Friday, April 14, 2017

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance in Carrollton on April 15

From GWH News:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance will be at the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton, GA on April 15.  Advertised:  AJ Steele, Drew Adler & Ace Haven vs. The Kingsmen (Kyle Matthews, Logan Creed & O'Hagan).  Pandora vs. Ventress.  The Beautiful Bald Besties ("Marvelous" Michael Stevens & "Encore" Zac Edwards) vs. The Reckoning (Jacob Ashworth & Spectra).  Shane Noles vs. Zanders.  Simon Sermon vs. Jaxxon Vile.  Also advertised are Tommy Too Much, Kevin Blue, Ashton Starr.  The venue is located at 1625 Bankhead Highway.  Tickets are $12 front row, $11 second row, $10 general admission and $6 general admission for children ages 7-15.  Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

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