Saturday, July 15, 2017

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Results from Monroe on July 13

New SFCW Title
From Charles Anschutz:

Intense Aggression results from Nowell Rec on July 13: Kody Jack over Donnie Primetime' Kavron Kanyon (with General Lee) over Cabana Man Dan; Rob Killjoy over Shea-Shea McGrady; Xander Ramon & Demarko & Ehren Black over Hawk & Trevor Aeon & B-What. Hawk beats down B-What after the match for getting pinned; *Dax Anthony over Chris Bullett; Kenji Brea over Ace Haven (with Amy Haven); Sugar Dunkerton over OShay; Odinson retains the SF Title over Drew Blood; Notes: The next SFCW Thursday night show at Nowell Rec will be on September 7. Already announced Drew Adler vs Dax Anthony. Also appearing Logan Creed, Gary Jay, Beautiful Bald Besties, OShay, Xander Ramon and much more.

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  1. Oh so Charles decides not only to omit me, Dr Brock, from this recap while mentioning other managers, but also fails to mention how Todd Sexton cheated us in the Championship match!