---AML Wrestling at the Southside Rec Center in High Point, NC
---Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment at the Opera Nightclub in Atlanta, GA
---WrestleForce at Jakes Too in West Columbia, SC

---Champions Wrestling School at the Res Lasas Casas in Santurce, Puerto Rico

---Ohio Valley Wrestling at the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY

---American Combat Wrestling at the Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, FL
---WWA4 at the WWA4 Wrestling School in Atlanta, GA
---WWE NXT at the Citrus Springs Community Center in Citrus Springs, FL

---Alternative Pro Wrestling at the Royston Gym in Royston, GA
---BANG at the BANG TV Sound Stage in Ocala, FL
---NWA New South Championship Wrestling at the New South Arena in Franklin, KY
---ProSouth Wrestling at the ProSouth Arena in Piedmont, AL
---WWE NXT at the Maxwell Snyder Armory in Jacksonville, FL

---BANG at the BANG TV Sound Stage in Ocala, FL
---Champions Wrestling Association at the Cosme Beitia Salamo Coliseum in Catano, Puerto Rico
---Coastal Championship Wrestling at Coral Springs High School in Coral Springs, FL
---Mountain Championship Wrestling at the MCW Arena in Pikeville, TN
---Renegade Championship Wrestling at the RCW Arena in Chatsworth, GA
---Ultimate Extreme Wrestling at the UEW Arena in Rossville, GA
---Viral Pro Wrestling at the Sweetwater Gym in Thomson, GA
---WWE NXT at the National Guard Armory in Crystal River, FL

---BANG at the BANG TV Sound Stage in Ocala, FL

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