Monday, April 24, 2017

NWA Southeastern Results from Pavo on April 15

“Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.” This is a quote said by a famous man who believed in change…Martin Luther King Jr. Saturday was a night that showed that there will always be opposition to tyranny. It’s easy to see why. With five scheduled matches signed, including a huge Deep South Cruiserweight Title match deep-rooted with history, NWA Southeastern’s April 15th event, aptly titled “Salvation” was set to be another great showing.

As the normal proceedings transpired, “The Remedy” Will Hall was quickly joined by the former Deep South Heavyweight Champion, Effy. The Weapon of Sass Destruction made it clear right off the bat that he lost last month because of one simple thing…pride. He said that he allowed Hayden Price to make him believe that he had good intentions and wanted to have a fair fight. He continued by saying that he allowed Re-Genesis to make him think there was going to be no involvement by them in that match last month. Lastly, he said that it was he that allowed himself to take his focus off his opponent, Hayden Price, long enough for him to get the win and “take” his Title.

He took a moment to let this sink in before he said that right then…it was HE that was invoking his rematch clause for a Title rematch!

This brought out the collective faction known as Re-Genesis. Despite some hesitation by Mason Price, it was Hayden who agreed to the match and him who told his faction brethren to let him go it alone. As the match started, it seemed as though both men were capable of having a one-on-one contest. Effy grabbed Hayden in the wristlock, spun out Price, and hit a boot to the face, a finisher he calls the Purple Rain-Maker! He then dropped down to seemingly regain the Deep South Title. This was not to be, however, as Re-Genesis ran back down, jumped Effy, and forced referee Dubbya to call for the bell. Despite the Feminist Icon’s disqualification victory, Hayden was still declared to be the Deep South Heavyweight Champion.

As the quintet continued their assault on Effy, it was the Punk-a-delics who ran down to help make the save. At their leaders’ behest, the 5 men headed to the outside, with no intentions of engaging in combat at that time. It was Punk-a-delic James that grabbed the mic and told them that he didn’t care if it was all 5 of them, they were willing to take them all on in a tag team match later in the evening.

Re-Genesis, bent on taking out anyone in their path agreed, saying that they would have no problem taking them on as they had nothing to lose!

After a ruckus beginning, Will Hall made his way back to the ring to announce the second match of the evening. It pitted Jake Knight against Jay Salvation. Despite the Distributor of Deliverance’s attempts to procure himself a victory, it was Jake who hit him with a front face lock cutter, headed to the top rope and hit his Knight Fall finisher to get him the pinfall.

Following this, it was the return of the Alabama fanatic Michael Enfinger taking on “The Dealer” Vernon Black. Black took control for most of the match, even setting up the Full House, his half-nelson slam finishing maneuver. Somehow Enfinger was able to spin out of it and hit a resounding Crimson Tide Cutter for the win.

The next match of the evening saw a 6-man, tag team match featuring Bred 4 War, a trio consisting of “Delicious” Don Yoder, Fatality, & Ryan Phoenix, taking on the team of the Hardway Brothers & Dark Rage. As the match wore on, Rage and the Hardways look to have things well in hand. 

Unfortunately, Re-Genesis made their way down to the ring again, this time to take out Marcus, Dillinger, & Rage.

As they & B4W stood over the fallen men, they look to join forces. This notion was a short-lived one as the five took down the three, signifying that there would be no new additions to their group on this occasion. This was made abundantly clear when Mason & Tony hit their double-team finishing maneuver on Fatality to end the first half of the show.

Following a brief intermission, it was then time for the Deep South Cruiserweight Title match. Following his win over Fatality at Battlegrounds in March, it was scheduled to be Aiden Knight taking on the Champion, “The PopStar” Johnny Romano. As Referee Dubbya attempted to control the men and start the match, the all too familiar music of Re-Genesis filled the Peacock Center.

Mason Price took the mic and said that he was using his authority to make this Title match…a Triple Threat Match. The 3rd man in the match…would be the man that stood to his right, fellow Re-Genesis member Hunter Law?!

As the match officially began, all three men took the fight to one another; all seeming to have a shot at winning throughout the match. At one point, Jake Knight attempted to help his brother by keeping Lady Romano from getting involved. This led to a resounding slap from Lady Romano to Jake that went unseen by the referee. It was hearing the sound, though, and Lady Romano’s holding her hand to her face that brought the referee to the outside and forced Jake to the back for his apparent striking of a woman. As Lady Romano laughed and made light of the ejection, she forgot about her injuries, which led to the referee also sending her to the backstage area as well. This left the contest to be one-on-one-on-one as it was intended to be. Late in the contest, Romano set up Aiden for the MMM Bop Drop, his version of the Michinoku Driver. This was countered and Knight went for the Ex Oblivion, his jumping Stunner variation. This was reversed and, this time, Johnny was able to hit the MMM Bop Drop. With his sights set on pinning Aiden and retaining his Title, he turned…and was hit with a superkick from Hunter that sent the PopStar down and to the outside. Law quickly covered the still laid out Aiden long enough to get the 3 count. The scene ended with the new Champion holding aloft his newly one Title as the dejected Knightmare Syndicate and Johnny Romano looked on in disgust.

Finally, it was time for the main event. As Re-Genesis’s music played yet again, the Deep South Tag Team Champions Mason Price & Tony Storm led the Deep South Heavyweight Champion Hayden Price & Landon Lashley to the ring. This was followed by the arrival of the former champions in Effy & the Punk-a-delics.

Despite the continued questioning of Will Hall, referee Dubbya, & their Re-Genesis opponents, it was determined that the three men would fight this match as a 4-vs-3 Handicap Match. Re-Genesis used these odds to their advantage, quickly taking control, and using the numbers to their advantage.  As they look to snatch victory away easily, it was the arrival of Dark Rage that evened things up.  As the match wore on, all eight men would get involved. This included a dive to the outside onto Regenesis from not just Effy…not just Punk member Vinny…but also a running cannonball by Punk member James as well.

As the melee ensued, each man attempted to hit their finisher to obtain victory. Effy grabbed Hayden and went for the Purple Rain-Maker. Price countered this and set up his Price Check finishing maneuver. However, Effy was able to reverse out of this, lock in the wristlock, spin out Price, and hit the Purple Rain-Maker. This time, with the other members of Re-Genesis preoccupied, Effy went for the pin and was able to get a measure of revenge over the man who took the Deep South Heavyweight Title and gets a victory for his team in the process.

With this victory, does this put the put Effy back in line for another Deep South Heavyweight Title shot?!

When will the Punk-a-delics invoke their rematch clause for the Deep South Tag Team Titles?!

What is next for the PopStar now that Hunter Law is the new Deep South Cruiserweight champion?!

Maybe these questions and more will be answered May 20th when NWA Southeastern returns to the Peacock Center for “Relentless”.

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