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Southern Fried Championship Wreslting Report from Monroe on April 1

From Larry Goodman:

SFCW put on another good show at the aptly named “Full Metal Madness”. The big news: Mikael Judas defeated Tetchi Makuji inside a steel cage match to become the new SFCW Heavyweight Champion. 

Judas has made something of an under-the-radar comeback at SFCW. Judas disappeared from the wrestling scene after a series of three matches with Gunner Miller last summer. Their second match was the notably subpar performance in the opening round of the Scenic City Invitational. 

What Judas chose not to reveal, was that he went into the SCI with a broken foot suffered in the first match with Miller and dislocated his shoulder in the SCI match (through no fault of Miller). A week later, Judas gutted out the third match with Miller as scheduled before taking time off.

The April Fool’s joke was on booker Todd Sexton. Nothing has come easy during his during as the SFCW booker. The same could be said about Sexton’s stint at Why We Wrestle for that matter.

Eerily similar to the show two weeks ago, Sexton was dealing with last minute changes in the lineup and late arrivals. Also like two weeks ago, the turmoil in the back didn’t bleed over into what was taking place in front of the curtain. The show moved along at a brisk clip. The sound system and music cues functioned properly for a change. Unfortunately, the problems threw a monkey wrench into the booking plans laid out through the anniversary show.

Whatever the glitches, the matches on top delivered big time. The cage match was outstanding. It was great to see Judas was back in top form. Makuji stepped up his game yet again. He has earned a spot at the top of the card. The surprise return of Logan Creed got over huge and his match with Drew Adler was the real deal.

Owner Charles Anschutz had to be pleased with the turnout. Attendance continues to move in the right direction with over 200 at Nowell Rec for the first time this year. There has been a noticeable turnover in the crowd. I still see many of the old regulars but there are a lot of new faces as well.

 Sexton came to the ring with the bad news. Jagged Edge was missing due to circumstances beyond his control and Phase One Champion Jimmy Rave in the hospital in Florida with a staph infection.

Joseph Brock III said that much to his surprise, his surprise entrant into the women’s division wanted no part of his organization. Rather than forfeiting the match with Kayla Lynn, Brock tried to get a female volunteer from the crowd. Drew Blood came to the ring to tell Brock forget the sideshow because JB Enterprises had more important stuff going on. Blood changed his tune when Brock told him how much money was involved. Blood offered to do the match – “No punches, no slams or submissions, easy peasy” – Kayla was more than willing so Sexton made it happen.

(1)Drew Blood (with Dr. Joseph Brock III) defeated Kayla Lynn in 7 minutes. Blood started with Hindu squats (to get his synovial fluids going). When Blood went for a ropes break, Kayla administered a flying hip to Blood’s ass, sending him to the floor. Blood tried the same tactic and spilled through the ropes again when Kayla moved. Kayla put Blood through his paces with a plethora of submission. Blood lectured Kayla. She replied with a forearm to the face and a series of springboard double axe blows. In the end, Blood rolled through on Kayla’s flying body press to secure the pin. This was fairly entertaining thanks to Blood’s comedic talents and the love SFCW fans have for Kayla. It would have been more effective as a change of pace later in the show as originally planned.

Afterward, Blood pinched Kayla’s ass so she dropkicked him through the ropes and clocked Brock for good measure.

(2) Rave Approved (Adrian Hawkins & Bobby Moore) defeated Spring Street Suicide Squad (Ken Lee & Chris Crunk) to retain the SFCW Tag Team Championship in 16:43. Frustrations mounted for the champions as Spring Street dominated the opening minutes. The highlight was suicide topes in stereo. Approved isolated Crunk, using a Hart Attack for a near fall. Crunk made a diving tag and Lee entered with double knees off the top on Approved. Lee caused Moore to DDT his partner (spot always get a pop and always looks stupid to me). Lee then had Hawkins pinned after a superkick. Moore made the save and pulled Crunk off the apron. This distracted Lee, who got nailed by Approved’s discus forearm/release german suplex finisher with Hawkins making the pin. Match was OK. Something was missing. Spring Street had a tough act to follow on the heels of the match Lynch Mob had with Approved two weeks ago.

Fans chanted “bullshit”. Moore threatened to wash their mouths out with soap. Approved tried to lead to crowd in a prayer for their fallen leader Rave.

Odinson interrupted to a huge pop. He removed the patch over the eye that Rave injured and decimated Hawkins and Moore.

Odinson vowed to keep coming back for Rave but surely the fans wanted to see him fight somebody, and the reaction said they surely did. Tyson Dean came out. He wasn’t thrilled with Rave’s absence either as he lost his shot at the Phase One Trophy. Odinson eyed Dean’s NWA North American title. Dean nixed that idea – “politics” – but he was up for the match.

(3) Odinson defeated NWA North American Champion Tyson Dean in a non-title match at 12:15. Dean took pause in the face of Odinson’s superior strength and power. Odinson’s deadlift gutwrench suplex drove the point home. Dean looked worse for wear but was playing a bit of possum. He punched Odinson right in that vulnerable eye and worked it over. Dean hit a nice dropkick to cut Odinson off. The heat built to a sweet double down spot as Odinson blocked Dean’s vertical suplex and hit a standing dropkick of his own. Dean countered Odinson’s Pounce with a spinebuster and a belly to belly suplex. Odinson kicked out of both pin attempts so Dean tried use Odinson’s platinum spray container. Epic fail. Odinson Pounced Dean and hit the F10. Good match. Dean attacking the eye was a good way to deal with the size difference, although would have worked even better had referee Radar Martin not been so blasé about it.

The postmatch show of mutual respect was a little weird being given Dean had gone after Odinson’s injured eye and tried to use a foreign object. Odinson made it clear he wanted a title shot next time.
Ring announcer Jonathan Feltner called Drew Adler to the ring. Adler threw a hissy fit about the five foot mic cord. “This is 2017. Can we get a wireless mic please.” Tremendous!

Adler said Sal Rinauro had failed to answer his challenge to find two partners to take on Backbone at Shindig 4. Adler claimed everyone in Georgia, the USA and the whole damn world was afraid of him and asked if anybody would like to prove him wrong.

Out came Logan Creed. The crowd exploded with the loudest pop in SFCW this year. There was no better replacement for Jagged.

(4) Drew Adler and Logan Creed (with Brooklyn Creed) was a double count out at 11:20. Creed’s punches and chops left Adler in a state of agony. A pair of sky high Beel throws didn’t make Adler feel any better. Adler got out of Dodge on a corner spear and Creed speared the post. Adler went to town on Creed’s damaged shoulder. A reverse atomic drop by Creed spelled comeback time. Adler blocked Creed’s first two attempts at the chokeslam, answering with a powerslam and a tornado kick for near falls. Adler went for a suicide dive, Creed made the catch and planted him on the ring frame with the choke slam. Back inside the ring, Creed went for his finisher but Adler got away and hit a jumping knee strike for a close near fall. Adler talked trash and slapped Creed’s face. Creed went ballistic. The action spilled to ringside and they brawled until referee Nathaniel Spivey counted them out. Not the best ref for a count out finish since Spivey’ voice barely gets above a whisper. This was really good stuff. Crowd was hot and the match had the intensity of a real fight.

Creed informed Adler that he was looking at one of Rinauro’s partners and the other one was AJ Steele. You know the crowd in Monroe loved that.

(5) Steel Cage Match: Mikael Judas defeated Tetchi Makuji (with Dr. Brock) via submission to become the new SFCW Heavyweight Championship in 18:32. The champion got off to an aggressive start as he punished Judas with stiff strikes and high impact offense. Makuji crashed and burned on a Vader bomb. Judas capitalized with a clothesline and a Yakuza kick, both moves smashing Makuji into the cage. Makuji cut Judas off with a forearm. Judas went down face first. His selling in this match was stellar. Makuji hit a dramatic diving headbutt off the ropes. Makuji locked Judas in a standing surfboard between the ropes and repeatedly bashed his head into the cage. Quite the sadistic spot and one I had never seen before. Makuji hit a killer version of the spinwheel kick, showing amazing agility for a man his size. Makuji tried to go up top. Judas met him with a massive superplex. Blood ran in and attempted to scale the cage but Sexton pulled him down. The diversion allowed Brock to pass knucks to Makuji, who clocked Judas as he was going for the choke slam. The crowd thought that was it but Judas kicked out. They went back and forth with helllacious Kobashi style chops. Makuji caught Judas in the Tongan death grip. Judas fought off unconsciousness and rose up to hit the chokeslam. Makuji kicked out and went back to the death grip but Judas took him down and powered into a single leg crab. The crowd was chanting like mad for Makuji to tap and popped huge when he did. The two monsters beat the hell out of each other. It turned out to be a terrific cage match, thick with drama. Judas brought all of his experience to bear and made Makuji look great in a losing effort, not that Makuji needed one bit of help.

Makuji blinded Judas with the green mist after the match and reapplied the nerve hold. Creed and Odinson hit the ring to break it up. Odinson looked way too interested in Judas’ newly won title so stay tuned for future developments.

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