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National Championship Wrestling Results from Cornelia in March 24

From NCW:

123 fans attended NCW at the Landmark Arena for the first night of a Hardcore Hell weekend.

Nigel Sherrod addressed the fans in attendance and reminded them of the main event, in the spirit of the weekend, would be a Landmark Arena Street Fight featuring Simon Sermon and 400 lbs. Brick w/ Lucas Lazarus taking on Terry "The Rocker" Lawler and Johnny Nixx (who has been injured at the hands of Brick just two weeks ago).

NCW Heavyweight Champion Simon Sermon made his way out with Brick and Lazarus. Lazarus announced a $500 Bodyslam Challenge next week on behalf of Brick, anyone that could bodyslam the 400 pounder would win $500. Lazarus claimed that the duo were above such a grungy style, it was a completely different division for people who wanted to wrestle the Hardcore way. Sherrod insisted that they would be in the main event and that wasn't changing and that it was still a street fight!

Supernatural defeated Tommy Maserati (with Alan Angels) in 8:16

Supernatural has been an instant fan favorite at the Landmark Arena on Friday nights and tonight was no different, however, with Alan Angels on the outside of the ring, this match was often two on one throughout. Lots of near falls and fast exchanges between the two, Maserati rolled up Supernatural near the ropes and got the three count, the official saw this and continued the match, Supernatural flew off the top turnbuckle and secured a three count with a cross body.

Maserati and Angels quickly attacked Supernatural after the bell sounded. Out flew a man we simply know as "Talon" to help even the odds, a springboard double drop kick connected on Maserati and Angels and Talon helped the fallen Supernatural back to his feet.

A video of Mr. Skinz, The Hoax and Andrew Duckworth aired. Duckworth was upset because he'd yet to secure a victory in NCW, he felt like the negotiations he'd had with Skinz and The Hoax needed to be renegotiated.

The Good Ole Boys (Cousin Cletus and Shaggy) defeated The 13th Floor (Chris Bullet and Ike Cross) to win the NCW Tag Team Championship in 9:42

A much anticipated match of the evening started out rocky for the Good Ole Boys, as Bullet and Cross attacked before the bell rung with chairs, taking out both Shaggy and Cletus. 13th floor continued to wear down the larger Cletus. 13th Floor was in complete control as they were able to keep the big man away from Cousin Shaggy. A tag was finally made and Shaggy found his way into the mix, taking down both Bullet and Cross, he was quickly hit with a running boot that was broken up by Cletus at the last second. Cletus received a roaring forearm for all of his troubles.

Cousin Shaggy moved out of the way of a middle drop kick which mistakenly saw the 13th floor implode, Shaggy was able to secure a pin and the NCW Tag Team Championship Titles, much to the delight of the Cornelia crowd.

Jaxon Vile defeated David Ali in 7:45

Both men have been on the losing end the past few weeks and both used this matchup as a platform to prove themselves. Vile was not shy in his confidence, the NCW faithful already dislike the loud mouth yankee. Ali and Vile had quite a matchup, in the end the Vile Driver would secure the win.

Andrew Duckworth defeated Damien Bennett in 8:34 with help from The Hoax and Mr.Skinz

We've seen for the past month a relationship growing with the creepy Hoax and Skinz with Andrew Duckworth, a standout from the Landmark wrestling school. Earlier in the night a "NEW" deal was struck . It seemed to pay off as Damien Bennet put up quite a fight but was unable to overcome a hit from
behind coming from Mr. Skinz while the official was distracted by Hoax and Duckworth, Duckworth got the win he wanted but not the way he wanted it.

A brief intermission allowed the fans to grab the red hot "Hardcore Hell" shirt. For those taking a break from the inside, Hoax and Skinz were seen walking around the building, which gave fans quite the halftime show.

AC Mack (with Alan Angels and Tommy Maserati) defeated Kameron Kade in 7:52

AC Mack offered the "Seven Second Opportunity" to Kameron Kade, Kade answered with a chop across the chest of Mack that could be heard for miles.

Kameron Kade, the veteran of the two, took AC Mack to school. This was a great showcase for both men. Mack was handed a chair from Angels and Maserati, however, the official was able to intercept, Mack had back up however and used a chain to knock out Kade for the victory. AC Mack remains undefeated in singles competition.

Austin Theory vs The Jagged Edge ended in a time limit draw.

Jagged Edge made his presence known last week when he returned to the Landmark Arena and made his NCW debut. Singling out the 19 year old Evolve star, Austin Theory.

Jagged controlled the pace of this matchup. Starting out by giving a knee to the midsection of Theory, followed by wild shots the the back followed by a trampling of boots. Jagged threw Theory out of the ring and Theory slid right back in, after a military press and ten punches, Jagged caught a drop kick and a standing moonsault. A near fall from Theory but Jagged was back in the game after an eye rake . After a bodyslam, Jagged threw Theory out again and into the barricade. The two men slugged it out, rolling back in the ring before the count of 9.

Theory seemed to have the upper hand as he won the slugfest and Jagged was out. Theory was unable to secure the pin and Jagged hit below the waist, stopping at nothing he wore Austin down with a rear chin lock with a minute left in the match, Austin escaped and landed a powerful clothesline but couldn't get the pin before the bell rang out signaling the end of the time limit.

The NCW fans pleaded for five extra minutes, however it was ruled that the decision would stand. Surely there is more to come from Theory and The Jagged Edge.

Main Event
Landmark Arena Street Fight

Johnny Nixx and Terry "The Rocker" Lawler defeated NCW Heavyweight Champion Simon Sermon and Brick (with Lucas Lazarus) in 13:23

Nixx and Lawler both had revenge on their mind as Brick and Lazarus ruined Lawler's NCW Heavyweight Championship opportunity and caused Nixx to miss a week of action in the past month.

The match went all over the building. Lawler, the first and only NWA Wildside Hardcore Champion, brought an army bag full of hardcore toys. All were used to excess. Chairs, cheese graters, pans and pots, kendo sticks and serving platters all found their way into the match. It was an an epic battle that went all over the arena. At one time, the 175 pound Nixx almost got the 400 pound Brick off his feet, Nixx was no match and with the help of business manager Lucas Lazarus, was double teamed early on.

Sermon was thrown into the bleachers and back into the ring, a running bulldog from Terry Lawler ended the battle.

Nigel Sherrod came out and rewarded Nixx and Lawler. Giving Lucas Lazarus the week off, Sherrod announced that Simon Sermon would defend the NCW Heavyweight Championship next week against Terry Lawler and Johnny Nixx announced he was accepting Brick's $500 Bodyslam Challenge.

The NCW March 31st includes:

NCW Heavyweight Championship
Simon Sermon (c) vs Terry "The Rocker" Lawler

Johnny Nixx answers Brick's $500 Bodyslam Challenge

The Good Ole Boys defend their newly won NCW Tag Team Championship!

Ryan Michaels returns to take on The Jagged Edge!

13th Floor takes on McCulley and Manson

Kenji Brea debuts against Torque

Andrew Duckworth, Sean Nelson, Jaxon Vile and many others in action!!

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