Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Inside Xavier Woods' Personal Arcade

From Larry Goodman:

With guest appearance by Rob Adonis

All Pro Championship Wrestling Report from Douglasville on October 12

From Rob Brodhecker:

JDP is your ring announcer, filling in for the vacation Michael McKinney. 139 in attendance at Heirway Christian Academy in Douglasville.

JDP brings out the new APCW champion, Eric Adamz. Adamz thanks himself for everything he has accomplished and brings out the APCW Tag Champions Recon and Zach Mosley. Recon comes out hobbling. Adamz says that despite previous differences with Recon, he is chummy with Zach and wants to be friends with Recon and comes bearing gifts, platinum dog tags. Adamz allows Zach to star in his next film. Zach accepts and Adamz announces the newest faction in APCW: House of Gold, or HOG. This brings out APCW GM Teddy Long.

Long says that he had to leave the last show due to an emergency at home, but it turned out to be a false alarm. He's not blaming Adamz, but he tells HOG that they need to leave the ring to get ready to defend the various titles.

Tom Coffey vs. Oliver Steele

Tipping Point Salutes Paul Adams

From GWH:

Hosts Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman were joined by David Young, Michael Graham, Mike Henry, Scott Hensley and Dan Masters remembered Nashville manager/promoter/booker Paul Adams with a  multitude of great stories told and funny moments shared.

The Wrassle Men: Hard Earned with Brad Cash

From GWH:

Recently retired Brad Cash has a story to tell about the darkness and the light of professional wrestling. This hour Hankins and Cash dive deep into Brad's struggles with mental and physical anguish.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment Report from Atlanta on October 13

Photo courtesy of Bigo Smith
From Larry Goodman:

AWE’s return to District Atlanta for Libra Season 2 made for an interesting experience, as AWE shows almost always do. It had the feeling of the good old days of AWE. I’m glad I went and I wish more people had,

Attendance was down to 60 after hitting 100 last two shows. Pick your poison - conflict with the Falcon’s game, the runover from the largest Gay Pride celebration in the Southeast or the over-saturated state of the wrestling business.

AWE had advertised that language would be dictated by the number of kids in attendance. There were very few kids, so the foul language flew freely and nobody seemed to mind.

One thing about AWE is that on any given night, in almost any match, the potential of seeing something special exists. There was a fair amount of specialness this night. Another real plus is the product is the polar opposite of being overly scripted. 

Eddie Kingston vs. Erick Stevens was the best match of my weekend. Never underestimate an AWE card that has Chip Day in the main event, especially vs. a wrestler as talented as Thomas Shire. Metro Brothers vs. Gymnasty Boys was another match that made glad to be there. Ashton Starr vs. Jordan Oliver is a match I want to see again. 

AWE had advertised that language would be dictated by the number of kids in attendance. There were very few kids, so the foul language flew freely to the consternation of nobody.

Monday, October 14, 2019

WrestleMerica Report from Barnesville on October 12

From WrestleMerica:

WrestleMassacre results from the Academy Gym in Barnesville with attendance of 278 paid.

Ben Masters announced that major events happened at the Blakely, Ga show the previous night that will have an effect on tonight's show. Paul Jordane came out and said that he was attacked by Mikel Judas months ago at the direction of a weasel (Ryan North), but last night he was attacked by the men he was supposed to be teaming with tonight. Judas came out and Jordane said he is willing to work with Judas to squash Ryan North and his monsters. The gauntlet match was changed to a tag match with the stipulation that if Pure Goodness and Se7en win, Judas leaves WrestleMerica, but if Judas and Jordane win, Judas gets North next month in the match of his choosing.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Viral Pro Wrestling Report from Thomson on October 12

From Nick McDaniel:

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz coming out of the Augusta Ga area promotions and decided it was time to make the long haul down and see what all the talk was about. The word coming out of the area is that Viral Pro should be placed in the same discussion with the top dogs in the state so I made it my first choice to check out. 

The show opened with a “dark match”, yes a dark match, at 6:45PM so as the crowd filed in, there was action in the ring already. At first I thought the concept was just weird but it did get the fans entering the building to get to their seats quickly, so if that was their idea, it worked. The match was essentially a comedy match between Jacob Ryan and Fluffman. It served it’s purpose and entertained the incoming fans with Fluffman picking up the win.

The opening bout on the main show would be for the VPW Outbreak Championship with champion, Owen Knight, facing Impact star, Crazy Steve. The fans were really into Crazy Steve and Owen Knight drew a good amount of heat. The match was ok but nothing outstanding. It ended in a DQ when Steve came off the second rope for a double axe handle but Knight kicked him low right in front of the ref.]

Anarchy Fright Night Report from Cornelia on October 12

From Larry Goodman:

The 21st annual Fright Night was a totally solid and satisfying pro wrestling show.

Anarchy is doing what wrestling in Cornelia has done for 20 years – served as a training ground for young talent. Up and down the card, young wrestlers were matched up against veterans they could learn from.

Case in point: The team of Master (Marcus Kross) and Machine (Griff Garrison) were positioned in the most high profile matches of the night as singles competitors. Both came through in the clutch. The Kross vs. Huckaby streefight was match of the night. Garrison vs. Sal Rinauro for the Anarchy Heavyweight title wasn’t far behind.

The days when Anarchy was blessed with their pick of the talent and the deepest bench in the state are long gone. That said, I certainly got the sense that the creative team led by Bill Behrens is doing a better job of getting the most out of what they have.

No titles changed hands. The heel side maintained their ironclad grip on all four of them.

Attendance at Landmark Arena was 160. That was down some from Anarchy’s last major show (Hostile Environment attendance 200), but crowd reactions were unmistakably stronger than at Hostile Environment. It was interesting to note that all of the matches had good heat and the heat was evenly distributed, as if many of the characters are over at about the same level vs. a few top stars carrying the load.

The event was streamed live in FITE TV. The running time was just two hours but the show length felt just right.   

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Paul Adams Remembered

From Larry Goodman:

Paul Adams was one of a kind. He touched the lives of many people in pro wrestling, more than what he probably ever knew, Paul was the connection between wrestling people that otherwise would not have been connected. 

The outpouring of remembrances about Paul posted online has come from all corners. He was a very funny guy with an acerbic wit, as former PW Insider writer Jess McGrath put it. Adams was also a deeply caring person, which was not necessarily evident on the surface. No doubt a great wrestling mind was lost with his untimely death.

Adams was raised in Irvington, NY. He started doing a wrestling newsletter called "The Examiner" before breaking into wrestling with Larry Sharpe and Dennis Corraluzzo in the early 90s. He did a little of everything for the promotion along with appearing on their shows in Clementon, NJ. Adams managed a team called the Super Jocks that feuded with the Spiders, later known as The Headbangers in WWE. Chris Candido, Balls Mahoney and Sandman also worked those shows.

Viral Pro Parts Ways with Tag Team Champion

From Larry Goodman:

GWH received the following from Viral Pro owner Joshua Hancock, regarding Joey Ozbourne, one half of International Superstars, the VPW Tag Team Champions.

Due to recent circumstances, Joey Ozbourne is no longer affiliated with nor employed by Viral Pro Wrestling in any way. We will address the Tag Team Title situation tonight at Trick or Trauma.

WrestleMerica Tonight in Barnesville

From Larry Goodman:

WrestleMerica presents Wrestle Massacre tonight at the Academy Gym in Barnesville with a 7:30 pm bell time, featuring Mikal Judas vs. "The Deadly Sin" Se7en, Pure Goodness and Paul Jordane in a gauntlet match; WrestleMerica Champion Fry Daddy defends his title vs. Pain in a Texas death match; Tyson Dean vs. Disturbed; Bullet Proof Championship Tournament Round 1: Dax Anthony vs. Caleb Scott vs. Paul Wolfe vs. Proc Johnson in a fatal four way; Trixie vs. Aja Perera and Dominic Stuckey vs. Ace Haven (with Amy Haven.

Superstars of Wrestling Fanfest Rescheduled

From Larry Goodman:

The Superstars of Wrestling Fan Fest originally scheduled for October 19 in Rome at the Forum River Center has been rescheduled for April 25, 2020. The post on their Facebook page stated the change was due to circumstances beyond the organization's control.

Friday, October 11, 2019

One of Nashville's Best Passes Away

From Larry Goodman:

Paul Adams passed away in Nashville at the age of 46. He was found  dead in his apartment.

Adams was someone special to me. He was  great manager and booker. He possessed a brilliant mind for pro wrestling and was also one of the funniest people I ever met. That's about all I can muster right now.

Chase Stevens posted as follows:

Many long nights with this man. Paul Adams you were one hell of a manager. So many times in the ring, I almost broke character laughing cause of this man's actions and how he worked the crowd. He had a great mind for wrestling. I don't see eye to eye with very many so called wrestlers today but Paul had a vision and I loved his vision. We just spoke Sept 18th and were supposed to meet up and have lunch. That day never came😥😥😥 Goodbye my friend, you will not be forgotten.

All Pro Championship Wrestling in Douglasville on October 12

From Larry Goodman:

All Pro Championship Wrestling returns to action at Heirway Christian Academy in Douglasville on Saturday, October 12 with a bell time of 7 pm. Former champion Jordan Kingsley challenges Eric Adams for the APCW Championship; Sean Sims (with Angel) vs. Damien Bennett; Recon & Zach Mosley vs. The Brothers Crowe; JR Reynolds vs. Landon Hale; Reality Check vs. Hard Knox and Strongman Oliver Steele vs. Tom Coffey.

Anarchy Fright Night in Cornelia in Cornelia on October 12

From Larry Goodman:

The 21st annual Fright Night at the Landmark Arena in Cornelia takes place Saturday, October 12 with bell time 8 pm. Ladder Match for the Anarchy Heavyweight Title: Sal Rinauro (c) vs. Griff Garrison; Adrian Hawkins (c) vs. Will Kaution for the Landmark Heritage Championship; Undeniable (Shane Marx & Brian Blaze with Matthew Hankins) (c) vs. GB1C (Wolverton & Tyler Rivera) for the Anarchy Tag Team Championship; Street Fight: Will Huckaby vs. Marcus Kross; CT Keys & Scott Mayson vs. Bull & Ben Buchanan and Crystal Rose challenges Brooklyn Creed for the Anarchy Womem's Title.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Viral Pro Wrestling in Thomson on October 12

From Larry Goodman:

Viral Pro Wrestling presents Trick or Trauma at the Sweetwater Gym in Thomson on Saturday, October 12 with a bell time of 7pm. Joey Lynch vs. Sean Legacy - winner gets a title shot of their choosing; Owen Knight (c) vs. Crazzy Steve for the Outbreak title; Wade Adams vs. Sixx in casket match; Chip Day vs. AC Mack; Lucky Ali vs. Jason Kincaid; Monster Squad (Billy Brash & Joshua Cutshall) vs. International Superstars (Joey Ozbourne & Blanco Loco) (c) for the VPW tag titles; Montana Black vs. Chuckles and Jacob Ryan vs. Fluffman.

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment in Atlanta on October 13

From Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment:

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment presents Libra Season 2 this Sunday at District Atlanta 6:05pm bell time. All ages are welcome and language will be dictated by the number of kids that attend.

Jimmy Rave vs Griff McCoy; Jordan Oliver vs Ashton Starr; The Hierarchy LIBRA SEASON PARTY; Matt Keway with Canvas in Action; Ruthless LaLa makes a challenge; Tag Team Grudge Match: Gymnasty Boys vs Metro Brothers; Indie Dream Match: Erick Stevens vs Eddie Kingston; GWC Championship Match: Chip Day (champion) vs Thomas Shire.

Tickets $15 online, $20 at the door. Can't make the show? Check us out on (Sign up with Promo Code Atlanta for 2 free weeks)

APW Promoter Responds to Racial Prejudice Allegation

From Larry Goodman:

During Scene Nick's Facebook video calling for the ouster of SFCW Champion Jacob Ashworth for racism and homophobia, Nick referred to APW promoter Jeremy Vain as an "idiotic bigot" and suggested that maybe Vain would book Ashworth at APW. 

I included Nick's comment in the story because I considered it to be newsworthy. Vain is well-known veteran wrestler and promoter, who trained Ashworth and featured him on his shows. To the best of my knowledge,  Vain is not a bigot and had never been accused of bigotry in any way, shape or form. 

Vain reached out to GWH with the following statement:

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #27 - Part II

From Stephen Platinum:

In part two, Stephen Platinum Pumps Up (and takes down to an extent) the NWA, and does his commentary where the message to wrestling people in particular is, the WWE doesn't want you, find a balance, and shut the f*** up.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from Royston on October 4

From APW:

Results from the Royston Gym with attendance of 58. Stryknyn beat Jaxon Carter by DQ; Scott Mayson pinned Kirkland; James Boulevard made his return and attacked Scott Mayson; Dynamic Dexter beat Itch; Southern States Champ Carnage pinned Stevie Ray Frost; Carnage, Itch, Jaxon Carter, & Scott Mayson beat Jeremy Vain, Dynamic Dexter, Stevie Ray Frost, & Kirkland in an 8 man Tag Team Match.

But Wait There's More!" #7: Ashworth Situation

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum gets the crowd number for NCW and corrects something he said about Bill Behrens, but he really weighs in on the Jacob Ashworth situation. Is Jacob right? Was Southern Fried's reaction appropriate? What set the stage for the disaster that happened today, and how can it be prevented in the future? Stephen goes hard as always on everyone who is a hypocrite, a bullshitter, and a poser.

Ashworth Out as SFCW Champion

From David Manders SFCW owner:

SFCW Heavyweight Champion Jacob Ashworth has relinquished the SFCW Title and has resigned his position on the Southern Fried roster. Details on how we will determines a new champion will be made at our Iron Men event on October 19. No further comment will be made at this time.

A View from Ringside

From Logan Chase:

Who are you? What do you bring to the table? Why are you important? What value do you have? These are all questions that we should be asking ourselves on a daily basis. These questions are ones that participants in wrestling should take to heart as they are rudimentary in developing the character that you want to portray, but more importantly they define your overall “brand.”

Branding is the new hot-button word for the past several months and is spoken about extensively in business literature. By definition, branding is a marketing tool that businesses utilize to differentiate themselves. Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers, but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice. Your brand is built to be a true representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived.

Scene Nick Calls Out Ashworth and SFCW

From Larry Goodman:

Manager/announcer Scene Nick posted a Facebook video entitled Homophobia 2019, accusing SFCW Champion Jacob Ashworth of homophobia and racism based on a Facebook video (now deleted) and posted comments by Ashworth. See screen shot from Ashton Starr's Facebook page below.

Nick called for SFCW to strip Ashworth of the title. "Maybe another idiotic bigot like Jeremy Vain, maybe he will use him."

Nick said SFCW was a shit show that was ruining founder Charles Anschutz's legacy if the promotion continued to book Ashworth. 

Nick also revealed that he is bisexual and was learning to embrace who he is.

IWE vs. Bushido No More

From Larry Goodman:

The IWE vs. Pro Wrestling BUSHIDO  story appears to be done. Their final joint show at American Legion Post 63 in Augusta was canceled at the request of the venue and there are no plans for future joint ventures.

BUSHIDO's Kameron Kade believes IWE decided to use the poster he put out featuring the booking of Superhumman vs. Matt Sells to distance themselves from BUSHIDO.

Kade said the poster was rib on the Garden City Grappling Crew (referred to as Garbage City Grappling Crew), a local group of hardcore fans. Kade said GCGW members were in no way offended by the poster.

IWE Promoter Tim Blackmon posted the following:

This year has been a roller coaster of excitement. We are nearing the end of the year and IWE has fulfilled all contractual obligations with other promotions and we are going to be moving forward into the future. We support indie wrestling in the CSRA and wish no ill will on anyone. As an organization we feel IWE is ready to take a new step and look forward to seeing everyone on November 16th. We will be releasing matches soon!!

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #27 - Part I

From Stephen Platinum:

Even by his own standards, Stephen Platinum takes us on a wild, ridiculous ride. After his favorite unboxing to date, he jumps in head first. In part one, he talks about the many shows that took place from Chicago to Tennessee, and of course in Georgia as well. He rants about who made moves in the various races for the Georgia Wrestling Awards, talks about Superhumann, talks about Jacob Ashworth's drunk posts, and messes up and hits stop accidently when he goes into his "Pump Up The Volume" inspired rant/rave about the NWA.

EVOLVE 137 in Atlanta on October 11

From Larry Goodman:

EVOLVE returns to the Kroc Center in Atlanta on Friday, October 11 with a special appearance by NXT GM William Regal; EVOLVE Championship Match: Austin Theory defends vs. EVOLVE Tag Team Champion AR Fox with Ayla & The Skulk; Lights Out Match: Kassius Ohno vs. Josh Briggs; Bonus Main Event: Cameron Grimes vs. Curt Stallion; Grudge Match: Babatunde vs. Eddie Kingston; Arturo Ruas vs. JD Drake; Anthony Henry vs. Slim J; Special Challenge Match; EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Leon Ruff vs. Sean Maluta; Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray of The Skulk vs. Harlem Bravado & Anthony Greene with Brandi Lauren plus Shotzi Blackheart, Anthony Gutierrez, Colby Corino and others. Bell time is 8 pm.

NXT Superstars Available For Meet & Greets (when the doors open and after the show)
–Tommaso Ciampa
–Johnny Gargano
–Cameron Grimes
–Kassius Ohno
–Arturo Ruas
-EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory
Special Meet & Greet with NXT GM William Regal

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

NWA Power Episode 1 -- Nick Aldis vs. Tim Storm

From Larry Goodman:

Taped September 30 at the GPB Studio in Atlanta, GA.

Southern Underground Pro Results from Nashville on October 6

From Dylan Hales:

Southern Underground Pro presented You're Next from The Basement East in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday, 10/6 live on IndependentWrestling.TV. Attendance was 150.

1. Cabana Man Dan defeated Gary Jay
2. Cody Vance pinned Lee Johnson (both wrestlers were making their SUP debut)
3. Logan Stunt emerged victorious in the annual Trick Or Treat Battle Royal, eliminating Donnie Janela last. Post-match he called out SUP regular and former Bonestorm Champion Dominic Garrini.
4. Zach Cooper bested Thomas Shire.
5. Jaden Newman pinned Alan Angels.

Monday, October 7, 2019

ACTION Wrestling in Tyrone on October 25

From Larry Goodman:

ACTION Wrestling just released the full card for their October 25 show at the Roger Spencer Community Center in Tyrone. AC Mack defends the ACTION Championship vs. Joey Lynch; Gary Jay vs. Alan Angels; Team TAG (Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra & Billy Buck) vs. Team ACTION (Slim J & Matt Griffin & Bobby Flaco); Curt Stallion vs. O'Shay Edwards; Lance Anoia vs. Arik Royal; Alex Zayne vs. Shawn Dean; AJ Gray vs. WARHORSE and Matt Sells vs. Benjamin Carter. Bell time is 7:30 pm with all profits going to benefit Promise Place.

Mack Become Dual Champion

From Larry Goodman:

AC Mack had one hell of a weekend. 

After successfully defending the ACTION Championship against Bobby Flaco at ACTION's Founders Day Festival event in Tyrone on Saturday, Mack traveled to Nashville where he defeated Brett Ison at Basement East to capture the Southern Underground Pro Bonestorm title and becoming the first man to pin Ison in SUP.

Mack has the longest current reign of any major company champion in Georgia at 304 days with the ACTION Championship. 

Mack will defend both titles at the ACTION Arena on October 25 in Tyrone vs. Joey Lynch, the only man to pin him in an ACTION ring.

In addition. Mack has a shot at arch rival Alan Angels' SFCW Classic Championship in a 30 minutes Ironman Match at the SFCW event on October 19 in Monroe.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance Report from Carrollton on October 5

From Rob Brodhecker:

Five matches are advertised for tonight's show, headlined by a three on two handicap match featuring Clyde Braddock and Tyson Dean squaring off against Bill the Butcher, Brian Blaze, and Shane Marx with the stipulation that if Clyde or Tyson score the pinfall, that person will face Shane Marx at Thanksgiving Turmoil for the PWA Heritage Championship, but if Bill or Brian score the win, Shane will choose who he will meet.

The PWA Tag titles are on the line as Dem West Ga Boyz challenge CB Suave and Romeo. The PWA Women's champ, Crystal Rose, will defend against for NWA Women's Champ, Kacee Carlisle. Slade Porter will make his PWA debut facing the always dangerous Marco Wicker, and returning to PWA after almost a decade away, Brad Lynch, one of the most despised wrestlers in West Georgia, faces his long-time foe, Frankie Mayhood, ne Valentine.

"Fast" Eddie Layne and Jason Boyd are on commentary with Boyd also handling ring announcing duties. Mike Jones and "Grandpa" Darryl Hall are your referees. 

109 is the attendance at the VFW Fairgrounds.

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report in Monroe on October 5

From Larry Goodman:

Booker Todd Sexton pulled another rabbit out of his hat at Street Wars.

SFCW Champion Jacob Ashworth was hospitalized the day of the show so the main event Steet Wars match was short a critically important player. What to do?

One could argue Southern Fried should have brought in another star to make good, ala the argument Stephen Platinum made in his Full Disclosure video regarding last week’s PWC show. I would argue that given the story SFCW is telling, the right call was made.

For the show after a major show, Street Wars delivered the goods. The Street Wars match was a cyclone of violence, chaos and heat booking. Overall match quality was fine. That’s never really the issue at Southern Fried. It’s the stories and this show had the bases covered.

Coming off Crossroads, attendance at the Walton County Boys and Girls Club was down – 200 vs. 300 for Crossroads. What they lacked in numbers, they made up for with enthusiasm.

SFCW owner David Manders and Sexton were out to open the show. Ring announcer Rick Richard said they must go to the same barber. Sexton said the good news was that Southern Fried was running Thanksgiving night for the 3rd year in a row. The bad news was Ashworth’s medical condition. A new partner would be needed for the Street War main event.

ACTION Wrestling Results from Tyrone on October 5

From ACTION Wrestling:

Results from ACTION Wrestling's Founders Day free show at Shamrock Park in Tyrone. David Ali beat Matt Sells; AC Mack kept ACTION Championship over Bobby Flaco. Mack has now held the title for 302 days; Chris Hamrick and Chase Loveless (Loveless replaced Shawn Dean) defeated Xander Ramon & Boomer Payne; Gary Jay beat Thomas Shire, The Ugly Ducklings defeated Good Ol Boys; WARHORSE successfully defended the Independent Championship over Alan Angels; Stevie Richards, O'Shay Edwards & ACTION CEO Matt Griffin b Team TAG (Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra & Billy Buck) via DQ. Team TAG attacked commentator Dylan Hales after the match. Griffin agreed to put control of ACTION Wrestling up in a rematch on Oct 25 at the Action Arena in Tyrone. More details coming.

Wrestling United Results from Buchanan on October 5

From Larry Goodman:

Wrestling United results from the Callaway Livestock Pavilion in Buchanan with attendance of just 30. Speedy Ricky defeated Scott Morgan; Bobby Hayes defeated Talon Oxyn; Damon Taz defeated Sean Sims; Jon Davis defeated Big Xann; The Kraken defeated The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy and Coach Mikey subbing for Lance Lude).

Southern Honor Wrestling Report from Canton on October 4

Photo courtesy of Corey Tatum
From Rob Brodhecker:

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since I braved the traffic heading north on I-575 on a Friday night to watch the debut show of Southern Honor Wrestling. What a wild ride it has been. The booking of Dylan Frymyer and the promoting skills of the mad genius of Canton, Gary Lamb, have upended the Georgia wrestling scene in ways that very few people would have ever guessed.

Tonight's show has been promised to end angles from the previous year and to set the stage for the coming year. They like to live on the edge, and we will see if SHW will continue the explosion across Georgia, or will everything blow up in their faces. 465 at bell time and more coming in. The total attendance at the Action Building for We're Still Here ended up around the 510 mark.

Tipping Point One Night Only: Platinum, Lamb and Hankins Now Online

From Larry Goodman:

A triple threat conversation between Stephen Platinum, Southern Honor promoter Gary Lamb and manager/booker Matt Hankins.  If you are interested in the Georgia wrestling scene,  you want will want to check this show out. 

Topics included but were by no means limited to:

--  Reconciling Lamb the renegade pastor with Lamb the wrestling promoter

-- What defines the promotion of the year?

-- Which Georgia promotion has the most visibility outside the state.  

-- Lamb's obsession with taking SHW on the road.

-- All three reveal their overt and secret strengths.

-- The story behind David Arquette's SHW appearance 

-- Lamb's approach to Southern Honor's one year anniversary. 

-- Lamb and Hankins one-on-one.  

Tipping Point for October 1 

Saturday, October 5, 2019

AAW Report from Chicago on September 28

From Case Lowe:

Defining Moments report from the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago.


Clayton Gainz submitted “Sabotage” Sean Higgins with a Tortue Rack at 4:21.

Gainz is an up-and-comer who has appeared for AAW a handful of times now. Higgins is a St. Louis native who made the drive up, and yes, he comes out to “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.

Gainz is a very good heel who plays to the crowd more than a good chunk of the indie scene. He doesn’t do anything overly impressive, but he has a great physique and is incredibly charismatic. Every time he cut Higgins off with a move, he played to the crowd.

Gainz is someone to keep an eye on as the indies look for new marketable talent. He is capable of playing to the crowd and eliciting reactions, it’s just a matter of when his in-ring talent can match his charisma.

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance Tonight in Carrollton

From Larry Goodman:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance returns to the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton tonight with Shane Marx & Brian Blaze & Bill the Butcher (with Matt Hankins & Oscar Worthy) vs. Tyson Dean & Clyde Braddock; Crystal Rose defends the PWA Women's Championship against former NWA Women's Champion Kacee Carlisle; PWA tag title match: Romeo & CB Suave (c) vs. Dem West Georgia Boyz; Brad Lynch vs. Frankie Mayhood (with Tweety): Marko Wicker vs. Slade Porter and more. Bell time is 8 pm.

IWE vs. BUSHIDO 2 Tonight in Augusta

From Larry Goodman:

IWE vs. Bushido 2: The War Rages On takes place tonight at American Legion Post 63 in Augusta with a bell time of 7 pm. BUSHIDO Champion BSHP King defends against Owen Knight; Sean Legacy versus Chad Sky Walker; The International Superstars versus Fit n Fabulous versus The Weekend War Party (Matt Sells and Karl Hager) in a triple threat tag team match; Savannah Evans versus Ellie; Charlie Anarchy versus Austyn Bebop and more. 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling in Monroe on October 5

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling presents Street War at the Walton County Boys & Girls Club in Monroe on Saturday, October 5 with a 7 pm bell time featuring a 6 man Street War: Logan Creed & Tetchi Makuji & Brian Kane vs. SFCW Champion Jacob Ashworth & Billy Buck & Josie Quinn; Mikal Judas vs. Stryknyn; Classic Championship match: Alan Angels (c) vs. Sal Rinauro; Brooklyn Creed vs. Shalandra Royal; CT Keys vs. Xander Ramon and Master & Machine vs. Ashton Starr & AC Mack.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

NWA POWER Taping Report from Atlanta on October 1

From Larry Goodman:

I have to hand to the Billy Corgan, David Lagana and the entire NWA crew. They pulled off something I didn't think was possible. 

Revised Wrestling United Card for October 5 in Buchanan

From Larry Goodman:

Sean Legacy canceled his appearance. The revised lineup for Wrestling United presents Undeniable at the Callaway Livestock Pavilion in Buchanan is as follows: Bobby Hayes vs Talon Oxyn; The Kraken (Chip Day and Murder One) vs The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy and Lance Lude with Coach Mikey); Big Xann vs Jon Davis; Jamie Hall (with Lamar Phillips) vs Sean Sims; Scott Morgan vs Speedy Ricky. Ticket prices are $10 ringside and $8 bleachers. Bell time is 8 pm.

Southern Honor Wrestling in Canton on October 4

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Honor Wrestling presents their one year anniversary show, We're Still Here at the Action Building on Friday, October 4 featuring SHW' first ever War Games match - two rings surrounded by one cage, winner of the fall becomes the SHW Champion: Fear (Logan Creed & Sunny Daze) & Alan Angels vs. The New Era (AC Mack & Owen Knight, & Lee Johnson) vs. Lethal Poison (Corey Hollis & Brady Pierce, & Mikael Judas); The New ERA’s David Ali & Dani Jordyn vs. Tommy Dreamer & Lindsay Snow; Joe Black vs. William Huckaby; The Lynch Mob (Matt Lynch & Joey Lynch) vs. Not Yet Rated (Kevin Ryan & Jordan Kingsley) and Ashton Starr vs. Shawn Dean (with Logan Chase). Bell time is 8 pm.

National Championship Wrestling in Cornelia on October 4

From Larry Goodman:

National Championship Wrestling returns to the Landmark Arena on October 4 showcasing future stars of Georgia wrestling Dominic Stuckey, Speedy Ricky, Talon Oxin, Rudy Wristlock and more. Bell time is 8 pm.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

NWA POWER TV Taping Report from Atlanta on September 30

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #26

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum's daughter Elena is 12 today! Happy birthday, kid! He also looks into the shows that were, the many many big shows that are happening this week, rants about indies that think they are the only ones helping the guys, talks about the Tipping Point happening tonight of Platinum vs. Lamb, unboxes a new gift...from a secret admirer? And he ends with a commentary about the lack of balance between the relationship of those in charge and the fans, and how being out of balance as a panderer or keeping them totally in the dark hurts wrestling in the long run.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Georgia Independent Professional Wrestling Report from Macon on September 29

From David Hensley:

Editor's note: Report from the Thirsty Turtle, a bar show with about 40 in attendance. I didn't have it in me to stay for the entire show or write a report but David Hensley did...

We found out Tony James was injured, so it was announced Skrilla would defend his title in a triple threat, street fight match against Logan Creed and Clyde Braddock.

(1) Troy Navarro got his ass kicked by Wild Thing. Don't think Troy prayed hard enough before the match.

(2) Second match (which was definitely not the main event) was Transcendent ("Mr. Also Appearing" Robert Vien and Jay Riley) vs. Voodoo and Scratch. This was a hard match for me to know who to cheer for, because while my very soul demands I cheer against Vien, he was giving Nick Bryan shit for being annoying, which actually made me want to pop for Rob. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Ultimately I decided that both are pretty awful, so I was pulling for Voodoo. Though there was an early false finish that made it look like Transcendent lost, the match continued and they scored the win.