Monday, July 30, 2018

AWE Founder Announces Departure

From Larry Goodman:

Josh Wheeler, founder of Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, announced he was leaving the company. Image at left is the cover photo on Wheeler's Facebook page.

I don't want to say too much. I've already said enough, but people keep asking me why?

Because I want to do things that make me smile. I want to be a little selfish, and indulge myself, and grow myself.

I don't want to get mad when ticket sells are low. Or sad when I use every penny to make payroll.

I don't want to beg people to attend
I don't want to wake up with "wrestling drama" phone calls.
I don't want to beg people to come stand outside and pass out fliers.
I don't want to depend on others.

I just want to make money, pay my bills, and be content.

I'm a self reliant person, and wrestling only works as a team...
I don't want to be a team player right now. I want to be Josh.

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