Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Platinum vs Late Night Dynamite 9 22 20



 Stephen Platinum come through in the clutch with a look at the Late Night Dynamite!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The RobBrod Report #18

From Rob Brodhecker: 


 I look ahead to the shows on Sept 25th, 26th, and 27th. and a look back at the Wrestling United show that I attended. Plus a mini rant.

Platinum vs RAW 9 21 20



 Stephen Platinum looks at a terrible, no-good, very bad Raw.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #77

 From Stephen Platinum: 


First, the links mentioned at the end of the commentary: 

 An article from purgeATL from back in the day

Grotesque/Phantom at the Jungle

PCW gets the cover of Creative Loafing

 Sacred Ground: Chapter One highlights

Pandora vs. Aesha first blood match 

4-way Dance at the Masquerade promo 

Video of Thunderbolt Patterson being honored at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two

11/11/11 review by Larry Goodman

 Surrealists mock the EMPIRE

 PSA from the EMPIRE, payback on Dany Only

We R 3 destroy the show and end it early 

Trailer for The Booker

Review of Sacred Ground: Chapter Three

Women of PCW

Stephen Platinum’s last match 

Revolutionary Wargames 2014 

 Stephen Platinum has his longest Full Disclosure to date. It's something else for sure!

ProSouth #515 Report from September 18

From Larry Goodman:

ProSouth #515 was the go home for the BattleRumble but it was also main evented by an ambitious undertaking for Dameon Cerertone and Cameron Keast, Three Stages of Hell.

Shane Noles and Wicked Nemesis were on commentary. James Hardy was the ring announcer. The referees were Matthew Gibson and the esteemed James Dewberry aka Red Solocup.

(1) Austin Towers pinned Alex Kane with the Kobiya Kick in 5:09. Good match. Towers delivered his offense with the proper authority. He wrestled up to his size and wasn’t taken off his feet until Kane’s Olympic slam just before the finish. Win. Lose or draw, I love me some Alex Kane.

Towers promo - said he was going to win the BattleRumble then he was coming after Eric Silva and the ProSouth Championship. Multiple challengers hot on Silva’s trail have been a consistent theme. Nothing wrong with that.  

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Southern Violence & Wrestling Report from Commerce on September 19

From SVW:

Southern Violence and Wrestling debuted at Strange Duck Brewing in Commerce Georgia on Saturday, September 19.  Paid attendance was 260.

Ring announcer Jonathan Feltner welcomed the crowd and introduced SVW Heavyweight Champion Axel Rod.  The champ entered to cheers.  Axel said even though hesurvived a “towering” challenge last weekend in Athens against Austin Towers, and even though his own flesh and blood brother decided to get involved to try and end the reign of Madness, he wasn’t taking a night off.  Before he could finish,  he was confronted by General Tommy Alan Lee and the returning former SVW champion, Swole.  General Lee said he was glad the champ wanted to work, because he is looking into the eyes of one of the most dominant forces in the history of SVW, who had been conveniently erased from history.   General Lee said that he was the one who negotiated a deal with hated SVW owner, Dave Hadden, granting his client a championship match upon his return.  Axel responded and told General Lee, that in case he hadn’t been paying attention, things have changed in SVW.  Gone are the days of the 40 mile vets, and the 10 minute rest holds.  Axel went down the list of competitors such as Geter, Aiden Wright, Charlie Anarchy, Austin Towers, Effy, Brad Cash, Vary Morales, and more, and said it appeared that when the competition leveled up, Swole disappeared.  Swole then caught Axel with a spinebuster out of nowhere, almost planting the champion through the mat.  General Lee advised Swole to stop and save the rest for when the title was on the line.  General Lee and the challenger exited as the champion slowly rose.



Wrestilng United Report from Franklin on September 19

From Rob Brodhecker

The last time I was here at the Heard County Rec Center was several years ago to photograph a UIW show with the main event being AJ Steele vs. Steve "The Brawler" Lawler, so it's been a hot minute since then. They have the seating spaced out, but only two other people are wearing facial coverings. Several familiar faces in the crowd, and some of their kids have grown up by about a foot. 

In the novel "The Truth" by Sir Terry Pratchet(great series of books, read 'um), Lord Vetinari tells another character that while people think that they want news, but what they really crave is olds. Wrestling, when done right, IMO, is olds. Good guys vs. bad guys. Bad guys are doing things for their own selfish reasons. Good guys are rising up to beat back the bad guys, etc. Tonight's Wrestling United show had the olds done well, and the crowd loved it. 

 Speaking of news vs. olds, my usual match descriptions will be shorter than expected due to me forgetting to turn the microphone on during one of the matches. D'oh!

Jason Boyd is your ring announcer with Darryl Hall as your referee.

Crowd count at Heard County Rec Center is at 83, up 20 from the previous show. The next show is on Halloween night.

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report from Loganville on September 19

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Fried presented Ultimate Battleground III, featuring a 25 man rumble royal to determine the number one contender for the Southern Fried Championship held by Mikal Judas.

It was essentially a one match show and oh, what a match it was. Todd Sexton’s booking acumen was in full effect. He laid out a beauty. Multiple storylines were advanced in clear, compelling fashion with fun surprises along the way. For a little inside baseball, Anarchy and Southern Honor storylines were brought into the mix. Despite running an hour long, the match had few dead spots and never got clustery because rarely were more than six guys in the ring at any given time. The rest of the show fed into the Battleground match.

The announced card for October 3 flows organically from the all the Battleground fallout.

Attendance at the outdoor space adjoining Cross Church was approximately 300. I was struck by how badly the sound evaporated into nothing compared to the open air pavilion for the LPWG show in Dublin last week. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Coastal Empire Wrestling Debuts in Savannah on September 20


From CEW:

Coastal Empire Wrestling debuts in Savannah with Coach’s Corner Clash! at 3016 E Victory Drive.  Scratch Savior (with Skitsy) issues an Open Challenge; Exciting Triple Threat: Jordan Kingsley vs. Young DC vs. Landon Hale; Storybook Queers vs. Jay Riley and Richard King; AIWF Southern Title match: Chris “The Nightmare” Nelms vs. Brandon Bulloch; ZERO and Hall of Famer Robert Gibson vs.The Exotic Youth (Zach Mosley and Cornelius Pepperbottom);  Mask vs. Beard Hardcore Match: Voodoo Jack (with Skitsy) vs. Kotter (with Marshall). Also in the building: "#1 Draft Pick of CEW” Bryce Cannon, “Pretty Boy” Matt Odam, The Rock 106.1 Crew, HellFire Radio. Come out for this exciting time in Savannah Georgia. Sponsored by HellFire Radio.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Puerto Rican Wrestling News: End of Summer Special

From Alfred Feliciano: 

As another summer comes to a close, despite the COVID crisis, live events from Revolutionary Caribbean Wrestling have been better than ever. While following the CDC recommendations and social distancing guidelines, fans still get to enjoy the action in the ring and are getting their money's worth. 

Throughout July and August, RCW has taped their regular shows as well as their return live event, Line of Fire at the Bonneville Heights Community Center Arena in Caguas, where new champions have been crowned including one of the students from Mike Mendoza's Espiritu Pro Wresling Dojo, El Hijo Del Enigma who became the newly crowned RCW Champion and fellow students Adam Riggs and Edrax on the hunt for the promotion's World Tag Team Championships. 

Though partnered with Levi McDaniels' LM Fght Promotions from Des Moines, IA and Mexico's Border Lucha, RCW also became a member of the Allied Independent Wrestling Federations roster. This isn't the first time AIWF had a member promotion on the Island. In 2015, the once again defunct San Juan's Entertainment Wrestling Organization had a working relationship with AIWF as did Comero's CWA.

Platinum vs AEW Dynamite 9 16 20


Stephen Platinum looks at a much improved Dynamite with (so far) my favorite match of the year in the main event. But there are a couple of problems....

Breaking News on Viral Pro Wrestling


From Charles Felder: 

Joseph Brown and Nate Pritchard from the wrestling podcast Suplexes & Microphones had a video interview with the owner of Viral Pro Wrestling Joshua “Hollywood" Hancock. 

They spoke about the last show VPW had on February 8, 2020, Battle Lines, which was an amazing show with a packed out house. Fans of Georgia wrestling could easily make a case that Battle Line could be in the running for Show of the Year. Then COVID-19 happened and put a pause on action. 

Nate then hit Mr Hancock with the big question. “What can you tell us about the future of Viral Pro Wrestling due to COVID-19? “ Hancock answered, “We will be back bigger and better than ever, but we are gonna wait til its 100% safe for our fans to return to a Viral Pro Wrestling show.” 

Hancock then hit them with the big special announcement. He will be stripping all titles from all champions in Viral Pro Wrestling effective immediately. He stated that all the titles haven’t been defended in 7 months due to COVID-19 and that he believes everyone on the roster deserves a shot at those titles. It will be like hitting the reset button. Hancock stated “ when we return it will be a new era in Viral Pro Wrestling.” He then walked away and the video switched to the Suplexes and Microphones logo. 

The video cut to a shot of Sean Legacy and Cody Fluffman sitting watching the video, as they spit out their drink and gave a loud “Oh F***.” TO BE CONTINUED….

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling in Loganville on September 19


From Larry Goodman: 

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling presents Ultimate Battleground III at Cross Church in Loganville on Saturday, September 19. The winner of the battleground match receives a shot at the SFCW Championship on October 3 - Over 20 participants including Corey Hollis, Griff Garrison, Stryknyn, Anarchy Champion Shane Marx, Xavier Reyes, Billy Buck, Bobby Moore, Matt Sells, Tetchi Makugi, Brian Kane along with some surprises; David Ali defends the Classics Champion vs. Ben Buchanan; Sal Rinauro & SFCW Champion Mikal Judas vs. "Bald Headed" Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards), The Good Sisters vs. Crystal Rose & Trixie, plus the Great Debate between Joseph Brock III and Adrian Hawkins. Bell time is 7 pm. 

This is an outdoor event with social distancing guidelines in effect. Contact Angela Harvey for tickets 470-456-8683 -- 1st row $15, 2nd row $12 and General Admission $10.

Wrestling United in Franklin on September 19


From Larry Goodman: 

Wrestling United returns to the Heard County Rec Complex in Franklin on Saturday September 19 with a bell time of 7:30 pm. Advertised: Murder One vs. Frankie Valentine (with Tweety; Bobby Flaco vs. Chip Day and Dem West GA Boys Challenge Taliaferro's Blackhearts.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Southern Violence & Wrestling in Commerce in September 19

From Larry Goodman:

SVW debuts at Strange Duck Brewing Company in Commerce on Saturday, September 19 with Quack Quack! Mr. Ducksworth

On the card: Brad Cash vs. Vary Morales in a death match; Axel Rod defends his SVW Heavyweight Title against Swole; Ryan Murdoch and Jamie Holmes vs The Frat Party; Chop Top vs Tyler Graves and Vincent Only vs Machine. Bell time is  8 pm. 

Tickets are Adults - $10; kids ages 6-12 - $5.

Platinum vs AEW Dark 9 15 20




Stephen Platinum looks at a MUCH better AEW Dark. Dani Jordyn and Griff Garrison with really great, standout performances.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Platinum vs RAW 9 14 20



 Stephen Platinum's rowboat analogy for Raw is on point and contained within.

Tipping Point Prevew

From GWH News:

Join hosts Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman for tonight's edition of the Tipping Point. 

Ryan Staples requested time to clear the air about the controversies surrounding his role at Total Aggression Pro and his father, Texas promoter Mr. B.

And in depth interview with one Georgia's best for over a decade, Chip Day. The show goes live at 7 pm. 

Tipping Point for September 15 


Monday, September 14, 2020

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #76

 From Stephen Platinum:


Stephen Platinum breaks down the news, rants a time or two, and comments on what Gary Lamb needs to think about if Southern Honor Wrestling will have a chance at truly growing.

Do Black Fans Matter?


From Larry Goodman:

I got heat on social media for the following paragraph in my 9/12 LPWG Dublin Report.

Attendance was 200+. It was interesting to note that in a town with 50% black population there were only a handful of black people in the crowd.

The criticism came from people that perceived the above observation as backhanded racism.

I failed to explain myself.  Why did I make a point of mentioning this?

Forefront in my wrestling mind was an opportunity Lariato might could be missing.  

In the back of my mind were things I learned on the trip. 

King's Journey to the Mountain Top Started in Dublin  


The Laurens County Race Riot of 1919




Total Aggression Pro in Cornelia on September 19

From Larry Goodman:

Total Aggression Pro Wrestling presents Forceful Takeover at Popham Athletics in Cornelia on Saturday, September 19 with a bell time of 7 pm.  Tyler Garrison (c) vs. Junior Mayson (with Pete Zimmerman) for the TAP Championship; Sweet Daddy & Jon Hogan (c) vs. Northern Lights (Stevie Ray Frost & Dynamic Dexter) for the TAP tag titles: State of Emergency (Droxx & Jaxon Carter with Josh Aeronson)  vs. Chris  & Jerry Nelms for the OSWA tag titles; Lizzy Blair vs. Trixie (with Payton Blair) plus Jacob Ashworth, Ryan Staples, James Boulevard, Jimmy Lee and Billy Starr.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

ProSouth Wrestling #514 Report from September 11

From Larry Goodman:

ProSouth Wrestling returned from a one week hiatus with show number 514.

The build for the annual BattleRumble show on September 25 was in full effect.

Austin Towers and Marko had by far the best match on the show.

The blowoff match of the Ace Haven/Roma Miller feud was way better than it had any right to be as a main event thanks to a story well told. 

The production gremlins persist in a maddening fashion. The echo during the talk segments was horrible and there was good bit of talking  

The commentary by Shane Noles and Wicked Nemesis was a plus. 

TWE Report from Chattanooga on September 12

From Scott Hensley:

TWE celebrated 7 years with what many consider to be the best event in the history of their company.
1) Rob Killjoy defeated Graham Bell by pinfall
Bell previously beat Killjoy with assistance of his bazooka (he hit him with it...not shot him...) so this was Killjoy getting some retribution. They beat the snot out of each other and as far as in ring action goes, I'm not sure anything beat this on an absolutely stacked card full of great matches that the crowd cared about. They traded brutal strikes and a dozen or more pin attempts before Killjoy scored the pin...with some usage of the ropes.
2) Coach Kody Manhorn defeated Patrick Heeter and Keith Thorn and Rodney Rockchild and  Brandon Williams and Tyler Franks in the annual Anniversary Scramble 
This was an exciting scramble with action galore and too many highlights to hit. Heeter has become a fan favorite at TWE as a big, athletic brawler. Thorn is the son of longtime wrestler/gearmaker Chris Thorn, who is starting to travel and carve out his own niche. Williams is the New South promoter turned serious mat grappler, Rockchild is a disturbingly creepy heavyweight who regularly appears for New South. Franks is 1/2 of the Talladega Knights with Hunter Drake and a recent Jacobs Prichard Wrestling Academy graduate. Each guy got the opportunity to showcase some offense before falling prey to someone else's offense until Manhorn picked up the pin!

Southern Violence & Wrestling Report from Athens on September 12


From SVW:

WrestleMerica Report from Barnesville on September 12

From Rob Brodhecker:

I was running late to get to the show in time, so I missed the earlier start time and missed most of the first match of The Beautiful Bald Besties against Owen Parker and Chris Jacobs.

 The Besties beat Owen Parker and Chris Jacobs in tag team action.

 "The Queen of Barnesville" Simon Sermon, David Ali, and Eddie Honcho (with Ryan North) vs. Matt Sells, Sean Legacy, and Taylor Pope.

 Still trying to set up the laptop. Matt and David start out. Faces double team early on Ali, Ali and Legacy, Honcho in and Pope in. Heat on Pope by Simon. Ali in, tease to a hot tag but no. Honcho distracts the ref for shenanigans. Heel tag, dirty deeds happen. Standing dropkick gives hope to Pope, Hot tag to Sells. Sells taking care of Ali, Jushin Thunder Lager palm strike sends Ali to the outside LEgacy dives on him, and they fight out in the crowd. Honcho is holding Sells for Simon to deck with an object but Sell ducks, and Simon hits Honcho; Sells pins him at approx 9 minutes. Sloppy action in a small spot, C+.

 Oct 10, next show, Barnesville street fight announced.

Ladies attraction match with a special referee, Bambi: Brooklyn Creed vs. Crystal Rose

Bambi gets a good reaction from the crowd. Crystal gets the early advantage; the crowd doesn't like Creed. Rose and Creed are a couple of top female talents that currently wrestle in Georgia. Most of the female talent wrestle outside the state. That's a rant there. Creed in control with enough borderline tactics to keep Bambi busy with attempted 5 counts. Rose is fighting back, but Creed cuts her off. Creed paint brushing the back of Rose's head. Rose being choked in the corner, Irish whip, but Rose rebounds and sends Creed's head into the canvas. Full-on comeback by Rose. Three amigos by Rose. Creed to the outside, she breaks the count at 7, Rose follows. Creed hits Rose with a chair. Creed tries to bring the chair into the ring, Bambi grabs it, and while Bambi's back is turned, Creed hits Rose with a pair of nucks and covers for the pin at 9:50. Bambi sees the nucks afterward, and reverses the decision. Winner, Rose. Creed isn't happy and physically confronts Bambi, and Bambi slaps the taste out of her mouth, C.

 Intermission. I counted the crowd at around 200, but it seemed like 300 in the building.

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild Report from Dublin on September 12

From Larry Goodman:

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild ran the first of what is planned as a regular monthly show in Dublin, GA taped for Impact Plus.

Impact stars World Champion Eric Young, “The Big LG” Doc Gallows and Heath all went over in their matches. Young also took home the Lariato Championship.

The Lariato tag titles also changed hands with Regenesis (Franciso Ciatso & Storm Thomas) emerging from a four-way match as the new champions. 

Lariato has found a fabulous venue for these strange times in the Southern Pines Ag & Expo Center, which is an open air arena that affords plenty of room for social distancing and a roof that contains the crowd noise and makes rain a non-issue. The lighting and sound system are first rate.

Attendance was 200+. It was interesting to note that in a town with 50% black population there were only a handful of black people in the crowd. 

Overall, it was a very good show for this audience. Fans seemed generally thrilled, especially the opportunity to hobnob with the Impact stars. None of the matches ran too long. The plan is to have a sprinkling of Impact stars on future events, a parallel to the formula Gallows'  used when he ran WrestleMerica in Barnesville.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

ACTION Doubleheader Set for IWTV Premiers

 From Larry Goodman: 

The IWTV premier dates for the ACTION Wrestling doubleheader on September 4 have been announced. 

 Last Call will premier Sunday, September 13 at 9 pm. The Tonight Show with Matt Sells premiers on Sunday, September 20 at 9 pm. 

 If you're new to IWTV, use promo code "ACTION" for a free 5 day trial.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Platinum vs AEW Dynamite 9 9 20



Stephen Platinum looks at what will no doubt be a highly watched but troubling Dynamite. Problems abound...none of them huge ones, but it feels that the momentum of good shows has been halted with a couple weeks of shows that haven't worked well in total.

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild in Dublin on September 12

LPWG returns to the Southern Pines Ag Center in Dublin  on Saturday, September 12 with an Impact Plus taping featuring Impact star Doc Gallows, Impact World Champion Eric Young and Impact star Heath plus Micah Taylor vs. Lazer in a steel cage match for the LPWG Championship,
Jay Bradley, Pain, Fry Daddy, Brad Attitude,  Damage Inc., Wolverton, Spi-ral, Lariato Man and more. This will be an outdoor event with social distancing guidelines in effect. Ringside tickets are sold out. General admission is available for $15. 

West Georgia Wrestling in Villa Rica on September 12

From Larry Goodman:

West Georgia Wrestling returns to Gold Dust Park in Villa Rica on Saturday, September 12 with a bell time of 8 pm. This will be an outdoor show.  I Quit Match - Frankie Valentine (with Tweety) vs. Brad Lynch; No DQ Match - Big Smash vs. The Mercenary; Kody Jack & Dax Anthony vs. Dem West GA Boys; Chris Ganz vs. Jamie Hall and Chris Lightning vs. Lamar Phillips.

Tickets $10 each, kids 10 and under free.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Platinum vs AEW Dark 9 8 20



 Stephen Platinum looks at a most nondescript AEW Dark. A couple of suggestions to make the show a bigger thing again contained within.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild Results from Sylvester on September 5

From LPWG:

Sylvester Slam was another great success for Lariato Pro Wrestling in their string of outside shows . Over 350 attended the nights action and some of the matches will be available on Impact Plus in the coming weeks.

WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons welcomed the crowd and introduced Shalandra Royal to sing the national anthem .

Tracy Taylor came out after the anthem and trashed the town and Royal.

Shalandra Royal defeated Tracy Taylor in 10:36

Mike Knox defeated Jake Davis (Leslie Leatherman) in 9:35

Lariato Man (with George North) defeated George North in 8:47

Roman Rozell answered a challenge by Bob Keller, representing the Koloffs for the night . After a two on one attack, Doc Gallows made his way out . Ron Simmons made the match a tag,,,
Rozell and Gallows defeated the Koloffs in 13:48

Landon Hale defeated Jake Foy in 7:54

Robert Gibson and Zach Mosley defeated The Slambinos (Frankie Ciatso and Tony Storm) in 17:35

Micah Taylor retained the LPWG Heavyweight Championship over Lazer and Scotty Beach . In 10:22

Taylor and Lazer will square off this Saturday, September 12 in a cage at Southern Pines Ag-Center in Dublin for the LPWG Championship. Also appearing: Impact World Champion Eric Young, “The Big LG” Dog Gallows, Inpact star Heath, Jay Bradley, Pain, Fry Daddy, Brad Attitude,  Damage Inc., Wolverton, Spiral, Lariato Man and many more. 

Southern Violence & Wrestling in Athens on September 12

From SVW:

SVW presents Make Them Suffer on Saturday, September 12th at 8pm at The Southern Brewing Company in Athens, Georgia. Adult tix are $10 and kids ages 6-12 are $5. We take cash and credit/debit cards. All social distancing guidelines will be followed. 
1. King Garuda vs Charlie Anarchy
2. Anthony Lee and Dallas Troy vs The Gotch Brothers.
3. Ryan Murdoch with Jamie Holmes defends The SVW Hardcore Title vs Cody Mcculley in a barbed wire dog collar match.
4. Bobby D vs Brandon Whatley in a nunchuck match.
5. Marko vs Chop Top
6. Axel Rod defends The SVW Heavyweight Title against Austin Towers.

WrestleMerica in Barnesville on September 12


From Larry Goodman:

WrestleMerica presents their 3rd anniversary Spectacular at the Academy Gym in Barnesville on Saturday, September 12 with a bell time of 7:30 pm.  Logan Creed & Mike Pain vs. The Koloffs (reigning WrestleMerica Champion Alexasandr & Neal); Corey Hollis vs. Dominique Stuckey; Mikel Judas vs. Ryan North's mystery opponent; Brooklyn Creed vs. Crystal Rose with Bambi as the special referee; Sal Rinauro vs. Paul Jordane; Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards) vs. Chris Jacobs & Owen Parker and Simon Sermon & David Ali & Dax Anthony (with Ryan North) vs. Sean Legacy & Matt Sells & Taylor Pope in a six man elimination tag; plus a live concert by Micaelah Gale at 7 pm.

Platinum vs. RAW 9 7 20

Renegade Championship Wrestling Results from Chatsworth on September 5

From RCW: 

Renegade Championship Wrestling results from their fan appreciation event held outdoors with attendance of 78.

Commissioner Josh Jones opened with a roller with names in it. He reminded everyone that tonight out of all the names in the roller, he would draw one out and that lucky person got a title shot in the main event. Mike Clay was selected.
Ganz and Lighning interrupted talking about the travesty of Ganz losing his cruiserweight championship. Jones quickly set them up in two singles matches for the night, starting with the return of Ethan Cage. 
Cage defeated Chris Lightning; Charles Allen defeated Mad Dog; Chris Ganz defeated Nate Wilde; CJ Holloway defeated Robert Starr; Dorian Crowe defeated Zach Malone following a disqualification when Charles Allen got involved.
Landon Priest defeated Mike Clay to retain the RCW Heavyweight Championship. 
After the match; Landon and Logan Chase attempted to add insult to injury and kept attacking Clay. CJ Holloway hit the ring and reminded them he had two goals for 2020... get rid of the Illuminati and win back his damn belt. Logan quickly cut CJ off and told him he has to earn a title shot and since he has only won one match in three months. He doesn’t deserve it. Commissioner Josh Jones said for once... he agrees with Logan. CJ needs a #1 contenders match. But it has to be against someone of Logan’s standards, yes? Logan agreed. 
Then Josh set it up.. on Sept 26th, when we make our return to Chatsworth.. it will be CJ Holloway vs Logan Chase! If CJ wins, he gets Landon for the belt in October!

Monday, September 7, 2020

RobBrod's ACTION Wrestling Last Call Report

From Rob Brodhecker:

The first show of a doubleheader that Action is presenting and the first since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Scott Hensley and Matt Griffin start the show with mentions of the loss of Bullet Bob Armstrong and Norko Kipte. Scott starts listing the show's rules, but AC Mack's music plays, and the double champ (Action an d Bonestorm) comes out. Mack makes Hensley raise both of the belts above Scott's head, and Mack launches into a promo about how Scott could start the show with the only champ Action wrestling has ever had. Brett Ison comes out, and Mack vacates the ring. Mack says that Ison has to chase him, and there will be no marketing stare down, and MAck leaves via the front door. Ison storms out the back door. Hensley is finally able to finish what he stated. Darryl Hall and Aaron Noyes are your referees.

Kevin Ryan vs. Nolan Edward

Ryan is becoming a staple at several promotions across several states. I don't know much about Edward's background. Ryan is playing the bailing game early. Edward starts with a one-armed test of strength and takes Ryan down. Edward is outwrestling Ryan in the early going, gaining a couple of near falls. Ryan shoves Edward off the apron onto the floor, and Ryan follows after. Ryan pummels Nolan for a minute and shoves Edward back into the ring. Edward is selling his leg, but he stages a comeback with some major strikes, and Ryan is out of the ring. Edward wants to do a tope, but Ryan kicks him in the face and then lands a top rope stomp onto Edward, who was draped on the second rope. A near fall for Ryan. Edward starts firing back, still favoring the hip. Ryan sets Edward on the top, and he wants a brainbuster, Edward fights him off, and Ryan settles for a springboard Spanish fly for a near fall. Edward is set up for a tombstone, but he reverses it, and he launches Ryan into the turnbuckle for a snake-eyes and picks up the pinfall at 8:55. A decent opener, C+.

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #75

 From Stephen Platinum: 


Stephen Platinum breaks down the news and the scuttlebutt, and his commentary is about three rules he'd love to see wrestling groups adopt going forward.

ACTION Wrestling Tonight Show with Matt Sells Report from September 4

From Rob Brodhecker: 

This is the second part of the doubleheader show put on by Action Wrestling. Still, for me, it will be the first one I post as the venerable Larry Goodman did a report on the first show of the evening. I will post my take on that first show in about 24 hours.

 They had the full COVID capacity crowd (35) for both shows in the confines of the RSCC, Larry did a full rundown of the measures they took, so I'll save my fingers from having to retype them.

  Scott Hensley brings out the host of The Tonight (in this very ring) Show, Matt Sells. Matt promises that this show will not be like other shows that run, like bad comedy, overlong promos, and having the show run over. Matt says that since the show is PG13, he can say the F word one time, and he's written a song about it. He sings accompanied by Donnie Janela on guitar. Effy comes out, interrupting Matt. Effy says that he's "hot, hot steaming s word in the wrestling world right now." Effy says that he will defeat Sells on his own show. Sells calls Effy a big vaping butthole and saying that he will spoil Effy's debut at Action Wrestling. A good intro to introduce Effy for the 4-5 non-smart marks above the age of 18 in the crowd.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

USA Championship Wrestling Cancels East Ridge Event

From Larry Goodman:

According to a post on the Chattanooga Wrestling Memories Facebook page, promoter Bert Prentice has canceled the USA Championship Wrestling event set for this coming Friday night at Camp Jordan Arena in East Ridge, TN. 

Jerry Lawler vs. Boogeyman was the headline match with ringside seats priced at $10, general admission at $5.

The post states the cancellation was not COVID related. Rather, Prentice canceled because Camp Jordan management broke the original deal he made for the venue. 

Camp Jordan has rarely been used for pro wrestling as it has historically been a prohibitively expensive venue for wrestling promoters to run. 

Platinum vs ALL of the All Out Shows



Stephen Platinum goes over AEW All Out Red Carpet, Countdown to All Out, AEW All Out Red Carpet Part 2, All Out Buy-In, and the All Out PPV itself! Letting it all hang out and being the adult in the room as always!

ACTION Wrestling Report from Tyrone on September 4


From Larry Goodman:

At long last, ACTION Wrestling is back in the business of presenting live events, a doubleheader no less.

Last Call was the first half of a doubleheader at the Roger Spencer Community Center.

It was a good show. Being one of ACTION’s best wasn’t in the cards. The top three matches delivered the goods.

Storywise, Last Call was almost a complete restart. ACTION and SUP Bonestorm Champion AC Mack and dual top challenger Brett Ison had to do the heavy lifting in that department. Arik Royal and Matt Sells clearly figure in future plans. Given the lack of pre-existing feuds, the clear distinction of babyface and heels was a real strength of this show until the main event…

Mack and Ison did a great job of getting their twisted narrative across and put on a  compelling match. Mack had been the heel fans loved to hate during his two year reign as the first and only ACTION Champion. After Mack came to the rescue of ACTION CEO Matt Griffin last November, fans started cheering him outright but his character never strayed from its obnoxious and devious nature. Ison has done nothing wrong except he’s a badass outsider infringing on ACTION territory. 

One Called Manders and Graham Bell had the best match - balls to the wall, bell to bell.

For something completely different, check out Arik Royal and Pineapple Pete aka Suge D. Can’t say it was like any match I’ve ever seen.

Nolan Edward is a name to watch.

Attendance was limited to 35 fans. Chairs were grouped by ticket holders with appropriate distance between groupings.

The uplifting atmosphere that is part and parcel ACTION wrestling experience at their home arena was hugely missed. Fortunately it’s a naturally loud space.

ACTION is the gold standard for a safe environment in the COVID era. Fans had temperatures taken and were offered hand sanitizer upon arrival. Masks were required and people kept them on 100%. Poor Dylan Hales did the play by play with his mask on. Wrestlers wore masks at the merch tables. Prepackaged concessions were handled by cashless transaction.

GWH's Rob Brodhecker was in the house all night long and will have a report the PG-13 nightcap, The Tonight Show with Matt Sells, which featured what has been called the most violent match in ACTION history- Edward vs. Angelus Layne, along with his take on Last Call. 

Last Call will premier on some time during the coming week.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Platinum vs. AEW Dark 9 4 20



 Stephen Platinum looks at a surprise AEW Dark on a Friday! It's a good outing, with Shawn Dean and Kilynn King as huge standouts.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Platinum vs AEW Dynamite 9 2 20


 The go-home show did the job of promoting the PPV, but as a show is one of the most uneven and scattered shows to date for AEW. Hear about it here, as only Stephen Platinum tells it.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

ACTION Wrestling in Tyrone on September 4

From Larry Goodman: 

ACTION Wrestling presents a doubleheader tomorrow night at the Roger Spencer Community Center in Tyrone. 

Last Call starts at 6:30 pm with One Called Manders vs Graham Bell; Bobby Flaco vs. BK Westbrook; Donnie Janela vs. Jaden Newman; Suge D aka Pineapple Pete vs. Arik Royal; Nolan Edwards vs. Kevin Ryan and AC Mack defending the ACTION and SUP Bonestorm Championships vs. Bret Ison. 

The Tonight Show hosted by Matt Sells will be at 9 pm with Matt Sells vs. Effy; Fearless Musa vs. Graham Bell; One Called Manders vs. Arik Royal; Nolan Edwards vs. Angelus Layne add Patrick Heeter vs. Adam Priest. 

Tickets for both shows are sold out. Masks will be required.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Platinum vs AEW Dark 9 1 20


Livewire Results from Augusta on August 29

From Larry Goodman:

Livewire Wrestling Recharge 4 results from American Legion Post 63 in Augusta. The Menagerie defeated Reality Check 2; Chris Solar defeated Ash Taylor 3; Zach Mosley defeated JC Walker; Suge D. Defeated Josh Magnum; Shark Boy, Mason Brix, and Karl Hager defeated William Blackwell, Matt Odam, and K-Toomer; Charlie Anarchy defeated Gaston; Zuka King Retained the APW Heavyweight Championship over Antonio Morgan; High Profile defeated Walker Hayes and Otis Crowley to become new Livewire Tag Team Champions; Big Game James defeated Roma Miller and K Holiday; Matt Sells defeated Jeremy Cruz via DQ, Cruz retains the Livewire Wrestling Championship.

ProSouth Cancels Due to COVID

From Larry Goodman:

ProSouth Wrestling canceled their show for this Friday night due to a fan testing positive for COVID-19, according to a post on the ProSouth Facebook. The promotion  will do a deep cleaning of the arena and plans to return on Friday, September 11. The Battle Rumble has been moved to the September 25. with the announced talent lineup still in place.

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild in Sylvester on September 5

From Larry Goodman:

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild will have a free outdoor show in Sylvester this Saturday featuring Luke Gallows, Mike Knox, Ron Simmons, Robert Gibson, Micah Taylor, Tracy Taylor and more. This event is an Impact + taping. Bell time is 7 pm.