Sunday, June 24, 2018

Georgia Premier Wrestling Report from Canton on June 23

From GPW:

168 fans packed into the GPW arena to witness the first ever “First Blood Match” in GPW history. Vary Morales showed his dominance, and morbidity.

The night started with GPW Cruiserweight Champion Torque coming out and demanding an explanation from Gil Quest as to why Quest turned his back and attacked Torque at “Caged Chaos II”. Quest came to the ring, and quickly chaos ensued. GPW co-owner Darryl Morris broke the two up and set up a match for later in the night.

Logan Creed defeated Cyrus the Destroyer and Logan Chase III. This grudge match had been escalating for months and was originally scheduled to include Creed’s wife Brooklyn to counteract Logan Chase. However, Creed informed the crowd that Brooklyn was pregnant and unable to compete. Chase and Cyrus entered the ring demanding that Creed face them in a handicap match. The two monsters (Creed and Cyrus) waged an epic war, only for Chase to demand Cyrus tag him so he could get the pinfall. This was enough time wasted that Creed recuperated, and quickly kicked out. The finish of the match came when Chase accidentally threw powder in Cyrus’ eyes and Creed sent Chase into Cyrus’ devastating finisher, the “Black Hole Slam”. Creed capitalized and pinned Chase. The crowd was in a deafening celebration that Chase cost his team the match and Creed stood victorious over him.

Good Ol’ Boys defeated Chip Hazzard (with Gabe Walters) & Brandon Collins. Hazzard’s sudden attitude change is prevalent to the crowd, and it is evident that Walters has gotten deep in his head. Hazzard turned on his partner at “Caged Chaos” and continues his aggressive streak here. The Good Ol’ Boys have “dos-e-doed” their way into the hearts of the fans, and they showed why they are the most beloved tag team in Georgia Premier Wrestling. Good Ol’ Boys picked up the victory against Hazzard and Collins when Hazzard refused to make the tag and walked out on Collins.

Gil Quest and Torque was ruled a no contest. Quest and Torque didn’t wait for the bell to ring, or even the music to hit before entering the arena battling each other. Quest had somehow snuck into Torques dressing room and started attacking him. The battle eventually wound up in the ring, but the referee couldn’t separate them to start the match. The locker room emptied out and tried to separate them. The crowd was in a frenzy chanting “let them fight”. Morris announced that on July 21 Quest and Torque would meet in a no disqualification match for the GPW Cruiserweight Championship.

Dementia D’Rose defeated Holidead. Women’s wrestling has never been at it’s highest than now, and these two women showed why women’s wrestling is relevant and popular. Both are well traveled and have created a name for themselves throughout the world of women’s wrestling. Holidead threw everything at D’Rose but was no match for D’Rose’s WOAD and fell short of the victory.

QT Marshall defeated Talon Williams via count out. Williams showed a different side of himself since having his partner turn his back on him. He went toe-to-toe with the GPW Southern States Champion QT Marshall and had the champion reeling. The crowd was chanting “fight…fight…. fight” as Marshall was evading Williams. Williams hit his patented “code breaker” on Marshall only to have Hazzard come out and attempt to distract him. Talon left the ring and chased Hazzard and his manager Gabe Walters to the back.

After the match, Marshall (minus Logan) was celebrating in the ring when Cody Vance’s music hit. Cody came out, on crutches from the attack at “Caged Chaos”. Marshall warned Cody that he was in no shape to get in the ring. Vance got to the ring, threw his crutch down, and started attacking Marshall. As he was setting up for his spear, Chase ran in and blasted his bad knee, sending Vance to the mat. As Chase was putting the boots to Vance, Marshall grabbed the crutch and started a merciless beating of Vance. Co-Owner Darryl Morris had to break it up by threating to strip Marshall of the Southern States Championship if he didn’t leave. Referees  had to help Vance to the back.

Nate Wilde defeated Vary Morales in the first ever “First Blood Match”.  Morales and Wilde have been going at each other for months, throwing literally everything but the kitchen sink at one another. This match was not for the weak at heart. Vary had two unknown partners with him at ringside who brought out a cart full of instruments that was used throughout the match. The cart was even used! Fans were chanting for blood and standing on their feet. Vary was the one whose blood shed first, giving Nate the victory. The crowd was ecstatic. After the match, the two unknown associates came into the ring and started beating down Wilde. Ray-Ray (who was refereeing due to his injury) threw his ref shirt off and cleared both out of the ring. He raised Nate’s hand in victory, and Morris announced that Ray-Ray had finally been cleared to return to action.

GPW returns to the GPW arena on July 7th. Already signed is Cody Vance vs. QT Marshall (if Cody can provide medical clearance). Other stars set to appear are: Cyrus the Destroyer, Chip Hazzard(w/ Gabe Walters), Bill the Butcher, Carpenter, Shane Marx, Geter and more.

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