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The RobBrod Report #58

From Rob Brodhecker:


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Division Pro Wrestling Report from Orlando on July 24


Photo by Jordan Williams

From Stephen Platinum:

Division Pro Wrestling put on its fourth show and lived up to many of the expectations that I had.  As someone who covers a variety of different shows from Deathmatch to events with wrestling as the garnish to all point in between, I was intrigued by the viewpoint of Division Pro Wrestling.  The aptly named group has four divisions – heavyweight, middleweight, lightweight and a women’s division.  The open the card with weigh-ins where they generate angles and varying levels of heat.  Are the matches going to be between hated rivals?  A contest of sport?  You get the flavor right at the beginning of the show.  And I have to say, it is an incredibly effective device. 

I was up to speed on this, my first Division Pro show, after the weigh-ins.  The crowd at Lebron's Sportsplex (which worried me at first…they went from 35 to about 50 ten minutes before bell time.  Then they were at just under 100 when we got started!  Oh, that late arriving crowd that any wrestling promoter loves to see but give you all the grey hairs.  Division ran eight matches on this night, which seemed to follow a simple and reliable routine – one match per division that would be contender’s matches, and each one of the division titles were defended (or established in the case of the Lightweight Division). 

The wrestlers on the show ranged from the established (Amber Nova) to ones that I had seen before (from the BRAWL USA show) to ones I had never seen before.  I was with my kids, and they made it through the whole show.  That sounds like a backhanded compliment, but it is the opposite.  It’s a testament to the steadily improving matches, and the angles that were set up during the weigh-ins paying off.   

Let me end the introduction this way: J Bryan Miles is the captain of this ship and was hustling and working – seeing him do everything from re-arrange the chairs, to talking with each person making sure stuff was going well to making sure the end of the show worked performance wise…there’s little doubt that he is doing everything is his power to make Division Pro Wrestling work.  I would imagine he has the respect and attention of the entire locker room and beyond.  I did a little research (mostly to see what form his name actually was) and stumbled upon this article highlighting the debut of Division Pro Wrestling…years ago.  Look at who was ON that show!  While that is impressive, I think their current model will suit them much more business-wise.

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Full Disclosure News and Commentary #121

 From Stephen Platinum:


 Lots of big stuff happening, and some amazing moments to talk about in the commentary. Prepare for the Full D.

PWX Results from Concord on July 24

From Larry Goodman:

"Expect Everything" results from the Carrabus Arena in Concord, NC on July 24 with 485 paid attendance. 

Wheeler Yuta defeated Alexander Moss with a cradle pin in 9:36; Savannah Evans pinned Dani Jordyn with a full nelson slam to retain the Pure Division Championship in 6:37. Former champion Suge D addressed Evans via video after the match; Ethan Case pinned Owen Knight after a pop punch to the skull in 10:26; The Heatseekers (Sigmon & Elliott Russell) defeated The Besties (Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett) to retain the PWX tag title in 14:11 when Sigmon pinned Vega with a diving headbutt; Chip Day defeated Davey Richards in 18:04. Day kicked out of a brainbuster and reversed an ankle lock to get the pin. Awesome match. Richards pronounced Day as the new king and departed. Day put the PWX fans over for their support; Fred Yehi defeated iTV Champion Lucky Ali via referee stoppage at. 14:39 after a Yehi shoulder tackle knocked Ali off the apron and through a table: Post-match - Yehi dragged Ali back into the ring and applied the Koji Clutch; Ethan Page pinned JD Drake in 11:29 with a roll up using the tights after Drake came up empty on a moonsault; John Davis defeated Champion TJ Boss and Montana Black in a triple threat to capture the PWX Championship in 23:09. Black scored close near falls on Boss and Davis with the sick kick. Boss appeared to have the match won after a Last Ride powerbomb on Black but Davis nailed the champion with a shining wizard to take the title. 

Hilton Rumble Results from Charlotte on July 24


From Gary Lynch:

Hilton Rumble was presented by TMART Promotions as part of The Gathering 2. Attendance to the Rumble show was around 350. Quick Results: Mike Jackson defeated Antonio Garza; Lodi defeated Dustin Bozworth; Colby Corino defeated John Skyler in a good match; The Revolt! (Caleb Konley and Zane Riley) defeated David Ali and Ashton Star in another good match; Samantha Star with Baby Doll defeated Shalonce Royal with Dark Journey; Sam Houston defeated Mitch Hurley; Mr. Hughes defeated Bam Bam Bundy with special guest ref Tommy Young; NWA Ladies Champion Kamille defeated Kenzie Paige;  NWA Champion Nick Aldis defeated Trevor Murdoch; 

Tommy Young got an standing ovation and a Tommy Young chant. Trevor Murdoch after the match asked for another match where he would retire if he doesn’t win. Legends at the four day event included Ted Dibiase, Lex Luger, Magnum TA, Mike Rotunda, David Schultz, Bill Eadie, Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley, Ron Fuller, Tommy Rich, Tony Atlas, John Nord, David Crockett, Barry Dawson, Stan Lane, Tom Prichard, Steve Keirn, Koko Ware, Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, Missy Hyatt, Molly Holly, Barry Windham, many more.

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Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from Royston on July 23

From APW:

Results from the Royston Gym with attendance of 81. Jeremy Vain pinned Revolution; Stevie Ray Frost beat Red Ninja; James Boulevard (with Jonathan Feltner) pinned Stacey Sikes (with Bootleg Dave; Stryknyn pinned Zachary Blane; Dynamic Dexter beat Caleb Crocker to become the new  North Georgia Champion.

Georgia Championship Wrestling Results from Buckhead on July 24

From GCW: 

200 people came out to Got 2b Rollin Event Center in Buckhead Georgia for an exciting night of GCW action. Leatherface & Mizery defeated Hardcore Brooks & Sweet Daddy; Big Smash pinned Big Andy 100 Proof; (Nelms Bros) defeated TRL to retain the Georgia Tag Team Championship; Former WCW/nWo superstar Buff Bagwell greeted fans, posing for photos & signing autographs at intermission; Jarrod Michaels beat Swole; Charlie Anarchy defeated Sean Nelson in the 2 out of 3 falls count anywhere match; 

Shawn Hunter upset Terry Lawler to become new GCW Georgia Heavyweight Championship. Hunter attacked and bloodied Lawler with the title just before the bell to steal the first fall. Lawler rallied back to score the second fall. When Lawler had the upper hand burning the third fall, The Nelms Bros & Jarrod Michaels attacked Lawler, only to be saved by Buff Bagwell! Lawler applied a sleeper hold, however his shoulders were on the mat and the ref made the count to award the title to Hunter who was covering Lawler during the sleeper hold!

 Legendary referee Charlie Smith, former promoter Phil Hefner and IWN promoter DeWayne Bell were in attendance. Referees for the evening were Mike Jones & Matthew Ford. On Friday Aug 13, GCW & Cell 13: Reformatory present a special Friday the 13th Fright Night featuring Wrestling, meet & greets, Lazer tag & Friday the 13th movies at old Putnam State Prison in Eatonton. GCW returns to Got 2b Rollin Event Center in Buckhead on Saturday Aug 28.

KLT Promotions Results from Rome on July 24

From KLT:

Results from the KLT Arena in Rome on July 24 with attendance of 434. 

Cornelius Pepperbottom defeated John Bivins by pinfall. Post match, The Peachtree Mafia came to the ring in attempt to bribe Pepperbottom to join the Mafia. After Pepperbottom denied the money, Mike Golden brought a young lady to the ring who tried to lure Pepperbottom with her body and eyes. She smacked his butt and he jumped 5 feet in the air. Zach Mosley and Candy Cannoli interrupted and told The Mafia that they can’t bribe Pepperbottom with no ugly troll and that needed to get back to the nursing home and take that hussy back to the street corner they found her on. Pepperbottom told the Mafia to keep the words Exotic Youth out their mouths and they exited.

Jonny Kaos defeated Parker Stevens by pinfall in a hard fought contest. 

Big Dog and Plowboy fought to a double disqualification when the referee lost control of the acotion and the fight went off the rails. They brawled all around the ring until security had to pull them apart. The blood feud between these two continues. 

 Reality Check (Zero & Rudeboy) (C) defeated Supreme Kings (Jordan Kingsley & Roma Miller) by pinfall to retain the KLT Tag Team Championship with Robert Gibson as special guest referee. Fast paced match with a lot of shenanigans from the kings which didn’t please Gibson. Towards the end of the match a brawl ensued in which referee Robert Gibson had to restore order by swiftly placing his fist right between Kingsley’s eyes for getting in his face. Zero took advantage and pinned Kingsley for the win. Reality Check and Gibson celebrated together in a feel good moment. 

Zach Mosley (C) (with Candy Cannoli) defeated Major Havoc (with Todd Zane) by armbar submission to retain the KLT Championship. Post match, The Peachtree Mafia hit the ring and Mosley fired up, but the numbers were too much. Stu Valentine pummeled Mosley and laid him out with a spine buster before Plowboy, Pepperbottom, and Ricky Wiggins broke it up and sent the Mafia running for the hills. 

The lights went out. The hood appeared and threatened to destroy KLT, and everyone close to Ricky to end the show.  

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on July 24

Photos courtesy of
From Larry Goodman:

Will Kaution is the new Anarchy Heavyweight Champion by virtue of winning a match he was not scheduled to be in. 

In an elegant piece of business, Kaution cashed in his coveted golden ticket and went on to defeat champion Jacob Ashworth and former champion Shane Marx.

Proc Johnston retained the TV title over Joe Black in what was likely the best singles match of his career. Wrestling Black has a tendency to raise an opponent's game. 

Ben Buchanan said goodbye to the Landmark Arena. In an all's well that end's well conclusion, Ben turned out to be the good guy fans sensed he was all along and mended fences with father Bull. 

All-American Anarchy was a show that built almost perfectly from beginning to end almost like few wrestling show do. It peaked at the end of the first half with Ben's emotional farewell, and again at the end of the night when Kaution captured Anarchy's biggest prize.

The storyline wizardry Anarchy's creative was able achieve with just six matches was impressive. There's a fair amount of smoke and mirror involved in milking as much out the current roster as Anarchy is getting. They have the right man for the job. Booker Matt Hankins is slightly familiar with that situation from PCW. 

I was skeptical of the once per month format Anarchy management settled into post-pandemic but they've made a believer out of me. The shows have been really good (except for that Hardcore Hell thing). Anarchy is sustaining momentum and they're drawing hot crowds. 

Attendance at the Landmark Arena was 150, same as last month. It was an unusually late arriving crowd for Cornelia. I counted 115 at bell time. 

Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Covington on July 23

From Rob Brodhecker;

Welcome to the Doghouse -- PCW’s Tag Team Season continues with a tag team gauntlet match. Lamar Diggs will confront PCW Champion Brian Blaze over the series of attacks that Blaze has orchestrated against Diggs. Duncan Mitchell will go after ERC’s Dealer’s Choice Championship in a Dog Collar match and The House of ButcHer looks to continue to wreck havoc across PCW.

I counted the crowd at the What A Deal building right at 60, plus 10 from last month.

David Manders and Alan Angels were in attendance.

Johnny Danger will be doing the live commentary. Darryl Hall, Paul E., and Jynyffyr Wynn will do your referees

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ProSouth Wrestling Report from July 23

From Larry Goodman:

Here's what went down at the go home show for Mad City Mayhem, a show I am now jonesing to see. 

As any ProSouth fan comes to know, expect the unexpected. This was about as far from your run-of-the-mill go home show as it gets. Yes, it drove home the key points of the major show but with interesting adjustments and additions. New story directions were unveiled. 

Over the last couple of months, the ProSouth product has improved dramatically in just about every respect. 

As good a year as 2020 was for this company, the current hot streak is better. The production problems are gone. They have a crowd that makes noise. The storytelling has been fabulous. And the show has more starpower (Ben Buchanan and Joe Black on this episode). 

Noah Howell was joined on color commentary by Tony Midas, subbing for Shane Noles. Oddly enough, they never actually ran down the card for Mad City Mayhem. The referees were Justin Patterson and James Dewberry. 

Anarchy Wrestling Tonight in Cornelia

Anarchy Wrestling tonight in at the Lamdmark Arena with a bell time of 8pm. Jacob Ashworth defends the Anarchy Heavyweight Championship vs. former champion Shane Marx (with Matt Hankins); Proc Johnston (c) vs. Joe Black for the Anarchy TV title; Dany Only vs. Jay 2Strong in a strap match; Ben Buchanan vs. Sal Rinauro and much more.

Joe Black, The Program (Scott Mayson, Ben Buchanan, and Anarchy TV Champion Proc Johnston) would like a moment or two of your time. 


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Introducing the 2021 Scenic City Invitational Tournament Entrants

From Scott Hensley: 

On Friday August 6 and Saturday August 7, the Scenic City Invitational tournament will return to the Chattanooga, Tennessee area for the 6th tournament since 2015. The tournament will be held at the TWE Arena located at 4825 Dayton Blvd in Red Bank, TN. 

Past tournaments have included stars like Darby Allin, 2 Cold Scorpio, Chris Hero, Anthony Henry(NXT's Asher Hale), Lio Rush, Joey Janela, PCO, Moose, Marko Stunt, Mance Warner, and even Nick Gage. Winners include Jimmy Rave, Gunner Miller, Matt Riddle, Joey Lynch, and Daniel Makabe.  

Here's a look at our 16 competitors this year which represent 11 different states and 2 countries. 

Puerto Rican, Southeastern and Lucha Libre News: Florida Championship Wrestling, Remembering NRW, The S.A.T.

From Alfred Feliciano: 

This special edition is dedicated to the memory of WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 member, "Mr.Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, who passed away at age 71 due to Dementia and CTE. Orndorff has been a household name during the old NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida, Georgia Championship Wrestling and Mid-South Wrestling days until he joined the WWE during the Federation Years and the boom of the first Wrestlemania. He was also a trainer in the old WCW Power Plant until 2001 when WWE and Vince McMahon purchased the promotion. New Revolution Wrestling was a promotion located at the Barrio Mani area in Mayaguez. Formerly owned by Evelyn Crespo, it began in 2006 as IWA Puerto Rico's development territory in the west coast of the Island by having events in Mayaguez, San German and cities in the Aguadilla region. Their show was seen regularly Sundays at 11:00 AM and Wednesday Nights at 9:30 PM at WOLE TV. During its 10 year history, NRW made and produced top superstars that became household names throughout Puerto Rican wrestling such as Leinord White, Richard Ramos, Alex Delta, The Looney Twinz (Real O.B. and Crypton Twinz), "La Chica de la Actitud" Roxxy, Raeven Marie. Princess Ashanty, "The King of Chaos" Ricky Cruz, "La Guerrera" Amazona, Vassago, "The Cure" Vertigo Rivera, Raziel, Sensational Star Roger, Mecha Wolf 450, El Nazareno, Tabu and Morgan De Jesus among others. WWE Superstars appeared there like "El Boricua Mayor" Savio Vega (owner of IWA Puerto Rico.), Gangrel, and Big Vito. After their Tenth Anniversary and Christmas One Last Chance shows, NRW folded and closed down its doors forever in 2016.Here are two special videos a recap from the NRW's Ninth Anniversary Show in 2015 and the second that led to their tenth and final Anniversary Show from the stars who have been a part of the promotion's history.

The RobBrod Report #57

From Rob Brodhecker:

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IWE Report from Augusta on July 17

From Charles Felder:

Hammerstone vs. Edwards at American Legion Post 63 with paid attendance of 282. 

The show started with Ms. Paige Blackmon singing the National Anthem. After that Ring Announcer Kelsey Heather informed the fans that O’Shay Edwards was unable to make the show due to travel issues with his flight. She then announced that their would be a #1 Contenders match for the IWE Championship to be defended by O’Shay at the next show on September 25th. She announced it would be Alex Hammerstone vs and the music of OverKill hits and out comes David Ali with Dani Jordyn, Zicky Dice, and Carlie Bravo. OverKill made their presence known and said they were running the show. Ali had a referee bring a trash can to the ring. Ali then took the IWE New Age Title and tossed it in the can saying out with the old, in with the new. Dani Jordyn was holding a bag with what seemed to be a new belt. Before unveiling the new belt he had the fans congratulate Dani for being the IWE Women's Champion. Dani then pulls out the New title that David Ali says is the real IWE Championship and Ali says he is the one with the real Gold in IWE.

Tim Blackmon comes out and says that everyone is sick of OverKill always trying to take over the show. He then stated that tonight will be a #1 Contenders match and that David Ali is the New Age Title Holder and he wont be getting any shot at the IWE Championship as long as he is the owner of IWE. Ali then asked about Carlie Bravo or Outlandish Zicky Dice. The fan erupted with Boos of disapproval. Blackmon then said he feels their is one person that deserves that shot and was cheated out of it and announced that noone from OverKill would get a shot and said that tonight would be Hammerstone vs Sean Legacy for the #1 Contender for the IWE Championship. The crowd went crazy.  Ali then told Tim to look him in the eye, and said, “you think you run this show but we are gonna show you that you don't and who really runs the show.”

Tipping Point Preview

GWH News:

Tonight's guests on the Tipping will be Ugly Duckling and consummate road warrior Rob Killjoy and Carlie Bravo, who has AEW Dark on his resume and is a member of Georgia hot new faction Overkill. The hosts will be Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman. The show goes live at 7 pm. 

Tipping Point for July 20

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #120

 From Stephen Platinum:


 Youth is served, a lot more patrons (thank you), a look at some really great moments in the last weekends' shows, and in the commentary we ask and try to answer, "What does #1 actually mean?"

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RobBrod's Top 10 Georgia Wrestling Venues

 From Rob Brodhecker: 

GIPW Report from Warner Robins on July 18

From Rob Brodhecker:

GIPW is getting to be a not-so-guilty-habit show to attend; it’s on a Sunday, the show has an early start time so you can get home at a decent time to get some sleep for the work week, and the quality of the matches continues to improve. Of the three matches that were advertised, the Championship tag match of The Exotic Youth and Wright Way to Skrillaville holds the most interest to me. GIPW will be on Fite TV to be broadcasted later. Cliff McDonald is your ring announcer. Maestro and The Ultimate Pusher, Tyreke will be on video commentary. The referees are Mike and Sweeper. I counted 87 +/- people watching.

Southern Strong Style (Proc the Croc and Jay 2Strong) vs. Luke Stone and Brandon Whatley.

  This looks to be a face/face match, might change as the match goes on. 2Strong and Whatley catch each other’s leg for a brief Mexican Standoff. Stone and Whatley isolate 2Strong in the early going. Proc tags in and gator rolls Stone. A double suplex on Stone for a near fall. SSS has Stone isolated and get a near fall off of a double team. Stone makes the hot tag to Whatley and he kicks away at 2Strong. Proc lariats Whatley, Stone spears Proc and everyone’s down. Stone targeting 2Strong, but 2Strong catches him and plants him for a near fall. Austin Towers’ music plays and everyone’s looking at the entrance way. Towers is out and is slowly making his way to the ring. Towers grabs stone and yanks him out of the ring and tosses him through several rows of chairs. 2Strong gets choke slammed and Proc gets the Kobiya kick. Whatley gets choked slammed for good measure as well. Ref Sweeper throws out the match at 10:55.

Thoughts: An enjoyable match that ended with both teams remaining face. It never hurts to remind people what Towers is capable of.

Georgia Wrestling War Journal #4 Post IWE and Gas

 From Stephen Platinum:


Wrestling United Results from Franklin on July 17

From Wrestling United: 

Wrestling United results from the Heard County Recreation Complex in Franklin with attendance of 110 Trey Shaw defeated Cornelius Pepperbottom; Chris Ganz defeated Duncan Mitchell; Big Xann defeated Frankie Valentine by DQ due to Lamar Diggs; Dem West GA Boyz (Sean Nelson & Josh Storm) defeated Exotic Youth (Zach Mosley & Bryce Cannon); Lamar Phillips and Alex Kane ended in a double count out. 

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from Royston on July 16

From APW

Results from the Royston Gym with attendance of 78, North Georgia Champion Caleb Crocker pinned Stacey Sykes...Stevie Ray Frost came out and attacked an already beaten Sykes out of frustration and then protested against Dexter getting a another chance at another North Georgia title.shot; Southern States Champion Scott Mayson pinned Revolution; Stryknyn went to a No Contest decision against the Masked assailant who has yet to reveal his name, the locker room poured out to pull these guys apart; Bootleg Dave beat James Boulevard after Scott Mayson distracted Boulevard; Dynamic Dexter pinned Jeremy Vain to become top contender for the North Georgia Championship.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Peachstate 13th Anniversary Show Report from Carrollton on July 17

From Larry Goodman:

Challenge Accepted, Peachstate's 13th Anniversary event was a night filled with triumph in the face of adversity. The challenge was answered in full from all corners.  

Ace Haven overcame every knock on him, literally and figuratively to capture the Peachstate Heritage Championship in the main event, ending Shane Marx's reign as champion at 795 days. This was my first time at Peachstate show since well before the pandemic. I had no clue how over Haven had become as Peachstate's top babyface. 

Over 50 fans lined up to get a photo with Haven and his newly won title after the match. It was a scene I had never witnessed before. Peachstate hasn't had a babyface champion the fans could get behind since promoter Shane Noles held the title in 2017.

Peachstate may finally be past the attendance malaise resulting from a pandemic that kept them out of every viable venue in their region during 2020 and whatever is behind the low crowd numbers in West Georgia for several years now. The show drew 217 paid, which was Peachstate's largest crowd since February 2020. That was the night Haven won the Matt Hankins Invitational to earn the title match with Marx that never took place until last night. 

The show took place in adverse conditions. For some reason, I thought the gym at Church Without Walls was air conditioned. It was not. The place was humid hotbox on this July night. Oddly, only the bathroom was air conditioned. I figured the crowd would wilt during a show projected to run three hours long. Not only did the fans hang in for the duration, they were into every match. 

Buff Bagwell performed despite a debilitating injury from a car accident last year that has left him unable to bend his right knee and will require surgery. Against all odds, the participants and the crowd made the match work. 

The meet and greet with Raven and Bagwell was scheduled for 6 pm. Raven was pretty much finished up when Bagwell rolled in at 6:45. Bell time was listed as 7:15 and the line for Bagwell delayed it until 7:30. 

Noles opened the show with a tribute to and a moment of silence for Paul Orndorff.

(1) Trever Aeon defeated Orion Bishop and Brian Blaze (with Matthew Hankins) to retain the PWA No Limits Championship in 10 minutes on the nose. Aeon beat Blaze for the title in March and went to draw with Bishop at the May show. Triple threats are not my cup of tea for title matches. That said, this was a well laid out three way. This was a good match hampered by slippery condition caused by all the sweating in the heat. Early on, it was the Orion Bishop show and he put on a good one. After big moves by all three, they did a tower of doom that left all three down. Blaze gave Bishop a low blow as went for a powerbomb. Aeon hit the Gothplex on Blaze and pinned him with the Scarmaker. 

(2) Marko's $1000 Stimulus Money Challenge: Marko Wicker and Romeo Vezerian went to a 10 minute draw. The crowd was really into the match and Romeo as a babyface. It probably helped that Romeo teased using the money to make concessions free if he won. Gotta say I miss him singing the French national anthem as a heel. Romeo told the fans this was his first match in 15 months (a shoot as he has been out of the country). As they neared the end of the 10 minute time limit, Romeo got a succession of closer near falls building to the headlock driver. The bell rang before referee Santiago's count reached three. Marko gleefully escaped with his money. 

(3) Violent Gentlemen (Charles Zanders & Scott Morgan with Shane Mako & Katie Gannon) defeated Southern Strong Styles (Proc Johnston & Jay 2Strong) and All Star Special (Huckaby & Hold My Beer Hanson) and Shane Noles & Dawon Kimbrell  and Trey Shaw & Brother Azriel in a gauntlet match to win the ProSouth tag titles (27:55). SSS and All-Star Special started. All-Star Special came out to "Friends in Low Places" and brought their own streamers. Hanson and SSS know each other well The punishment Hanson took from them looked realistic. 2Strong used a dizzying airplane spin. Huck took the hot tag and pinned Croc with an assisted sunset flip at 3:58. Shaw & Azriel were next. Hanson's beer nuts failed to connect as did Huck's cannonball.  Huck and Hanson were counted out at 9:20. Noles & Kimbrell were next. Kimbrell is a gem from Alabama who is relatively unknown in Georgia. He had his newly won New Era Open title with him. Nice. His abs are unreal. Kimbrell whipped Shaw into a Noles clothesline at 16:43. Violent Gentlemen was the final team in the gauntlet. Noles had Zanders beaten with a piledriver when Mako blinded referee Lewis Santiago. Morgan took a chair to Noles. Kimbrell rescued Noles for a big pop...then turned on him by Pillmanizing his arm. Noles was in agony as Zanders pinned him. 

Postmatch - Ringleader Mako said this was all Noles' fault for not giving him the recognition he deserved. Mako offered Noles a chance to answer on the mic. Noles was covered in a mass of sweaty streamers as he crawled to reach the mic. He never got there. Violent Gentlemen locked him in double submission while Kimbrell drove a chair into him. 

Kimbrell's turn and the subsequent attack on Noles was wonderfully sick stuff. Noles sold the beating as if he had been crippled and cried out in pain as he was helped out of the ring. On the whole, a little less of this match would have been more given the conditions and the length of the show.

(4) Jason Boyd defeated Matthew Hankins in 2:15. The stipulation was Boyd was out as ring announcer if he lost the match. Announcer Eddie Layne explained that the animosity between Hankins led to Hankins attacking Boyd two months ago and Boyd challenging Hankins to a match. Hankins belittled Boyd and received the crowd hate he deserved. The crowd clearly going to be rooting for Boyd with everything they had. Hankins threw powder in Boyd's eyes before the bell. The match was just what it should have been. Boyd scored two single leg takedowns (wrestled amateur in his youth), knocked Hankins down with a punch in the face and pinned him with a stunner. 

Bagwell was helped into the ring for photo ops with the fans during the intermission. His right knee was heavily braced and was limited to hobbling movement. I thought no way he's doing a match. Kimbrell and Mako jumped him. Romeo hit the ring with a chair to drive Mako and Kimbrell off. 

(5) Dawson Kimbrell & Shane Mako (with Katie Gannon) defeated Buff Bagwell & Romeo Vezerian in 9:18. I feared this would be a sad spectacle. That is not at all what occurred. For a guy struggling to walk, Bagwell was in longer and did a lot more than he had any right to. It became clear Bagwell was going gut this thing out, fight through the pain and perform to the best of his abilities no matter what. Everyone in  the match worked together to make that happen and the fans were totally supportive. Buff took the hot tag. He was immobile. The crowd popped as Kimbrell and Mako were literally running into his clotheslines. Buff was distracted by the presence of the amazingly well endowed Katie Gannon standing on the apron as Mako slowly crept in to schoolboy Bagwell for the three count. 

The crowd applauded Bagwell after the match. Romeo broke out the Buff is the stuff moves and the double biceps. Bagwell was totally entertained. 

(6) Geter pinned Austin Towers in a no DQ-no time limit match at 10:10. The back story was Towers showed up at Peachstate as Ace's partner and immediately turned on him to help Undeniable but has not been back to deal with Geter. The  the crowd was hot for it, not quite as insanely heated as their stuff at Anarchy has been. It was the stiff brawl you would expect. They beat the hell out of each other with chops. The move of the match was Geter's overhead belly to belly suplex on the 7 foot giant. On the outside, Towers crumbled Geter with a pair of low blows and did a number on him with a steel chair. Back inside, Towers missed with the Kobeya kick, and Geter leveled Towers with a lariat to beat him clean in the middle of the ring. 

I guess this feud is over here for now and will continue on elsewhere. Geter and Towers have wrestled each other eight times with two clean wins apiece, the rest have been inconclusive finishes.  

Layne reintroduced Boyd as Peachstate's ring announcer for the main event. The crowd greeted him with welcome befitting a conquering hero. 

(7) Ace Haven (with Amy Haven) defeated Shane Marx (with Matt Hankins) to win the Peachstate Heritage Championship in 20:09. Both managers were ejected in the opening minutes. Referee Darryl Hall ejected Amy for throwing her shoe at Hankins. Hall caught Hankins trying to use said shoe on Ace. Hall's wind up and pitch when he ejected Hankins was tremendous and got one of the biggest pops of the night. Ace hit a pescado and took it to the champion outside the ring. Hall could have counted them out. Hall instead said they had to finish this match in the ring. Back inside, Marx immediately planted Ace with a Rockbottom to turn the match around. Marx kept cutting Ace off. Ace's punches had nothing behind them. Ace tried for the Endgame (pedigree). Marx countered with a backdrop that sent Ace careening over the top rope to the floor. A push up dropick was the spark for Ace's comeback. Marx rolled through on Ace's high crossbody and hit the death valley driver but Ace kicked out. Marx set for the brainbuster DDT. Ace countered with an Ace cutter, then hit a springboard cutter to win the title. They had the crowd and built to a satisfying and dramatic finish.

Ace called for family, friends and fans to join him in the ring. The babyface wrestlers emerged from the dressing room to join in the celebration. It was quite a scene. 

Ace cut an impromptu promo that was stuff great babyfaces are made of. He referenced his long journey gain the title (as one of Peachstate's longest tenured wrestlers, Ace had held the No Limits title and one half of the tag titles but never the big prize) and said Amy had been beside him through all of it. To the fans: "you did as much as I did and kept Peachstate wrestling alive." Noles was moved to tears. The fans responded with a "thank you Ace" chant.  

As the celebration was winding down, Joe Black appeared in the aisle to take a long hard look at Ace.

NOTES: Peachstate return to Church Without Walls on August 21...During his tribute to Orndorff, Noles said he used the piledriver as his finisher because of Orndorff's influence on him....Gannon came in from Knoxville where she is training under Tom Prichard and is getting ready for her inring debut.

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report from Monroe on July 17

From Rob Brodhecker:

All the SFCW titles are on the line for tonight’s show along with the Anarchy Championship. SFCW is setting up the road for Ultimate Battleground. There will be other matches on the show that highlight that upcoming show and others to introduce the crowd of 250+/- to some new talent.

Rick Richards and John “The Body” Johnson will switch out on ring announcer duties. Adam Vance will be on video commentary. Ken Todd, Radar Martin, and David Weakley are your referees.

Stryk Nyn’s is set up in the ring with a chair, looks like something is afoot with that, but he vacates the ring to allow John Johnson the opportunity to bring out David Manders and Bill Behrens. Manders comes out wielding a kendo stick. JJ gives the mic to Manders. Manders and Behrens do tribute to Mr. Wonderful, Paul Orndorff, listing his contributions to Georgia wrestling. A ten bell salute with a moment of silence follows. Bill then sings “God Bless America” to officially open the show.

Styk’s back in the ring and interrupts JJ. Stryk says that he doesn’t have a match tonight and wants a victim. Todd Sexton comes out, tells Stryk to stop bitching and moaning. Stryk reminds Sexton that he does want he wants, when he wants to and insults Sexton’s manhood. Sexton’s brings out Billy Buck and offers that match with Buck if Stryk puts up his spot in the Ultimate Battleground, Stryk accepts and we have the match.

ProSouth Wrestling Report from July 16

From Larry Goodman:

Episode 555 was the meat and potatoes show in so far as putting things in place for Mad City Mayhem on July 30. In addition, a  rematch between Joe Black and Dameon Ceretone was  set up for next week.

Najasism and Nick Halen squared off in match four of their best of seven series and it was another barnburner.

Cameron Keast cut the promo of his life on Austin Towers. The talking on this show was exceptionally strong overall.

And for better or worse, the creature from the black lagoon returned...

Noah Howell was joined in the announce booth by Keast and he was on fire as the color commentator, full on heel at times and serious analyst at others, depending on what the situation dictated. James Dewberry was referee for all five match and was as sharp as tacks. Did someone else write this paragraph?

Georgia Wrestling War Journal #2

 From Stephen Platinum:


The IWE show is done, and I have a LOT to say about it.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Wrestling United Tonight in Franklin

From Larry Goodman:

Wrestling United returns to the Heard County Recreation Complex in Franklin tonight with a 7 pm bell time featuring Alex Kane (c) vs. Lamar Phillips for the Wrestling United Championship; In the first International Tag Team Tournament match: Dem West GA Boyz (Sean Nelson & Josh Storm) vs. Exotic Youth (Zach Mosley & Bryce Cannon with Candy Cannoli I hope); Cornelius Pepperbottom vs. Trey Shaw ; Chris Ganz vs. Duncan Mitchell; Talon Oxyn (with Taliaferro) vs. Frankie Valentine (with Tweety) and more.

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Tonight in Monroe

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Fried presents Title Fight Nights tonight at the Walton County Boys and Girls Club Gym in Monroe with a bell time of 7 pm. All titles will be on the line. SFCW Champion Mikael Judas (with Todd Sexton) vs. Tetchi Makuji (with Dr. Joseph Brock); Classics Champion CT Keys vs. Marv; SFCW Tag Team Champions Happy Madness (Sal Rinauro & Sonny Daze) vs. The Approved (Adrian Hawkins & Bobby Moore with Kelly Sexton); Anarchy Champion Jacob Ashworth vs. Xavier Reyes; Nick Halen vs. Marcus Kross and more.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Platinum Reviews One of the Best Six Man Tags Ever

 From Stephen Platinum:


 AJ Styles & Air Paris & Onyx vs. Suicidal Tendencies (Adam Jacobs & Jon Phoenix & Jason Cross with Jeff G. Bailey) -- from June 2001 

Wildside Ep. 94 was great, and this main event go home match for their Wargames that year is INCREDIBLE.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Peachstate 13th Anniversary Event in Carrollton on July 17

From Larry Goodman:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance celebrates their 13th anniversary Saturday night in Carrollton at the Church Without Walls Gym. Special guests Raven and Buff Bagwell will be doing a meet and greet at 6 pm. This will be Raven's first live event since the pandemic. Bell time is 7:15 with the following: Peachstate Heritage Title Match: Shane Marx (c) with Matt Hankins vs. Ace Haven (with Amy Haven); No Limits Champion Trever Aeon defends his title in triple threat vs. Orion Bishop and Brian Blaze; Geter vs. Austin Towers; Buff Bagwell vs. Shane Mako; Marko's Stimulus Money Challenge vs ???; Tag Team Gauntlet Match for the PWA tag titles: All Star Special (Mr. Huckaby & Hold My Beer Hanson), Southern Strong Style (Proc Johnston & Jay 2Strong), Violent Gentleman (Charles Zanders & Scott Morgan), Shane Noles & Dawson Kimbrell and Trey Shaw & Brother Azriel are entered in the gauntlet PLUS ring announcer Jason Boyd puts his job on the line vs. Matt Hankins, the man that bullied him for two years. For tickets call 770-328-1162 or email

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The RobBrod Report #56

From Rob Brodhecker:

IWE Preview for July 17 in Augusta


From Charles Felder: 

This show is bringing the BIG FIGHT feel to Augusta Ga. This show is sure to make a statement in IWE's claim to be recognized with the top promotions in the state of Georgia. 

Sean Legacy and Josh Magnum Contract Signing for September Show 

 These two have been feuding for well over a year. They were continuously getting involved in each other's matches. Last show owner Timothy Blackmon forced the Two to tag together in a match and that ended with them beating the hell out of each other. Finally they get an opportunity to settle the score at the September IWE show. There will be a contract signing where they will learn the stipulations of the match to put an end to this war that has been raging. Can these two get through the contract signing peacefully or will there be the usual chaos that has happened every time they are in the same building together. 

 Owen Knight vs Skrilla the Great 

 These two men are both trying to state the claim as being the most underrated wrestlers in the state of Georgia. With Owen Knight continuously making a name for himself anywhere he works. Then Skrilla coming out of nowhere and making a name for himself as a possible frontrunner for most improved in my opinion. These two will have a sure banger of a match. They have very similar backgrounds and fighting styles and i feel this match could easily be a match to turn heads and really make a big explosion. 

The Ugly Ducklings w/ White Mike (c) vs Viva Las Amish vs The Rapture IWE Tag Team Championship Match

 Viva Las Amish and The Rapture both make their debuts at IWE. The Ugly Ducklings have proved several times why they are the team holding the IWE Tag Team Championships. After coming off a huge title defence against Exotic Youth, will the Ducks be able to take on this challenge of defending against 2 different tag teams and continue to fly high as the top tag team in IWE? 

Dani Jordyn vs Vertvixen IWE Women's Title Match 

Dani Jordyn is coming off a big show in May where she won the IWE Women's Championship. Since then she has taken great pride in being the IWE Womens Champion posting her daily pictures of her holding the title. She has a challenge with fellow AEW Dark opponent Vertvixen. Will Dani continue her reign and keep posting her daily pics on social media or will Vertvixen put a stop to it? 

 Logan Creed vs Zicky Dice 

Logan and Zicky will for sure be a huge matchup. Will Logan unleash the heathen and dominate in this match or will he have to worry about the terror that Zicky and Overkill have been putting out across IWE 

 Ben Buchanan vs #5 

This match is sure to be a great one. Ben has been doing some amazing work across the Georgia independent scene. Will he be able to get past the challenge that is AEW Dark Orders #5? Alan Angels #5 has been tearing it up on AEW as well as his known work in the past in the Indies. Who will come out on top and continue momentum moving forward? 

 David Ali and Carlie Bravo vs Ashton Starr and AC Mack

This is a tag match putting together top talent in the state of Georgia. Will Ashton and Mack be able to work together to take down the Overkill members Ali and Bravo. Here lately Overkill has put pure destruction to everyone they have been in the ring with. Will Overkill continue their mission in trying to take over IWE and save everyone in their path? 

 O’Shay Edwards (c) vs Hammerstone IWE Championship Match Special Guest Referee - Former WCW Referee Nick Patrick

Coming off of a huge win over Billy Brash to win the IWE Heavyweight Championship, OShay meets a huge opponent facing MLW’s Hammerstone in his first title defence. This match brings the big money match feel and to make it even bigger IWE Management are bringing in former WCW Referee Nick Patrick to call this match. This is going to be one for the ages. Ticket Info Front Row SOLD OUT Advance Tickets Available at General Admission - $10 Family 4 packs - $30 Ticket Prices at the Gate General Admission - $13

Puerto Rican, Southeastern and Lucha Libre News: Chris Youngblood, LAWE and More

From Alfred Feliciano: 
This special edition will be dedicated to the memory of the now late Chris Romero Youngblood who passed away recently at age 55 due to cancer. Chris teamed up with brother Mark Youngblood after their brother Jay Youngblood died of a heart attack in 1985. They won Tag Team gold in the already defunct World Class Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico through the late 80's and up to the mid 1990s, winning WWC World and the  WWC Caribbean Tag Team Championships, having legendary feuds against rival tag teams including The Bushwahckers (Luke Williams and Butch Miller.), The Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika) with their nephew Rikishi (father of current WWE Superstars Jimmy and Jey Uso.) ,Their final appearance teaming on the Island was for the return of IWA Puerto Rico's Impacto Total Tour in Quebradillas and Manati in 2019. GWH sends condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the entire Romero Youngblood family, 

Here are three matches from Mark and Chris as a team from WWC's 19th Anniversary Show in 1992 from the Pachin Vinces Coliseum in Ponce, where they faced both Jody and his brother, "The Iceman" Dean Malenko (who during his career held both now defunct WCW Cruiserweight and WWE Light Heavyweight Championships.), and their WCW run as The Renegade Warriors.

Platinum vs AEW Dark Elevation 7 12 21

Monday, July 12, 2021

KLT Results from Rome on July 9

From KLT: 

Attendance at the KLT Arena was 475 people This show was the annual Birthday Bash honoring the memory of the KLT namesake, Kristol Tucker. 

Reality Check defeated Roma Miller and Jordan Kingsley via Double Count Out; Big Dog Dave Bowser defeated Cornelius Pepperbottom; Parker Stevens and Plowboy wrestled to a Double Disqualification when Big Dog Dave Bowser broke the hearts of KLT fans attacking Plowboy and joining the Peachtree Mafia; Johnny Kaos, Bryce Cannon and Zach Mosley vs “Butcher” Bobby Hayes, Stu Valentine and Skrilla The match ended in a disqualification after Todd Zane attacked Cannon, Mosley and Kaos as well as referee Brad Barnes causing Barnes to leave KLT Arena in an ambulance/ KLT Owner Ricky Wiggins and Commissioner Shawn Ambrose cleared the ring and that’s when a mysterious hooded figure appeared at the entrance with a direct warning to Ricky Wiggins, he had come to tear the heart out of KLT.

West Georgia Wrestling Report from Villa Rica on July 10

From Rob Brodhecker:

WGW break out an updated seating configuration and have actual metal barricades now. Four matches were advertised on the poster with other names mentioned. The main event of the evening will be Frankie Valentine facing Lamar Phillips inside of a steel cage for the WGW Heavyweight Championship.

Darryl Hall and Ryan “Butterbean” Harmon will be your referees. WGW Commish, Scott East will handle ring announcing duties tonight. The crowd count is at 160+/- small children.

Chris Lightning with Chris Ganz vs. Sean Nelson

  Lightning is heeling it up tonight against the perennial fan favorite, Nelson. Ganz interrupts a Nelson pin attempts on Lightning, allowing Lightning to roll Nelson up for the win at 5:57.

Thoughts: Standard opener.

Platinum Reviews Joe Black vs. Timmy Lou Retton from Viral Pro



 Taking a look at Joe Black vs. Timmy Lou Retton. Compelling storytelling anchored by some really great ringwork. A couple of wonky spots, but the overall effect is fantastic.

ProSouth Wrestling Report from July 9

From Larry Goodman:

ProSouth extended their recent run of quality episodes, this one was perhaps not as strong as the last few shows unless the viewer was able to see the "members only" segment. 

A strange new twist was added to the Haven family drama and the feud between Ace Haven and ProSouth Champion Tyler Cullprett.

The star power quotient was up with Ben Buchanan and Rob Killjoy on the card.

I'm used to hearing more women in the audio of the crowd. This week, it was almost exclusively male voices and kids.

The announce team was Noah Howell and Shane Noles. Lewis Santiago and James Dewberry were the referees. 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

WrestleMerica Report from Barnesville on July 10

From Larry Goodman:

If All American Bash had not turned out to be a good show, it would not have been for lack of in ring talent. 

The card was as stacked as any WrestleMerica show has ever been. 

And the show produced. Every match had a clear heel/babyface dynamic and got the crowd involved. It delivered above and beyond what was advertised. 

The Bash was designed to advance stories rather than pay them off and it worked beautifully on that level. The latter half of the card in particular was heat booking 101. 

Attendance at the Academy Gym was 200, not too shabby, but not as good as WrestleMerica has done at some of their shows this year.

Matchmaker/ring announcer Ben Masters opened with a tribute to legendary referee Mac McMurray, who passed away on June 30 at the age of 78. McMurray was fixture at WrestleMerica serving as timekeeper. He would make the five hour drive from Tennessee for every show. A 10 bell salute followed with fellow legend Charlie Smith, age 91, ringing the bell. It was a touching moment. 

Masters announced that the Koloff-Pain title match would be for the newly unified WrestleMerica/Continental Championship Wrestling title. WrestleMerica promoter Dennis Gale runs shows in Dothan under the CCW banner. 

Ryan North came to the ring serenaded by a "weasel" chant. Masters wanted to know what was up with "Queen" Simon Sermon who was MIA. North said he hadn't been able reach Sermon either. A fan suggested maybe Sermon was in Villa Rica with Chic Donovan.

Southern Violence and Wrestling Report from Athens on July 10

From SVW: 

Southern Violence and Wrestling presented “War Ensemble” Saturday July 10 at Southern Brewing Company in Athens Ga. Attendance was a rowdy and loud 250. It was standing room only inside the Taproom to witness one of the most shocking nights in the history of SVW. 

The night started with ring announcer Cole Taylor introducing the challenger for tonight’s SVW championship match, Ehren Black. This match had originally been slated to be Bobby D challenging SVW champion Charlie Anarchy. (Bobby D was unable to compete due to injuries sustained in the last man standing match two weeks ago in Commerce, Ga) Black came to the ring and mentioned that while he wished Bobby the best, he had been working for years to challenge for a singles title, and he was not going to refuse, when the SVW offices called and presented him with an opportunity. He said that while he had all the respect for Anarchy, and had traveled up and down the roads with him and considered him a friend, he would do whatever it took to walk out with the Gold. This brought out Anarchy who said that while he agreed that there was a mutual amount of respect, Black’s opportunity wasn’t going to come at his expense. Black suggested that since they were both so fired up, and the fans were ready, they should start this show off with the title match right now. Anarchy accepted and the match was on 

Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Covington on July 9

From Rob Brodhecker:

The saying of “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get” gets updated at PCW to “Life is like a bowl of gumbo; you don’t know what’s in it, but it’s better for your palette.” The by the seat of his pants booking of Matt Hankins, with some over arching storylines, lead to scenarios where sometimes you wonder what the hell just happened but you were happy to have seen it.

The only match that I know for certain that will happen is Match 3 of the best of 7 series of matches between Najasism and Nick Halen. Any other matches will be a surprise to everyone in attendance, and that looks to be about a 7/9ths full house of about 50 people. Darryl Hall, Paul E. and Ritchie Cabezas will be your referees

Johnny Danger and Eric Adamz start the show and will do the in house commentary. The House of ButcHer members Triston Michaels, Nathaniel Vanderbilt, and Rose Gold come to the ring. Michaels intros Vanderbilt and Gold as the winners of the tag season. They will face the War horses

Saturday, July 10, 2021

WrestleMerica Tonight in Barnesville


From Larry Goodman:

WrestleMerica presents All-American Bash tonight at the Academy Gym in Barnesville featuring one of their best talent lineups of the year. 

Pain (c) vs. Neal Koloff (with Aleksandr Koloff) for the Wrestlemerica Championship - no DQ; Mikael Judas vs. David Ali; Fry Daddy vs. Shane Marx (with Matt Hankins); Dani Jordyn vs. Dream Girl Ellie; Brian Blaze (with Matt Hankins) vs. J Rod; Blanco Loco vs. Spi-ral; and Michael Stevens vs. Sal Rinauro. Bell time is 7:30 pm. 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Southern Violence and Wrestling in Athens on July 10

From SVW: 

Southern Violence And Wrestling presents War Ensemble on Saturday July 10th at 7PM at The Southern Brewing Company in Athens, GA. The address is 231 Collins Industrial Boulevard. Adult tickets are $10 and kids ages 6-12 are $5. 

Matches include: 
-Joe Black vs Brandon Whatley 
-Austin Towers defends The SVW Hoss Fight Title against Geter and Huckaby 
-Axl Foley vs Camikaze Kid 
 -Charlie Anarchy defends The SVW Heavyweight title against Ehren Black 
-The Gotch Brothers defend The SVW Tag Titles in a triple threat elimination against The Black Sheep Squadron Tyler Graves and Perfect Sam and Chop Top and Jerry Nelms. 

 If you need anymore info, please call 706-817-5539.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Top 10 Wrestlers in Georgia Revisited

From Larry Goodman:

I did a top 10 list at the end of the first quarter of the year. Here's how things stand at the midpoint of 2021. My bias is towards wrestlers positioned at or near the top of the card by multiple promotions. I am excluding wrestlers who live outside the state that essentially wrestle for one promotion in Georgia (Arik Royal and Darius Lockhart being prime examples). 

1. David Ali

2. Mikael Judas

3. Logan Creed

4. Alex Kane

5. Ben Buchanan

Puerto Rican, Southeastern and Lucha Libre News: Championship Wrestling from Florida, Mucha Lucha Atlanta and More

From Alfred Feliciano: 

Championship Wrestling from Florida returns on Friday July 9 with the event called CWF Reloaded from the Cuban Civic Center 10905 Memorial Highway in Tampa with at 7:30 PM bell time. CWF is now owned by Jeff Weaver bringing back the excitement of the NWA Territory days for a new generation of fans. Matches announced: "The Cuban Heist" Romeo Quevedo vs. Dagon Briggs, Jake St.Patrick vs. Wolfe Taylor, Joey Ozbourne vs. "The Technical Alchemist" David Mercury, and in a women's match Marina Tucker will face original CWF Alumni Debbie Malenko. plus The Cuban Connection with Fantasy, fellow original CWF Alumni Kevin Sullivan and many more will be on hand for the event. 

In the aftermath of their event Claustrophobia, Caguas' Revolutionary Caribbean Wrestling's road to their Second Anniversary show has begun. From El Comandante's victory winning the RCW Social Media Championship in a ten man over the top Battle Royal leading to Crazy Boy's challenge to face the newly crowned champion, to IWA Puerto Rico's co-founder and Los Boricuas member Hurricane Castillo, Jr coming to the promotion soon, to Pro Wrestling Caribbean Georgia star and founder of El Imperio Lucha Libre Estelar Wrestling Victor El Dragon,Jr. vowing to return to the Island with his fellow LLEW stars at their September event called Annihilation Mountain. Prior to that, LLEW will be at The Italian American Family Association, 282 Parker Ave, Clifton New Jersey on July 10 with a 7 pm bell time. Also on July 10, rival RCW will have Summer Fest at Los Tres Brincos Store in Caguas with a 7:00 PM bell time. Advertised: Christian Castillo vs Billy Bone, El Principe Zombie Pantro vs Jugador 94, Hallow Xander vs Arquero Baira, Jay Styles vs El Gran Vito, Mazzo Colon vs Crazy Kid, La Maquina Orfeo/GD Gold vs H.Negro, Angel Escobar vs The Enforcer Bodyguard. 

Calavera Mask will have AAA Lucha Libre Invasion on Saturday July 17 live from the Campo Amistad Fields, 2134 Carman Avenue in Camden, New Jersey at 6:00 PM. Scheduled to appear are Sam Adonis, the returning Vanilla Vargas, Drago, Psycho Clown, Aerostar, and local favorites Valentina, Kasey Catal, and Gabby Ortiz. 

TIpping Point Preview

From GWH News: 

Tonight's edition of the Tipping will feature an interview with one of the most underappreciated wrestlers in Georgia, Owen Knight, plus Stephen Platinum, Larry Goodman and GWH reporter Rob Brodhecker give their picks of the top contenders for the Georgia wrestling awards at the halfway point of the year. The show goes live at 7 pm. 

Tipping Point for July 6