Friday, August 10, 2018

Tried N True Pro Wrestling Results from Clarksville on July 21

From Kevin Martin:

Tried -N- True Pro Wrestling's July 21st event, "The Last Stand".

Venue: Wilma Rudolph Event Center - Clarksville, TN

1) MAXX STARDOM outlasted 9 other competitors in the "Future Legends" Battle Royal presented by Future Legend Apparel

2) THE YOUNG LIONS & ALEX TAYLOR defeated THE POWERHOUSE PAISANS (Tré Lemario, Pasquel Zionesto, and Tony Lucassio) in a 6-Man Tag Team Flag Match

3) In a special challenge match, SHANNON MOORE defeated "The Grizzled White Boy" JEREMIAH PLUNKETT in a match that showcased both technical & brawler abilities between the two men.

4) Speaking of brawls, in a match sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, TIM STORM & JOCEPHUS fought all over ringside. An unknown woman associated with Jocephus, assumingly sent by his spiritual advisor, blinded Storm with what seemed to be an acidic spray. After Tim not only laid out the referee but the woman as well, he went back onto the attack on Jocephus as the two fought to the back. One can only imagine where this heated rivalry will take these two massive competitors.

5) In a battle that spans other realms, the world-renowned vampire, KEVIN THORN, was slain by the legally blind & legitimately insane CRAZZY STEVE. This was a battle of toughness, where the toughest soul survived.

6) In a first round match-up in the Tried -N- True Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament, the WarKings (w/ Road Warrior Animal) defeated The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Dr. Tom Prichard). This was a hard fought battle between both teams but as Dr. Tom overshot a toss of the chain, Jax Dane of the WarKings took advantage of the opportunity with a distracted referee, laying out both competitors for the three count.

7) International warfare ensued as SUICIDE took on Mexico's own DRAGO! High-flying abilities were no secret to either of these competitors and in a battle where the best man won - DRAGO picked up the pinfall victory over SUICIDE.

8) The Tried -N- True Women's Championship was on the line as JAYME JAMESON defended her title against Impact Wrestling Knockout REBEL. This bout was a fan favorite, with Rebel taking the victory over Jameson to become the NEW TNT Women's Champion. As the two seemed to celebrate what was a hard-fought match, Jayme proceeded to attack Rebel and lay her out, making a statement that she is not through with her, and now has a target on her back.

9) In the MAIN EVENT of the evening, Tried -N- True Pro Wrestling Champion SAMUEL SHAW took on Impact Wrestling's FALLAH BAHH. Samuel, as physically astounding as he was, was unable to take down Bahh in the early goings in the match. However, Shaw was able to get the big man off his feet and get the momentum on his side later in the match. Just when Fallah seemed he had the upper hand going for him, Shaw avoided a big rolling splash and took out Fallah with a devastating maneuver. SAMUEL SHAW is STILL your TNT Champion!

Things didn't end there for Shaw. He wanted to make a point to Fallah and everyone in the TNT locker room. As he beat Fallah with a chair, showing no remorse, the lights had cut out. Complete darkness consumed the Wilma, and as the lights came back on, Crazzy Steve appeared! He said he is finally ready for his title rematch, and told Shaw to be prepared, as he laid out the challenge to Shaw. The next time these two cross paths in the ring, it will be for the Tried -N- True Pro Wrestling Championship.

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