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Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Porterdale on March 4

From Alicia Stockton:

Platinum Championship Wrestling continued its hot streak last night with a packed house and a card that entertained and delighted from start to finish. Old feuds continued, a new Porterdale City Limits champion was crowned, and a new heel faction came together under the leadership of longtime PCW personality Jonathan Malik.

Match 1: David Tita vs. Damien Bennett

Bennett tried for a pre-match handshake to show sportsmanship, but Tita refused. They locked up. Bennett pushed Titan into the corner. Commentator Quasi Mandisco acknowledged that Tita had been doing traveling in Mexico, and that he was trying to get work in Japan, and that there'd be a language barrier if he did so. Tita reacted angrily to Mandisco's insults. Whatever Tita learned in Mexico served him well, as his strikes and kicks were on point. Bennett answered Tita's kicks with textbook perfect arm drags. Bennett charged the corner, Tita evaded. These two were very evenly matched, and it was explosive as a result. Tita hit a gorgeous suplex for two. Bennett hit a huge clothesline followed by an enzuigiri for two. Tita went for a kick, missed, and Bennett got the rollup for the win. Bennett told Tita to walk back upstairs. He reminded us that he'd won the Platinum Rumble, and that he was the true number one contender for Gunner Miller's heavyweight championship. Matt Hankins told him that as soon as he got the match signed, he'd be the next person to face Gunner Miller. This was a terrific opening contest, and it set the tone for the entire evening.

Match 2: Gil Quest vs. Johnny Nixx

Quest wasted no time, immediately attacking Nixx's shoulder. Quest went for a quick roll-up to no avail. Nixx did a sunset flip for two. Nixx wrapped Quest up in a submission for two, but Quest got his foot to the rope. Quest left the ring to regroup. He pulled Nixx out of the ring, attempted to strike him, but Nixx evaded, and Quest hit the ringpost instead. Nixx hit a rolling centon for two. Quest hit an amazing elbow drop, and followed that with a mean kick to Nixx's head, only managing a two count. Quest suplexed Nixx for two, and followed up with vicious strikes. Quest threw Nixx into the turnbuckle, then he tried to roll him for two. Quest stayed on him, continuously striking. Nixx hit Quest with a michinoku driver, but still only managed a two count. Jonathan Malik came out, distracting Nixx, allowing Quest to take advantage. Quest hit his flying elbow and pinned Nixx winning the match. This match was my pick for match of the night because it hit all my personal high points, and it set up an alliance between Quest and Malik furthering new storylines.

Match 3: CB Suave vs. Tyson Dean

Suave and Dean started the match with a pose-off. It amuses me to no end that Suave comes out to the ring with a mirror, staring at his own reflection. While Dean posed, Suave hit him with a cheap shot. Dean's chops were fierce, and he was clearly in control to start. He landed a huge back body drop causing Suave to leave the ring and call for a time out. Dean tried to pull Suave back into the ring by his hair. Suave took out Dean's leg, and continuously attacked the knee. Dean fought back with vicious blows to Suave's head, and Suave responded with boots to Dean's already vulnerable left knee. He wrapped Dean around the ringpost, then punched him in the head. Dean attempted to submit Suave, but Suave got his foot on the rope. Dean's leg gave out on him, and Suave stayed on it, driving the knee into the mat. Dean tried a desperation roll up to no avail. Suave took too long posing, allowing Dean to get in a couple of good hits. Suave went for a figure four, nearly pinning Dean twice, before the ref caught him using the rope for leverage. Despite wrestling one legged, Dean hit a gorgeous spinebuster for a two count. Suave stayed on the left knee, kicking and elbowing. Suave went for a figure four again, but Dean countered by rolling it up. This match was elevated by the lengths that Dean went to to sell the injured leg.

Match 4: Brandon Cage vs. Brian Blaze

There was an intensity from Brian Blaze, almost like he was taking out his frustration from losing to Gunner Miller at the previous show out on Brandon Cage. Cage wasn't interested in being Blaze's whipping boy either. Cage grabbed Blaze's face while trying to submit him. He also hit a gorgeous neckbreaker for two. Blaze bit Cage on the hand, and the two exchanged vicious blows. Cage elbowed Blaze's neck, and followed that with a huge boot to Blaze's upper back. He kneed Blaze's shoulder for a two count. He also suplexed Blaze for a two count. Blaze hit Cage with huge back elbows, then a centon for two. Cage hit Blaze with an STO, but Blaze won the match, pinning Cage with an STO of his own. Both men showed brutality I'd not previously seen, and that really made the match.

Blaze addressed the crowd, saying that he wasn't angry at Geter, he was angry at himself, and that he'd had no right to strike Geter after his loss at the previous show. That statement put to rest any speculation that there is any trouble between Big F'n Deal, at least on Brian Blaze's end.

Match 5: Brian Kane vs. Gil Quest

Jonathan Malik came out and insulted the crowd, Matt Hankins, and the Atlanta Falcons. He said that Brian Kane no longer needed a brace on his injured shoulder because it'd been over six months. C.B. Suave came out and attacked Kane before he even made it to the ring, and he and Eric Jones made it a boot party. It turned out that Jones was giving up his Porterdale City Limits opportunity to Gil Quest. Quest came out to finish Kane after Suave and Jones had hand delivered him for the pin, but Kane kicked out of Quest's initial pin attempt. The crowd went insane chanting for Kane every time he showed reslience, kicking out of Quest's attempts to vanquish him. Quest hit him with strike after strike, hitting him with a neckbreaker for 2, following that with a reverse hurricanrana for two. Quest missed the elbow, and Kane hit him with a huge spinebuster for two. Kane hit the moonsault, but he didn't go for the pin. Malik distracted the referee, while Suave knocked Kane off the rope at his second moonsault attempt. Quest hit his flying elbow, pinning Kane, and he became Porterdale City Limits Champion. Commentator Quasi Mandisco had words with both Quest and Suave after Quest's dubious win. Brian Blaze helped Brian Kane to the back. My hope is that Malik's new faction of Suave, Quest and Jones becomes the solid heel group PCW desperately needs to fill the void created after the fizzling of the Cornerstone.

Main Event
Bill the Butcher vs. The Carpenter
Death Valley Scarecrow match

For those unfamiliar, the way to win a Death Valley Scarecrow match is to tie both of your opponents arms to the ropes in the corner in a cruciform. Once the opponent is tied up, the referee must count to ten. There are no pinfalls, submissions or count outs, anything goes.

Carpenter entered the arena wearing a scarecrow mask and glaring menacingly. Bill the Butcher had amazing new body paint that resembled a superhero. Butcher wasted no time, hitting Carpenter with a giant spinebuster. Butcher slammed Carpenter into the ringpost. Carpenter tried to set up a chair in the corner to use as a weapon, but Butcher used it slamming Carpenter into it headfirst. Carpenter got one of Butcher's wrist tied up but Butcher broke free. Carpenter got his bat, and he struck Butcher with it viciously. Carpenter got both of Butcher's arms tied up, but Butcher broke free and hit him with a crushing spear. Carpenter tried to subdue Butcher by choking him with the rope, but he couldn't seem to take Butcher down. The lights went out, and Carpenter threw fire into Butcher's face. Carpenter tied up Butcher and won the match. The crowd was both stunned and angry at Butcher's defeat.

PCW returns to Porterdale on March 18, and Gunner Miller will either accept or reject Damien Bennett's challenge to his PCW Heavyweight title.

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