Monday, March 12, 2018

Southern Pride Championship Wrestling Report from Lafollette on March 3

From Steve Dave:

1. Luscious Lawrence vs. Ron Davis

Got there at the end of it, the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Lawrence got the pinfall.

2. Ethan Cage vs. David Anthony (SPCW North American Heavyweight Champion)

This match sucked, Anthony screwed up the finish. Cage was just awful and the timing of the match was off the whole time.

3. SPCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Jaden Newman vs. Tiger Kid

Newman attacked Tiger to start the match. Newman is a great heel who makes anyone in the ring with him into an instantly successful babyface (not that Tiger needs help as he is an incredible face on his own). Newman has weak chops and really needs to improve on them. Otherwise, he's a great talent who has come into his own. This match had it all including a beautiful Dropkick to the back by Tiger as Newman went for his springboard cutter. Tiger won to become the new SPCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion, and the crowd popped huge for it.

4. Nate Wilde vs. Brent Banner

Banner has an incredible physique and seems to be able to carry a match. Wilde is okay he just needs a better look. This match was pure dominance on behalf of Banner, who plays a great heel. The match itself was okay but not something I would really care to see a second time, however I definitely want to see more of Banner, as he just looks and acts the part of a cocky douchebag heel. Wilde won via pin fall.

5. NSFW (Drew Game, Jayke Murphy, Ray Fury) vs. Modern Day Militia (Jason Collins, Damien Black)

Great match by a bunch of talented guys, I had so much fun during this match I almost forgot to write anything. Black is so agile for his size and can sell an injury to perfection. Collins is extremely talented and entertaining in every aspect of the word. Game is a hell of a worker, who should be at the next level as is Fury. Murphy is an all-around solid hand and is fun to watch and absolutely killed it last night. Modern Day Militia picked up the win to get a tag title shot in two weeks.

6. SPCW Heavyweight Championship JDL (Champion) vs. Octavious Black (Challenger)

Black moves with the speed of a cruiserweight yet is a monster of a man, and seems to be over with the crowd everywhere he goes. JDL is a good cowardly heel, whom had the crowd eating out of his hands. It was a good quick match overall that left the crowd wanting more. JDL wins by DQ.

Final Verdict: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Match of the Night: NSFW vs. Modern Day Militia

Worst Match: David Anthony vs. Ethan Cage

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