Saturday, July 29, 2017

National Championship Wrestling Recap/Review from July 21

From Larry Goodman:

This recap/review is based on the videotape so take it for what it’s worth. 

Crowd was down some in size and volume level from the prior week. Still not bad for Friday night with a big show to follow on Saturday. I was told NCW was up against a fireworks show. 

Josh Storm defeated Chris Mayne in 5:54. Storm has looked good in both of the NCW matches.

Alanis defeated Ashton Starr in 4:55 via screw job by referee Ryan Harmon. The fix was in again. Starr clearly had a firm grip on the ropes after taking a big powerslam from Alanis. Harmon had earlier made a ridiculoulsy slow count on Starr’s moonsault pin. 

Legend said Big Chris wasn’t there but 6:05 wasn’t backing down on the open challenge. 

Ike Cross (with Chris Bullet) defeated Justin Legend to win the NCW Tag Team Championship for Th13teenth Floor in 6:22. Loved the match. The booking was interesting to say the least. 13thdid a 180, returning as uber good guys and winning the titles by outside interference. I like the way Legend gave Cross no breathing room when he was on offense. Success hinged on the crowd hating Legend despite being booked as an honorable underdog. He really must be the shits as a human being.

Kurt Kyle video. 

(4) David Ali defeated Alan Angels via DQ at 10:05 to go up 2-0 in their best of five series. Bold move doing a best of five at this fledgling stage of their careers and they’re handling it well. Angels kicked out a missile dropkick. Ali kicked out of standing Sliced Bread. Angels whacked Ali’s leg with a chair to cause the DQ. 

Backstage promo by Hoax and Mr. Skins. I won’t say who is under the mask. I will say you would never guess based on the voice. It is one great hoax. 

AC Mack demanded the missing Matt Gilbert’s spot in the fatal four-way to determine the number one contender for the NCW Heavyweight Championship. Matchmaker Nigel Sherrod said he was tired of hearing Mack run his mouth (and man can he run it) so he was putting him in the match to shut him up. 

(5) NCW Junior Champion AC Mack defeated Logan Creed and Austin Theory and Schaff in 10:23 to become the number one contender for the NCW Heavyweight Championship, pinning Theory with a handful of tights. Creed made a beeline for Schaff and they continued their personal war on the outside. Funny moment when Mack found himself betwixt and between the two big men. Theory and Creed joining forces to do a number on Schaff. Creed and Schaff battled to the back. Creed returned and was ready to double chokeslam Theory and Mack when Schaff came from behind to break it up. Theory took Schaff out with the TKO and Mack cheated his way to victory. Match was laid out well. Schaff is gifted with explosive power, along the lines of Phil Shatter or Gunner Miller, that few guys have. I liked the story of the Mack shutting down the matchmaker that was bound and determined to shut him up. 

(6) Andrew Duckworth (with Bolo) pinned Todd Sexton in 15:50 to retain the NCW Heavyweight Championship after three double underhook DDTs. Having Sexton on board as a coach is an invaluable asset to NCW. I suspect Duckworth learned a lot of little things from working a long championship style match with him. Sexton schooled Duckworth both inside and outside the ring early. A back suplex on the ring frame turned the tide. Duckworth focused his attack on the vulnerable body part with Sexton selling big. Sexton used Jimmy Rave’s satellite headscissors into the crossface. Sexton blocked Duckworth’s attempt to grab the rope so he hooked it with his foot and rolled out. Sexton made the big mistake of following Duckworth out and got caught with a back suplex on the ramp. Referee David Weakley slowed his count for fear of a count out. Sexton connected with a superkick but was sluggish with the cover because he had been blinded by an eye rake and Duckworth got a foot on the ropes. Duckworth blocked a second superkick leading into a devastating finishing sequence. Duckworth has a knack for doing the right thing at the right time and he's strong with facial expressions and body language. 

Mack returned to say he just got word he was going one-on-one with Theory next week, but since he was the new number one contender, he wanted Duckworth at Heatwave on August 18. Duckworth gladly accepted. 

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