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Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment "Homegrown" Review

Photo Courtesy of Corey Tatum
From Jeff Taylor:

So I walked in as Billy Brash and Isla Dawn made their way to the ring separately thinking that was the opening of the show but later to find out that I missed Adrian Armour in action, man he’s my favorite. Sugar Dunkerton Jamar Wilson apparently defeated Adrian to kick off the show and Adrian didn’t respond to that to kindly by dropping him after the match, I have to start getting to events on time!

Billy Brash and Isla Dawn defeated Ethan Case and Su Yung via pinfall (3/5 Stars): This match took no time at all to heat up it was hot from the moment it took off. With the crowd behind Su Yung receiving a large pop and “Streamer City” Ethan Case, you would think the newcomers in the AWE area of Brash and Dawn stood no chance. However, they proved quickly that they were here in Atlanta to make an impact no pun intended and to get their name out there to the scene. Chaos ensued from the moment the bell ring, I swear I cannot make this up with suicide dives thru the ropes from all competitors on one another. I was impressed that Butterbean the referee of this contest was able to restore some kind of control at one point making it a general tag team contest. The females were not afraid to attack the males and Case proved that he wasn’t afraid to knock out Dawn with a strong forearm. The match ended brilliantly with Priscilla Kelly interfering not on behalf of Dawn but for her own motives to hit her finisher on Su Yung and leaving right afterward making a statement as the ref was distracted. Impressively enough Dawn didn’t feel secure ending the match that way and hit a Bridging Dragon Suplex for good measure on Su Yung for the win.

-Post Match: I loved how Ethan Case raised Su Yung from the dead that was a fuckin moment!!!! Jesus Christ, you had to be there to experience it! Heck of a job selling Su Yung!

Joseph A'gau defeated Curt "The Lone Star" Stallion by pinfall (3.5 Stars): Joe Black open contract challenge continues and this match looks really good on paper with Curt Stallion being a top Ring of Honor Wrestling prospect. There was a beautiful standing dropkick by Joe Black in the early going that caught all of my attention. Suicide dives thru the ropes from the men which you thought they were going to fly all the way to the bar at their pace. Superplex off the top rope onto Joe from Stallion which could have ended the match right there if Joe was a jobber, it was so well executed. The men exchanging chops was some great storytelling, trying to outdo one another going back and forth. There was a nasty backbreaker by Joe followed by a big boot by Stallion later into the match; these two are going at it back and forth action. The two then started to exchange german suplex and they were going on adrenaline all the way until it caught up with them and both men ended up passing out. Joe ended up finally getting the win with a full nelson into a pinfall.

ACH defeated Jimmy Rave via pinfall (3.5 Stars): I knew this match was going to be good I just didn’t know how good it would be. Surely enough the contest kicked off with Jimmy actually wrestling and being the fan favorite, believe it or not well it’s believable. Then all of a sudden Jimmy started adding match psychology to this match and this is why he remains one of the best in the game. Jimmy literally changed the entire mood and pace of this match and that’s POWER! A lot of people don’t like Jimmy tactics but I’m one of the many that enjoy his work, especially when he goes into overdrive. Notably, ACH took time out of the match to read a fan down and I think it actually earned him some respect from not just that guy but the entire crowd as well. The story of the match really went into super sayian mode when ACH missed a chop and right hand went directly into the pole and from there Jimmy went from 0 to 100 real fast, literally slamming ACH right hand on everything in sight throughout the entire Museum Bar. ACH had one of the best moments of the night for me and honestly the reason why I enjoy wrestling so much with my grandma growing up, when ACH was about to return a chop to Rave but pointed up the rafters and the ref looked as well and got to sneak in a low blow, and it was CLASS! ACH gets the win with a vertical suplex maybe it was a brainbuster and I couldn’t tell with my angle but I don’t write the match endings, I just do the reviews.

Chris Mayne wins the Bad and Boujee Battle Royal: So the Migos were invited to attend the Bad and Boujee Battle royal which every 15 seconds a new competitor would come to the ring, when the last six athletes were left it would become an elimination scramble and determining the winner of the battle royal. Unfortunately, the Migos were at Met Gala event and weren’t able to attend but their #1 hit was appreciated during this match and had everyone twerking and rapping along. Let’s get into it we had an epic entrance to kick off this match by Matt Knicks Nicolas Matthew Almendarez well entrance music. Honestly you really couldn’t enjoy this match because every 15 seconds you were distracted, there was never really a moment until the final 6. You really had to make your presence known during your entrance to the ring like Erik Thompson and a few others but it was like New York Fashion Runway for wrestling, we were barely watching the actual match we were just looking to see the next person to come out and if we knew them. We saw the likes of Slade Porter, The Heisenberg Twins, Ashton Starr, The Incredible Huck William Huckaby, Aria Blake, Chris Crunkk, and in my opinion the star of the match Maxwell Jacob Friedman. The last six opponents were Owen Knight, Kiera Hogan, Maxwell, Priscilla Kelly, Chris Mayne, and I think his name was Chris, I hope so I mean no disrespect. The best thing of this match for me was Su Yung coming out and getting retribution on Priscilla and eliminating her over the top rope, I’m so ready to see a match between the two of them at this point. More story continued with Hogan eliminating Owen’s during the match creating some controversy between the two close friends and I mean close, with the pair disputing about what transpired all the way to the back locker room. Hogan and Chris eventually got eliminated and Maxwell just had the opportunity to really shine and display that charisma but falling short to Chris Mayne getting the pinfall win. Congrats Chris, you deserve it!

Gary Jay defeats Evan Gelistico: Honestly I really didn’t pay too much attention to this match, I love both men a great tag team and they worked so hard from the background that I heard but I was trying to make connections at this event, this blog isn’t going to pop off by itself. I will make a few notes though, I am a fan of Evan Gelistico his demeanor coming to the ring his ring presence and his character is mad old school with modern attire. Gary on the other end is super over, the music went off for him to come out and the crowd went nuts and he really kept the fans engaged and interested throughout the match. I’m going to have to catch this one later when it hits the website you all but I know it was good.

Iceberg Edward Chastain and Tank Warren Hullander defeated The Carnies Nick Iggy James Cooper to win the GCW Tag Team Titles (4 Stars): This was a really good match you all it was nasty and aggressive thanks to Iceberg and Tank but it was also pretty damn technical at times thanks to The Carnies. It was slowed down a lot by Iceberg and Tank which was great but it was sped up just as fast when it was The Carnies turn for offense. The match was wild and all over the place thanks to both teams you can tell that they weren’t afraid to take it to one other with Kerry Awful being busted open. The Carnies were tag team champions because they are tough as fuck and two men weighing a combine 800 pounds was not going to stop them from giving it all they had. Blood was drawn during this match and it wasn’t a I want to kill my opponents type of offense match for both teams but it was an offense psychology during the match that I’m going to do what it takes to keep you down for a three count. I really appreciated Hannah Chastain presence during the match, there is nothing like having a manager during ringside during a big time championship match like this one. The match ended with Iceberg hitting a big splash on Kerry Awful for the win. I do think Nick Iggy was the star of this match he was so damn good during this contest.

-Post match we saw all 4 men paying respect to one another and Tank giving a curtain call speech as we are not looking forward to him retiring in August. Thank you for everything Tank!

Murder One and Homicide Dee Erazo wrestled to a no contest (3 Stars): I couldn’t take notes during this match and honestly I wasn’t in the mentality to sit still during this match and dissect it like a normal singles match this was a non-sanction match. Meaning that the AWE board is holding this match but like fuck it we not responsible for what’s about to happen although there was a broken door during this match that AWE had to take accountability for. The match was a fight it was two men that strongly dislike one another, we have Murder One saying he’s the real Homicide and Homicide being just that. The match quickly went to the outside of the ring where Homicide got the better end focusing on Murder One ankle and lower body area and not for a pinfall but to physically put him out of action FOREVER! Homicide didn’t stop there he continued to work on the leg area but he joined in with Murder One right hand so now Murder One is battling with a hurt leg and hand this is too much right now. The match not only went to the outside of the ring but it went to the ROADS OF ATLANTA! Yes, all hell broke the fuck loose, the Museum Bar even claimed that Homicide was attempting to start a riot; I cannot make this shit up. I can only imagine if this is what ECW was like mid 90s. Anywho that’s about it you guys, the match was crazy, the two men finally went back into the ring where it seemed as if Homicide was ready for the finish to get the win but Jimmy Rave came out to interfere and aid his Hierarchy brother. Eventually the referee gets knocked out of the ring and calls this match out and it’s officially a no contest as Murder One and Jimmy Rave start to get the best of Homicide we see Priscilla Kelly coming to help Homicide evening the odds up until The Hierarchy departed.

-Post Match: This isn’t the end of Murder One and Homicide rivalry by a long shot but it is the last time we will see Homicide at the Museum Bar seeing that he is now banned, what a fuckin legend. Priscilla was given praise by Homicide, rightfully so, I love her.

Martin Stone Martin Harris defeated Chip Day and David Starr to retain the GCW Heavyweight Championship (4.5 Stars): Now at this point everyone is a little exhausted, we’ve been here since 7:30 and this is why Main Events are so important because if it truly a main event no matter how tired you are you are going to give these athletes all you have left. This was a 3 Way Endurance Challenge which basically meant at the end of the 30 minutes the man who got the last fall or submission prior to the time ending would be the official champion. This match was really damn good and I was impressed with the endurance of all three men and how they paced themselves and kept one another going to the best of their abilities. Some notable spots was every time David Starr was champion it was class, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand you would think that he was going to walk out as champion the way he was hanging on to the belt. There was a spot during this match where the title was vacated due to some controversy during the match but luckily it didn’t lose us as fans. Towards the end of the match I was really impressed with Chip Day man he was working his ass off especially towards the end making sure it finished right. Chip won the championship and it finally seemed as if Chip was going to have his moment this was HIS TIME. We had a new referee after the first one took a bump and it still seemed that this was going to work out in Chip’s favor for the win but Martin Stone managed to lock on a submission hold with the clock nearing out and once Chip didn’t tap out you just knew Chip would be the new champion. Stone managed to roll over Chip for a pinfall and referee Grandpa Booker T Darryl Hall counted the win, SUCKASSSS! Unfortunately later on we find out that time had already expired which makes sense because I would have thought so but AWE have this policy that the referee makes the final call and suppose to keep up with the time clock during the match. An emotional Chip Day is left in the ring BUT later on we found out that a rematch will take place one on one in July at Season 3 finale for the GCW Championship and I REALLY WANT CHIP TO BE THE CHAMPION NOW HE DESERVES IT, WONDERFUL BOOKING!

-Post Match: Martin Stone respectfully gives props and respect to all three involved. A true class heavyweight champion you have there even though you lost it, but I was really pleased with the ending of this HOME GROWN 17’ SHOW giving it a solid 4 Stars overall.

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