Sunday, May 21, 2017

Glory Pro Wrestling Results from Crossville on May 19

The 2017 Pound 4 Pound Cup Results

Pre-Show Match - Mutant Garvin & Liam Cross
beat The Airtime Rockerz

Round 1:
1. Chase Owens defeated Frankie Swamptower via Package Piledriver.
2. James Anthony pinned Hairband after a Running Superkick.
3. Caleb Courageous defeated Alex Zayne with The SKITTLE Driver.
4. "The Freak" Draven Lee beat "Sadistic" Sean Stephens with The Crows Throne Piledriver.

Round 2:
5. Chase Owens defeated Caleb Courageous with a Package Piledriver.
6. Draven Lee pinned James Anthony after a Swanton Bomb.
**Chase Owens attacked Draven Lee after the match, smashing his already injured arm in a chair and laid him out with a Package Piledriver.**

7. Christopher Carlton & Brian Valor defeated Brett Ison & Shane Smalls after Carlton blasted Ison unconscious with the Undisputed Championship belt while Billy Lobo Jr had the referee distracted and Valor held the lifeless Pitbull in a Dragon Sleeper until the official called for the bell.

8. Draven Lee pinned Chase Owens with a Jackknife Roll Up out of nowhere to win the Glory Pro 2017 Pound 4 Pound Cup. 

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