Thursday, May 18, 2017

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on May 13

From Anarchy Wrestling:

Report from the Landmark Arena with attendance of 160.

The Approved (Bobby Moore & Adrian Hawkins) interrupted matchmaker Dan Wilson's intro to complain about not getting their title shot. Wilson said they Cyrus The Destroyer, in an open challenge so they were no longer undefeated and tonight they weren't booked. They told Wilson he'd be sorry and left.

1) Jeremy Foster defeated Josef Von Schmidt to advance to Round 2 of The Landmark Heritage Title Tournament. Foster faces Billy Buck in Round 2 on 5/27.

2) The Nightmare defeated Torque in an action packed bout to advance to round 2 of The Landmark Heritage Title Tournament. The Nightmare will face Ryan Vega on 5/27 in Round 2.

3) Se7en (with Brad Cash) defeated "The Madman From The Ozarks" Alex Rudolph in a hard hitting clash between two beasts.

Afterwards Brad Cash responded to Tank's prior comments by challenging Tank and Iceberg to settle the issue of who deserves to be called The Devil's Rejects by facing Cash and Se7en on 5/27.

4) Crystal Rose and Ryan Vega defeated Rock C and Justin D'Air in a mixed tag match when Vega hit Rock C w a curb stomp and pulled Rose on top as the official was checking on an injured D'Air.

Jeff G Bailey w Gunner Miller and Team T.A.G. had some words on the big screen. Bailey first said that Tank and Iceberg accepted Cash's challenge and would be here on 5/27. Bailey then said their opponents were an insult to the word team when compared to the single minded goals of Team T.A.G. (Billy Buck, Kevin Blue and Chris Spectra) and "The Captain" Gunner Miller and The Hate Junkies aka "Damaged Goods", "Paper Champion" Jacob Ashworth and Gladiator Jeremiah who's own ego forced him to come back too early would meet their Armageddon tonight.

5) Lynch Mob (Matt and Joey Lynch) defeated Diamond Dogs (Graham Bell and Luke Langley) to retain the Anarchy tag titles in a fantastic match. The Dogs coming in from The St. louis area really impressed. Lynches were in top form.

After the match, The Approved returned through the front door and attacked Lynches by placing plastic bags over their heads in an attempt to suffocate them. Both Lynches were unconscious as security and matchmaker Dan Wilson removed The Approved from the arena.

Prrematch comments from Anarchy Triple Crown Champion Jacob Ashworth, The Hate Junkies, and Gladiator Jeremiah aired. Jacob said he was watching Anarchy on and saw where Dany Only told Stryknyn Jacob owed him a shot. Jacob said he did deserve a shot and if he wanted one all he had to do was ask. Jacob said speaking of that, he had good news. The office informed him that on 5/27 Stryk would be facing 2016 GA Wrestler Of The Year nominee Drew Adler and the winner would be crowned #1 contender. Dany Only was very excited by this. Gladiator Jeremiah said enough of the nonsense. They need to focus on the war at hand. The gods came to him and told him he would lead a team to get his retribution and the time to strike was now. Gladiator declared war.

6) Gunner Miller, Kevin Blue, Billy Buck and Chris Spectra defeated Jacob Ashworth, Gladiator Jeremiah and The Hate Junkies in an 8 man tag when Miller pinned Ashworth. Just prior Gunner went for CTE on Jacob and he dodged which took out Hate Junkies instead. There was a squabble and Miller capitalized on the champion's loss of focus. Gladiator Jeremiah left in disgust after the loss as Ashworth and The Hate Junkies had some words. We are told Jeremiah will open the event on 5/27 to address these events and he has a huge announcement about Hostile Environment.
Also on 5/27:
- It has been signed, at Lynch Mob's request they will defend the titles against the Approved.
- The much talked about Beautiful Bald Besties will debut as they face Team T.A.G.
-The man who scored the pinfall in the main event and former Triple Crown Champion "The People's Captain" Gunner Miller and Jeff G Bailey will be also be appearing!
- 3 Feature Matches for Hostile Environment on 6/24 will be announced including the main event!!!

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