Sunday, March 24, 2019

Georgia Premier Wresting Report from Canton on March 23

From Larry Goodman:

GPW presented Rock & Roll Never Forgets featuring WWE Hall of Famers Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson and the fans in Canton clearly had not forgotten the Rock ‘n Roll Express. 

A crowd of over 300 turned out at the Old Buffington School Gym and they were just as crazy hot as the last time. 

The source of all the  is Real GPW led by GPW co-owner Darrell Morris vs. guys in the white hats, led by Woody Hullender and the newly beloved Logan Chase. What was formerly a weakness, top-to-bottom storyline development, has become one of GPW’s greatest strengths. 

The show peaked in the mid-card with a thrilling title match that saw Cyrus the Destroyer and Cuzin Cletus win the GPW Tag Team Championship from Real GPW’s Syndicate (Elijah Evans & TJ Boss) and an unexpectedly delightful match between Michael Marshall and Matt Sells. 

Syndicate held the title for two months and bolstered GPW’s talent roster in the process. It will be interesting to see where they go from here at GPW.

Two matches were not what GPW was hoping for due to changes in personnel.

Ring announcer Miss Brittany said the show was being taped as a trial run. 

Southern Violence and Wresting Results from Athens on March 23

From SVW:

350 strong attended Southern Violence and Wrestling at The Southern Brewing Company in Athens, GA. 

The show raised $360 for Project Safe. 

1. The Black Chains retained their SVW tag team titles. Their match against Leatherface went to a no contest.

2. Swole defeated Andrew Noles and Zackary Blane in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Swole was then told by owner Dave Hadden that O'Shay Edwards was coming for him on April 20th.

3. The Bulldog TW James defeated Hawk Thomas in a hoss fight.

4. Chris Nelms and Charlie Anarchy finished in a no contest. Chris Nelms was attacked by Reverend Samuel Kooper and Twisted, who drove a spike into the eye of Nelms.

5. SVW Heavyweight Champion "Chop Top" Hoss Michael's retained by defeating Cody Mcculley.

6. Ryan Murdoch defeated Axel Rod, Jamie Holmes, and Brandon Justice in a 4 way no rope barb wire, no canvas match to become The New SVW Hardcore Champion. Murdoch was then pelted by trash and beer to end the show.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

ACTION Wrestling Results from Tyrone on March 22

From Larry Goodman:

ACTION Wrestling results from Tyrone at Sandy Creek High School with attendance of 325. ACTION Champion AC Mack defeated Shawn Dean in a non-title match; Michael Marshall defeated Matt Sells with his feet on the ropes in a match where Watts Rules was suspended; Jaden Newman and Cain Justice defeated The Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy); Slim J defeated Bobby Flaco;Team TAG (Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra & Billy Buck) defeated Will Kaution & Erik and Axel Havok; James Bandy defeated O'Shay Edwards; Aja Perera defeated Danny Jordan (a male stand in for Dani Jordyn). After the match, Perera argued at ringside with Making Towns owner Papa Hales. During the altercation, Team TAG attacked ACTION CEO Matt Griffin and left him laying in the ring; Fred Yehi submitted Arik Royal in a wild falls count anywhere match.

Next show April 26 at East Coweta High School in Sharpsburg. 

Southern Honor Wrestling Report from Canton March 22

Photos courtesy of Kind Punk Productions
From Rob Brodhecker: 

This will be a setup show as Southern Honor will be taking the month of April off. The crowd at bell time is around 400 but people are still coming in. 

Chris Silvio (with Jenna Van Muscles) vs Sean Legacy

Silvio is from the Richmond, VA area (and a former two-time OVW TV Champion and six-time Southern Tag Champion) . Legacy is from the Augusta area of GA (and the current Viral Pro Outbreak Champion). Both men are of a smaller size so I'm anticipating an up-tempo style match. Silvio was accompanied to the ring by a rather statuesque blonde lady with the name Jenna Van Muscles. She's acting as a heater for Silvio, ala Chyna. The crowd is firmly behind Legacy. The ending started with Silvio tossing Legacy out to Muscles and Muscles holding Legacy up for Silvio's dive through the ropes. Legacy moves and Silvio nails Muscles instead. Legacy gets Silvio back in the ring and lands the 450 splash for the win. Time 8:35. Grade B-. An above average opening match. the crowd didn't know Silvio or Van Muscles and while they did a few heelish things, more could have been done. 

The New Era (Owen Knight with Lee Johnson) vs Joe Black

I still pop for the Castlevania: SOTN stanza of Joe's entrance music. Joe doesn't come as he has a leg injury and is out for 6 months. Owen makes the ref start the match and initiate the ten count. 41 seconds later, the 10 count ends and Owen is declared the winner. Jordan Kingsley's music hits and he comes out. A new match starts…

Friday, March 22, 2019

Combat Entertainment in Jonesboro on March 24

From Larry Goodman:

Combat Entertainment presents Combat Wrld 4 in beautiful Jonesboro, GA at Furnace 41 with a 6 pm bell time. Advertised: Fred Yehi vs. AJ Gray; Joe Black vs. Calvin Tankman, Chip Day, Chris Crunkk Hunter Law and a special announcement from Supreme Leader Blacklist Uno.

Full Disclosure: Analysis of Devaluation of Managers Column

From Stephen Platinum:

Analysis of the Logan Chase Article  

Georgia Premier Wrestling in Canton on March 23

From Larry Goodman:

Georgia Premier Wrestling presents Rock & Roll Never Forgets featuring The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. Walker County Line (Bobby Hayes & Lamar Phillips); Fred Yehi vs. Torque; The Syndicate (TJ Boss & Elijah Evans IV) defend the tag titles against Cuzin Cletus & Cyrus the Destroyer (with Logan Chase) and in a rematch from March 9, Michael Marshall vs. Matt Sells under Watts Rules;  Bell time is 7:30 pm.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia on March 23

From Larry Goodman:

Anarchy Wrestling presents Last Stop Before Hell, the go home show for Hardcore Hell 2019, on March 23 at the Landmark Arena in Cornelia. Advertised: Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Logan Creed (with Sal Rinauro) vs. Xander Ramon with special guest referee Jacob Ashworth; Matthew Hankins defends the Anarchy TV Title vs. Crystal Rose; Billy Buck vs. AC Mack; CB Suave vs. Damien Bennett; The Approved (Kenji Brea & Bobby Moore with Adrian Hawkins) vs. Will Kaution & Azrael; Brian Blaze & Shane Marx vs. Bolo & Dynamic Dexter. Bell time is 8 pm.

Puerto Rican Wrestling News and Notes

From Alfred Feliciano:

World Wrestling Council returns to the Acropolis Coliseum in Manati on March 23 where WWC President Victor Jovica will have the contract signing for “El Alma Perdida” Xavant defending the WWC Universal Championship against the leader of El Nuevo Sindicato, “The Precious One” Gilbert with an added stipulation of a  special guest referee. Who will be that referee? No one knows, although that is still going on through the rumor mill. “Mr.Raytings” Ray Gonzales may return on that night. Here are this past weekend’s WWC episodes.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

State of Wrestling Winners and Losers List

From Larry Goodman:

Stephen Platinum's take on the winners and losers from State of Wrestling speeches on the March 19 episode of Tipping Point featuring Aja Perera, Drew Blood, David Ali, Gunner Miller, Scene Nick, Matt Griffin, Darrell Morris, Scott Hensley and Triston Michaels.

Wrestling's Devaluation of Managers

From Logan Chase:

Managing is NOT a lost art, it’s on life support. I totally believe this to be true. Many people have debated that importance, or non-importance of managers. Tonight’s Tipping Point perpetuated this discussion, which needs to be had. The problem isn’t the managers, it’s the constant perpetuation that they aren’t important. Their place in wrestling has been downsized. Think about this: How does a manager break into the business? Most wrestling schools will not “train” managers. Therefore, what we are left with are the girlfriends/wives/buddies who tag along. I have always taken exception to this because I am a trained wrestler, who chose to be a manager. I hold steady in my belief that managers should be trained wrestlers, and “specialize” in managing. I chalk this under utilization of training to the fact that you can’t really “teach” managing. It truly is something that people either have or not. Sure—any school can teach you how to do the moves and take the bumps, however, can you really teach the “art of managing?” 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spinebuster Championship Wrestling in Valdosta on March 20

From Larry Goodman:

Spinebuster Championship Wrestling return to Valdosta at the Mathis Auditorium tomorrow night, March 20 with a 7 pm bell time with Michael Marshall vs. Titan Champion Johnny Maverick; Pure Goodness vs. Cassius Mack; Spartan Champion Mako vs. Dante Steele and Gladiator Champion David Ali vs. Sunny Daze and the Rumble in the Coliseum Battle Royal with Jaxon Vile, . Hold My Beer Hanson, Jay 2 Strong, Preston Paradise, Hayden Price and Proc "The Croc" Johnson and Logan Creed will be in the house.

Face 2 Face Wrestling in Morrow on March 22

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long and Face 2 Face Wrestling School present #1 Contender Cosmo Martinez vs. Aaron Frye for the F2F Championship; #1 Contender Savannah Evans vs. Siomara Lozano for the F2F Women's Championship; Simon Sermon & Tommy Too Much vs. Brian Blaze & Bill the Butcher for the F2F Tag Team Championship; Matt Von Reaper vs. Prince Apollo; Randy Reno vs. Movie Myk and more. March 22 in Morrow at 1078 Citizens Parkway, Suite F. Bell time is 8 pm.

Monday, March 18, 2019

ACTION Wrestling Results from Tyrone on March 16

From Larry Goodman:

ACTION Wrestling results from their free outdoor show in Tyrone at Shamrock Park on March 16 as follows: James Bandy & Ryan Rembrandt beat AC Mack & Alan Angels; Michael Marshall beat Caleb Konley; Corey Hollis beat Matt Sells; Dani Jordyn beat Ruthless Lala; Billy Buck beat Logan Stunt; Team TAG (Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra) beat Cyrus the Destroyer & Erik Havok and Bobby Flaco beat David Ali.

It was announced that at's Family Reunion show as part of The Collective, Fred Yehi will challenge AC Mack for the ACTION Championship.

Tipping Point Preview

From GWH:

Tipping Point presents the inaugural State of Wrestling show. Each presenter will have the opportunity to talk about their promotion, their wrestling career and/or the state of wrestling in general. Speakers scheduled to present their opinions include:

Gunner Miller
Aja Perera
David Ali
Matt Griffin
Triston Michaels
Darrell Morris
Scene Nick
Scott Hensley

Discussion with hosts Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman will ensue after each speech. The fun begins tomorrow night at 7pm. 

Southern Honor Wrestling in Canton on March 22

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Honor Wrestling presents The Summit on Friday, March 22 at the Action Building in Canton, GA with an 8pm bell time, featuring Raven and The Revolt!, Impact star Caleb Konley and Zane Riley, former OVW Heavyweight Champion Chris Silvio and the stars of SHW -- Champion Alan Angels, Georgia Wrestler of the Year for 2018 Logan Creed, The New Era (David Ali, Dani Jordyn, Owen Knight and Lee Johnson), Joe Black, Sunny Daze, Lynch Mob, Ashton Starr, Kevin Ryan, Corey Hollis and Sean Legacy.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

WrestleMerica Results from Barnesville on March 16

From WrestleMerica:

WrestleMerica returned to Barnesville, Ga at the Academy Gym Saturday night March 16 before a paid crowd of 325.

In the Monster’s Ball March, Mike “Pain” was victorious over Ryan North’s monsters Cyrus the Destroyer and Pure Goodness after North three fire at Pain but missed and hit Cyrus. Thumb tacks, metal chairs, and a video camera were all used as weapons in the match.

The Dirty Blondes, Brian “ Bam Bam” Brock and “Maniac” Michael Patrick (who were full fledged southern red neck baby faces) defeated Simon Sermon and Rob Adonis.

Dominique Stuckey (who is one of the most over faces in WrestleMerica consistently) upset the “End Game” Paul Jordane by pinning him.

Former referee turned wrestler Owen Parker tapped out Ryan North with special referee Cowboy Dennis Gale. After the match, North tried to run but was thrown back into the ring by Parker, followed by Gale snatching Ryan in a sleeper hold. Then Owen, Gale, and (announcer/promoter) Ben Masters all put North in a Weasel suit much to the delight of the fans. Fans then filled the ring and took pictures with a very unhappy weasel who was guarded by Parker. This match had been building for months and this was a huge payoff for the fans. Owen Parker was over like a million dollars.

Aja Perera Presents on Tipping Point March 19

From Larry Goodman:

A preview of Aja's speech? Maybe, maybe not.

Tipping Point Presents the State of Wrestling

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance Report from Carrollton on March 16

From Rob Brodhecker:

A child dressed up as Dean Ambrose wins the costume contest, beating out a kid dressed up as Tommy Too Much, and two older ladies dressed as Sean Nelson, and the Ultimate Dragon, respectively.

5 matches are advertised for tonight including Sal Rinauro defending the Heritage Championship against The No Limits Champion, Ace Haven. This will be the first time Ace is challenging for the Heritage Title. PWA is continuing to bring in fresh talent but it remains to be seen if the newer talent can bring back some of the old crowd that has left the friendly confines of the VFW Fairgrounds. They have a core of die-hard fans that will show up but that will put the crowd at around 150, whereas past crowds were 250+ on average.

Jason Boyd is your ring announcer. Your referees are Darryl Hall and Mason Pike.

Marko Wicker vs Shane Marx (with DeWitt Dawson)

Shane has become one of the top babyfaces in PWA since his return several months ago. Marko attacks Shane as he tries to get into the ring. Marko wraps Shane's shoulder around a ring post. DeWitt tries to pull Marko off and almost gets decked for his efforts. The bell rings once both men get into the ring. Marko is targeting the left shoulder. Shane wins at the 7:43 mark but Marko continues to attack after the match, leaving Shane on the ringside floor. A good opening match with Shane, who is super over, and Marko, who the fans despise.

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report from Monroe on March 16

From Larry Goodman:

In one of the greatest main events in SFCW history, Phase One Champion Jacob Ashworth forced Jagged Edge to surrender in the I Quit Match at Never Surrender. For drama and sustained, intense crowd reactions, this match took me back. Way back. This was Southern Rasslin' at its finest. The heat was right up there with the stuff involving Jagged and AJ Steele in 2015. The violence was at another level entirely. SFCW fans will be talking about this match as long as SFCW is around.

Ashworth is the man in SFCW and his being booked as such. The hero of Redneck Nation bled, and suffered and overcame insurmountable odds to emerge victorious. Steele is the only other babyface in SFCW history worth mentioning in the same breath.

Jagged Edge came into the match with multiple injuries. I won't delve into the details but he had no business being inside a wrestling ring last night and turned in the gutsiest of performances. Ashworth did a phenomenal job under any circumstances and booker Todd Sexton structured things to work around Jagged's limitations, but it was still nuts for him to go through with it.

The mood in the crowd at the conclusion of the show was a 180 degree turn from two weeks ago when Billy Buck lost the SFCW Championship to Corey Hollis.

Hollis retained the title in a three-way over Buck and Stryk Nyn and he won't be back until Shindig VI in June. Hollis claimed his contract with SFCW is up after that show and he's leaving with the title.

That leaves Ashworth in the unenviable position of defending the Phase One title against all comers until Shindig in order to get his shot at Hollis. First up, will be former SFCW Champion Adrian Hawkins, who left Ashworth a bloody mess on his way to the ring for the I Quit.

Main event aside, SFCW put on an overall great show at Never Surrender. The JB Enterprises feud with Master and Machine took a fiery turn. Kelly Sexton debuted with the Approved. God only knows what that will lead to. Thicker Than Blood took another step up the heel ladder. Likewise Will Kaution on the babyface side.

Attendance at the Boys and Girls Club was 300+. That being the case, and my count says it was, the 250 paid for the March 2 show had to be a lowball number.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Mucha Lucha Atlanta in Norcross on March 17

From Larry Goodman:
Rush & Dragon Lee vs. Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix for the first time ever in the US takes place at Mucha Lucha Atlanta 18 -Catastrofe on Sunday March 17 at the Espacio Discotheque in Norcross, plus Austin Theory, Daga, Mechawolf, Vary Morales, Poder Nocturno, Joey Lynch, Oraculo, Serpentico and more. Bell time is 5 pm. VIP tickets 1st & 2nd row $65, General Admission adults $50 and kids $25.

Total Aggresion Pro Wrestling Results from Cornelia on March 15

From TAPW:

Here are the TAPW results from the Landmark Arena from last night. Attendance was 130. Zee Williams defeated Ace Vaughn; Cody Mcculley and Hoss Michaels defeated Drew Noles and Axel Rod; Slim J defeated CB Suave; Tyler Garrison defeated Jimmy Lee via DQ; Azrael and Crystal Rose defeated Matt Gilbert and Katie Ohno; The Dudes defeated 6:05 Crew to retain the NCW tag team titles; Ryan Staples defeated Hoax to retain the TAPW Heavyweight title.

ACTION Wrestling in Tyrone on March 22

From Larry Goodman:

The ACTION Wrestling Supershow takes place at Sandy Creek High School in Tyrone on March 22 with a 7:30 bell time featuring the highly anticipated third encounter betweeen Fred Yehi and Arik Royal in a falls count anywhere match; ACTION Champion AC Mack takes on a mystery opponent; O'Shay Edwards vs. James Bandy; Slim J vs. Bobby Flaco; Aja Perera vs. Dani Jordyn; The Carnies vs. Cain Justice & Jaden Newman and more. 

1 Fall Wrestling Report from Norcross on March 15

From Larry Goodman:

I finally made it out to a 1 Fall Wrestling show, which is kind of crazy since it's only 15 minutes from my house. Michael Marshall runs a 1FW event one Friday each month at his training school in Norcross. The school is co-located with the Hammer Smith Sports performance training center, so it’s a large, first-class facility with a mini-wrestling arena set up in a corner of the building. 

The shows are essentially vehicles for One Fall Power Factory trainees to gain experience working matches in front of a live crowd. The more advanced trainees are also working the Georgia Premier Wrestling shows.

Attendance was around 50, largely family and friends of the wrestlers.  This show ran long than most because there were nine matches. Marshall is shooting for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The presence of quality talent like Baron Black, Elijah Evans, O’Shay Edwards, Bshp King, Alan Angels and Chad Sky Walker ensures that no matter how bad the trainee matches may be, there will be some high caliber matches in the mix. Marshall also brings in the occasional name star like Delirious. Impact star Suicide was that guy last night.

I enjoyed the show for what it was. There was enough good stuff to make it a worthwhile experience. Suicide and 1FW Champion Evans killed it, as did Angels vs. Black. Edwards vs. King was also really interesting.

Cody Vance was there fresh off knee surgery for a torn ACL. The injury occurred during a match at the March 2 Pro Wrestling Ego event in Mississippi. Vance will be sidelined for about 6 months. 

Jenn Holbrook-Sells has taken over the ring announcing duties here since prior announcer Shalandra Royal is wrestling now. Holbrook-Sells was the ring announcer for NAWA back in the day. I had forgotten how good she is in that role. 2017 Georgia Referee of the Year, Darryl Hall was the senior official. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Second Georgia Star Headed to ROH

From Larry Goodman:

Josey Quinn aka Andrew Duckworth announced that he too, is moving to Baltimore to become a part of the ROH Dojo and Future of Honor.

My time here in the south is winding down, grateful for all the opportunities I've received, but it's time to show I'm the real deal. So with that said it's time to head North to Baltimore and take my place in the ROH Dojo & Future of Honor. This is were I belong and where I want to be. ROH prepare yourselves to Behold the Pale Horse

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling in Monroe on March 16

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling presents Never Surrender at the Walton County Boys and Girls Club in Monroe on Saturday, March 16. SFCW Champion Corey Hollis defends the title against Stryk Nyn; Jagged Edge vs. Jacob Ashworth in an I Quit Match with SFCW owner David Manders as the special referee; Alan Angels vs. Bobby Moore; Will Kaution vs. Mikal Judas and JB Enterprises (Drew Blood & Brian Kane & Dr. Brock) vs. Xander Ramon & Griff Garrison & Markus Cross, plus Thicker Than Blood (Damien Bennett & King Heru with Queen Maat) issues an open challenge. Bell time is 7 pm.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance in Carrollton on March 16

From Larry Goodman:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance will be in action at the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton on Saturday, March 16 with a 7:30 pm bell time. Michael Stevens vs. "The Suicide King" Brad Cash; Austynn Madison vs. Sara Dox; Shane Noles. vs. "P Dogg" Mike Posey; Beauty and The Beast (Nate Wylde & Ethan Cage)(c) vs. Will Demented & Shea McGrady for the PWA tag titles; Title vs. Title: PWA Heritage Champion Sal Rinauro vs. PWA No Limits Champion Ace Haven; Shane Marx (with Dewitt Dawson) vs. Marko Wicker, plus PWA Commissioner Tommy Too Much.

Georgia Star Headed to ROH Dojo

From Larry Goodman:

O'Shay Edwards posted as follows regarding his impending move to Baltimore to join the ROH dojo.

So I can put this out here now.

I always told myself that I would have to leave the South to make a legitimate run in this silly ass business.

Well, that time is rapidly approaching.

So, as it stands, I'm a 'Limited Time Only' act in the Southeast and have spoken to several people to make return trips on a very select dates.

Get it in while you can, folks.

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

1 Fall Wrestling in Norcross on March 15

From Larry Goodman:

1FW present March Mayhem on Friday, March 15 at the 1FW Arena, 4295 International Blvd in Norcross, featuring Impact Wrestling's Suicide, Michael Marshall, Elijah Evans, Jaxson Cassel, Alan Angels, Matt Sells, Cody Vance, Tim Miller and more. Bell time is 7:30 pm.

Combat Entertainment Report from Piedmont on March 10

From Combat Entertainment:

Result from Combat Wrld 3 at the Pro South Arena in Piedmont, AL on March 10

Ace Haven defeated Shean Christopher

Christopher held his own but in the end was no match for the veteran Haven who has an uncanny amount of speed and tenacity.

Deandre Jackson defeated King Bailey Blake

Deandre Jackson mowed down King Bailey Blake (who was very over with the crowd). After the match Jackson who had been just been cleared to compete due to the injury he sustained at the hands of #DAYWAY members led by Matt Kenway, called out Kenway wanting to fight. In a case of careful what you wish for, Jackson was assaulted by some of the OTHER members of #DAYWAY. Lamar Diggs, Bundlez and Big Xann continued to work on the injured hand of Jackson in a 3 on 1 beat down that left the Big Hurt of Combat…hurting.

Chip Day defeated Hunter Law

The head of #DAYWAY Chip Day picked up a much needed victory over Hunter Law. Even in defeat Law was impressive but the deadly Day and his kicks proved to be the deciding factor. After the match Day got on the microphone and laid verbal waste to the audience and every one in Combat Season letting them know that CombatWrld was HIS world.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Peach State Pandemonium Preview

From Larry Goodman:

So you wanna learn some wrestling history? 
Join hosts Bobby Simmons, Jerry Oates & Michael Norris for Peach State Pandemonium Thursday night at 8 PM EST

Special guest, wrestling historian George Schire will discuss the careers of Larry Hennig and Dick Beyer.

WrestleMerica in Barnesville on March 16

From Larry Goodman:

WrestleMerica returns to action at the Academy Gym in Barnesville on Saturday, March 16 with a 7:30 pm bell time, featuring a Monster's Ball: Pain vs. Cyrus the Destroyer vs. Pure Goodness - no DQ; Ryan North vs. Owen Parker - if North loses he must wear a weasel suit, if Parker loses he must leave Georgia wrestling; The Dirty Blondes vs. Exotic Ones; Dominique Stuckey vs. Paul Jordane; Drew Adler vs. Brady Pierce and Rob Adonis vs. Brent Banner; plus a special announcement on the double crown championship controversy. Ringside $15, GA $12. 

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild Results from Canton on March 9

From Larry Goodman:

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild results from Sequoyah High School in Canton on March as follows: Fry Daddy defeated Slim J; Lazer and Micah Taylor defeated Clyde Braddock and Blake Baretta; Damage Inc retained the LPWG Tag Team Championship in a TLC match against GB1C; JC defeated Nigel Sherrod via DQ; Tracy Taylor and Trixie defeated The Good Sisters; Tyson Dean defeated Chris Masters to retain the LPWG Heavyweight Championship; Scotty Beach defeated D-Money in a hardcore match.

Peurto Rican Wrestling News and Notes

From Alfred Feliciano:

The Beast Mode Wrestling Academy had its grand opening located at Villa Kennedy in Santurce. It is operated by the owner and current WWL Americas Champion ”El Hombre Bestia” Enyel. Among other Puerto Rican wrestling greats present for the occasion  El Profe, WWC Tag Team “La Ola de la Violencia” Doom Patrol and “La Perla Negra” Allison, as well as promising hopefuls who want to  learn and hone their craft. The Academy also serves to honor the memory of longtime WWC referee, the late Tomas “El Martillo” Marin who passed away last year after a long battle with illness. These two videos courtesy of our friends from Contralona and Esto Es Lucha PR show that this school is a great starting ground to enter the wrestling world.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on March 9

From Anarchy Wrestling:

The Landmark Arena was packed again with wall to wall rabid Anarchy fans fresh off the epic Devil’s Playground Match between Anarchy Heavyweight Champion, Logan Creed and Brad Cash. This time out the crowd would be treated to two big title matches and a clearer path on the Highway to Hell.

Geter won a Mega Rumble to become the #1 Contender to the Television Championship. Matthew Hankins had a few words for the Landmark Arena before the Rumble would commence. He announced that all members of Undeniable were entered into the match and that many of the other participants were not going to make it to the match. He also addressed the ongoing drama unfolding between himself and Geter. Hankins said things have been smoothed over and we would see unity tonight. Elimination was by pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope. Geter drew number one and the second man in was Will Kaution. Will attempted to use his speed but it was no match for Geter. Next in was Bolo who hit the ring a house of fire. Former Landmark Arena Heritage Champion, Kenji Brea would be the next in followed by Brian Blaze, Dynamic Dexter, Shane Marx, Azrael, and finally Jagged Edge. It got down to Kenji Brea, Will Kaution, Geter & Jagged Edge. Kaution eliminated Brea and then Brea was tossed and, it would come down to Geter and Jagged Edge as the last two men in the ring. From the announce position, Matthew Hankins yelled instructions to Geter. Geter, looked as if he was stepping over the top rope to give Jagged Edge the TV Title shot at Hardcore Hell. However, he had a change of heart and then attacked Jagged Edge. Geter would then pin Jagged Edge and move on the Hardcore Hell as the #1 Contender to the TV Title.

AWA Championship Wrestling from Georgia Results from Dublin on March 9


On Saturday March 9th AWA CWFG presented “Welcome to the Masquerade” in front of 175 fans at the West Laurens Middle School Gym in Dublin Georgia.

"The Greatest Showman" Dax Anthony and his Circus opened the event with a contract signing for a Georgia Heritage title match with Swole, overseen by AWA CWFG board members Shawn Hunter and Chris Nelms. Swole never appeared when called out. A member of Circus unmasked as Swole and left the others laying before signing the contract.

Toombs County Connection beat Hoss Michaels & his hired backup Terk; King Ox Madison pinned James Hall

Dr Joseph Brock III appeared much to disdain of the Dublin fans. Brock stated that while Tetchi Makuji had returned to Japan for training, he would be back on April 13 and they would be setting their sights to becoming a contender to the Georgia Heritage Heavyweight Championship.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

All Pro Championship Wrestling Report from Douglasville on March 9

From Rob Brodhecker:

All Pro Championship Wrestling presents Beatdown!
Heirway Christian Academy
6758 Spring St. Douglasville, Ga

This is a rare treat for me to report on a show that's about 7 miles from my house. I see some familiar faces that I know outside of wrestling in attendance here tonight. The gym floor has room for about 230 seats and 3 sets of bleachers. Just a few minutes before bell time, I would guesstimate that about 80% of the floor seats are occupied. WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long is here along with HOF'er Robert Gibson, 1/2 of the Rock 'n Roll Express. There are 5 matches scheduled for tonight: 4 singles and 1 tag match. Several members of the APCW Academy will be wrestling tonight. The crowd is pretty much at full capacity, I would say about 270.

Mike McKenney is your Master of Ceremonies and introduces Teddy Long, who is acting as commissioner tonight. Teddy announces that there will be some shake-ups in the way things are done tonight. Brian Brock and Reece will be your refs tonight.

Georgia Premier Wrestling Report from Canton on March 9

From Larry Goodman:

Georgia Premier Wrestling has got it going on in Canton. 

Their show last night at the Old Buffington School drew the largest, hottest crowd for a regular GPW event I have experienced in that building. Total attendance had to be close to 400. The Chris Jericho concert and the LPWG show that were in Canton last night affected GPW not one bit. The only time GPW has drawn more in Canton was the sellout crowd for the February 5, 2016 show that featured AJ Styles’ final independent wrestling match before going to WWE. The first three rows for the next show are already sold out. 

The main angle, Real GPW led by co-owner Darrell Morris vs. the best good guys co-owner Woody Hullender can muster, was cooking at my last GPW venture six weeks ago. But not like this. This crowd was on fire for everything all night long. They had a lot more passion than I was used to seeing from a GPW crowd. 

The talent roster has been tweaked but nothing major. Match quality is OK but nothing special. GPW Is making an effort to get better wrestling in the mix (Joe Black vs. Chip Day in February, Fred Yehi vs. Torque at the next show). It’s the storytelling, top to bottom, that is clearly stronger. There’s more of a sense that every match is leading somewhere and is part of the bigger picture. 

It continues to boggle my mind that two promotions running shows five miles apart on different nights are drawing big crowds with fan bases that are mutually exclusive. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

AWA Championship Wrestling from Georgia Tonight in Dublin

From Larry Goodman:

AWA CWFG presents Welcome to the Masquerade at the West Laurens Middle School. Bell time is 7pm with Georgia Heritage Heavyweight Champion Swole, number one contender Dax Anthony, Toombs County Connection, James Hall, Trey Havoc & Blood Money, Chop Top, Cody McCulley, King Ox Madison, The Outspoken, Ryan Phoenix, Black Chains (with Ace Hefner) and more.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild Tonight in Canton

From Larry Goodman:

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild will be action tonight in Canton at Sequoyah High School featuring former WWE/Impact star Chris Masters vs. LPWG Champion Tyson Dean; Slim J vs. Fry Daddy; LPWG tag team champions Damage Inc vs. GB1C in a TLC matchScotty Beach vs. White Chocolate D-Money (with Caramel Kiss) in a hardcore match, plus Micah and Tracy Taylor.  Bell  time is 7:30 pm.

Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer Passes Away

From Larry Goodman:

Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer passed away yesterday at the age 88 with his wife and children at his bedside. If you're not familiar with the details of Beyer's career, Dave Melter's column on Beyer is must-read material. He was one of the all-time greats.

I saw Beyer wrestle several times at the Chicago Amphitheater as a kid, and particularly remember a two out of three falls match with Verne Gagne for the AWA Championship. Beyer was a regular on Gagne's Minneapolis TV in the late 60s and early 70s, billed as Dr. X, using the figure four leglock as his finisher. He was the best in-ring wrestler in the territory and a terrific promo.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Presenters Wanted for Tipping Point

From Larry Goodman:

Tipping Point is seeking opinionated individuals for the March 19 edition. If you are involved in pro wrestling in Georgia, this is your chance to speak your piece to the world in a live forum regarding yourself, your promotion and/or pro wrestling in general, contact me at or Facebook messenger.

Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia on March 9

From Larry Goodman:

Anarchy Wrestling returns to action at the Landmark Arene in Cornelia on March 9 headlined by Anarchy Champion Logan Creed vs. Stryknyn in a lumberjack match; Billy Buck vs. Matthew Hankins; Adrian Hawkins vs. Griff Garrison; Jacob Ashworth vs. Sal Rinauro and a Mega Rumble. Bell time is 8 pm.

Georgia Premier Wrestling in Canton on March 9

From Larry Goodman:

Georgia Premier Wrestling returns to action at the Old Buffington School Gym in Canton on Saturday, March 9 with a 7:30 pm bell time. The Syndicate (Elijah Evans IV & TJ Boss) defend the GPW tag titles vs. Brandon & Rowe Bullock; Michael Marshall vs. Matt "Sex" Sells; Thunder Blonde vs. Aja Perera: Cuzin Shaggy challenges Champion Ryan Rembrandt for the GPW Cruiserweight Championship and Jaxson Caselll & Dru Delight & Erik Havok & Darrell Morris vs. Cuzin Cletus & Glacier & Cyrus the Destroyer & Logan Chase III. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Peurto Rican Wrestling News and Notes:

From Alfred Feliciano:

Friday March 8, Charity Wrestling Organization in association with WWC development territory, Revolution Wrestling Entertainment will have their live fundraising event called “ Todos por Amy" (All for Amy) at the Cancha Bajo Techo de Baldorioty in Ponce. It is to raise funds for local Indy wrestler Andy Cosme’s daughter, Amy Cosme’s medical treatment and expenses. Throughout last weekend, current WWC Superstar and owwner of RWE, Zcion RT1 was on doing the media tour promoting the event on local radio station WLEO-AM 1170 Playa de Ponce. To watch the video go to this link

Advertised: Zcion RT1 and “El Guerrero del Sur” Aiden Grimm vs. El Mariachi and El Bandido, WWC Tag Team: La Revolucion vs. RWE Tag Team Los Perros De La Muerte, as well as many more matches to be announced. It is sponsored by Baldorioty Supermarkets, El Domplin Coffe Shop and Mise En Place Restaurant in Ponce. For more of the matches to be announced go to Charity Wrestling Organization’s Facebook page,

Here are two parts of CWO’s “Una Contralona al Cancer” and a match from WPV’s New Beginning events last month as a prelude to the upcoming event this weekend.

The Tipping Point with William Huckaby and Brad Cash

From GWH News:

"The Incedible Huck" William Huckaby. and "Suicide King" Brad Cash are this week's guests on the Tipping Point podcast. Hosts Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman will talk with Huckaby about the racist incident he was involved in  Saturday night in Alabama. For Cash, it's a time of reflection as he winds down a career filled with violent  death matches. Show starts at 7pm. Callers welcomed at 347-324-5735.

Cash Wins KAPOW Championship

From Larry Goodman:

Brad Cash won the KAPOW Championship at One Shining Moment Saturday night in his hometown of Knoxville, TN. 

Cash finished up at Anarchy Wrestling last week and plans to retire from the ring later this year. 

Cash will be one the guests on tonight's Tipping Point podcast

Monday, March 4, 2019

Wrestling United Results from Roanoke, AL on March 2

From Larry Goodman:

Results from the debut of Wrestling United in Roanoke, AL on March 2. Sean Legacy defeated David Ali; Big Xann defeated Steven Michaels;Wrecking Crew (Lamar Phillips and Bobby Hayes) and Ben & Bull Buchanan fought to a double count out; Josh Storm defeated Ashton Starr; Blacklist Uno and Tommy Dreamer ended in a double DQ and Blacklist Uno and Tommy Dreamer defeated #dayway (Big Xann and Chip Day).

Ranger Ross, Joyce Grable, Don Sanders, and Marty Jannetty participated in a legends' meet and greet.

The return date is set for May 4 with more legends.