Tuesday, April 4, 2017

National Championship Wrestling Report from Cornelia on March 31

From NCW:

106 joined NCW Friday on a Wrestlemania weekend.

The Good Ole boys defeated Jaxon Vile and Ragin Raven to retain the NCW Tag Team Championship in 8:43.

The newly crowned Tag champions, The Good Ole Boys, were ready to defend their titles against any open contenders for the night. Jaxon Vile, who had a successful singles match last week, chose Ragin Raven to take on the hillbilly duo. Vile and Raven were able to control a good portion of the match, communication broke between the pair and allowed a pin fall victory for the Good Ole Boys.

Andrew Duckworth defeated Sean Nelson in 8:16

The debuting Sean Nelson had his hands full with Duckworth, who, after re-negotiating a deal with Mr. Skinz and Hoax, has been on a winning streak. A good showing for both men, a very competitive match that saw Duckworth nail a TKO for the victory.

Brick's Bodyslam Challenge ended in a no contest.

Brick called out Johnny Nixx but he was a no show for the challenge as transportation issues had prevented him from making it to the arena. Damien Bennett was ready to fill the open challenge and tried his best to lift the 400 pound Brick. While Bennett was able to get a good lift, Brick attacked and slammed Bennett three times and left. Bennett was helped to the back.

Ryan Michaels defeated CB Suave in 9:23

Both seasoned competitors were ready to lock up. Michaels with full control early on with a series of slams and hip tosses. Suave was able to stop the momentum by stunning the arm of Michaels on the top rope. Unfortunately for Suave, that, and a barrage of offense still was no match for Michaels, who hit a Double shot for the victory .

Kenji Brea defeated Torque in 7:52

Brea was making his debut against the returning Torque. The fans didn't know what to make of the former Ken Lee. Torque put up an effort but the kicks and striking from Brea seemed to wear Torque down.

Brea was able to secure a victory with the Bloody Sunday .

Manson and McCulley defeated 13th Floor and the Sun Tanned Demons in 15:39 in a triple team elimination match.

This was an evening full of debuts for NCW and this match was no different. The Sun Tanned Demons left their mark on the tag team division. The STD's were full of confidence throughout the match , and rightfully so, a very well put together team, despite the shenanigans. The duo worked with the 13th Floor to hand a severe beating to McCulley and Manson. Around the 10 minute mark, 13th Floor made a blind tag and rolled up Drew Game for the first elimination. Things looked grim for McCulley and Manson. Manson had long been separated from McCulley and was cheering his partner on, a pelle kick and neck breaker almost ended the match for the "Coffin Club" . Cross and Bullet worked over Manson and while gloating , Cross was rolled up and the Coffin Club won the match with a roll up!

13th Floor immediately handed a swift beating the the Coffin Club and said that they were the true champions in NCW, this brought out NCW Tag Champions, The Good Ole Boys. They cleared the ring and helped the Coffin Club to their feet. Nigel Sherrod came out and made a sudden death, one fall, triple threat match for the NCW Tag Team Championship for the 7th featuring The Good Ole Boys vs. 13th Floor vs. the Coffin Club.

Terry Lawler defeated by DQ NCW Heavyweight Champion Simon Sermon w/ Brick in 8:31

Brick made his presence made early on. After last week's main event loss, Sermon and Brick had revenge on the mind. Unfortunately, Lawler was ready for a fight and took it to Sermon. Blasting Sermon from corner to corner, only being stopped by distractions from Brick. Sermon capitalized on the distractions. Lawler mounted a comeback but Brick interfered in front of the official and the match was thrown out.

Lawler grabbed the microphone and challenged Brick to a match for the 7th.

Lawler vowed to never ask for a title shot as long as Simon was champion if Brick can beat Lawler. However, if Lawler beats Brick, he receives a future title shot against Sermon and if he can bodyslam Brick, he will win $500!

Signed for next week:

NCW Tag Team Championship -- Triple Team, Single Fall

The Good Ole Boys (c) vs. McCulley and Manson vs. The 13th Floor

Brick vs. Terry "The Rocker" Lawler
* If Lawler wins, he receives a future title shot .
* If Lawler body slams Brick he wins $500
* If Brick wins, Lawler can't get a title shot as long as Simon Sermon is champion.

Supernatural and Talon vs. The Misfits (Alan Angels and Tommy Maserati)

AC Mack vs Ryan Michaels

Plus......Andrew Duckworth, David Ali, Damien Bennett, Jaxon Vile and more!!!!!

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