The Georgia Wrestling Hall of Fame first came into existence in 2003 as a feature at The selection committee consists of all living members of the Hall, respected key figures from the business that have made significant contributions to the business, and revered historians and writers knowledgeable of the rich history that professional wrestling has had in the state of Georgia. We are honored to be able to work with each of them in preserving the history of wrestling in our great state, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Nominees are separated into various categories based on a specific time period where their body of work was most displayed. Although the results are not announced by category, the sole purpose of separating the ballots into categories is to make sure someone worthy from each era has a fair shot at making it, based on those voters who are familiar with that era and the nominees. If there is someone not listed as a current member or a nominee who a voter feels is deserving of being considered, they are encouraged to let us know who you think should be considered for inclusion. All such requests are granted and added to future ballots.

The general criteria for voters to consider when selecting wrestlers: to honor those who had a high level of success for a reasonable period of time, had strong drawing power, worked hard to master their craft, and positively carried themselves well for the promotions in which they worked. The criteria for voters to consider when selecting non-wrestlers: to honor those who provided a strong presence whether it be in a leadership role in management, working with the office in some fashion, or perhaps as a manager, referee, or announcer.

In order to be inducted, an individual must be selected on 75% of the ballots. Individuals on the ballots who go unselected on 100% of the ballots for three consecutive years are removed. In addition, anyone who receives no selections on 50% of the ballots is removed after five consecutive years. An oversight committee, made up of individuals from the selection committee, can collectively make decisions to overturn omissions or present inclusions for nomination if it believes such omission or inclusion to be significant toward preserving the integrity of the Georgia Wrestling Hall of Fame.

The complete listing of those who have been inducted into the Georgia Wrestling Hall of Fame to date is below, by the year in which they were inducted:


the Assassins (Tom Renesto and Joe Hamilton)
Freddie Blassie
Gordon Solie
John Contos
Lou Thesz
Mr. Wrestling #2
Paul Jones
Ray Gunkel
Tommy Rich


Charlie Harben
Don McIntyre
Ed Capral
Fred Ward
Henry Weber
Mr. Wrestling #1
Strangler Lewis
Ted Turner
Thunderbolt Patterson


Al Massey
the Andersons (Ole, Gene, Lars, and Arn)
Bob Armstrong
Charlie Smith
Dusty Rhodes
Gorgeous George
Jim Barnett
Mario Galento
Tom Renesto


Bill Watts
Bobby Simmons
Frank Bettis
Gary Hart
Jim Londos
Leo Garibaldi
Sputnik Monroe
the Torres Brothers (Enrique, Alberto, and Ramon)


Bill Dromo
Chief Little Eagle
Dick Steinborn
the Fabulous Moolah
John Mauldin
the Masked Superstar
Nick Carter
Ole Anderson
Scrappy McGowan


Aaron Newman
Andre the Giant
Babe Zaharias
Buddy Colt
El Mongol
Frank Speer
Jay West
the Monroe Brothers (Sputnik, Rocket, and Flash)
Tony Atlas


Bobby Shane
Elmo Chappell
Freddie Miller
Jack Crawford
Jerry Graham
Luke Graham
Mae Young
Tom Mahoney
the Vachon Brothers (Mad Dog, Butcher, and Stan)


Abdullah the Butcher
Ann Gunkel
Bill Longson
the Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts)
Jack McAdams
Joe Hamilton
Nick Patrick
Rock Hunter


Doug Gilbert
the Oates Brothers (Ted and Jerry)
Ric Flair
the Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk)
Ron West
Stan Hansen
Ted Allen


the Armstrongs (Bob, Brad, Scott, and Steve)
Dick Slater
Nick Bockwinkel
Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller


Buddy Fuller
Joe Scarpa
Les Thatcher
Roberto Soto

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