Out comes Stryknyn (who battles Tetchi to the back) and Odinson who gets a metal spike to the lower eye area. Odinson is rushed to the local hospital with what seems to initially be a serious injury

6-Drew Blood continues his hot streak with a victory over Jagged Edge. Blood gets his after the match when he's forced to eat dog food. Doc Brock is horrified, as he's handcuffed to owner Charles Anschutz for the match that includes an impromptu trip to the crapper.

(Editors note: Anchutz extends special thanks to Brock for wiping for him...)

SFCW returns to Nowell Rec on February 18 headlined by headlined by Washington Bullets vs. Rave Approved (Moore & Hawkins), Corey Hollis vs. Anthony Henry...and Rave faces a familiar foe? Who could it be?

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