Sunday, May 21, 2017

CWF Mid-Atlantic Results from Gibsonville on May 20


2.) SIS def. ETHAN SHARPE in the first ever Man versus Woman Match on #CWFWorldwide

BRAD ATTITUDE interrupted a scheduled interview with NICK RICHARDS and berated Richards, ultimately goading him into putting his upcoming Mid-Atlantic Title shot on the line in a match later on against Attitude, winner take all. 


4.) Rising Generation League Champion CAIN JUSTICE def. #CWFWorldwide host CECIL SCOTT in a Wrestler versus Announcer Special Challenge Match. 

After the bout, Justice continued antagonizing broadcaster Brad Stutts and “HANDSOME” MITCH CONNOR who was filling in for Scott on commentary, even slapping Connor leading to a pull apart between them.

COACH GEMINI took the microphone and insisted his team had been robbed at the Kernodle Brothers Cup and robbed again at Chapel Hill. He challenged any two men to step up and face ARIK ROYAL & ROY WILKINS in tonight’s main event.

5.) THE SANDWICH SQUAD (MECHA MERCENARY & AARON BIGGS) def. THE CULTURE (JAMES RYAN & CAM CARTER) and then spoke about losing the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship last week. They were ultimately confronted by new champs ZANE & DAVE DAWSON and both teams had to be pulled apart.

6.) Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions ZANE & DAVE DAWSON def. “JUKE JOINT” LUCAS CALHOUN & THE PROLETARIAT BOAR OF MOLDOVA to retain the championship. Calhoun, Boar and the whole Chikara convoy will be appearing at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium on Saturday, July 8th and tickets are on sale now at

7.) PWI Ultra J Champion CHET STERLING def. LOGAN EASTON LAROUX to retain the championship, but not without controversy as Sterling called for the Blockbuster, LaRoux ducked and Sterling transitioned into a sunset flip. LaRoux grabbed hold of referee Kevin Pierce to block, who ultimately shoved LaRoux off into the three count. LaRoux protested loudly to CWF officials and PWI reps in attendance about the referee crossing the line physically inserting himself in the bout.

8.) NICK RICHARDS def. BRAD ATTITUDE to retain his guaranteed shot at the MId-Atlantic Championship on Sat June 24 at Absolute Justice 2017. After the bout Attitude attacked Richards with a chair until Mid-Atlantic Champion TREVOR LEE ran Attitude off. Given the option of helping Richards to his feet or walking away, the champion left the scene.

SMITH GARRETT addressed the crowd and challenged his recent (and often absentee) rival XSIRIS to meet him at Absolute Justice and settle their issue once and for all.

9.) Worldwide Television Champion ARIC ANDREWS def. “HANDSOME” MITCH CONNOR to retain the championship. Connor’s name was drawn by a VIP fan to replace Joshua Cutshall who could not appear due to injury. Moments after his name was drawn but before the bell rang, Connor was attacked by Rising Generation League Champion Cain Justice and left compromised for the bout. 

10.) Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion TREVOR LEE & CHIP DAY def. THE ALL STARS (ARIK ROYAL & ROY WILKINS with Coach Gemini and Jarry Carey) in a tag team dream match main event. During the bout, Coach Gemini attached referee Robby Walsh with brass knuckles, causing a momentary halt in the action. As the event was winding down, CWF officials announced that Coach would serve a “one game suspension” for his actions and be barred from the arena on Sat June 24 at Absolute Justice.

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