Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on May 27

From Anarchy Wrestling:

Attendance at Landmark Arena was around 100.

Gladiator Jeremiah opened things by declaring War. While he loves Jacob and The Hate Junkies, they do not possess the focus he needs in this crucial conflict. It has now been one year since his war of words with Kevin Blue started this war. Since then best friend Billy Buck turned on him killing Slim J and birthing the Gladiator. And now they have aligned with Jeff G Bailey and the monster Gunner Miller. It is time for him to end it. At Hostile Environment he formally challenges Team TAG and Miller...to War Games. And to fight their kind he needs a team of monsters.
- Enter Miller and Bailey, who asks if he really just fired his entire team and then challenged them to a War Games match? Bailey gladly accepts and tells the pipsqueak Gladiator to show him proof of these monsters because Miller will gladly wipe the floor with them enter....

1) Cyrus The Destroyer defeated Gunner Miller via DQ when Team TAG attacks. Cyrus fights off but Gunner overwhelms. Jeremiah leaves and returns w Se7en and Bailey, Miller, and Team TAG bail. It is revealed that Se7en is Jeremiah's next team member. After the match, Miller accepted Jeremiah's challenge to the traditional Anarchy "Captains" match on June 10 (replacing the coin toss to determine the advantage in War Games at Hostile Envorinment).

2) The Nightmare defeated Ryan Vega to advance to semi finals of Landmark Heritage Title Tournament via Octopus Hold

- After the match Vega had another one of his tantrums and dumped water over the head of ring announcer Michael Gentry (whom he previously urinated upon in his debut). Gentry blew a gasket. Security escorted Vega out.

3) Billy Buck and Jeremy Foster wrestled to a 15 minute time limit draw in a semi final Landmark Heritage Title Tournament match. Matchmaker Dan Wilson said we had to have a tournament final match, and that is scheduled for 6/10. He introduced NCW matchmaker Nigel Sherrod who said we had to come an agreement to have the no time limit rematch on Friday 6/2 at NCW Ground Zero. That match will air on Powerbomb TV and Anarchy Home Video.

4) Lynch Mob vs. Approved was declared a no contest when the ref never got control. Lynches jumped Approved out of the gate and the fight never stopped. Security was out in full force to pull them apart and the scene got wild. It was announced that they would face at Hostile Environment in a taped fist street fight to settle this feud for the titles.

5) Team Tag (Buck and Kevin Blue) def Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards) in underhanded fashion in a fantastic tag match to raise their stock in the tag division to the next team in line for a title shot after Hostile Environment. The Besties were a hit with the Landmark Arena Fans.

#1 Contender's Match
6) Stryknyn (with Dany Only) defeated Drew Adler in another action packed bout. Adler returned to Anarchy after a career year in 2016. Dany Only actually clocked Adler with his motorcycle helmet but Stryknyn didn't see it. Stryknyn hit the dazed Adler with the F5 for the win.

Triple Crown Champion Jacob Ashworth was on commentary and didn't like what he saw. He tells Stryk he has a ton of respect for him but he is starting not to care for his partner. He says it won't be Jacob Ashworth vs. The Hate Junkies, it will be Jacob Ashworth vs Stryknyn for the title at Hostile Environment. Stryk started to get a little irritated.."You saying I need him to win?" Jacob said he wasn't taking any chances. "Dany only, in 2 weeks on 6/10, I want a match with you. You're so excited to see me get my ass whipped how bout you try yourself? And if I win...you are banned from ringside at Hostile Environment."

7) Tank and Iceberg defeated Se7en and Brad Cash via ref stoppage TKO when Cash could no longer defend himself. This was a brutal fight. Match got thrown out early. Wilson said that had already happened too many times tonight. Restart the match under "Rejects Rules"...meaning there are no rules. Steel chairs became the weapon of choice and there was a battle over them. Tank gave Se7en a backdrop driver through two chairs. Iceberg took Se7en out on the outside, leaving Tank and Cash alone in the ring. Tank hit a nasty spinning backfist and wouldn't let up. As Cash went down, Tank was on him with mounted punches, bloodying up Cash and after dozens of unanswered shots official Triston Michaels ruled Tank and Iceberg the winners as Cash was unable to continue. After the bell, Tank continued pummeling Cash. Iceberg told Tank he has had enough, he is still family and you taught him his lesson. Tank came out of the zone and stopped. Bailey told Tank to keep going. Iceberg took exception to this and got in Bailey's face, Jeff shoved Berg and Berg shoved Bailey to the ground. Se7en pulled Cash to safety on the floor during the confusion. Tank tried to play peacemaker between Jeff and Berg. Berg flipped Jeff off and walked away. Tank went after Berg to plead with him to reason. Jeff followed behind Tank doing the same.

- A bloodied Brad Cash looking like a zombie on the Walking Dead peeled himself off the floor and stumbledinto the ring. He grabbed a mic and screamed that Tank tried to kill him but he failed. He said they won. Tank and Iceberg were the real Rejects ......fine....but Tank wouldn't be rid of Cash unless he killed him and he wanted another fight. On 6/24 he challenged Tank to a Taipei Death match.. and said they would dip their fists in glue and then dip them in broken glass and punch each other in the face until one of them was done.

We return on 6/10 with Gunner vs Jeremiah in the Captain's match, The Landmark Heritage Title Tournament Finals, Cyrus The Destroyer and the 4th member of Gladiator Jeremiah's War Games Team as mystery partner vs Team TAG, Jacob Ashworth vs. Dany Only, Rock C defends the women's Championship, #1 Contender Stryknyn, The return of AJ Gray, Torque, Ryan Vega and more!

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