Tuesday, July 11, 2017

American Combat Wrestling Results from Port Richey on July 5

From Brian Slack:

American Combat Wrestling was in Port Richey, FL on July 5.  Results:  Nick Abrams defeated Samuel C.  Markos Espada defeated Ruby Flyer by knockout.  Mitch Mitchell defeated Jake Jones.  Kennedy Kendrick defeated Mitch Mitchell.  Blanco Loco defeated Hunter Law, Jude Jean and Steven Frick in a four-way match.  The NuYoRicanz (Carlos Rivera & D Ramos) defeated That Klassic Tag Team (Kiko Harris & Kody Kastle).  Gabe Lacey defeated Devin Abrams.  Snoop Strikes defeated Saieve Al-Sabah.  Sideshow defeated Blanco Loco and Danny Vincent in a three-way match to retain the ACW Combat Championship.

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