Monday, April 23, 2018

Renegade Championship Wrestling Results from Chatsworth on April 14

Rick Hayes defeated John Bishop.

Zach Malone defeated CJ Holloway and Chris Michaels to win the RCW Live Championship. 

Inner Circle defeated Red and Vaughn to retain the tag team championships. 

Defyent defeated The Group to become the number 1 contenders for the tag team championships. 

Zach Malone answered a challenge from Landon Priest and defeated him with help from CJ Holloway. 

Jess Wade and Mad Dog went to a no contest in shocking fashion. 
Jess turned his back on the GM who was the special guest ref and aligned himself with Mad Dog. They attacked and bloodied the GM while wrestlers attempted to get in but were met with a kendo stick and Mad Dog.  Eventually, Jess Wade grabbed the mic and told them to back off or they will stomp the chair on Randy’s ankle.   Commissioner Shane Williams backed everyone off and let the duo leave.  Then announced next Saturday Night that Dog and Wade will meet Rick Hayes and CJ Holloway.

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