Tuesday, February 13, 2018

American Combat Wrestling Results from Port Richey on February 3

From Brian Slack:

American Combat Wrestling was in Port Richey, FL on February 3.  Results:  Jake Jones defeated Jayson Falcone, Logan Creed (w/Brooklyn Creed) and Rayo in a four-way match.  That Klassic Tag Team (Kiko Harris & Kody Kastle) defeated The Clover Clan (Abel Clover & Axx Clover)(w/Momma Clover).  Saieve Al Sabah defeated Irish Jack to retain the ACW Combat championship.  Snoop Strikes defeated Hunter Law to retain the ACW Cruiserweight championship.  Mitch Mitchell defeated Chance Champion to retain the ACW Heavyweight champion.  Austin Theory defeated Troy Hollywood to retain the FIP Heavyweight championship.  Joey Ozbourne defeated Blanco Loco in an unsanctioned match.  Josh Hess (w/Stormie Lee) defeated Francisco Ciatso.  Mitch Mitchell defeated Omar Amir to retain the ACW Heavyweight championship.

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