Monday, May 7, 2018

National Championship Wrestling Recap/Review from March 16

From Larry Goodman:

Playing catch up with the NCW recaps.

Two title changes at the March 2 event -- “Conscious” King Heru defeated David Ali in a multi-person match to capture the NCW Junior Heavyweight Championship. The RedMexicans defeated Johnny Nixx & Ashton Starr to become tag team champions after Nixx turned on Starr. 

On to March 16….Triston Michaels, Steve Martin and Lorenzo Quintana in commentary. 

The good: O’Shay’s ringwork…Johnny Nixx as a blend of Shawn Michaels and Narcissus..King Heru showing Donald Trump tendencies…NCW doubling down on the cage matches for March Mayhem…Teflon David Ali....AC Mack as always.

The bad: The repetitive use of a particular finishing move during an undercard that was no great shakes in general.

(1) Cody McCulley pinned Assassin #14 with a DDT in 5:20. I was curious as the identity of Assassin 14. He did a fine job of enhancing McCulley.

(2) King Heru (with Queen Mayot) defeated Ashton Starr to retain the NCW Junior Championship in 12:28. Loads of stalling by Heru with the crowd under his skin chanting for Ike Cross. Starr had Heru pinned with the ax kick when he was distracted by former partner Johnny Nixx cavorting on the ramp to David Bowie’s “Fame”. I couldn't blame Starr one bit. Maybe the best uses of lighting ever at Landmark. Couldn’t’ blame Starr one bit. Heru got the pin with guess what?

Heru took credit for getting rid of Ike, said no way he was coming back because Heru had taken a restraining order out against him. Heru issued an open challenge for March Mayhem.

(3) The RedMexicans (Kavron Kanyon & Bobby Flaco with David Garrison) retained the NCW Tag Team Championship via a DQ loss to Stilskinz (Manson & Hoax with Mr. Skinz) in 7:08. Manson took the hot tag and got a near fall with a short DDT. I was jonesing for Jake Robert at this point. Kanyon interfered allowing Flaco to superkick Manson into oblivion. Garrison and Kanyon attacked Manson with Garrison’s garden hoe.

Postmatch -- Kanyon laid Hoax out with the hoe. Mr. Skinz waded into the fray and ended up getting laid out as well.

NCW March Mayhem on March 30 – Edwards vs. Bolo in a steel cage and Alan Angels vs. NCW Heavyweight Champion AC Mack in a match of his choosing.

(4) Johnny Nixx defeated David Ali via DQ at 10:20. Good match in terms of personality development. Ali tried for a long distance elbow drop and missed. Ali hit Sliced Bread #2 but Ali kicked out. Nixx was setting up for the Sweet Chin Music when Starr attacked him.

SFCW Heavyweight Champion Adrian Hawkins said he was at NCW to check out the talent and saw nobody at his level. Spying Ali at ringside. Hawkins treated him like dirt. Ali challenged Hawkins to a title match at March Mayhem. Hawkins said it would be his pleasure. Ali decked Hawkins and said it would be his pleasure to take the SFCW title.

Heru replaced Martin as guest color commentator for the main event.

(5) Alan Angels & Matt Gilbert (replacing Bolo) defeated NCW Heavyweight Champion AC Mack & O’Shay Edwards in 14 minutes when Angels pinned Mack. Angels and Gilbert were faring well against the Edwards until the big man clipped Angels’ knee. Mack and Edwards methodically destroyed Angels’ knee. Mack accidentally hit Edwards leading into the hot tag. Edwards pulled Gilbert out of the ring and Heru clocked Gilbert with his title. Edwards clotheslined Mack when Angels ducked. Angles pinned Mack after a corkscrew cutter.

Angels chose a 15 foot steel cage as the stipulation for the title match. 

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