Sunday, July 21, 2019

IWE Summer Heat Results from Augusta on July 20

From Larry Goodman:

IWE Summer Heat results from Augusta at American Legion Post 63 with attendance reported as 101.

Show opened with Alicia Atout welcoming fans and Paige Blackmon singing the National Anthem.

Salina De La Renta came out to explain the rules of the women’s championship tournament.

Match 1- Amber Nova defeated Dream Girl Ellie. After the match Ellie attacked Amber and caused a slight concussion.

Match 2- Avery Taylor defeated Suge Wilson with a spear. Suge finagled his way into a women’s tournament “identifying” as one. What we learned is Salina has more balls than him and Avery may or may not be tougher?!? Had to be there to see it.

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report from Monroe on July 20

From Rob Brodhecker:

The crowd is pushing 250 at the Walton County Boys and Girls Club before bell time. I would estimate it being close to 260 once everyone's in their seats. Johnathon Feltner is your timekeeper, and Adam Vance is on video commentary. Triston Michaels, David Weakley, Harold Martin are your referees.

Feltner brings out SFCW owner David Manders and Diana Michel. Manders brings out Rick Richards, who had a health scare just a few days ago. Diana sings the National Anthem acapella.

Richards starts to introduce the first match and Dr. Brock struts to the ring. Brock says that this will be a great night for JBE. He says that the newest member of JBE will be revealed tonight. He exits the ring to a chorus of nerd chants but has to stop in the entranceway because Logan Creed makes his entrance.

Georgia Premier Wrestling Report from Canton on July 13

From GPW:

GPW hosted Hot Summer Nights on July 13 at the Old Buffington Gym in Canton. Due to cancellations, the advertised card had to be modified prior to show time. Woody was on hand and running the show, filling in for Darrell Morris. Referees were Jonathon Chastain and Nathaniel Spivey. Ring announcer was Miss Brittany. Attendance for this show was 137.

Cyrus becomes the #1 Contender for the GPW Southern States Championship in an over-the-top-rope battle royal. After a match full of hard hits and eliminations, the remaining four entrants are Cyrus, Cletus, Erik Havoc, and Matt Sells. Eliminations for Cletus and Havoc leave Matt Sells alone with Cyrus the Destroyer. After psyching himself up to take on the monster, Matt Sells decides to fight another day, stepping over the top rope and eliminating himself.

Post-Match: Erik Havoc and Jaxson Cassel attack Cyrus from behind. Cletus comes in for the save and says Havoc and Cassel “must be stupid or something” for attacking the biggest man in the building. Cletus asks for a tag match with Cyrus against Havoc and Cassel in the main event, and Woody agrees.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Pro Wrestling Circuit in Thomaston on July 27

From Larry Goodman:

Pro Wrestling Circuit comes to the Thomaston Civic Center on Saturday, July 27 with a 7:30 pm bell time featuring Drew Hendrix vs. Stony Hooker, Bull Buchanan, AJ Steel, Ben Buchanan, Simon Sermon, Shane Noles, Ace and Amy Haven, Michael Stevens, Tommy Too Much, Shane Marx, Anderson Brothers,  Merica Strong, Taylor Rae and more.  Tickets are $15 ringside and $10 general admission. Call 470-367-0476.

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from Royston on July 12

From APW:

APW results from the Royston Gym with attendance of 91. Andey Ripley pinned Crystal Rose; Scott Mayson beat Hoax; Irving West pinned Ronald Rage; APW Tag Team Champions Jaxon Carter & Droxx beat Kyle Phillips & Kirkland; James Boulevard pinned Josh Aeronson.; Carnage beat Red Ninja; North Georgia Champ Jake Jacobs pinned Jeremy Vain.

Pro Wrestler's Handbook #4 For the Bookers

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum talks at length about four guidelines/rules that he used when booking shows and explains more importantly WHY he had them. Some are things that he heard from other bookers and storytellers. Some are things that he developed himself based on being fascinated with carnivals and storytelling.

But he's telling them to you now.

By the end of this, you'll understand the idea of a PALATE CLEANSER, the 2/3 intermission 1/3 rule, why you shouldn't put two tag matches next to each other and his 1/3 theory.

Total Aggression Pro Results from Cornelia on July 19

From TAPW:

Total Aggression Pro results from the Landmark Arena with paid attendance of 126. Will Kaution defeated Irving West and CT Keys; Coffin Club defeated Drew Noles and Ace Vaughn;Crystal Rose defeated Payton Blair; Hoax defeated Tyler Garrison; Justin Legend defeated Jon Hogan in a dog collar match; The Dudes defeated The Calling to unify the TAPW and NCW tag titles; Cody Mcculley defeated Ashton Starr to unify the TAPW and NCW heavyweight titles after David Ali interfered and hit Ashton with the NCW Junior Heavyweight title.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling in Monroe on July 20

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling presents Ultimate Battleground II on Saturday, July 20 in Monroe at the Walton County Boys and Girls Club with a 7 pm bell time. Jacob Ashworth defends the SFCW Championship against former champion Stryknyn; Logan Creed vs. David Ali; GB1C (Wolverton & Tyler Rivera) vs. JB Enterprises (Tetchi Makuji & Brian Kane with Dr. Joseph Brock III) and a 20 man Battleground Match to determine the inaugural Classics Champion. Participants include Mikael Judas, AC Mack, Alan Angels, Adrian Hawkins, Matt Sells, Damien Bennett, Ryan Rembrandt, Kenji Brea, Bobby Moore, Will Kaution, Josey Quinn, Xander Ramon, Griff Garrison and Marcus Kross.

Puerto Rican Wrestling News: CWA’s Eleventh Anniversary, WWL’s War in the West 3 and 2019 Aguada Con Comic Fest

From Alfred Feliciano:

Next weekend will be very special because on July 20, the Aguada Con Comic Fest kicks off with a bang. This event will be held at the Ismael Chavalillo Delgado Coliseum in Aguada, and there will be special appearances by:

-Several WWL Superstars, including Former WWL World Tag Team Champions: West Side Mafia (“El Cabro Sucio” Tabu and Morgan De Jesus).

-Jason David Frank: an original member of Fox Kids’ hit TV Show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (as both the Green and White Ranger). He was also involved in “Power Rangers Zeo” and was an MMA Fighter. (note: The “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with the stars of all their incarnations are already appearing on Comic Cons Worldwide.)

-Jenny Frison: a comics artist for Marvel, DC and Image Comics

-Rene Garcia: the voice of Vegeta the anime show Dragonball Z in Spanish from Mexico

-Local comic book artists throughout Puerto Rico’s Comic Book industry

Just hours later, Champions Wrestling Association will have their Eleventh Anniversary Show at the Cancha Bajo Techo de Barrio Maguayo in Dorado, with an 8:00 PM bell time. With matches already announced in the last edition, see below for videos of:

From Contralona: CWA World Champion: Noel Rodriguez speaks out about his opponent for the promotion’s Eleventh Anniversary Show, “Showman” Mike Nice.

IWE in Augusta on July 20

From Larry Goodman:

IWE Pro-Wrestling presents their biggest show of the year, Summer Heat in Augusta at American Legion Post 63. Meet and Greet from 5:30 to 6:30 with Salina de la Renta, Jake Hager, Matt Striker, Alicia Atout and Renee Michelle. Bell time is 7 pm with the IWE Women's Championship Tournament: Amber Nova vs. Dream Girl Ellie, Lindsay Snow vs. Avery Taylor and Kacie Lennox vs. Miranda Alize with special guest referee Aubrey Edwards - winners advance to a triple threat finale; John Skyler vs. Hunter Young vs. Mystery Opponent; Dementia 13 vs. Y2X for the IWE tag team titles; Southern States Championship Match: Sean Legacy vs. Kameron Kade and Gymnasty Boys vs. International Superstars. 25% of tickets sales and all money donated goes to the Lexi Massaro College Fund.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Peach State Pandemonium Preview

From GWH News:

Join hosts Bobby Simmons, Jerry Oates and Michael Norris on Thursday July 18, 2019 @ 8 PM EST for Peach State Pandemonium. Discussion will be around the end of practicing kayfabe and how opening up the business changed it forever.

Total Aggression Pro in Cornelia on July 19

From Larry Goodman:

Total Aggression Pro Wrestling returns to the Landmark Arena in Cornelia Friday, July 19 with a bell time of 8 pm. Title Unification Match: TAP Champion Cody Mcculley vs. NCW Champion Ashton Starr; Title Unification Match: TAP Tag Team Champions The Dudes (Bobby D & Tony D) vs. NCW Tag Team Champions Josh Wolverton & JC Kelly; Dog Collar Match: Justin Legend vs. Jon Hogan; Tyler Garrison (with the Carpet Bagger) issues an open challenge for the internet title; Payton Blair (with Andey Ripley & Lizzy Blair) vs. Crystal Rose; Will Kaution vs. CT Keys vs. Irving West and more.

Tipping Point Preview

From GWH News:

This week's guests are Josh Wheeler, the newly reinstated president of Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment and Ruthless Lala, one of the best female wrestlers in the state who has an interesting story to tell. The show goes live tonight at 7pm.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on June 13

From Anarchy Wrestling:

Show opened with Bill Behrens honoring former NWA WILDSIDE cameraman Joe Rowland, and a 10 bell salute.

Jason Boyd is your ring announcer. Nigel Sherrod & Jonatan Feltner are on commentary. Referees are Triston Michaels, Dee Byers & Daryl Hall. Attendance is 92 paid, well over 100 in the building with comps and kids.

Anarchy Women’s Champion, Brooklyn Creed returned to Anarchy with new baby in tow, which explained her absence from Anarchy and Title defenses, but said she was training and have matches elsewhere and would be ready to defend the title soon. As Brooklyn was leaving an oddly well dressed “Habersham Hero” Scott Mayson, interrupted and chastised Brooklyn for adding another baby to Government Welfare, then “updated” the crowd on his efforts to have “illegal alien” Xander Ramon returned to Peru. He said he knew ICE would be knocking down Ramon’s door soon after recent meetings.

Pro Wrestling BUSHIDO Report from Augusta on July 13

From Rob Brodhecker:

One of my bucket list of promotions I want to visit for 2019. I had initially wanted to come in March for Bushido X, but my best friend flew in that weekend, and that scrubbed those plans. There are at least 6 matches scheduled for tonight featuring: King of Bushido Champion, BSHP King, IWE Southern States Champion, Kameron Kade, Cauliflower Brown, and Josh Cutshall will face off, Karl Hager, Lodi, Drew Adler, the debut of Logan Creed, and the return of the Hooligans, plus others.

The show is at American Legion Post 63. The last American Legion Post I was in was back in Fort Myers Beach, and this building is about twice the size of that one, being more in line with the military post just down the road. Also, Augusta National is almost next door, so this will be the closest that I'll ever be to be playing at the Masters. There are 4 rows around three sides of the ring with the front row having long tables in front of them for food and drinks. There is also an elevated area where there are tables set up. They serve food and also adult beverages. If they had some waitresses, this would be the perfect set-up! Bob Keller is your ring announcer, and Ray Boring and Danny Mead are your referees. There are easily 200 people here.

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #15

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum drops a commentary at the end of this one that may be the toughest truth for wrestling people to face to date. Of course, he also talks about the shows coming up, the shows that happened of note, and talks about the Georgia Tea Party that's been taking place at GPW, with Southern Fried and Chris Nelms, between Gunner, Bailey, Lamb and Murder, and talks about Josh Wheeler being on Tipping Point this Tuesday.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Platinum Challenge #1 Total Aggression Pro

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum knows that critics comes with the territory. And he is always striving to get the facts straight and the information correct. In the case of Total Aggression Pro, he is at a crossroads. Are Stephen's sources incorrect about Total Aggression Pro's crowd numbers being inflated dishonestly? Are they giving away tickets? There's no way to know for sure, but there's a challenge that will help us have an indication of who is right and who is full of shit.

Tipping Point Promo Night with Jeff G. Bailey, Dan Wilson, Matt Hankins and Hold My Beer Hanson

From Larry Goodman:

One of my favorite episodes. Four Georgia wrestling personalities - Jeff G. Bailey, Dan Wilson, Matt Hankins and Hold My Beer Hanson -- did their favorite pro wrestling promo and discussed with Stephen Platinum and myself. Interesting choices and stimulating discussion.

WrestleMerica Report from Barnesville on July 13

From Larry Goodman:

For better or worse, and usually some of both, WrestleMerica puts on a wrestling show like no other in Georgia.

I’m still sorting out my thoughts about this show There were things I loved about it. Other aspects were terribly disappointing.

WrestleMerica is generally as old school as it gets but the promotion has at least one thing in common with AWE. Their shows never fail to evoke strong emotions.

This show was all over the map– lots of gimmick matches, unadvertised matches, and zaniness in general, You never knew what was going to happen and maybe the people in charge didn’t know either.

The top babyfaces were booked super strong and the major heels got huge heat. Unfortunately, the top babyfaces were booked in a very similar vein – having to wrestle back-to-back matches. Two of the top matches had the exact same finish.

Attendance at the Old Academy gym was right at 200 with a lot of kids in the crowd. 

RIP Joe Roland

From Larry Goodman:

Joe Rowland passed away on July 11 at the age of 89.

Rowland was a fixture at the Landmark Arena as the ringside cameraman throughout the NWA Wildside era and was the godfather of Rick Michaels.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Plist #3 10 Most Powerful and Influential People In Georgia Wrestling

From Stephen Platinum:

A special thanks to John Wayne Maddox for the meme that is the thumbnail for this video, even if he has the most serial killer name EVER EVER EVER.

Brodhecker's SCI Odds

From Rob Brodhecker:

This is my mental exercise in trying to handicap the field to see who has the best chance to win the 2019 Scenic City Invitational. 

Editor's note: Rob started handicapping the SCI last year. He had the eventual tournament winner, Joey Lynch as the favorite at 2-1. 

AC Mack: 5-3 Mack has been going wild across Georgia for the past 2 years, and SCI could prove to the rest of the world he could take his act on the road.

Anthony Henry: 2-1 He's been close the past couple of years. Could be his if someone knocks out Lynch.

B-Boy: 8-1

Southern Honor Report from Canton on July 12

From Larry Goodman:

The Southern Honor juggernaut showed no signs of slowing down at Summer Heat. On the contrary, the company is picking up steam with promises of bigger things to come in the back half of the year.

It was an excellent show overall. The character and stories are connecting and the ringwork is there to back it up. If ACTION has the best bell-to-bell wrestling product in the state, SHW was neck and neck with them last night.

AC Mack defeated Alan Angels in the SWAT’s streetfight to become the third SHW Champion in the promotion’s history. It was a great match,

The moment of babyface triumph turned out anything but that, as New Era turned on Angels and Mack was revealed as the true heel mastermind.

A split between Angels and New Era was foreshadowed in the aftermath of the deal with Omega where everyone under the sun hit their finisher on Angels. The turn by Mack came out of the blue and when all was said and done, a lot of SHW fans were clearly still behind him.

One of the company’s mottos is you never know who may show up at Southern Honor. This month’s surprise was Big Cass, who made big statements both physical and verbally. 

In addition, Blacklist Uno and Josh Wheeler made a special trip to Canton after after AWE’s show at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo. The social media drama ended up with Uno and Lamb having a friendly chat

Jake Roberts returned as advertised with his sights set on Dani Jordyn.

The official paid attendance was 461. At this point, it is undeniable that SHW has the largest core audience of any promotion in Georgia. Crowd reactions were strong all night long. Some fans left during the show and that was not due to the length (a briskly paced, action-packed 2 hours and 30 minutes). More on that below.

Photo of the Year

Photo courtesy of Nick McDaniel
From Larry Goodman:

The mind boggling photo at left was taken during last night's Southern Honor show when AWE's Blacklist Uno paid a visit to SHW's Gary Lamb. 

It was an eventful evening in Canton including an unadvertised appearance by former WWE superstar Big Cass. 

Full report to follow. 

Pro Wrestling BUSHIDO in Augusta on July 13

From Larry Goodman:

Pro Wrestling BUSHIDO presents We Have The Cure at American Legion Post 63 in Augusta on Saturday, July 13 with a 7 pm bell time. King of BUSHIDO Champion BSHP King will defend his championship;  Cauliflower Brown and Josh Cutshall face off for the first time ever;  Kameron Kade defends the IWE Southern States Championship; The Hooligans return to the Augusta area for the first time in years to battle the debuting High Profile; Plus the debut of Logan Creed, “The Saturday Night Scream” Karl Hager, Drew Adler and more.

Puerto Rican Wrestling News: Latest on JWP, CWA, WWC, WWL, IWA Impacto and IWA Florida

From Alfred Feliciano:

Over Fourth of July weekend, CWA announced more matches for their Eleventh Anniversary Show via their Facebook page. This event will be held on Saturday, July 20th at the Cancha Bajo Techo del Barrio Maguayo in Dorado with an 8:00 PM bell time. (Note: Hours earlier, the 2019 Aguada Con Comic Fest will kick off at the Ismael Chavalillo Delgado Coliseum in Aguada.)

Announced matches include:

-“El Dueno de la Malicia” Noel Rodriguez defends the CWA World Championship against “Showman” Mike Nice

-Los Fugitivos (Wilfredo Rivera and Alejandro Marrero) defend the CWA World Tag Team Championships against the reunited team of “El Dueno del Mundo” Hiram Tua and Sensational Star Roger

-Los Aereos, Leinord White defends the CWA Intercontinental Championship against former WWL Supercruiserwieght Champion: Dimes

-“El Bastardo” John Slayer defends the CWA Accion Vibrante Championship against formerly of The now defunct Hitman Squad: Shane Bradley

-For the CWA Women’s Championship, the new number one contender: “La Chica de la Actitud” Roxxy vs. current CWA Women’s Champion: “Puerto Rican Power” Zeuxis

See video below from Contralona where Roxxy warns Zeuxis that she will become the new champion at the promotion’s Eleventh Anniversary Show.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

All Pro Championship Wrestling in Douglasville on July 13

From Larry Goodman:

All Pro Championship Wrestling presents Retribution at Hierway Christian Academy in Douglasville on Saturday, July 13 with a bell time of 7 pm. APCW Champion Jordan Kingsley defends his title against former NWA National Champion Damien Wayne; The Rock n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. Zach Mosley & Recon; Sean Sims (with Angel) vs. Makita; Eric Adamz & Tommy Penirelli vs. Georgia Avenger & a mystery partner; Zero Brandon Shane & Bryan Montgomery (with Rudeboy Rodney Wayne) vs.. Elrod Campbell & Alistir Crowe (with Angel) and Teddy Long will be in the house. 

Roberts Booked For Southern Honor Tomorrow Night

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Honor Wrestling announced Jake "The Snake" Roberts for Summer Heat tomorrow night in Canton at the Action Building. Matches announced: Alan Angels defends the SHW Championship against AC Mack in a streetfight; Logan Creed vs. Brady Pierce (with Corey Hollis); Brother vs. Brother: Joey Lynch vs. Matt Lynch; NGW Champion Shawn Hoodrich vs. Shane Andrews; Jungle Kings  (Kevin Kaufman & Lex Lee) vs. Kevin Ryan & Jordan Kingsley; Sound & Fury (Joe Black & William Huckaby) vs. New Era (Owen Knight & David Ali) and Ashton Starr vs. Lee Johnson. Bell time is 8pm.

Spinebuster Championship Wrestling in Valdosta on July 24

From Larry Goodman:

Spinebuster Championship Wrestling returns to Mathis Auditorium in Valdosta on Wednesday, July 24 with a fatal four way for the Titan Championship: Logan Creed vs. Josey Quinn vs. Johnny Maverick vs. Hayden Price; Preston Paradise & Hunter Mako vs. BTB (Bullock & Rowe); Gladiator Champion Hold My Beer Hanson vs. Cassius Mack; Lexi Gomez vs. Katalina Perez; Ashton Starr vs. David Ali and Brother Azriel vs. Jamal Garuda vs. Proc the Croc. Bell time is 7 pm.

Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia July 13

From Larry Goodman:

Anarchy Wrestling returns to action at the Landmark Arena in Cornelia. Advertised: Shane Marx & Brian Blaze & Matthew Hankins vs. Azrael & Stryknyn & Crystal Rose; Sal Rinauro defends the Anarchy Heavyweight title against Slim J; Xander Ramon vs. CT Keyes; Geter defends the Anarchy TV Title vs. William Huckaby; Landmark Heritage Title Match: Damien Bennett vs. Will Kaution (c) and The Approved (c) vs. Master & Machine for the Anarchy tag titles. Bell time is 8 pm.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

But Wait, There's More #5 - OSWA Gets Rid of Zachary Blaine with Worst Press Release Ever

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum with the fastest "But Wait..." video to date. Clarification on a couple of things, a strange wrestling news story that got lost in the shuffle of the earlier video, and a look at OSWA and how they are running for cover but taking no real responsibility for what they did and tried to cover up. You think Stephen is going to let them get away with it? You new here, huh?

WrestleMerica in Barnesville on July 13

From Larry Goodman:

WrestleMerica presents Military Appreciation Night- free general admission to all past and current military - at Academy Gym in Barnesville. WrestleMerica Championship Handicap Match: Fry Daddy vs. Shaun Banks & Ryan North; Bulletproof Championship Match: Fry Daddy (c) vs. former Bulletproof Champion Pain; Tyson Dean takes on Tommy Too Much (with Merica Strong) with one hand tied b ehind his back; Kiss My Behind Match: Simon Sermon vs. Owen Parker; Se7en & Pure Goodness vs. Lil Poppa Pump & Andy Anderson; Blindfold Match: Rob Adonis (with "Director" Ryan Hart); Fatal Five Way: Dominique Stuckey vs. Dax Anthony vs. Cosmo Martinez vs. Mike Kross v s. Mikey Watkins. Bell time is 7:30 pm.

Georgia Premier Wrestling in Canton on July 13

From Larry Goodman:

Georgia Premier Wrestling presents Hot Summer Nights at the Old Buffington School Gym in Canton on Saturday, July 13 with a 7:30 pm bell time. Torque challenges Shaggy for the GPW Cruiserweight Championship; GPW Southern States Champion Talon Williams defends his title and seeks to beat Chip Hazzard half to death.

Plist #2 Top Ten Wrestlers (Male) in Georgia

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum fires off a Plist ranking the top ten male wrestlers in the state of Georgia! He briefly explains his reasoning, but makes no apologies for his often controversial but always intriguing choices!

New Promotion Announces Inaugural Event

From Larry Goodman:

Georgia World Class Wrestling debuts on the Georgia Wrestling scene with their inaugural event at Meridian Park Gym in Loganville on September 21. Names announced so far include the Hierarchy (Blacklist Uno & Adrian Armour), Scene Nick, International star and Florida Heavyweight Champion Dr. Jimmy Mac, Cody Mcculley, Axel "A-Rod" Foley, Justin Legend., "Gashouse" Bruce Worley and "Chop Top" Hoss Michaels.

Meridian is 20 minutes away from the home base of Southern Fried Championship Wrestling in Monroe. GWCW's first show is set for the same date as SFCW's Crossroads event. SFCW ran the Meridian twice, first at the end of 2017 under  Charles Anschutz and again in July 2018  after David Manders took over the reigns.  

SHW: AC Mack vs. Alan Angels July 12 - My Way

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Honor Wrestling presents My Way July 12 in Canton at the Action Building. Bell time is 8pm sharp. 

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #14

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum has his most important and shocking commentary to date at the end - and he also talks about the myriad of shows happening this weekend, some of the big shows that just happened, talks about the odd feuds and a sad passing that happened in the Georgia wrestling community as well.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment Report from Atlanta on July 7

From Larry Goodman:

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment is alive and definitely living way better than during the promotion’s darkest hours at Furnace 41 in Jonesboro. Potholes in My Lawn wasn’t AWE at its best but it was one hell of an improvement.

Chip Day became AWE’s first two-time Georgia Wrestling Crown Champion by way of victory in a 6 way Pier Six Brawl that was the highlight of a good show. Day pinned inaugural GWC Champion Jimmy Rave in his return to Georgia to win the match. Rave looked sharp in the ring albeit carrying a bit more table weight.

A crowd of 75 turned out for the company’s reboot in their new digs. Paid attendance was 77 as some ticket purchasers did not attend. The energy in the crowd was a welcome change from the grim death atmosphere of the Combat Entertainment shows. Some hardcore fans from the old days were in the house but there was a higher percentage of new faces than I anticipated.

Josh Wheeler announced a return date of August 4 at District Atlanta for Homegrown 2019. AWE cut a good deal for the building and the talent budget is nowhere close to what it once was so they’re not going to get crushed financially by sub 100 houses.

Yes, Wheeler is back under protest…as president. More on that later.

Wheeler hasn’t lost his eye for talent. The Metro Bros (trained at Team 3D Academy) came in from Florida and had fine match with Gymnasty Boys.

Thomas Shire made an impressive debut as a replacement for Gary Jay in the Pier 6 Brawl. With his striking skills, grappling and size, Shire (Dory Funk trained based out of St. Louis) would be working near the top of the card on most any show in Georgia.

District Atlanta is good fit for AWE. For one thing, the venue located in Atlanta proper. Alcoholic beverages are served. There’s plenty of standing room around the ring and comfortable seating is available. The lighting and sound are excellent. It is an adults only environment.

PWX Legend Results from Charlotte on July 7

From Brett Wolverton:

Premiere Wrestling Xperience Legend results from the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte with attendance of over 600.

-PWX Innovative Television Champion Saieve Al Sabah pinned Built to Self-Destruct Billy Brash-managed by The Real Joshua Cutshall (as alternate personality Ross Vegas) in 8:29 to retain the title,

-The American Kaiju Lindsey Snow defeated Savannah Evans-managed by The Tommy Thomas via submission in 6:25,

-Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Classless Mason Myles, The Revolutionary Darius Lockhart, and Patrick Scott (substituting for Sir Rios Badu who did not make it to Charlotte due to flight delays) in a fatal four way match in 14:36 to become the #1 contender for the PWX Heavyweight Title by pinning Lockhart.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Wresting United Results from Roanoke on July 6

From Wrestling United:

Wrestling United results from the Roanoke Rec Center with attendance of 80. Big Xan defeated Lamar Phillips; Josh Storm defeated Trever Aeon; Chip Day & Murder One defeated Jamie Hall & Matt Sells; David Ali defeated Sean Legacy; Ben Buchanan & Bull Buchanan & Stevie Richards defeated Bobby Hayes & Pretty Boy Floyd & Rob Adonis.

But Wait, There's More #4 Stranglehold Follow Up

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum follows up the utter destruction of Stranglehold from Spiking the Football #1 with his most intense follow up to date. What was the locker room like? Is it true that they purchased their OWN TICKETS to try and pad the numbers? Did Eric Nelson and Stranglehold con money out of people? Is Stranglehold the worst "promoting" job ever? Did Stephen hit his viewer and like goals? Just how bad was the event? Who exactly were the few people who interacted with the legends? And...did Eric Nelson really try and blame Stephen Platinum through a fake rumor for his shitshow? The answers won't disappoint.

Georgia Wrestling Personality Lashes Out at ACTION Promoter

From Larry Goodman:

Manager/ring announcer/agent Scene Nick did a Facebook live video on July 4 during which he said ACTION promoter Matt Griffin was unjustifiably negative and discouraging towards him, adding that Griffin was bitter because he never really made it in the wrestling business. 

Nick deleted the video after Lana, a close friend of ACTION commentator and SCI booker Dylan Hales objected to his characterization of Griffin.

Nick and Griffin had previously skirmished on Twitter regarding the issue of "diversity" or lack thereof in Georgia wrestling.   

In a follow up Facebook video on July 6, Nick referenced the prior video without mentioning Griffin by name, stating he was not going to let people talk crap about him, there were only so many cheeks he could turn and he wasn't going to stand for someone trying to bully him. Nick said he deleted to first video because he didn't want hurt Lana because she was in the middle. Nick subsequently removed the second video from his Facebook page as well. 

When reached for comment, Nick stood by his statements regarding Griffin except the part about Griffin being bitter about not making it in wrestling, which he said was uncalled for. Nick said the intent of the videos was to encourage others in the business to pursue their goals in the face of negativity. 

Griffin reacted to the above as follows "Nick is a delusional fan who belongs nowhere beyond the guardrail of the wrestling business." 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance Report from Villa Rica on July 6

From Rob Brodhecker:

It has been seven weeks since the last PWA show where Shane Marx beat Sal Rinauro for the PWA Heritage Championship under some nefarious circumstances, at the 11th Anniversary show in May. Much like the SFCW show from last weekend, the show after a premier event needs to set the tone for the crowd until the next big show. The seven week layover from May 18th until tonight didn't help. There looks to be 110-115 people in the 68 degrees Villa Rica Civic Center.

Jason Boyd is your ring announcer, and Darryl Hall and Mason Pike are your referees.

Rob Adonis vs. Ben Buchanan

Adonis has been in semi-retirement for the last several years, but the West Georgia fans have a long memory, and immediately the crowd booed him. Adonis matches up size wise with Ben with a few extra pounds. Rob teases like he wants a test of strength, but Ben drops down and sweeps the legs. Rob gains the advantage of using the veteran's wiles and is trying to wear Ben down. Come back from Ben yields a 2 count. The crowd is rallying to Ben. Ben reverses Rob's suplex attempt into a belly to belly suplex for the win, time 9:15. B-. Ben's on the mic calling out Marko Wicker (Marko attacked Ben after Ben's match at the last show), and he wants Marko at the next Peachstate show.

Spiking the Football #1

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum shamelessly BURIES Stranglehold Wrestling and Eric Nelson in this 22-minute plus tirade that has to be heard and seen to be believed. He spills all the tea on how much money was spent and lost, how big was their "crowd" and how many of them actually paid, the incident with the PCW title being thrown in the trash and the result (hint: a furious Matt Hankins emasculates Eric Nelson), and quotes from people who were there, legends who were part of the event, and thoughts from Stephen Platinum himself. Watch out for spiking footballs, Stephen is on a ROLL!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

AWF/WOW Show Postponed

From Larry Goodman:

AWF/WOW's inaugural event at their new venue  scheduled for tonight in Ringgold has been postponed until further notice.

The post yesterday morning on the company's Facebook page stated their new Circus Tent Arena was without air conditioning because a required inspection was delayed due to the 4th of July holiday.

The main event for Homecoming was to be Jungle Kings defending the AWF/WOW tag titles against Tate Twins (The Boys from ROH).

Puerto Rican Wrestling News: WWC, IWA Puerto Rico Cancels Show, John Wrestling Collaborating with WWL and More

From Alfred Feliciano:

World Wrestling Council presents Consecuencias (Consecuequences) from the Lauro Davila Coliseum in Toa Alta on Saturday, July 13. In a   very special main event, WWE SmackDown! Live's Epico will square off against a mystery opponent sent by WWC Universal Champion and leader of El Sindicato "The Precious One" Gilbert. “El Alma Perdida” Xavant and “El Ilegal” Chicano defend the WWC World Tag Team Championships against former Tag Champions “La De la Violencia” The Doom Patrol. Also on the card: Primo Colon vs. El Comandante in a Special Challenge match, El Gigante Nihan ( with Juan Manuel Ortega) Vs Pedro Portillo III, Bellito Calderón Vs El Gran Armando (with El Wizard.), WWC World Television Champion: Zcion RT1 vs. Jovan in a No Disqualification match, and to determine the number one contenders match for the WWC World Tag Team Championships at WWC’s 46th Anniversary Show, La Formula (Steve Joel and Jay Velez) vs. La Potencia (Wonka and Nemesis) with more to be announced. Here are the latest WWC episodes from this weekend as well as a couple of episodes from two weeks ago with matches from WWC’s past anniversary xhows to stay up to date.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance in Villa Rica on July 6

From Larry Goodman:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance will be at the Villa Rica Civic Center on Saturday, July 6. Bell time is 8:00 pm. Advertised: Shane Marx (with Dewitt Dawson) defends the PWA Heritage Championship against Michael Stevens; Brooklyn Creed vs. Crystal Rose; Southern Mafia vs. Shane Noles & Ace Haven (with Amy Haven); Ravana Xin vs. Andey Ripley; Ben Buchanan vs. Rob Adonis and Sal Rinauro vs. Will Kaution.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Georgia Indy Performer Passes Away

From Larry Goodman:

Billi Oceans (real name Ryan Wexler), who served as personal lifeguard/manager for Scotty Beach and The Beach Club in LPWG and WrestleMerica passed away at the age of 42. Wexler suffered a heart attack on July 1. Wexler had worked with Beach doing a comedic lifeguard gimmick for over 3 years. Prior to his involvement in wrestling, he was lead singer for the rock band American Devils.

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild Results from Dublin on June 29

From LPWG:

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild results from Dublin with attendance of 200+. Dominique Stuckey won the Lariato Invitational Battle Royal last eliminating D Money; Mike Pain over Micheal Stevens; Damage Inc over Nigel Sherrod (with Mr. Wright); Twisted Trixie & Tracy Taylor over the Goodsisters; Micha Taylor defeated Fry Daddy; Romeo Quevedo defeated Tyson Dean and Jerome Griffey in a three way dance; LPWG Tag Team Champions The Beach Club (Skrilla & Scotty Beach with Lifeguard Billi Oceans - his final pro wrestling  appearance) beat Controversial Inc; LPWG Heavyweight Champion Lazer & D-Lo Brown defeated Clyde Braddock & Amun Tooson (with Mad Dog Dan Sawyer).