Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Latest Episode of GWH TV Now Online

From GWH News:

Episode 5 of GWH TV is now online.  Watch as Brother Joe, John "Stoney" Cannon and Stevie Jay take you back to the great wrestling of yesterday.  See such stars as Tracy Smothers, Paul Diamond, JT Southern, Memphis Vice, Ron Sexton, The Hardy Boyz, The Andersons, Ryan Chaos, Austin Creed, Phil Hickerson & Al Greene, Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett, Fantastics, Midnight Express.  Visit the official GWH Youtube to subscribe and like the official GWH TV Facebook page.

Premiere Wrestling Xperience Results from Charlotte on August 21

From Brian Slack:

Premiere Wrestling Xperience was in Charlotte, NC on August 21.  Results:  Tracer X defeated Darius Lockhart, James Drake and Mason Maddox (w/The Tommy Thomas) in a four-way match.  Gunner defeated David Starr to retain the PWX Innovative Television championship.  Jason Cade defeated Ethan Case by DQ.  Sami Callihan defeated Corey Hollis.  The Revolt! (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) defeated Nuclear Kaasarole (Chase Brown & Peter Kaasa).  Anthony Henry defeated Moose.  The Ugly Ducklings (Colby Corino, Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy)(w/Coach Mikey) defeated The GOUGE All-Stars (Chet Sterling, Mickey Gambino & Timmy Lou Retton)(w/Seymour Snott).  Kennadi Brink defeated Samantha Starr.  Jake Manning defeated Cedric Alexander to retain the PWX Heavyweight championship.

WrestleForce Results from Aiken on August 20

From Brian Slack:

WrestleForce was in Aiken, SC on August 20.  Results:  Timmy Lou Retton defeated "The Modern Classic" BJ Hancock.  Anthony Henry defeated Mason Myles.  The Equal Nation Demonstration (Kevin Keith Kochran, Zuka King & Boss) defeated referee Jarrod Fritz, Boomer Payne & "The Party Manimal" Zane Riley.  Corey Hollis defeated "The Thoroughbred" Jaxson James.  Brady Pierce vs. The Salem Sinner Sixx ended in a double DQ.  "The Modern Day Viking" Gunner defeated "The Southern Savior" John Skyler to win the WrestleForce Heavyweight championship.

World Xtreme Wrestling Results from Orlando on August 20

From Brian Slack:

World Xtreme Wrestling was in Orlando, FL on August 20.  Results:  Frankie Burbank (w/Brian Rubright) defeated Big O by DQ.  The Brothers Lockhart defeated Nate Fury & Devin Abrams.  Ace Radic defeated Vertigo.  Mercedes Martinez defeated "The Sister" Jaime D (w/Mohawk Doll) by DQ.  After the match, Jaime D attacked Mercedes Martinez.  "Perfect Body" HGD defeated Alex "Fusion 1".  Sean Maluta defeated Nick Nero by DQ after Jaxen Blade, Gariston Spears, and Nick Nero attacked Sean Maluta.  The Modern Day Savages (Ati & Aleki) defeated Tha NuYoRicanz (D Ramos & Carlos Rivera), The New Breed (Vinny Mac & The Diamond Kid) and The Brothers Lockhart in a fatal four way.  

NWA Southeastern Results from Pavo on August 20

August 20, 2016 
Pavo, GA

Hello to all the NWA Southeastern fans out there. First...let me thank each and every one of you that makes this all worthwhile. If not for the great fans like yourselves, we would do what we do.

The event opened with the newly crowned NWA Deep South Heavyweight Champion, "The Sharp Shooter" Mason Price, walking out to the squared circle to announce how he has been given the honor of filling in for General Manager J.P. Nasty in his absence while he is scouting other talent to bring into his circle. So, as acting "Assistant General Manager", Mason Price went about altering certain things that he saw that needed his attention. One of which is Mason decided to appoint Landon Lashley (formerly Alpha Six of the Delta Dawgs) as his special guest Ring Announcer for the night. Then, doing something that is almost unheard of...Mason Price decided to carry on about how Tony Storm didn't quite deserve to get his "rematch" just yet, but, would rather see him earn it. Mason decided to order that a special 3-Way Match to be scheduled for later that night (which Mason would choose the other two participants) and the winner would go on to face him in a match of their choosing on Sept 3, 2016, at NWA Southeastern presents "Grid Iron". Taking it one step farther, Mason reaches out to show that he will be a "Fighting Champions" that will give everyone an equal shot by awarding The Crimson Avenger a title shot effective immediately.

The official for the night was NWA Southeastern's Senior Ref: "Mr. Nice 'N' Smooth" Kyle Weaver.

The opening contest of the night found The Crimson Avenger facing off in an NWA Deep South Heavyweight Championship bout with the champion "The Sharp Shooter" Mason Price. In what seemed like a one-sided contest, Mason Price was victorious in keeping his championship.

The tag team of the two Texas brawlers...The New Texas Outlaws ("Hoss" Hayes Jensen and The Outlaw) set their sites on making short work of the Oregon tough guys, The Hard Way Brothers (Marcus O'Riley and "Wild Man" Dillinger). The match seemed to sway back and forth with no one gaining the advantage. After an explosive battle that left all four participants laying on the floor of the building, the match ended in a No Contest due to a Double Count-out.

Stunt Marshall was tasked with keeping his hopes for Cruiserweight gold alive by having to battle off a newcomer to the NWA Southeastern scene, Ken Lee. In a very energetic match...Marshall was able to squeeze out a victory to keep his chances alive.

"The King of Selfies's" Kameron Kade found himself facing off against the "Weapon of Sass Destruction" Effy Gibbes in what can be considered one of the most exotic and extravagant matches NWA Southeastern has ever seen. With as much flash and flair as you can imagine, the match finally came down to Effy pulling off the victory.

The team of Karl Hagar and Chris Mayne traveled from South Carolina to put their unique style up against the NWA Florida Tag Team Champions, The Punkadelics. Ladies and Gentlemen, I can say that this match was intense from bell to bell, but, The Punkadelics were able to hold their hands up high one more time to retain their titles.

During the intermission, Ladon Lashley took this moment afforded to him by Mason Price to use his Ring Announcing time to speak on the subject of his "ex" tag team partner. It's evident that Mr. Lashley is not a very happy person with Delta Six. It's going to be interesting to see how this unfolds when Delta Six returns.

On another note...we want to take this moment to wish Delta Six's family the best and to let them all know they are in our thoughts while Delta Six is back out on Deployment.

The Semi Main Event was a tight match that found "The One Man Boy Band" Johnny Romana taking another shot at the NWA Deep South Cruiserweight Championship by challenging the Champion, "Da #1 Stunna" Dark Rage. Romano tried to do everything he could to get inside the champion's head and to find every advantage he could, but, when it was all said and done...Dark Rage proved once again why he still is the NWA Deep South Cruiserweight Champion!

The final match of the night was one that seen Tony Storm fighting against the odds just to get his rematch for the NWA Deep South Heavyweight Championship in a 3-Way Battle where the winner gets the match of his choice. Mason Price called out Tony Storms opponents one at a time. First to make his way to the ring was one-half of the NWA Deep South Tag Team Champions, Street Bandit....followed by the "Dark Carnival" Fatality. The Match was give and take for the longest....looking like it was easily going to be a situation where Tony Storm had no chance at all. But, somehow....Storm dug down deep and pulled off the win. With that, Storm regained himself....then he let Mason know what his intentions were. With all that he has been through, with all he had to do to get this far...he never quit. So, with that in mind...September 3rd in Pavo, Ga....Tony Storm made it clear he wanted his rematch for the NWA Deep South Heavyweight Championship against Mason Price to be an "I Quit" match!

Again, I want to take this moment to thank all the fans that make it possible for us to come to Pavo, Ga and do what we love to do!

August 30 Birthdays and Memoriams

Caleb Konley celebrates a birthday today.

Chris Colt died at the age of 50 on this day in 1998, and Ciclon Veloz, Jr. passed at 63 in 2001. Bob Nandor was 80 when he passed away on this day in 2005, and Killer Kowalski died at 81 in 2008. Beverly Lehmer died at the age of 77 on this day in 2010.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Dudley Debacle Promoter Out on Bond

Gregory Greene
From Larry Goodman:

Gregory Greene, the promoter of the Legendsfest in Dudley, has bonded out of the Laurens County Jail according to jail personnel. Greene was jailed on 66 felony counts related to bad checks written to talent at the August 13 event. 

An incredible lineup of wrestling legends including Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Barry Windham, Ted DiBiase, Nikita Koloff, Del Wilkes Tammy Sytch discovered that Greene did not have the money to pay them after the fanfest was underway.   

In a post on her Facebook, Sytch stated the sheriff in Laurens County had informed her that Greene had been hospitalized in a VA hospital in Augusta as a suicide risk but was medically cleared on August 24 and arrested by authorities.

Real Pro Wrestling Results from Ave Maria on August 19

From Brian Slack:

Real Pro Wrestling was in Ave Maria, FL on August 19.  Results:  Dann Lydon & Syther defeated Hector Delgado & Little Ricky.  Michael Kai Rayne defeated Michael Sky.  Alex Todd defeated Aaron Nova.  TECH (Mike Monroe & TC Read) defeated Adrian Marx & Julian Kelevra to retain the RPW Tag Team championships.  Zack Monstar defeated Barrington Hughes.  Sideshow defeated Rome to retain the RPW Top Crown championship.

Ego Pro Wrestling Report from Athens, TN on August 27

Barry Allen
From Scott Hensley:

The wife and I made the hour drive to Athens, TN for our first Ego Pro show. Ego Pro is the brain child of Barry Allen(no, not the Flash...). I got off to a bad start with this promotion because their poster only said “Athens National Guard Armory” - which I'm sure all the locals know the location of. I figured trusty ol' Google Maps would take me to the “Athens National Guard Armory” but I was wrong. After driving to two incorrect locations, we found an address for a recruiting station near the airport and went to it, which happened to be the right place. The armory has plenty of parking in a gravel lot behind it and plenty of seating, as most armories do. Unfortunately, the show ran close to 3 hours and 45 minutes and the armory is the type of building that sound just dies in. The PA was extremely difficult to understand and so unfortunately there was a lot of mic work that fell on deaf ears.

We missed the first couple of segments and matches but I was told that Tyler Sutton delivered a speech about his most recent shoulder injury and mentioned the harsh possibility of not ever being able to compete again. He was interrupted by JD Rollins. Tiger Kid made the save; and then Kid and Rollins had a match in which Kid pinned Rollins.

2) “It's Complicated” Draven Lee & Hair Band d. Bailey Blake & Shawn Stevens by pinfall after a top rope elbow.

Real Pro Wrestling Television from August 26

Episode 3

August 29 Birthdays

Sinn Bodhi (a/k/a Kizarny) celebrates a birthday today.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on August 27

From Larry Goodman:

Why We Wrestle has a new Triple Crown Champion in the form of the “People’s Captain” Gunner Miller. On the heels of winning the Scenic City Invitational earlier this month, Miller injured the indestructible Stryk Nyn then defeated him to become the second WWW Triple Crown Champion.

In the process, Jeff G. Bailey revealed that he was the evildoer behind the bounty on Stryk Nyn’s head.

The turmoil involving Sim J, Billy Buck and Kevin Blue was amped to new level in the semi-main. 

The new comedy character introduced in the undercard and was big hit with the fans.

Since taking the reigns as booker, Dan Wilson’s storytelling has been on point. WWW doesn’t have the roster depth of times past in Cornelia. Wilson is getting the most out of what he has.

This was a good show from WWW. I only wish there were more people there to appreciate it.

55 fans with an abundance of enthusiasm were in attendance. There just weren’t nearly enough of them to get The Church rocking. Emcee Seth Delay asked for a show of hands for first time attendees. There was one newbie in the house. 

Creature comforts have never been part of the deal at The Church and WWW isn't moving them in a positive direction. The reconfiguring of the venue remains unfinished and is visually unappealing if not downright depressing.

WWA4 Results from Atlanta on August 18

From Brian Slack:

WWA4 was in Atlanta, GA on August 18.  Results:  Kavron Kanyon defeated Kenny Vendetta.  Tommy Maserati defeated John Mavrik by count out.  Jon Averson & The Reflection defeated The Force (Ra's Ali & AC Mack) to win the WWA4 Tag Team championships.  Kayla Lynn defeated Dementia D'Rose by count out to retain the WWA4 Intergender championship.

Real Pro Wrestling Television from August 19

Episode 2

August 28 Birthdays and Memoriams

Joe Hamilton, Mike Rapada, and Dustin Robinson celebrate birthdays today.

Tarzan Lopez died at the age of 63 on this day in 1975, and Bearcat Wright was 50 when he passed in 1982. Kotetsu Yamamoto passed away at the age of 68 on this day in 2010.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Total Nonstop Action Results from Orlando on August 17

From Brian Slack:

Total Nonstop Action was in Orlando, FL on August 17.  Results:  Andrew Everett defeated Mandrews.  DJ Z defeated Eddie Edwards to retain the TNA X-Division championship.  Laurnel Vanness (w/Allie) defeated Madison Rayne.  Reby Hardy (w/Matt Hardy & Brother Nero) defeated Rosemary (w/Crazzy Steve & Abyss) by DQ.  Team Lashley (Lashley, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett & Maria) defeated Team EC3 (Ethan Carter III, Aron Rex, Moose & Gail Kim) in a lethal lockdown match.  Braxton Sutter defeated Basile Baraka.  Jade defeated Marti Bell and Sienna in a three-way match.  James Storm defeated Bram.  Jessie Godderz, Robbie E & DJ Z defeated Eddie Edwards, Grado & Mahabali Shera.

Ohio Valley Wrestling Results from Louisville on August 17

From Brian Slack:

Ohio Valley Wrestling was in Louisville, KY on August 17 for a TV taping.  Results:

Dark matches:  "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix defeated "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/Jessie Belle).  The Van Zandt Family Circus ("Dapper" Dan Van Zandt & Mad Man Pondo)(w/Scarlet & Little Damion) defeated Billy O & Colton Cage.  The Legacy of Brutality ("Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya & Big Zo)(w/Josh Ashcraft) defeated Houdini & The Assassin.

Episode 887:  "Party Starter" Bud Dwight defeated "Shotgun" Tony Gunn to win the OVW Television championship.  "Amazing" Maria James defeated Jamie Lynne to win the OVW Women's championship.  "The Show Stealer" Rocco Bellagio defeated "The Complete Athlete" Devin Driscoll by submission to retain the OVW Heavyweight championship.  

Dark matches:  Big Jon defeated an unnamed wrestler.  "The Pastor of Disaster" Reverend Stuart Miles defeated Stephon Smith by submission.

Dragon Con Wrestling on September 1 in Atlanta

From Larry Goodman:

Dragon Con Wrestling returns to Atlanta for the 15th consecutive year on Thursday, September 1. Bell time at the Hyatt Centennial Ballroom is 7 pm. Advance memberships for this year's convention are available for $150 through August 30. Tickets are not available for the wrestling show as a standalone event.

Three The Hardway Archive Online

From GWH News:

The dog days of summer are really bringing out the bad behavior in wrestling promoters.

Real Pro Wrestling Television from August 13

Episode 1

August 27 Birthdays and Memoriams

Sgt. Slaughter, the Great Khali, Milano Collection AT, Jazz, Ben Masters, and Frankie Valentine celebrate birthdays today.

Chief War Eagle died at the age of 80 on this day in 1979, and Martin Karadagian passed in 1991. Sammy Baldwin was 69 when he passed away on this day in 1996, and Sailor White (a/k/a Moondog King) died at the age of 56 in 2005. Ronnie Hill died at the age of 73 on this day in 2008. Luna Vachon was one of four wrestling figures to pass away on this day in 2010 when she was 48. Also passing that day were Anton Geesink (76), El Espanto II (78), and Tony Borne (84).

Friday, August 26, 2016

Puerto Rican Wrestling News & Notes

From Alfred Feliciano:

With the enormous success of their big event Best of Three 2016, Ponce,PR's 100% Lucha Promotion already announced that they will return for the Fourth Season coming this October, after the heels from their big event live from the Jose Gerardo Tripari Toro Community Center,Ponce,PR Wednesday August 10,2016 which through worldwide social media as well as Wrestling fans locally here in Puerto Rico, Worldwide and all over America especially the loyal wrestling fans who support Puerto Rican and local wrestling promotions throughout the Southeast (especially the fans who came for the event as far as from Florida,Georgia, The Carolinas and even Tennesse and Kentucky.) watched the entire card as well as 100% Lucha's version of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight between two founding members of the Lucha World Order : Former WWC Universal Champion, current Wrestling Superstar Submission World Champion in Chile and alternate participant of the WWE's Cruiserweight Classic Tournament: "Mr.450" Jesus De Leon (Jesus John Yurnet) and current participant in WWE's Cruiserweight Classic who this week is live on the WWE Network and from Full Sail University in Orlando,Florida  will be facing  against Rich Swann in the second round of the tournament: Lince Dorado. this is their full match in its entirety as well as 100% Lucha's Best of Three 2016 highlights from that night where Payatronic not only won the Best of Three 2016 also becoming the first 100% Lucha World Champion.

As World Wrestling Council,the legendary wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico is closely heading towards their 43rd Anniversary Showcase weekend coming this fall. over Summerslam weekend they announced the arrival of Jeff Hardy (Brother Nero in TNA Impact Wrestling) coming to WWC real soon even a good possibility for Jeff to appear at WWC's 43rd Anniversary Show weekend. as well as a couple of their regular events starting this coming Saturday, August 27,2016 as they return to the Jose Pepin Cestero Arena,Bayamon,PR at 8:30 PM Bell time and Sunday September 18,2016 live from the Jose Buga Abreu Coliseum,Isabela,PR at 5:00 PM in the evening bell time. along with this weekend coming in there will be announcements regarding their upcoming 43rd Anniversary Showcase Weekend and the towns that will have their live shows on Wapa TV locally in Puerto Rico as well as WAPA America all across the country as well as all across the Southeastern,U.S. for more details on their upcoming  43rd Anniversary Show Weekend go to their Facebook page.  as well as guest appearances from either former WWE or TNA Superstars to appear as well.

World Wrestling League's Summer Blast event this past Saturday, August 13,2016 live from the Francisco Pancho Padilla Arena in Arecibo,PR was a  moderate success. that there was a new WWL Americas Champion in the form of former WWC Superstar: "Big Daddy" David Montes, new WL World Tag Team Champions: Abbadon and Kaos who crushed La Potencia to win the belts, and Ricky Cruz who is still IWRG Mexico King of Kings Champion and Hiram Tua retains the WWL world Champion beating Escobar. as well as other moments in other matches.

in Comerio's Champions Wrestling Association after the heels of their big event Summer Mayhem. former EWO Puerto Rico co-owner Neo had a meeting with the rest of the CWA Roster. This is the video link to watch  

and here is the video for the new opening for their new season on CWA's Accion Vibrante which is on every Saturday on the CW Puerto Rico network.

On other news: the living Puerto Rican wrestling legend formerly known as "El Rayo de Bayamon" Barrabas after 50 years of wrestling and managing legends such as The Moondogs, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Abdullah The Butcher even in recent years managed The Sons of Samoa(La Smooth and Manu) is retiring this video will tell everything. his retirement show will be live on Saturday, October 8,2016 live at the Jose Pepin Cestero Arena in Bayamon,PR with special appearances by WWE Hall of Famer 2014 and WWC Puerto Rico Vice President Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, his son Barrabas,Jr and stars from WWC, WWL and other promotions from all over Puerto Rico to pay tribute to the legend, bell time starts at 7:30 PM and tickets will go on sale at Ticketpop.com

In upcoming events for the end of Summer 2016 heading towards the Fall which is right around the corner for Puerto Rico's top indy wrestling promotions: Mayaguez's New Revolution Wrestling Promotion will be live this Friday, August 26,2016 at the Residencial Concordia Arena,Mayaguez,PR at 8:00 PM Bell time and on Friday, September 2,2016 (Labor Day Weekend) the NRW in their war against the Terror Wrestling Alliance lead by Ricardo Fonalledas will be live at the Baldorioty Arena in Barrio Baldorioty Ponce,PR at 8:00 PM Bell time for more details go to their Facebook page , Lajas,PR's John Wrestling Promotion will be live at the Alex Rodriguez Caraballo Arena,Guayanilla,PR at 8:00 PM Bell time with Free Admission this is their Facebook page 

San Juan,PR's Champions Wrestling School Promotion will be live at the Residencial Las Casa Arena,Santurce,PR on Sunday August 28,2016 at 7:00 PM heading towards their Fall event Hardcore Mania go to their Facebook page for details  and the upstart World Wrestling Heroes return with their live event this coming Saturday, August 27,2016 at the Barrio Piedra Aguza Arena,Juana Diaz,PR at 7:30 PM Bell time. these five videos leading to their event will surprise you. for more details go to their Facebook page: 

AML Wrestling in Mocksville on August 28

From GWH News:

AML Wrestling will be at Davie High School in Mocksville, NC on August 28.  Advertised:  King Shane Williams (w/Queen Taylor) defends the AML Heavyweight championship against Cedric Alexander (w/The Tommy Thomas).  The Geordie Bulldogs (Mark Denny & Sean Denny) defends the AML Wrestling Tag Team championships against The Heatseekers (Sigmon & Elliott Russell)(w/Jimmy Hart).  Zane Dawson (w/George South) vs. Steve Corino in a no DQ match.  Axton Ray vs. Peter Kaasa vs. Jordan Kage vs. Billy Brash in a four corners match to determine a finalist for the AML Presitage championship match.  Brandon Scott vs. Chance Prophet vs. Darius Lockhart vs. Raphael King in a four corners match to determine a finalist for the AML Presitage championship match.  Scotty Matthews vs. The Regulator (w/The Tommy Thomas).  The Young Lions (Lex Lee & Kevin Kaufman) vs. The Dixon Line (Ken Dixon & Joey Keys).  The venue is located at 1200 Salisbury Road.  Tickets are $15 row 2 premium ringside, $12 general admission floor seating, $10 general admission bleacher seating and free general admission for children under 11.  Doors open at 6:00 PM and bell time is at 7:00.

Note:  Jimmy Hart Meet & Greet packages are also available.  Package #1 is $10 and includes meeting Jimmy Hart, a Jimmy Hart poster and an autograph.  Package #2 is $15 and includes meeting Jimmy Hart, a Jimmy Hart poster, a picture with Jimmy Hart with your camera and an autograph.

August 26 Birthdays and Memoriams

Petey Williams celebrates a birthday today.

Mike London died at the age of 80 on this day in 1989, and Mando Lopez was 63 when he passed in 2011.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Universal Independent Wrestling in Buchanan on September 3

From GWH News:

UIW presents "West Georgia War Stars" at the Haralson County Rec Center on Saturday, September 3. UIW Champiion Adrian Armour vs. TNA star Robbie E; Francisco Ciatso (with Stormie Lee) vs Tracy Smothers; Stormie Lee vs. ROH/WOH Star Kelly Klein, The Lawler Brothers (Terry "Rocker" Lawler & Steve "The Brawler" Lawler) & Billy Knight vs. The Russian Machine & Georgia Inmates (Spike & Hammer); Plus Murder One, Chip Day, Iceberg, Bobby Hayes, Paul Coldhard, Owen Knight and De Atlien

Special Guest Appearances: Tommy "Wildfire" Rich, Bull Buchanan, "Action" Mike Jackson, Todd Zane and "Outlaw" Joel Deaton

.Meet and Greet from 5 pm to 7:30pm. Bell time is 8 pm.

CWF Mid-Atlantic in Chapel Hill on August 27

From GWH News:

CWF Mid-Atlantic will be at the Hargraves Community Center in Chapel Hill, NC on August 27.  Advertised:  A $1000 battle royal where not only does a wrestler win $1000, a fan will also win $100.  Trevor Lee defends the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight championship against "The Southern Savior" John Skyler.  Arik "Ace" Royal vs. Smith Garrett.  The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude, Colby Corino & Rob Killjoy) vs. Chet Sterling and two mystery partners.  Chasity Taylor vs. Sis.  The venue is located at 216 N Roberson Street.  Tickets are $20 front row reserved, $15 ringside reserved, $10 adult general admission and $5 children general admission.  Doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

Extreme Midget Wrestling in Jacksonville on August 27

From GWH News:

Extreme Midget Wrestling will be at the Orleans House in Jacksonville, NC on August 27.  The venue is located at 1319 Lejeune Boulevard.  Tickets are $40 VIP, $25 ringside, $20 at the door general admission and $15 advance general admission.  Must be at least 18 years old to enter.  Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

Mountain Championship Wrestling in Pikeville on August 27

From GWH News:

Mountain Championship Wrestling will be at the MCW Arena in Pikeville, TN on August 27.  Advertised:  Beau James vs. Psycho Medic.  Jonny Demento & Matt Garvin vs. Big Heavy & CJ Therrill.  Misty James vs. Devilish Mrs. Crystal.  The venue is located at 97 Tom Pope Road.  Tickets are $6 adults, $4 children ages 6-12 and free for children under 6.  Bell time is at 7:00 PM.

Pro Wrestling EGO in Chalmette on August 27

From GWH News:

Pro Wrestling EGO will be at the Val Reiss Sports Complex in Chalmette, LA on August 27 in a fundraiser for Leonel Melendez, survived the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando.  Advertised:  Jax Dane, Dark Fury, "Unholy" Gregory James, Purple Haze, "The Aztec Warrior" Alex Cruz, Korey Konstantine, "Psycho Cowboy" Benny Factor, Lucha Locura.  The venue is located at 1101 Magistrate Street.  Doors open at 6:00 PM and bell time is at 7:00.

Renegade Championship Wrestling in Chatsworth on August 27

From GWH News:

Renegade Championship Wrestling will be at the RCW Arena in Chatsworth, GA on August 27.  Advertised:  "Pretty 1" Alex Michaels defends the RCW Heavyweight championship against Ethan Cage.  Brent Banner defends the RCW No Limits championship against "Star Quality" Josh Vaughn.  CJ Holloway & Rick Hayes vs. Dino Dupree & Mike Clay.  Big Red Adams & Michael Cross vs. Old School Rules (Jamie Strong & Mad Dog).  The Develines vs. Digger & Dallas.  "Redneck Hero" Jess Wade vs. Deon Mercer.  A #1 contender gauntlet match featuring Peewee, Aaron G, Tristan Daniels and Landon Priest.  The venue is located at 806 North 2nd Avenue.  Tickets are $5 and free for children under 7.  Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling in East Ridge on August 27

From GWH News:

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling will be at the UEW Arena in East Ridge, TN on August 27.  Advertised:  The Sun Tan Demons vs. Xtreme Chaos.  Also advertised is Savin Roberts.  The venue is located at 410 Scruggs Road.  Tickets are $7 adults and $3 children.  Doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 8:00.

Why We Wrestle in Cornelia on August 27

From GWH News:

Why We Wrestle will be at the Church of Southern Wrestling in Cornelia, GA on August 27.  Advertised:  "The Lethal Dose" Stryknyn defends the WWW Triple Crown championship against "The People's Captain" Gunner Miller (w/Jeff G Bailey).  "The Real" Slim J vs. "Wild" Billy Buck.  Aja "Super" Perera vs. "Powerhouse" Jessica Leigh (w/Bobby Moore).  "Doom" Trever Aeon vs. Adryan Hawkins.  The Get Along Gang (CB Suave, Gil Quest & Marvelous Marko) vs. The Lynch Mob (Matt Lynch, Joey Lynch & "The Baniac" Bane Lynch).  Elijah Evans IV vs. "The Undead Luchador" Supernatural.  The venue is located at 4246 Mud Creek Road.  Tickets are $10 adults, $5 children ages 5-12 and free for children under 5.  Bell time is at 8:05 PM.

Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston on August 26

From GWH News:

Alternative Pro Wrestling will be at the Royston Gym in Royston, GA on August 26.  Advertised:  The Game Changer Rumble.  Stryknyn defends the APW Southern States championship against Demarko Knyte (w/Jeremy Vain).  James Boulevard vs. Brandon Parker for the last spot in the Game Changer Rumble.  Ken Lee defends the APW North Georgia championship against Scott Mayson.  Curtis Coleman & Brody Dillinger defends the APW Tag Team championships against Dirty South (Hoss Michaels & Sam Kooper).  The venue is located at 305 Cherry Street.  Tickets are $10.  Doors open at 7:45 PM and bell time is at 8:15.

NWA New South Championship Wrestling in Franklin on August 26

From GWH News:

NWA New South Championship Wrestling will be at the New South Arena in Franklin, KY on August 26.  Advertised:  The Brotherhood defends the NWA Southern Tag Team championships against The System in a no DQ match.  Vic the Bruiser defends the NWA Southern Heavyweight championship against Hammerjack.  The Real Mr. USA vs. Imposter Mr. USA.  Alexander Knight defends the NWA Bluegrass championship Teddy King.  Shiner Sutton vs. Justin Grandberry.  "Sexy" Stan Sierra vs. Rockso.  The venue is located at 512 West Madison Street.  Tickets are $8 adults, $6 children ages 6-12 and free for children under 6.  Doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

ProSouth Wrestling in Piedmont on August 26

From GWH News:

ProSouth Wrestling will be at the ProSouth Arena in Piedmont, AL on August 26.  Advertised:  Ethan Cage vs. Matt Gilbert.  The venue is located at 627 Southern Avenue.  Tickets are $10.  Doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

WWE in Winter Park on August 26

From GWH News:

WWE will be at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL on August 26 for the quarter-finals of the Cruiserweight Classic.  Advertised:  Akira Tozawa vs. Gran Metalik.  Zack Sabre Jr vs. Noam Dar.  Brian Kendrick vs. Kota Ibushi.  TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann.  The venue is located at 141 University Park Drive.  Tickets are $20 ringside and $15 general admission.  Bell time is at 6:30 PM.

WWE NXT in Citrus Springs on August 26

From GWH News:

WWE NXT will be at the Citrus Springs, FL on August 26.  The venue is located at 1570 W Citrus Springs Boulevard.  Tickets are $20 ringside and $10 general admission.  Bell time is at 7:30 PM.

August 25 Birthdays and Memoriams

Ivan Koloff, Steve Regal, and David Young celebrate birthdays today.

Earl Caddock died at the age of 62 on this day in 1950, and Vivian Vachon was 40 when she passed in 1991. Chris Duffy passed away at the age of 36 on this day in 2000, and Donna Christianello was 69 when she died in 2011.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

American Combat Wrestling in Hudson on August 25

From GWH News:

American Combat Wrestling will be at Kickers South in Hudson, FL on August 25.  Advertised:  Romeo Quevedo vs. Sideshow vs. David Mercury vs. Eddie Taurus to crown the first ACW Combat champion.  The venue is located at 12142 US Highway 19.  Tickets are $8.  Doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 8:00.

Extreme Midget Wrestling in Charlotte on August 25

From GWH News:

Extreme Midget Wrestling will be at Amos' Southend in Charlotte, NC on August 25.  The venue is located at 1423 S Tryon Street.  Tickets are $21 under 21 years old at the door, $18 21 years or older at the door, $18 advance under 21 years old and $15 21 advance 21 years or older.  Doors open at 7:30 PM and bell time is at 8:30.

WWA4 in Atlanta on August 25

From GWH News:

WWA4 will be at the WWA4 Wrestling School in Atlanta, GA on August 25.  The venue is located at 4375 Commerce Drive.  Admission is free.  Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville on August 24

From GWH News:

Ohio Valley Wrestling will be at the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY on August 24.  The venue is located at 4400 Shepherdsville Road.  Tickets are $7.  Doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

Total Nonstop Action Results from Orlando on August 16

From Brian Slack:

Total Nonstop Action was in Orlando, FL on August 16.  Results:  Tyrus defeated Trevor Lee.  Drew Galloway defeated Eddie Edwards to advance to the finals of the IMPACT Grand championship tournament.  Aron Rex defeated Eli Drake to advance to the finals of the IMPACT Grand championship tournament.  DJ Z defeated Trevor Lee to retain the TNA X-Division championship.  Maria (w/Allie & Sienna) defeated Luscious Latasha.  Maria (w/Allie & Sienna) vs. the Masked Ninja, who turned out to be Gail Kim, ended in a no contest.  Ethan Carter III & Moose defeated Lashley & Mike Bennett.  Jessie Godderz defeated Marshe Rockett.  Gail Kim defeated Laurel Vanness.  Lashley defeated Bram.  Ethan Carter III defeated Matt Hardy.  Moose defeated Eli Drake.

Total Nonstop Action Results from Orlando on August 14

From Brian Slack:

Total Nonstop Action was in Orlando, FL on August 14.  Results:  Robbie E defeated Andrew Everett.  Matt Hardy defeated Crazzy Steve.  Aron Rex defeated Trevor Lee to advance to the next round of the IMPACT Grand championship tournament.  Eddie Edwards defeated Mahabali Shera to advance to the next round of the IMPACt Grand championship tournament.  Gail Kim defeated Jade, Laurel Vanness, Madison Rayne, Marti Bell, Raquel and Sienna in a gauntlet battle royal to become the #1 contender for the TNA Knockouts championship.  Basile Baraka defeated Marshe Rockett.  Eddie Edwards defeated Baron Dax.  Mike Bennett defeated Braxton Sutter.  Grado & Jade defeated Eli Drake & Sienna.

Georgia Star Receives Hall of Fame Recognition

From Larry Goodman:

Congratulations to Tery Lawler on his selection by Allied Independent Wrestling Federations as their second Hall of Fame inductee for 2017 joining "Skinny" Kenny Arden.

AIWF now lists 94 member promotions including SFCW, WWA4, DCW (Dalton) and GPCW (Villa Rica) in Georgia and UEW just across state line in East Ridge, TN. 

Dublin Sports Entertainment was delisted after the Dublin Debacle.

Francisco Ciatso is the AIWF Americas Champion. Logan Creed and Odlnson are ranked number four in the tag team division. James Drake is ranked eighth in singles. Jason Hampton is the Cruiserweight Champion. Drew Game, Ace Haven and Matt Develine are ranked first, second and fifth respectively.

August 24 Birthdays and Memoriams

Rocky Johnson, Vince McMahon, and Shoichi Funaki celebrate birthdays today.

Fred Kohler died at the age of 66 on this day in 1969, and Mike Marino passed in 1981. Malcolm ‘King Kong’ Kirk passed away at the age of 51 on this day in 1987, and Killer Karl Krupp was 62 when he died in 1995.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

CWF Mid-Atlantic Results from Gibsonville on August 13

From Brian Slack:

CWF Mid-Atlantic was in Gibsonville, NC on August 13.  Results:  Nick Richards defeated Aric Andrews to advance to the finals of the 2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup tournament.  Arik Royal defeated Smith Garrett to advance to the finals of the 2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup tournament.  Zane Dawson, Dave Dawson, Him & Sis defeated Aaron Biggs, The Mecha Mercenary, Beau Crockett & Isaiah Santero.  Lee Valiant defeated Chet Sterling.  Dirty Daddy defeated Mace Maeda (w/Coach Gemini) to win the CWF Mid-Atlantic Rising Generation League championship.  Due to prematch stipulations, Mace Maeda must leave the CWF Mid-Atlantic.  Nick Richards defeated Arik Royal to win the 2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup tournament.

Georgia Premier Wrestling Results from Lafollette on August 13

From GWH News:

Georgia Premier Wrestling was in Lafollette, TN on August 13.  Results:  The Hare defeated Hindu.  Big Will defeated The Hatter.  Cuzin Cletus defeated Toy Dodson.  Torque defeated Billy Jester.  Shaggy defeated "The Ultimate Underdog" Ray Ray.  The Movement (Chip Hazard & "Messiah" Talon Williams) defeated The Wildcat Express (Johnny Quaz & JJ Brown).

Georgia Premier Wrestling Results from Cartersville on August 13

From GWH News:

Georgia Premier Wrestling was in Cartersville, GA on August 13.  Results:  "The Ultimate Underdog" Ray Ray defeated Shaggy.  Cuzin Cletus defeated Torque.  CC Develine & Matt Develine vs. The Movement (Chip Hazard & "Messiah" Talon Williams) ended in a draw.  Johnny Rokk defeated The Hatter by DQ.  Tiffany Roxx & Johnny Rokk defeated The Hare & The Hatter.

Total Nonstop Action Results from Orlando on August 13

From Brian Slack:

Total Nonstop Action was in Orlando, FL on August 13.  Results:  DJ Z defeated Andrew Everett, Braxton Sutter, Mandrews, Rockstar Spud and Trevor Lee in an Ultimate X Gauntlet match to win the vacant TNA X-Division championship.  Maria defeated Allie to win the TNA Knockouts championship.  Lashley defeated "The Miracle" Mike Bennett in a no DQ match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight championship.  Eddie Edwards defeated Marshe Rockett.  Drew Galloway defeated Braxton Sutter to advance to the next round of the IMPACT Grand championship tournament.  Gail Kim & Jade defeated Allie & Sienna.  Eli Drake defeated Jessie Godderz to advance to the next round of the IMPACT Grand championship tournament.  Tyrus defeated Crazzy Steve (w/Rosemary).  Marti Bell defeated Madison Rayne.