Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Bigger Picture...

From Velvet Jones:

It goes without saying that Jinder Mahal's ascension to the WWE World championship has caused quite a bit of shock throughout the sports-entertainment landscape. As expected, people on twitter are having a hissy-fit that rivals the yearly post-WrestleMania bellyaching. No one saw Jinder winning the championship. Sure, wrestling has its storylines. But when it comes to the business of wrestling, there's a much bigger story at work.

Let's journey back to the year 2006. It was during that year, WWE signed a 7'1” freak of nature named Dalip Singh to a pro wrestling contract. With all due respect to the late Greg Korvas, Dalip was legitimately the world's largest bodybuilder. He would then be known as The Great Khali and moved to Smackdown after spending time in WWE's developmental territory – Jody Hamilton's ill-fated Deep South Wrestling. Khali would tear through many an opponent to eventually face The Undertaker. Khali's nearly nine-year run saw feuds with John Cena over the WWE championship, The Big Show, and a run as the World Heavyweight champion.

During this time, the Indian market remained an emerging global market. So much so that the company would establish WWE India in 2011. The goals were simple, establish a presence in the emerging market, continue the company's expansion along all lines of business, and increase revenue generated from India across all platforms.

Fire Star Pro Wrestling in Greensboro on June 4

From GWH News:

Fire Star Pro Wrestling will be at the Texas Discotheque 2013 in Greensboro, NC on June 4.  Advertised:  Austin Theory defends the FSPW Heavyweight championship against Camron Carter and James Drake.  LaBron Kozone vs. Griff Garrison.  Also advertised are Marcus Kross, James Ryan, The Ugly Ducklings.  The venue is located at 5201 West Market Street.  Tickets are $15 at the door and $10 advance.  Doors open at 5:00 PM and bell time is at 5:30.

NWA Southeastern in Pavo on June 3

From GWH News:

NWA Southeastern will be at the Peacock Center in Pavo, GA on June 3.  Advertised:  Bred 4 War, Landen Lashley, Jay Salvation, Knightmare Syndicate.  The venue is located at 2062 West McDonald Street.  Tickets are $8 and free for children under 6.  Doors open at 6:00 PM and bell time is at 7:00.

Note:  The event is a benefit for the Salvation Army's Newham House Women's Shelter.

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling in Blue Ridge on June 3

From GWH News:

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling will be at the DSCW Arena in Blue Ridge, GA on June 3.  Advertised:  Crazy Steve vs. Ray Ray.  Torque vs. Jeremiah Plunkett.  Cyrus the Destroyer vs. Shane Williams.  Crash Test Dummy vs. Andrew Duckworth (w/Logan Chase III)  The venue is located at 1580 Appalachian Highway.  Tickets are $10 and $5 children under 12.  Doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 8:00.

American Combat Wrestling in Port Richey on June 3

From GWH News:

American Combat Wrestling will be at the Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, FL on June 3.  Advertised:  Parrow (w/Drennen), Sideshow, Jenna, Troy Hollywood, Chance Champion & Omar Amir (w/Skinny Vinny), Chuckles (w/Josh Johnson), CJ O'Doyle, Irish Jack (w/Mila), Jayson Falcone, Johann Ramzes, Josh Hess (w/Dontay Brown & Stormie Lee), Kaci Lennox, Mitch Mitchell, Rhett Giddins (w/Dontay Brown), Rex Bacchus, Saieve Al-Sabah, Snoop Strikes.  The venue is located at 9409 US Highway 19.  Tickets are $25 VIP and $15 general admission.  Bell time is at 7:30 PM.

Note:  The event can be seen live on FloSlam by going here.

Tipping Point with Martin Stone

From GWH News:

Martin Stone aka Danny Burch, one of the top British wrestlers of his generation, will be the special guest. Hosts Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman will also talk about WrestleMerica, NWA Georgia, IAWC at Camp Jordan, Impact and more. 


May 23 Birthdays and Memoriams

Pat Rose, Super Dragon, and Alex Shelley celebrate birthdays today.

Ray Candy died at the age of 43 on this day in 1994, and Owen Hart was killed in an accident during a high-risk entrance during a WWE PPV when he was 33 in 1999. Bob Yuma passed away at 54 on this day in 2006, and Chief White Owl was 72 when he died in 2008. Joe Powell, perhaps most famous for his role in an impostor angle as Mr. Wrestling #2 in 1979 that anything else in his career, died at the age of 62 on this day in 2010.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Soutnern Fried Championship Wrestling Announces Weeknight Event

From Larry Goodman:

SFCW is taking a shot at running on a weeknight. Owner Charles Anschutz announced the company's first Thursday night event for July 13 in Monroe at Nowell Rec Center. Every spot on the card has been filled. 

SFEW returns  two nights later on July 15 with their fan appreciation event dubbed Flipflopapoolza.

I Believe in Wrestling in Orlando on June 2

From GWH News:

I Believe in Wrestling will be at the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando, FL on June 2 for the 2017 Florida J-Cup tournament.  Advertised:  Jonny Vandal, Aaron Epic, Chasyn Rance, Jerrelle Clark, Jesse Neal, Maxx Stardom, Carlos Rivera, Carlos Gabriel.  The venue is located at 6923 Narcoossee Road #620.  Tickets are $15 VIP and $10 general admission.  Doors open at 7:30 PM and bell time is at 8:00.

ProSouth Wrestling in Piedmont on June 2

From GWH News:

ProSouth Wrestling will be at the ProSouth Arena in Piedmont, AL on June 2.  Advertised:  Team Left Hand Path (Mathias Darkthorne, Eric Silva, Alister Crowe, Austin Towers, Donnie Primetime & Zombie Dragon) vs. Team ProSouth (Ace Haven, Dameon Ceretone, Big Tomb, Shean Christopher, B-What, Brandon Collum) in a caged warfare elimination match.  Ayden Andrews vs. Romeo for the vacant Twin States Heavyweight championship.  Cabana Man Dan defends the ProSouth All-Out championship against The Trickster.  Cameron Action vs. Kevin Ryan.  James Hardy vs. Scott Spade.  The venue is located at 627 Southern Avenue.  Tickets are $10.  Doors open at 6:00 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

WWE in Atlanta on May 30

From GWH News:

WWE will be at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA on May 29 for WWE Smackdown Live.  Advertised:  AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Charlotte, Flair.  The venue is located at 1 Philips Drive Northwest.  Bell time is at 7:45 PM.

WWE in Greenville on May 29

From GWH News:

WWE will be at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC on May 29 for RAW.  Advertised:  Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Bailey, Sasha Banks, The Hardy Boys (Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy), The Miz (w/Maryse), Alexa Bliss.  The venue is located at 650 North Academy Street.  Bell time is at 7:30 PM.

WWE in Macon on May 29

From GWH News:

WWE will be at the Macon Centreplex Coliseum in Macon, GA on May 29.  Advertised:  AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens, The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso), Baron Corbin, The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E), Charlotte Flair, Naomi.  The venue is located at 200 Coliseum Drive.  Bell time is at 7:30 PM.

Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia on May 27

From GWH News:

Anarchy Wrestling will be at the Landmark Arena in Cornelia, GA on May 27.  Advertised:  The Devil's Rejects (Tank & Iceberg) vs. The Devil's Rejects (Se7en & Brad Cash).  Stryknyn vs. Drew Adler.  The Lynch Mob (Joey Lynch & Matt Lynch) defends the Anarchy Tag Team championships against The Approved (Bobby Moore & Adrian Hawkins).  Billy Buck vs. Jeremy Foster.  Team TAG (Kevin Blue & Spectra) vs. The Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Encore).  Ryan Vega vs. Kyle Matthews.  Also advertised are Jacob Ashworth, Cyrus the Destroyer, Gunner Miller (w/Jeff G Bailey), Gladiator Jeremiah.  The venue is located at 4246 Level Grove Road.  Tickets are $10, $5 children ages 5-12 and free for children under 5.  Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

World Wrestling Council in Bayamon on May 27

From GWH News:

World Wrestling Council will be at the Jose Pepin Cestero Arena in Bayamon, Puerto Rico on May 27.  Advertised:  Thunder (w/Ray Gonzalez Jr) defends the WWC Universal championship against Ray Gonzalez.  Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Gilbert to determine the #1 contender for the WWC Universal championship.  Lightning vs. Apolo.  El Cuervo & Angel vs. La Revolucion (w/Orlando Toledo).  Ray Gonzalez Jr vs. Chicano.    Tickets are $12 and $5 children under 10.  Bell time is at 8:30 PM.

Style Battle in Tampa on May 27

From GWH News:

Style Battle will be at the Ivy Astoria Event Center in Tampa, FL on May 27.  Advertised:  Jason Cade vs. Socorro.  Odinson vs. Austin Theory.  Jason Kincaid vs. Sean Maluta.  James Drake vs. Ethan Case.  The venue is located at 1920 East 7th Avenue.  Tickets are $20.  Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

Note:  The event can be seen live on FloSlam by going here.

Renegade Championship Wrestling in Chatsworth on May 27

From GWH News:

Renegade Championship Wrestling will be at the RCW Arena in Chatsworth, GA on May 27.  Advertised:  The Movement (Chip Hazard & Talon Williams) vs. The SOBs (Rick Hayes & Jess Wade).  The Cure (Joey Idol & Christian Garrett) vs. The Dakota Outlaws (Dakota Outlaw #1 & Dakota Outlaw #2).  Kevin Dailey vs. Aiden Wright.  Shane Williams vs. Paul Manson.  The venue is located at 806 North 2nd Avenue.  Tickets are $8 and free for children under 6.  Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

NWA Smoky Mountain in Mount Carmel on May 27

From GWH News:

NWA Smoky Mountain will be at the Armed Forces Center in Mount Carmel, TN on May 27.  Advertised:  Chris Richards defends the NWA Smoky Mountain Television championship against Axton Ray in a boot camp match.  Toby Farley (w/Rob Knight) defends the NWA Mountain Empire championship against Caleb Courageous.  Also advertised are The Heatseekers (Sigmon & Elliott Russell), Cooper Jones, The Cross Brothers (Aiden Cross & Christian Cross), Jeff Connelly, Wild Bill.  The venue is located at 399 Highway 11 West.  Tickets are $15 front row and $10 general admission.  Bell time is at 7:30.

Note:  The event is a benefit for the Patriot Foundation.

Mountain Championship Wrestling in Pikeville on May 27

From GWH News:

Mountain Championship Wrestling will be at the MCW Arena in Pikeville, TN on May 27.  Advertised:  Grand Moki vs. Joey Funk.  Eric Michaels vs. Tim Jernigan.  Town & Country vs. New Age Demons.  Also advertised is James Anthony.  The venue is located at 97 Tom Pope Road.  Tickets are $7, $5 children ages 6-12 and free for children under 6.  Bell time is at 7:00 PM.

WrestleMerica For Sale?

From Larry Goodman:

At least one promoter is rumored to have interest in acquiring WrestleMerica in some form or fashion.  

A May 17 post on the WrestleMerica Facebook page announced the closing of the company business related to a legal situation, details of which could not be disclosed. Sources familiar with the matter said the legal issue stemmed from complaints by a former employee about an altercation with another roster member during a WrestleMerica event last year.  

An official company spokesman later contacted GWH stating the May 17 post was untrue and unauthorized. The spokesman declined comment as to why the company was shutting down.

The end came at a curious time, just two shows into the existence of WrestleMerica's upscale offshoot, Bullet Proof Wrestling, which debuted with a huge splash on April 22 in Barnesville. 

Cody was on board as top star. Bullet Proof flew Jimmy Havoc from England to vie with Cody to become the inaugural champion. That first show produced two mind-blowing matches in Cody vs. Havoc and Donovan Dijak vs. Drew Adler.

According to Cody's interview with Sports Illustrated, Wrestlemerica founder Luke Gallows enlisted Cody as Bullet's Proof's talent recruiter.

Between WWE, the Painted Gypsy tattoo shop and the Bullet Proof Dojo, Gallows had a full plate without the addition of Bullet Proof Wrestling. 

Artistic success notwithstanding, expenses were likely exceeding revenues given the modestly priced tickets and attendance of 350 and 250 respectively.

NWA Georgia News and Notes

From Larry Goodman:

The card for July 15 in Columbus at St. Luke's Methodist Church is headlined by Rob Terry vs. Damien Wayne; Zane Stevens challenging Kahagas for the NWA National Championship and Jason Kincaid vs. Stunt Marshall for the NWA Georgia Junior Championship. Other matches include Logan Creed vs. AJ Steele for the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship; Mathias Starkey vs. Luscious Laron for the NWA GA Television Championship. J Rod vs. Rex Andrews for the NWA Continental Championship and Matt Gilbert vs. Badd Blood.

Glory Pro Wrestling in Crossville on May 26

From GWH News:

Glory Pro Wrestling will be at the National Guard Armory in Crossville, TN on May 26.  Advertised:  Toby Farley, Brett Ison, James Anthony, Cole-Rageous (James Cole & Caleb Courageous), Shane Smalls.  The venue is located at 144 Sparta Highway.  Tickets are $7 and free for children under 5.  Doors open at 6:00 PM and bell time is at 7:00.

National Championship Wrestling in Cornelia on May 26

From GWH News:

National Championship Wrestling will be at the Landmark Arena in Cornelia, GA on May 26.  Advertised:  The Jagged Edge defends the NCW Heavyweight championship against Andrew Duckworth.  Matt Gilbert vs. Deon Mercer.  The Good Ole Boys vs. NSFW.  Ryan Michaels vs. Kenji Brea.  Katie Ohno vs. Harlow O'Hara.  Logan Creed vs. Bolo.  The venue is located at 4246 Level Grove Road.  Tickets are $5.  Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

NWA New South Championship Wrestling in Franklin on May 26

From GWH News:

NWA New South Championship Wrestling will be at the New South Arena in Franklin, KY on May 26.  Advertised:  Jeremiah Plunkett defends the NWA Southern Heavyweight championship against Chris Michaels.  Damien Wayne & Shawn Hurley vs. John Irons & Francisco Ciatso in a no DQ match.  Gator McAlister vs. Vic the Bruiser.  Also advertised are Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Derek Neal, Justin Grandberry and Mr. USA.  The venue is located at 512 West Madison Street.  Tickets are $10 and free for children under 6.  Doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

World Wrestling Council in Hatillo on May 26

From GWH News:

World Wrestling Council will be at the Pancho Deyda Coliseum in Hatillo, Puerto Rico on May 26.  Advertised:  Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Apolo.  Thunder vs. Chicano.  Lightning vs. Gilbert.  Also advertised are El Cuervo, El Diabolico, La Revolucion, OT Fernandez, Angel and Anthony Roberts.  Tickets are $12 and $5 children under 10.  Bell time is at 8:30 PM.

Latest GWH TV Now Online

From GWH TV:

Episode 36

The latest episode of GWH TV, hosted by John "Stoney" Cannon & VPW Superstar Wade Adams, once again presents the greatest of classic wrestling from around the southeast.  See such great matches as:

-Jake Roberts VS Ronnie Garvin (Dec. 1983)
-Jeff Jarrett & Joe Leduc VS Abdul Gadaffi & Pat Rose (Memphis Classic Wrestling, 1986)
-Rick Craven VS Kevin Sullivan / Austin Idol VS Charlie Fulton (GCW, 1980)
-Jimmy Snuka & Paul Orndorff VS Gene Anderson & Jacques Goulet (Mid-Atlantic, 1978)

Don't forget to subscribe to the official GWH TV Youtube page and like the official GWH TV facebook page.

May 22 Birthdays and Memoriams

Traci Brooks, Daniel Bryan, Kameron Kade, Fry Daddy, and Miguel Perez, Jr. celebrate birthdays today.

George Zaharias was 76 when he died on this day in 1984, and Mick McManus passed away at 93 in 2013.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mountain Championship Wrestling Results from Pikeville on May 20

From Brian Slack:

Mountain Championship Wrestling was in Pikeville, TN on May 20.  Results:  Dallas Troy defeated Chris Cross.  Eric Michaels defeated Tony Anthony.  Chris Carlton defeated Liam Cross.  Grand Moki, Little America & Big Heavy defeated DeVito, Masked Destroyer & Joey Funk.  Chase Owens defeated Shannon Hayes to retain the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight championship.  Big Rig defeated Alexander Dunn.  Thomas Cage defeated James Anthony to win the YBW United States championship.  New Age Demons defeated the Airtime Rockerz to retain the MCW Tennessee Tag Team championships.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Results from Gibsonville on May 20


2.) SIS def. ETHAN SHARPE in the first ever Man versus Woman Match on #CWFWorldwide

BRAD ATTITUDE interrupted a scheduled interview with NICK RICHARDS and berated Richards, ultimately goading him into putting his upcoming Mid-Atlantic Title shot on the line in a match later on against Attitude, winner take all. 


4.) Rising Generation League Champion CAIN JUSTICE def. #CWFWorldwide host CECIL SCOTT in a Wrestler versus Announcer Special Challenge Match. 

After the bout, Justice continued antagonizing broadcaster Brad Stutts and “HANDSOME” MITCH CONNOR who was filling in for Scott on commentary, even slapping Connor leading to a pull apart between them.

COACH GEMINI took the microphone and insisted his team had been robbed at the Kernodle Brothers Cup and robbed again at Chapel Hill. He challenged any two men to step up and face ARIK ROYAL & ROY WILKINS in tonight’s main event.

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from Royston on May 19

From GWH News:

Alternative Pro Wrestling was in Royston, GA on May 19.  Results:  Dynamic Dexter & Stevie Ray Frost defeated Jeremy Cruz & Don E.  Demarko Knight defeated Sam Kooper.  Carnage defeated Brandon Bates.  Ehrin Black defeated Hoss Michaels.  Jacob Ashworth defeated James Boulevard.  Stryknyn defeated Scott Mayson.

Fire Star Pro Wrestling Results from Greensboro on May 19

From Brian Slack:

Fire Star Pro Wrestling was in Greensboro, NC on May 19.  Results:  Michael Spencer defeated Marcus Kross to retain the FSPW Southeastern championship.  Ashton Starr defeated Jaxxon Vile.  TDT defeated Deget Bundlez.  Bogg Hogg defeated Joshua Young by submission.  Cam Carter defeated Big Bite Martinez.  Dementia D'Rose defeated Quinby.  Will Huckaby defeated Mickey Fulp (w/Spencer).  AR Fox defeated Griff Garrison.

Glory Pro Wrestling Results from Crossville on May 19

The 2017 Pound 4 Pound Cup Results

Pre-Show Match - Mutant Garvin & Liam Cross
beat The Airtime Rockerz

Round 1:
1. Chase Owens defeated Frankie Swamptower via Package Piledriver.
2. James Anthony pinned Hairband after a Running Superkick.
3. Caleb Courageous defeated Alex Zayne with The SKITTLE Driver.
4. "The Freak" Draven Lee beat "Sadistic" Sean Stephens with The Crows Throne Piledriver.

Round 2:
5. Chase Owens defeated Caleb Courageous with a Package Piledriver.
6. Draven Lee pinned James Anthony after a Swanton Bomb.
**Chase Owens attacked Draven Lee after the match, smashing his already injured arm in a chair and laid him out with a Package Piledriver.**

7. Christopher Carlton & Brian Valor defeated Brett Ison & Shane Smalls after Carlton blasted Ison unconscious with the Undisputed Championship belt while Billy Lobo Jr had the referee distracted and Valor held the lifeless Pitbull in a Dragon Sleeper until the official called for the bell.

8. Draven Lee pinned Chase Owens with a Jackknife Roll Up out of nowhere to win the Glory Pro 2017 Pound 4 Pound Cup. 

ProSouth Wrestling Results from Piedmont on May 19

From Brian Slack:

ProSouth Wrestling was in Piedmont, AL on May 19.  Results:  Donnie Primetime defeated Kelvin Holmes.  Greenhorn Militia (B-What & Shean Christopher) defeated Left Hand Path (Austin Towers & Donnie Primetime) by DQ.  Left Hand Path retains the ProSouth Tag Team championships.  Big Tomb defeated Austin Towers.  Ayden Andrews defeated Cameron Action in a pick your poison match.  Tyler Gage defeated O'Shay Edwards in a pick your poison match.  Kevin Ryan defeated James Hardy.  N-Justice (Ace Haven & Brandon Collum)(w/Amy Haven) defeated Left Hand Path (Eric Silva & Alister Crowe).

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance Report from Carrollton on May 20

Photos courtesy of Rob Brodhecker
From Larry Goodman:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance ran their go home show for the company’s 9th anniversary event headlined by the third annual Survivor Games.

Last night’s show featured three triple threat matches involving members of the three teams participating in the Survivor Games (a variation on War Games) with a title on the line in each match.

As is always the case with the machinations of booker Rick Michaels, there was more to the story.

Ironically, for a show filled with successful storyline advances, the closing brouhaha designed to juice up the Survivor Games was the least effective among them.

Paid attendance at the VWF Fairgrounds was 233. It wouldn’t be a Peachstate show without fan drama. Police were called to the scene to investigate another alleged injury caused by a wrestler.

Ohio Valley Wrestling Results from Louisville on May 17

From Brian Slack:

Ohio Valley Wrestling was in Louisville, KY on May 17 for a TV taping.  Results:

Dark matches:  Tyler Matrix defeated Dre Blitz.  Big Zo defeated Jacob Black.

Episode 926:  Shane Andrews (w/Jessie Belle & Randy Royal) defeated Chris Michaels.  Kevin Giza vs. LJ ended in a no contest after Daniel Eads attacked both wrestlers.  Justin Smooth defeated Adam Slade.  Dapper Dan defeated Christian Hernandez.  Shannon the Dude defeated Christian Hernandez.  Jade Dawson defeated Reverend Stuart Miles to retain the OVW Television championship.

Dark match:  The Bro Godz (Colton Cage & Dustin Jackson) defeated The Veteran Connection (Apollo & Raul LaMotta).

Georgia Premier Wrestling Results from Blairsville on May 13

From GWH News:

Georgia Premier Wrestling was in Blairsville, GA on May 13.  Results:  Aiden Wright defeated Ray Ray.  Joey Lynch defeated Jason Collins.  Ray Fury defeated Cousin Shaggy.  Andrew Duckworth (w/Logan Chase III) defeated Joey Sparxs.  Cyrus the Destroyer defeated Cousin Cletus.  The Movement (Chip Hazard & Talon Williams) defeated Arron G & Matt Gilbert.

NWA Smoky Mountain Results from Kingsport on May 13

From Brian Slack:

NWA Smoky Mountain was in Kingsport, TN on May 13.  Results:  White Mike eliminated Lenny Stratton to win the 15 man Smoky Mountain Rumble match.  Jason Kincaid defeated White Mike.  The Jones Boys (Cooper Jones & Hogan Jones) defeated Savages (Gavin Daring & Skyler Kruze) to win the Model City Classic Tag Team tournament and the NWA Smoky Mountain Tag Team championships.  Timmy Lou Retton defeated Myron Reed.  The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) defeated The Heatseekers (Sigmon & Elliott Russell) to win the NWA United States Tag Team championships.  Rob Conway & Devin Driscoll defeated Mikey Muscles & ATM.  Axton Ray defeated Chris Richards by DQ.  Richards retains the NWA Smoky Mountain Television championship.  Toby Farley defeated James Drake to retain the NWA Mountain Empire championship.  Chase Owens defeated Anthony Henry to retain the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight championship.

Pro Wrestling EGO Results from Pearl on May 13

From Brian Slack:

Pro Wrestling EGO was in Pearl, MS on May 13.  Results:  Erik Silva defeated Oblivion.  The Abbey Street Boot Boys (Chuck McMullen, Shakey McMullen & Gil Quest) defeated Riot, Trever Aeon & Zombie Dragon.  O'Shay Edwards defeated Davey Vega.  Jake Parnell defeated Orion Taylor and Johnny Nixx in a three-way match to retain the Zero 1 USA Junior Heavyweight championship.  Orion Taylor defeated Johnny Nixx and Jake Parnell in a three-way match to retain the PWE Styles championship.  Gary Jay defeated Ray Fury.  Michael Elgin defeated Jon Davis by DQ after Joey Abel attacked Elgin.  Jon Davis defeated Joey Abel and Michael Elgin to retain the Federated championship and to win the PWE Pride championship.

Renegade Championship Wrestling Results from Chatsworth on May 13

From GWH News:

Renegade Championship Wrestling was in Chatsworth, GA on May 13.  Results:  Kevin Dailey defeated Kevin Ryan.  The Next of Kin defeated Big Red & Josh Vaughn.  Ethan Cage defeated Alex Michaels.  Generation Iron defeated VIP.  Jass Wade defeated Jamie Strong.  Rick Hayes vs. Paul Manson ended in a no contest.

May 21 Birthdays and Memoriams

Micah Taylor is celebrating a birthday today.

The Great Gama died at the age of 78 on this day in 1960, and Jimmy ‘Bad Boy’ Hines was 56 when he passed in 1983.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Appalachian Pro Wrestling Results from Shelbyville on May 12

From Brian Slack:

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling was in Shelbyville, KY on May 12.  Results:  Maxx Sledd defeated Casey Reeves.  Misty James defeated Big Mamma.  Jordan Clearwater defeated Beau James.  Clinton Stacy & Kyle Maggard defeated Stan Lee & Daniel Richards.  Stan Sierra defeated Larry D.

May 20 Birthdays and Memoriams

B.G. James (a/k/a Road Dogg) and Joe Black celebrate a birthday today.

Randy Savage died at the age of 58 on this day in 2011.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tank vs. Cash Blood Feud

From Matt Griffin: 

World Wrestling League Television from May 19

May 14, 2017, episode

CWF Mid-Atlantic Television from May 17

Episode 105

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Television from May 16

May 16, 2017, episode

Peach State Pandemonium Archive Online

Thursday’s edition of Peach State Pandemonium, hosted by Mike Norris, Bobby Simmons & Jerry Oates discussed the life and career of Bobby Shane with special guest and Bobby Shane expert, Alfred Ticineto.

Click here for the archive

May 19 Birthdays and Memoriams

Dick Slater, Psicosis, and Gene Lewis celebrate birthdays today.

Kurt Von Stroheim was 76 when he died on this day in 2008.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on May 13

From Anarchy Wrestling:

Report from the Landmark Arena with attendance of 160.

The Approved (Bobby Moore & Adrian Hawkins) interrupted matchmaker Dan Wilson's intro to complain about not getting their title shot. Wilson said they lost...to Cyrus The Destroyer, in an open challenge so they were no longer undefeated and tonight they weren't booked. They told Wilson he'd be sorry and left.

1) Jeremy Foster defeated Josef Von Schmidt to advance to Round 2 of The Landmark Heritage Title Tournament. Foster faces Billy Buck in Round 2 on 5/27.

2) The Nightmare defeated Torque in an action packed bout to advance to round 2 of The Landmark Heritage Title Tournament. The Nightmare will face Ryan Vega on 5/27 in Round 2.

3) Se7en (with Brad Cash) defeated "The Madman From The Ozarks" Alex Rudolph in a hard hitting clash between two beasts.

Afterwards Brad Cash responded to Tank's prior comments by challenging Tank and Iceberg to settle the issue of who deserves to be called The Devil's Rejects by facing Cash and Se7en on 5/27.

May 18 Birthdays and Memoriams

Gino Brito and the Blue Meanie celebrate birthdays today.

Boyd Pierce was 70 when he died on this day in 1999.