Saturday, August 5, 2017

Two Guys from Chattanooga

From Steve Dave:

Chris Crunkk and Jaden Newman are two young and very talented wrestlers. One has established himself as one of the top stars in the Chattanooga area. One is raising eyebrows and really beginning to prove to anyone who has ever doubted him why he is the future of pro wrestling. Separately they have achieved a bit of success. Together they could achieve everything they ever dreamed of. They are S4 and Sunday night they have the opportunity to do just that.

At Southern Underground Pro in Nashville, S4 will compete in a fatal four-way tag team match against three amazing teams, The Carnies, Tough Guy Inc. and Roscoe Eat Lisa. All three are making a huge splash and are looking to show why they belong in the upper echelon of indy tag teams. Then there is S4 whom some would consider “local talent.” They are young and don’t have as much experience as the other teams. However, they do have a few things working for them. They are hungry and ready to prove any doubters wrong. And they are best friends.

Crunkk and Newman have been friends for a very long time. At times, it seems like they can read each other’s mind. They both want the same thing, success in the wrestling business. In singles competition one is a former TWE Champion, one is a former TWE Pure Division Champion. Together they have competed in the AWE Bobby and Stan’s most excellent wrestling tournament and are former TWE Tag Team Champions, a title they look to regain August 19 as TWE Chattanooga presents 4 Years Strong. Right now they are focused on August 6 and the fatal four way that could put them in the conversation of best tag teams in southern independent pro wrestling. Not too bad for two guys from Chattanooga.

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