Tuesday, May 2, 2017

NWA Syndicate Promotions Report from Lyons on April 22

Surprises, twists and turns kept the capacity crowd on their feet the entire night! So if you weren't there here's a little breakdown.

Match 1: William Huckaby and Anthony Andrews opened up the show in a giant versus giant match. These two behemoths came to a stalemate in strength causing The Monster "Pain" to come to the ring. NWA Georgia Corporate Office called in and made the match an Elimination Triple Threat Match. Pain and William Huckaby teamed up to eliminate Anthony Andrews before going toe-to-toe tearing up the ring! Pain got the upper hand and defeated Huckaby in his monstrous return to the ring!
Match 2: Lyons, Georgia's own "Dirty Dawg" defended his city against Zane Bty Stevens in a knock down drag out match for the ages! Zane Steven's put boots to spinal cords but "Dirty Dawg" dug deep with the help of his fans and pulled out the upset over Zane!

Match 3: In a rematch from NWA's SuperBrawl Jimmy Rave and "J. Rod" went to hell and back beating each other's brains in almost exceeding the 20 minute time limit! This match was could have gone either way but "J.Rod" narrowly pulled out the victory. These men are now 1-1 in NWA Georgia. Will there be a tie breaker in the future?

Match 4: Not to let the men in Lyons steal all the glory Brooklyn Creed represented her hometown in a Woman's match against newcomer Katie Ono. These two warriors left in all in the ring with Brooklyn coming out victorious in front of all her adoring fans!

Match 5: In the much-anticipated Title vs Title match Rex Andrews defended his Reality of Wrestling Texas State Championship with "Luscious LaRon" defending his NWA GA Television Championship. Even though LaRon attempted to use his arm cast to his advantage Rex Andrews locked LaRon in his patented Arm Bar for the victory! Looks like a Georgia championship will be defended in the State of Texas!

Match 6: The reigning NWA Continental Heavyweight Championship was defended for the 494th Day in a row when Badd Blood took the fight to Mathias Starkey. This match went through the crowd and back-- keeping everyone on edge from bell to bell! Badd Blood was hellbent on keeping his streak going and in the blink of an eye pulled out the victory to keep the title around his waist!

Match 7: NWA Georgia's Jr Heavyweight Champion Stunt Marshall interrupted the show to call out anyone in the back in an open challenge for his championship. Feeling empowered from his victory earlier in the day Lyons, Georgia's own "Dirty Dawg" took up the challenge against the nefarious Stunt Marshall. Not wanting to leave victory to chance Marshall had the referee distracted and kicked "Dirty Dawg" square in the jewels and hit him with a piledriver most ferocious for the victory.

Match 8: The buzz throughout Georgia was brewing long before this match was announced. The NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship was on the line and for the first time ever Logan Creed and AJ Steele clashed inside the ring. These two titans unleashed havoc upon the expecting fans of Lyons, GA. The hometown fans were treated to a match that hit the Richter scale as the building shook every time one of these giants were taken off their feet. The Hometown Hero Logan Creed, with the support of the fans, pulled off the victory to retain his NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship.

Match 9: Moving onto the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship match which honestly should and could have been the main event at any other show, Champion Arrick Andrews and challenger Matt Gilbert set the ring on fire! Back and forth these men seemed to break the sound barrier trying to outdo one another, to the surprise of everyone including the champion-- Matt Gilbert stepped up and showed he belongs at this level. After everything was said and done the experience of the champion Arrick Andrews showed through taking the victory.

*MAIN EVENT* No match has gained this much attention for the NWA in a long time. From one town to one city to the world this has been the talk of the NWA wrestling realm! The match, rematch, rubber match or whatever you want to call it between "The Unpredictable One" Damien Wayne Kostyal and The NWA National Champion Tokyo Monster Kahagas was everything we had seen, heard and dreamed. It was, brutal, strong, destructive and scary all in one match, BUT there can be only one winner. Thanks to a woozy ref and a slight of foot, STILL your NWA National Champion Kahagas!

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