Thursday, May 24, 2018

WWE NXT Results from Venice on May 19

From Brian Slack:

World Xtreme Wrestling was in Minneola, FL on May 19.  Results:  The International Superstars (Joey Ozbourne & Blanco Loco) defeated The New Breed (Vinny Mac & The Diamond Kid) after Loco rolled up Mac.  The British Wolf defeated Nate Fury to win the WXW Television championship.  Tony Ice defeated Jorel Ganzy to retain the WXW Cruiserweight championship.  Dynamite DiDi defeated Raeven Marie to win the WXW Women's championship.  Chico Adams defeated Devin Abrams.  Deathrow Jethro (w/Bryan Richards) defeated D in the last man standing match to win the WXW Heavyweight championship.  Afa Jr & Sean Maluta defeated The Modern Day Savages (Ati & Aleki) to retain the WXW Tag Team championships.

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