Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Results from Monroe on June 24

From Southern Fried Championship Wrestling:

Southern Fried Bikerz Brawl results from Nowell Rec Center.

*Tetchi Makuji over Terry Lawler-Lawler received a hero's welcome from the Monroe crowd.

* Beautiful Bald Besties earn a hard fought victory over The Jones Boys. A little chicanery from Drew Adler helps the Besties to a big win. Jones boys look like a very good young team.

*Brian Kane successfully defended the Phase One Trophy against Jagged Edge. Jagged must now leave Southern Fried. Kane looked very aggressive in this match and a chair shot from hell finished Jagged off. Side note-Jagged rode into the building on a Harley to an amazing pop from the crowd.

*Drew Blood over Sal Rinauro. Blood mocked the Bikerz by coming out on a tricycle. Hilarious shenanigans follow before Drew escapes with the win.

*Washington Bullets over Roscoe Eat Lisa in one helluva match. Crowd absolutely loved both teams and they did not disappoint. We will definitely be looking to see these teams more often.

Main Event
*Odinson retained the Southern Fried Title over Jimmy Rave in a classic matchup. Both men were at the top of their games and this match had the fans on edge throughout. It's very obvious that Odinson was on a high after his time at the performance center last week and Rave is...well hell he's Jimmy Rave.

After the match, JB Enterprises came out to confront Odinson and it was announced that Blood would get a title shot (changed to Thursday July 13) but Todd Sexton will be the special referee.

Notes: 200+ in attendance...July Shows on July 13 and 15...The show was filmed with Commentary from Adam Vance and special guests Sal Rinauro and Drew Adler...And a quick point-Odinson mentioned (after his win) that there was one guy he wanted in the ring at Southern Fried but was cut off by JB Enterprises. Inquiring minds want to know who that is...

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