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SWA Deepsouth Results from Pavo on June 30

“Semper Fidelis” – Motto of the U.S. Marine Corp

It was a night to give back and think of others Saturday night at the Peacock Center in Pavo, GA. It was a benefit for a friend and fan to the Southeastern Wrestling Association; a benefit for Ava Glover. Wrestlers and fans came from all over to show support for a brave and courageous fighter outside the squared circle. Just as the motto above suggests, they felt called to be “Always loyal” to their family, friends, and a very good cause.

The show started with “The Remedy” Will Hall coming out to the ring. He welcomed everyone to the benefit, introduced Ava Glover, and welcomed a special guest to the ring. That guest was “Hardway” Preston Veston III.

Preston came down to the ring, on crutches, showing the effects of the attack he suffered at Vindicated from the Masked Assassin at the behest of Dandy Jack.

Preston presented Ava with a poster signed by the legendary WWE Hall of Fame member, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. He said that Bob would have loved to be there that night, but was dealing with personal matters and sent his best.

PVIII then said that the Bullet was planning on being in Pavo on July 21st for the Southern Summer Showcase to be in Preston’s corner. SWA Commissioner Kyle Dubbya came out to join him and tell him that he was very willing to give Preston what he wanted…a match with the Masked Assassin.

This brought to the ring Dandy Jack and the SWA Cruiserweight Champion “Hood Star” Dark Rage. Jack said that he was ACCEPTING Preston’s challenge for a match with the Assassin. However, he told Preston he would be having no Bullet in his corner that night!

With that, he presented the Commissioner with some paperwork. Dubbya looked over the documents and informed Preston that they were a restraining order…for “Bullet” Bob Armstrong!

Preston, visibly upset, said that he would deal with that on July 21st. That night, though, he said he wanted Dark Rage!

Dubbya reminded Preston that earlier that day, he was told that Preston was not cleared to wrestle…and Kyle could not in good conscience allow him to wrestle Rage one-on-one that night. He said they would discuss it…but for now, he wanted Preston to rest his injuries.

As Rage & Dandy prepared to leave, Veston & Dubbya agreed that one day Rage will have to face the Hardway Brother and there would be nowhere to run, legal papers or not!

The first match of the evening saw Alexander Knight wrestle in singles action, giving his brother Aiden room to focus on his match with Jake Knight later in the evening. Alexander’s opponent on this night was "The Legacy" Chris Spyder, followed to the ring by “The Man with the Master Plan” Dandy Jack. Spyder tried to attack Alexander quickly, but the Knight was able to fend him off and get the upper hand. As Alexander looked to finish off Spyder, though, music filled the arena and out to the stage came…Jake Knight?! After having not been seen for the better part of a year in SWA, the now cane-wielding Jake stood at the stage and stared down Alexander. With this distraction, Spyder rolled up Alexander, grabbing the tights for a little extra leverage, and earning himself the victory on this night.

After the match, Jake ran in and began beating Alexander with his cane. Finally, Aiden ran in to make the save, leading to a stare down between the two former tag team partners. Clearly injured, it appeared that Jake’s intent was to tell Aiden that their match later that evening was going to take place how it should be…one on one.

The next match of the evening was a battle of the enigmatic newcomers. It saw “The Pride of Mother Russia” The Soviet Assassin, led to the ring by the Russian sympathizer The Mayor, taking on the man known simply as Azriel. As hard as the man of the sickle and hammer tried, Azriel was able to come out on top on this night, hitting a full nelson slam for the win.

This was followed by a match that seemed years in the making. Four men who knew each other very well, it was a shady win by JC Fury at Vindicated just two weeks earlier that was the catalyst for TRL to challenge Black Fury to a match on this night.

It was a back and forth affair, with each team proving why they are both considered top contenders for the SWA Tag Team Championship. As much as Black Fury tried to use double team offense to keep the advantage, the Children of the 90s fought them back tooth and nail. Finally, it was a miscue by Vernon Black and a surprise roll up by the PopStar that helped TRL get their most impressive win to date.

After a brief intermission, it was time for the match the SWA faithful had been greatly anticipating since it had been announced weeks earlier. It was the tale of two brothers torn asunder. It was Aiden Knight taking on Jake Knight. Having been away from the ring for so long, it did seem that Jake had missed a step in his time away, but covered this with shady tactics to keep the upper hand. As Jake prepared to finish off Aiden, his attempt was countered. Aiden then hit the Ex Oblivion out of nowhere, dragged himself over, and just barely draped a wrist over his former partner…and former friend…to get the 3 count.

After the match, both men slowly stood to their feet and stared one another down. Aiden could be heard telling Jake to end all this and be his brother again. Jake said nothing, only staring down Aiden. Then, Jake held out a hand. Aiden looked to want to hug Jake, but acquiesced and took Jake’s hand in his. Suddenly, Jake kicked Aiden in the gut and dropped him with a move to the mat. With that, Jake seemed to slither out of the ring and leave through the back door of the building, the people of Pavo left in clear bewilderment.

As the crowd settled down, Will Hall stepped back in the ring. He prepared to speak, but familiar music that had been unheard in the Peacock Center for almost a year played and out to the ring came…Delta Six?!

Delta greeted the fans and said that it seemed that there was something wrong with tonight and he was not leaving till it was corrected. He said that they were going to do as was customary and honor America with the National Anthem.

He then introduced his flag bearer and tag team partner…reuniting the "Original" Devil Dawgs, Samoa Six!

As the re-united Devil Dawgs stood in the ring, the people of Pavo also stood and the Star Spangled Banner played.

However, in the midst of this patriotism, from behind, “The Hood Star” Dark Rage led to the ring The Outlaw and the District of Destruction, the team of Demanu & Drago.

The 4 men assaulted the Dawgs until “Hardway” Preston Veston…and “Baddlin” Bill Weaver jumped in to even up the odds.

Rage went for the superkick on Preston, but Veston countered it and locked in the ankle lock. The Hood Star somehow escaped and it was the Badd Man who held back Preston from continuing.

Weaver grabbed the mic and said that he was not going to sit back and let these actions continue! He said there are some things you just don’t mess with and disrespect: Family, friends…and the Flag! As a former Marine, he was not going to idly stand by and let Dandy’s group of misfits degrade the country that he loves! With that, he challenged them to get back in the ring.

Suddenly, SWA Commissioner Kyle Dubbya came down to the ring to try and restore order. He addressed Preston, telling him that he was not cleared to wrestle. He then addressed “Baddlin” Bill, telling him that he wasn’t even an active wrestler…and was told last year that he would not be permitted to wrestle anytime soon.

After a bit of hesitation and thinking, though…Dubbya turned to Rage and his followers and said that these were not normal circumstances. He said that one thing his father had taught him was “you never turn your back on your family…your friends…your brother.”

With that, Dubbya gave the fans what they wanted and decreed that this next match would be…an 8-man, tag team match!

As the crowd roared in approval, the Devil Dawgs, Preston Veston, & “Baddlin” Bill Weaver prepared for a war. Their opposition would consist of The Outlaw, The D.O.D., and the SWA Cruiserweight Champion, “The Hood Star” Dark Rage. The eight men attempted to keep their composure and have a civil affair. However, it was one too many cheating tactics by the opposition that finally caused things to break down and a brawl ensued on the floor.

Inside the ring, Rage was able to catch the veteran Weaver with the Superkick, knocking him down. Rage gloated and looked to go for the pin. Referee Bill Wiggins was on the outside, though, trying to break up the melee. The Hood Star tried to get the ref back in the ring, but turned…and was hit with a flatliner from Preston Veston.

Instinctively thinking this was his chance to defeat the man who’d plagued him for months, Preston remembered that the legal man was “Baddlin” Bill. Veston grabbed Bill and pulled his limp body on top of Rage. He then grabbed Referee Wiggins and alerted him to the pin. A mere 3 seconds was all it took and the winners were declared to be the men fighting for the honor of America!

The victorious 4 men celebrated in the ring until they were joined by Commissioner Dubbya. He said that he remembered what Delta Six said earlier that started all this. Kyle said that the National Anthem was interrupted…and he could not let that stand.

As the show came to a close, everyone in attendance stood to their feet and the Star Spangled Banner played, flag held by the one that brought them all together on that night, the brave and courageous Ava Glover.

After a very patriotic night to benefit and honor Ava Glover for heart and perseverance, the show came to a close.

Southeastern Wrestling Association will return to the Peacock Center in Pavo, GA on July 21st for the annual “Southern Summer Showcase” event.

With five huge title matches featuring competitors from all over the southeast, it is apt to be a great show.

The stars will be out for SWA on that night…why not you?!

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