Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Universal Independent Wrestling Report from Carrollton on February 10

From Rob Brodhecker:

First time back in the VFW Fairgrounds in a couple of months. several roof leaks and the extra moisture made the concrete inside extra slipperly. Makes me glad I wasn't taking pictures. Also been a couple years since I've last been at a UIW show. Lots of familar faces that I haven't seen in a couple of years.

This was the first time that UIW has ever run at the Fairgrounds and they announced a return to the Fairgrounds for March 10th. TC Rose will host a show on Feb 26th. Details will be coming up soon for the Doug Sommers Memorial Tag Team Tournament on April 21st.

Bell time 8:15. A very good sized crowd.

Mark Grason announces Prisiclla Kelly was injured. Hierarchy makes entrance.

First match: Murder One & Chelsea Green (former TNA Women's champ) vs. Caleb Konley & Azayli in mixed tag action.

Don't know what's up with Chelsea's make-up. Murder and Caleb start out. Murder gives a couple of slaps to referee "Butterbean" Ryan Harmon. Butterbean slaps him back. Back and forth with Caleb coming out on top. Chelsea tags in, so does Azayli. Couple of shoulder blocks by Chelsea with no effect. Chelsea has a "crazy" gimmick. Murder tags in and the faces do a good double team on him. Chelsea trips Caleb and the heat is on. Nice turnbuckle sequence by Chelsea on Caleb. Hot tag with the ladies, then it's the mens turn. Airplane spin by Caleb on Chelsea. Combo neckbreak/DDT sets up a moonsalt by Caleb on Murder to get the victory. Time:11:10.

Second match: Chris Crunkk Open Challenge answered by Deget Bundles.

Early bail by Crunkk. Chicken chant directed at Crunkk. Head locks and hip tosses keeps Crunkk off balance. Crunkk calls time out and wants to start over. Some verbal sparring, Bundles is still wearing his necklace. Cheap shot by Crunkk gives him the advantage. Bundles is tossed to the outside with Crunkk following. Bundles gains the advantage with some visicous chops. Back inside, Bundles continues to press the advantage. Surpise kick by Crunkk gets a 2 count and Crunkk has the momentum. Crowd has been rather flat for this but now comes to life with the intoduction of a chair. Ref grabs the chair from Crunkk and the distraction gives Bundles the win. 9 minutes.

3rd match: Number one contendership for the UIW Tag Championship -- Joe Black & Slade Porter vs. Shane Andrews & Shawn Shultz. 

Black and Porter come out separately. Team name: Black Cloud Has Eyes. Andrews and Shultz come out to N 'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye". Slade has some sort of covering or half mask over his left eye. Porter starts out against Shultz. Some give and take, Black looks bored on the outside of the ring. Verbal exchanges between the competitors. Chain wrestling ends with some punches by Porter, several counters off of the ropes, tags by both teams. Action picks up with Black on the recieving end. The action looks crisp. Porter fakes the tag and it confuses Andrews. Black tags in and the action switches to classic heel tag actions. Heat on Andrews. Hope spot leads to hot tag. Shultz cleaning house. Several missed double teams later, Porter wins on a roll up with a handful of tights. Time was 12:15. 

Intermission. Crowd has really filled in, almost a full house. Attendence: at least 200 paid, if not more.

HOF First induction: Terry Lawler

4th Match: Triple Threat -- Sylar Cross (with Mathias Darkthorne) vs. Cody Steel vs. William Huckaby. 

Some big hosses in the ring. Sylar was lost some weight since the last time I saw him and it's a good look. Face off between Sylar and Huck, Cody wants in and gets hit for his efforts. Not familiar with Cody who hails from Chattanooga. Cody gets tossed out and Huck and Cross exchange stiff haymakers. Cody back in and Huck out. Sylar working Cody over in the corner. Huck tries to get back in and gets a forearm for his efforts. Cody comeback cut off. Huck in and Sylar out. Huck tosses Cody out and Sylar back in and takes advantage of Huck's distraction. The ring is really rocking with heavy blows. Nice chops on Sylar by Huck. Everyone on the outside now, bodies being tossed into the ring posts and then the ringside chairs, Huck took that. Sylar misses a chair shot on Cody. Huck still down. Cody and Sylar are really landing some shots. Second turnbuckle moonsault by Huck almost gets the pin. Everyone down and now back up. ring-around hitting spree. Everyone trading off on corner to corner shots, the ring has moved about 6 inches. belly to belly by Huck on Cody. twice. 2 count. Power slam, pin attempt on Cody, broken up by Sylar who hits his finisher on Steel for the win. Time: 15 minutes.

5th match: Tag Team Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight -- Left Hand Path (Trever Aeon & Austin Towers) vs. Billy Knight & Steve Lawler. 

Action starts on the outside, Lawler/Towers, Aeon/Knight. Lawler has a chair and hitting everyone. Pairings have switched up. Lawler and Aeon in the ring. Knight with a figure 4 on Towers on the concrete. Towers uses chair to break. Great back and forth. Aeon has a foreign object and shoves it into Lawler's head. Aeon trying to lay some DOOM. Lawler's bleeding. Towers eat the ring post. Knight back in the ring. Towers grabs Knight, double team. Lawler breaks it up. Almost everyone in the crowd has their cell phones out. look for bad quality videos soon. Stiff shots from Lawler on Towers. Missed Stinger splash from Aeon on Knight leads to pinfall on Aeon.  

Action didn't stop. 2 on 1 on Steve. He fights back, tosses Aeon and Towers out of the ring. Steve and Knight stand tall. 

Knight announces his retirement for March 10th, teaming with Steve against Aeon and a partner of his choosing in a Lumberjack match. Doors open at 6, HOF at 7.

Main Event. UIW Heavyweight Championship -- Adrian Amour (c) vs Johnny Swinger.

Amour comes out in a rather spiffy outfit. UIW's youngest and longest regiening champion. Johnny comes out looking leaner than the last time I saw him. Stan Robinson officating. Amour's not looking to hook up, takes a powder. Shoulder block by Swinger sends Armour out. Stalling tactics from Armour prevent Swinger from gaining the advantage. Low blow behind the ref's back. Action slows down to favor Armour. Comeback by Swinger. Armour shoves Swinger into Stan, who is knocked down, grabs the belt and hits Swinger in the back. Butterbean comes out to count. Swinger kicks out. Armour yells at Butterbean, Swinger hits his finisher and pins Armour and is the new UIW Champ. Stan recovers and says that Swinger hit him on purpose and awards Armour the disqualification victory. Time 10:30. 

Cheater chants at Armour. Swinger cuts promo. Rematch on Feb 26th at TC Rose in Carrollton, an over 21 show.

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