Monday, January 27, 2020

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #43

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum goes over the shows, rants so much he forgets what the hell he was first ranting about, gives an update to the most controversial news story of the last week, introduces his new "Sipping the Japanese Tea" segment by talking about Stranglehold, and comments on what the Royal Rumble's awesomeness showed him about pro wrestling and where we can do better, and challenges all the promotions with a searing comment about the WWE and them.

Catch As Catch Can - Part 4

From Drew Blood:

Stockton had grown up in the east. He had seen the theatres and shows of New York and Boston. 

He knew a city had to offer more than a gold mine and a few drops of booze. That would attract rough, single men, but they were a poor foundation for building a town.\

You needed women. You needed children. You needed something to do.

Livings had two theaters. The Oracle, located on Myrtle Street, was a smaller. less ornate, replica of the great theatres of New York. The Mystic Theatre was Stockton’s own creation. It was designed with the stage in center. You could view the attraction from all four sides, offering better seating and a chance to charge a higher price for entry. Though smaller, the Mystic was already creating a reputation as one of the great venues of the West. Traveling acts, fighters, musicians, and politicians all sought the Mystic as a profitable and impactful place to enhance their reputations and leave with full pockets. 

“The original idea was for the tournament to be held at the Mystic. They set up ropes to keep the wrestlers from falling off the stage. Every seat has been sold for the entire week. However, it’s grown to such an extent there will be rings set up all over the town. Father is estimating over one hundred thousand dollars in revenue when it’s all over.”

That was a lot of money. Along with the betting and whatever Stockton was making at his bars and hotels, he was flush with cash. The two hundred dollar bribe was just pocket change. Montana’s father had always preached that promotion was where the money was. But Montana didn’t have the stomach for it. He was a competitor. When you promoted, you bet on other people. Montana always bet on himself.

TWE Chattanooga Report from January 25

From Scott Hensley:

Everyone killed last night. The place was packed(150ish?) and every single match delivered.

The Youngbloodz (Octavius Black & Spoony Mack Brewster) successfully defended their TWE Tag team championship against IFHY (Johnathan Wolf and Tyler Matrix) . Crowd was 100% for the Bloodz. IFHY almost pulled out the win several times here, posing a very credible and legitimate threat to becoming new champs. Lots of great teamwork for both teams as well.

AC Mack defeated Kody Manhorn by pinfall in a match that I think Mack initially totally underestimated Manhorn. I'm not sure anyone has ever had as much fan support as Manhorn has at TWE. The whole crowd rallied behind him with chants of, "Squat! Squat!". High risk did not pay high-reward for Manhorn, as the larger Mack capitalized and decimated him for the win.

Trever Aeon w/ The Prophet overcame a stacked 8 person scramble that featured all sorts of craziness, including Ruthless Lala with a top rope dive to the outside to take out nearly everyone. Fun stuff here from Rob Killjoy, Kaden Sade, Daniel Perez, Tyler Franks, Adam Priest, and Patrick Heeter.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild Results from Dublin on January 18

From LPWG:

Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild results from Dublin on January 18 with attendance of 300 (the promotion's largest crowd ever). Tyler Rivera defeated Wolverton; Amun Toosan defeated Fry Daddy by DQ after Fry accidentally hit the ref; Lazer won the Rumble, The final four were Lazer, Spi-ral, Carlito and Fry Daddy. Lazer last eliminated  Spi-Ral to earn his rematch with the LPWG Heavyweight Champion, Micah Taylor at Ground Zero March 14 in Dublin Ga.

Alternative Pro Wrestling Report from Royston on January 24

From APW:

Results from the Royston Gym with attendance of 85. Dynamic Dexter & Stevie Ray Frost pinned Josh Aeronson & Dequan Tate; North Georgia Champion Brandon Parker beat Kyle Phillips; APW Tag Team Champions Scott Mayson & Jacob Ashworth defeated Eddie Honcho & Frost; James Boulevard beat Young DC when Red Ninja caused a distraction; Jeremy Vain pinned Corey Savior; Stryknyn beat Southern States Champion Jaxon Carter in a non title match.

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on January 25

From Anarchy Wrestling:

With the 22nd annual Hardcore Hell looming on the horizon, Anarchy Wrestling packed the Landmark Arena with 185 heatseeking fans along for the ride on the Highway to Hell. Just two weeks removed from the thrilling conclusion of the Bunkhouse Rumble, that saw Billy Buck earn an opportunity to face Anarchy Heavyweight champion Griff Garrison, every competitor on the Anarchy roster was looking to make moves and get noticed to find themselves on the Hardcore Hell event April 11th from the Landmark Arena and live on FITE Tv PPV.

Josh Wolverton defeated Tommy Penirelli (with La Familia)

Before Tommy Penirelli was introduced, Josh Wolverton called out his partner, Tyler Rivera, and demanded answers for Rivera’s recent behavior toward Wolverton and Will Kaution. Rivera came out to a mixed reaction from fans not sure what they were going to see. Rivera grabbed a microphone and after several very tense moments of silence, dropped the microphone and left the ring. Penirelli entered the ring being flanked by La Familia; Gino Argento, Valentina Ricci, and Tony Carbone aka Fat-T. The crowd’s chants of USA infuriated the Italian-American Bad Boy, and he took it out on Wolverton. After several moments of back and forth action Wolverton would gain a roll-up victory after a failed attempt at interference by members of La Familia.

ProSouth Wrestling Report from Piedmont on January 24

From Larry Goodman:

Down and dirty Pro South report from January 24 in Piedmont, AL. The Youtube livestream is much smoother owing to new equipment.

"The Fabulous Butterfly" Faboo Andre pinned Dorian Crowe (with Alistir Crowe) in 8:45 with a split-legged moonsault. I was digging Andre's Adrian Street infused gimmick and his ringwork is totally solid. 

Ace Haven (with Commissioner Amy Haven) defeated "Aqua Bruh" Cyrus Satin in an offbeat 8 minute match. Aqua came in from Florida with Andre. Weird gimmick not all that bad in the ring. Aqua proposed that if he won, he would receiving Amy's kissing services for seven seconds. Amy went along with it! The finish saw Aqua fly from the top and get caught by Ace's cutter in midair.

Continental Championship Wrestling Report from Dothan on January 25

From CCW:

Continental Championship Wrestling drew 320 in a standing room only casino at the Center Stage in Dothan, Alabama Saturday, January 25. 

In the main event Mike Pain defeated Frydaddy in a no disqualification match to successfully retain the WrestleMerica Championship after pile driving Frydaddy into the steel ramp. Prior there was a false finish involving Pure Goodness who attacked Mike Pain. 

In a legends match, The Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller and Jimmy Golden with their second Micaelah Gale won by disqualification over The Dirty Blondes seconded by Colonel Robert Parker. This was a great throwback to the days of early CCW. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Superstars Fan Fest in Rome on April 25

From Larry Goodman:

Superstars Fan Fest has added Eric Bischoff a star-studded line up that already included Sting, Barry Windham, Ted DiBiase, JJ Dillon, Raven, Jimmy Hart, Missy Hyatt, Dan Severn, Teddy Long, Masked Superstar Bill Eadie, One Man Gang and "Butterbean" Eric Esch. 

The wrestling portion of the event will feature The Bruiser Brody Cup 2 with Tony Atlas, Dan "The Beast" Severn, Michael Elgin, Masada, Sunny Daze, Logan Creed, Dani Jordyn, Miranda Gordy, Nick Gage and Homicide scheduled to compete and appearances by "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, Tony Atlas, Bill Apter and One Man Gang.

The Fan Fest will be held on Saturday, April 25 at the Forum River Center in Rome with the Fan fest from 11 to 5 and wrestling at 7:30 pm.

Let Me Put This To Rest

From Larry Goodman:

Velvet Jones posted the following on Facebook:


So why did I stop short of saying people's names when we had heat in wrestling?

Simple marketing practice.

If we've got heat, we attract the attention of people who know me that probably don't know you. You ain't piggybacking off me with exposure as a destination. In a world of manufactured bravado, I've never had to wear all my street fights and martial arts experience on my sleeves to prove how tough I am.

All of you who try to attempt to be convincing, but you're more like comedians.

#WeDontBelieveYou #YouNeedMorePeople

Friday, January 24, 2020

Continental Championship Wrestling in Dothan on January 25

From Larry Goodman:

Continental Championship Wrestling debuts at Center Stage in Dothan tomorrow night headlined by "Queen" Simon Sermon vs. "Crazy Cowboy" Dennis Gale (with Jivin' Jerry Stubbs); Dirty Blondes (with Robert Fuller) vs. Jimmy Golden & Ron Fuller at a combined age 141 years old (with Micaelah Gale); Mike Pain vs. Fry Daddy for the WrestleMerica Championship - no DQ; Sean Legacy vs. Dax Anthony and Dominique Stuckey vs. Pure Goodness Bell time is 8 pm.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Catch As Catch Can - Part 3

From Drew Blood:

Part 3 finds our hero settling into town- and being the object of much curiosity. A violent confrontation with Henry Stockton’s violent thugs has Montana confused about the motives of town enforcer Sam Arkin. Jess Stockton is making quite the impression on Montana- a distraction he doesn’t need if he wants to maintain a low profile. While Henry Stockton surely has a vision for his town, Montana is beginning to suspect Sam Arkin is the true architect for the tournament… 

Montana suspected Sam Arkin was more the architect for this tournament than Henry Stockton. The tournament was designed to please the spectator. The time was rushed. Thirty minutes was barely enough time to even get started. And having a draw eliminate both competitors ensured an aggressive pace. 

The aggressive pace didn’t bother Montana. He felt it was to his advantage. Some of the older competitors who relied on exploiting a mistake or wearing out an opponent over time would be off their game. Wrestlers who relied on patience would have to change from a defensive to offensive strategy- and that was an entirely different skill set. Sam looked to be a quick and aggressive wrestler. Surely, this was to benefit his own style against larger and more methodical opponents.

NWA in Atlanta January 24-26

From Larry Goodman:

The NWA: Hard Times iPPV takes places at the sold out GPB Studio in Atlanta, Friday night at 7pm EST  with the following:

 * Non-Title Match: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon
* NWA Women’s Championship Match: Allysin Kay vs. Thunder Rosa (with Melina)
* NWA Tag Team Championship Match: The Rock N’ Roll Express vs. James Storm & Eli Drake vs. The Wild Cards
* NWA National Championship Match: Aron Stevens vs. Scott Steiner
Television Title Tournament:
* Trevor Murodch vs. The Question Mark
* Zicky Dice vs. Dan Maff
* Ricky Starks vs. Cross
* Ken Anderson vs. Tim Storm
Marty Scurll will also be in attendance for the show to continue his feud with Nick Aldis.

NWA Powerrr taping will take place Saturday, June 25 at 7 pm and Sunday, June 26 at 3pm. Saturday night is sold out. Tickets are still available for Sunday. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

But Wait, There's More #10: News and a Breaking Story of Possible Child Pornography Possession

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum lays out a few news items that have been uncovered (and that I forgot to bring up) since Full Disclosure #42...and talks about the latest firestorm involving Georgia wrestlers...betrayal, investigations about child pornography, and an anonymous crusader(?) attempting to get the male wrestler in question unbooked.

Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia on January 25

From Larry Goodman:

Anarchy Wrestling presents Retaliation at the Lamdmark Arena this Saturday night with Billy Buck vs. Will Kaution; Marcus Kross defends the Anarchy TV title vs. Geter; The Undeniable (Shane Marx & Brian Blaze with Matt Hankins) defend the Anarchy tag titles vs. Kevin Ryan & Shean Christopher; Adrian Hawkins defends the Heritage title vs. Dynamic Dexter; Crystal Rose vs. Nina Monet; Tommy Penirelli (with La Familia) vs. Josh Wolverton; Scott Mayson vs. MCM; plus Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Griff Garrison, Tyler Rivera, Styrknyn, CT Keys and Hunter Drake. Bell time is 8 pm.

Tipping Point Post Show Reaction Plus Eager Unboxing 1 21 20

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum responds to the Tipping Point that just ended, talks about his charity work and #beatthebots, and lets the interviews with Jordan Oliver and Les Thatcher be his guide into finding some common ground between the new and old schools of wrestling.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Report from Wrestling Movie Shoot at One Fall Power Factory

From Myron Fancher:

I’ve gotten to be a part of some really cool things in the relatively short time I’ve been following the Georgia wrestling scene. Saturday, being on a movie set for a wrestling movie, The Replaceables, was one of the coolest. It was a great experience for me and my family. 

Dave Wills (this is where the name dropping starts lol) had messaged me last week about what was going on. Dave had a part in the movie and the principles were looking for extras for some scenes to be shot at One Fall. Thru Dave, I got in touch with Ray Lloyd and he came on a special episode of Tapped Out to promote the casting call.

My kids and I showed up for the 1 PM extra casting call, filled out our releases and began looking around. There was a who’s who of people associated with Georgia wrestling, local Indy guys and some from out of town.1FW and GPW are featured fairly prominently, their rings and banners are used in filming.It took a while to get everything set up to begin. Lighting and backdrops were going up, wires were being run and it was exciting.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #42

From Stephen Platinum:

PWX X16 Results from Gastonia on January 18-19

From Bret Wolverton:

Premiere Wrestling Xperience 5th Annual X16 Tournament Night One Results from the National Guard Armory, Gastonia, North Carolina. Attendance 312.

X16 Opening Round Match: The Big Man on Campus T.J. Boss pinned Classless Mason Myles in :59

X16 Opening Round Match: Ren Narita pinned The Manscout Jake Manning in 8:36

X16 Opening Round Match: Corey Hollis (managed by Brady Pierce) pinned The Heathen Logan Creed in 4:43

Southern Fried Report from Monroe on January 18

From Rob Brodhecker:

Coming off their last show that had a crowd of over 400 in attendance, SF is looking to bring those fans from the church location to their regular running spot of the Walton County B&G Club. I counted the crowd before intermission at 231.

Rick Richards is your ring announcer. David Weakley, Donnie Howell, and Harold "Radar" Martin are your referees. Richards brings out Todd Sexton and David Manders.

Sexton announces that former NWA referee, Charlie Smith, is recovering from an aneurysm and is recovering at home. Sexton announces that Josey Quinn has a knee injury and will be out of action for a few months. He then starts to say what will happen with the tag championships, but the music of Michael Stevens and Sal Rinauro come out. Stevens asks that since they are the #1 contenders and should be awarded to them. Sal mentions that Sexton will be heading to the HOF (Anarchy), but they are the HOF'ers of the HOF'ers. Sexton says that Buck has 1 month to find a partner and will defend the title then, and says that Sal will need to win some matches. Sal Says that they will start right now.

Sal Rinauro and Michael Stevens vs. Jeremy Foster and MCM

Sal and Stevens attack before the bell, beat down, and send Foster and MCM out fo the ring. The fire alarm goes off from the smoke of the cooking meat in the concession area. The match continues. MCM and Foster put up a little bit of a fight, but Sal and Stevens win at 3:34, C+. Sal leaves the ringside area like his pants were on fire. Sal's arm broke on the landing of the finisher.

Kyle Matthews vs. Matt "Sex" Sells

Kyle has Richards redo his intro, listing all of his awards and accomplishments. Sells comes to the ring, tossing merch out into the crowd. Sells has Richards redo his intro with the GWH award(2019 Male performer of the Year), winning a watermelon seed spitting contest, and is currently 0-77-1.

Kyle gets an early takedown of Sells and pats his back. Matt heads out of the ring and takes a swing of liquid courage. Matt wins a test of strength and shows off his own wrestling moves and gets Kyle in a modified surfboard. Matt does his hip swivel, face pound thingamajing. Kyle fires back with a shot to the gut and starts stretching out Matt. The crowd is rallying behind Matt. A jawbreaker gives Matt some hope. He hits the Jushin Thunder Lager for a two count. Kyle hits a double stomp to Matt's back for a two count. Matt hits an RKO for a near fall. Kyle pokes the eye of Matt and locks in an octopus submission, and Matt is forced to tap out at 9:12. The crowd was buying into Matt's gimmick and applauded his efforts. A well-done blend of comedy and serious wrestling, B+.

CT Keys vs. Will Kaution

CT has the mic. He has a message from the savior and SF Classic champion, David Ali, for the Sf crowd and Alan Angels. If Angels finds a tag partner and can beat Ali and Keys, Alan will have one shot at Ali. The crowd pops for Kaution's entrance. Kaution starts off hot and sends Keys ringside. They fight around the ring. Back in the ring, Keys hotshots Will into the top turnbuckle and takes over on offense. Keys showboats to the crowd, and that allows Will's hope spot. Will punches his way back into the match and gets a near fall. Keys blocks a corner springboard cutter, that was impressive. Will goes up top and lands the flying elbow, but Keys rolls out of the ring. Will nails a tope on Keys. Xander Ramon makes his way ringside and blindsides Will with a lariat. Radar was checking on Keys when that happened. Ramon tosses Will back into the ring, and Keys pins Will at 9:13.

Ramon's in the ring and has a mic. The crowd's boos prevent him from speaking for a bit. Ramon decides against speaking and wraps the dog chain around his arm. He measures up the staggering Will and nails Will the lariat. Will has to be helped to the back. As much as Ramon was over with the crowd a couple of months ago, they despise him as much now.

Bobby Moore with the Approved (Rob Adonis and Adrian Hawkins) vs. Billy Buck

The 2018 Best Dressed Wrestler in Georgia is serenaded to Adriana chants. He has the mic. He says that he doesn't see Corey Hollis anywhere. The approved are in line for a few title shots, including the tag titles. More Adrian Chants issue forth. Hawkins says that tonight, he'll become the #1 contender for the SF championship.

The crowd pops for Buck's entrance. Buck controls the early going, delighting the crowd with sending Moore crashing to the canvas several times. Buck sends Moore out of the ring, and the Approved hold a conference. Adonis distracts Donnie to allow Hawkins a cheap shot on Buck, but Buck quickly regains control. Moore delivers a straight right hand and puts in several shoulder tackles in the turnbuckle. Buck fires back and sends Moor back out of the ring, Buck follows. Buck decks Hawkins, but Adonis distracts Buck, allowing Moore to post Buck. Moore then sends Buck into the announce table, taking it out and giving Richards a glancing blow. Buck's in a 2 on 1 with Adonis distracting Donnie. Buck is trying to punch his way back into the match, but Moore plants Buck into the middle turnbuckle. More shenanigans with the Approved with a near fall on Buck.

Buck tries for a superplex, but Adonis holds Moore's leg, and Moore throws Buck off. More near fall on Buck, Moore can't put him away. Moore has a sleeper on Buck. Buck teases fading out but comebacks. A fallaway slam creates some separation. Buck back up. He takes over on Moore and lands a spinebuster for a near fall. Moore almost gets Buck, a nice false finish. Buck locks in the Figure Four. Hawkins gets up on the ring, and Adonis tries to drag Moore to the ropes, Donnie catches him and ejects Adonis and Hawkins. Moore's nails Buck with the title, but Buck kicks out right before the three count. Moore sets up for the spinning elbow, but Buck ducks it and hits the buckshot for the win at 17:03. The crowd exploded for that, A-

The Approved rush back and start beating down Buck. Sells comes out drinking and staggering around. He hands the bottle to Moore and stuns him, and then stuns Adonis. Sells calls for another beer while Hawkins rolls out of the ring. Sells and Buck clink bottle to belt, and I think Sells wants to be Bucks partner going forward, and the crowd thinks he should too. Sells has managed to get himself over with another promotion.

--Intermission --

Todd comes out and sets things up for the main event for Feb 15th. In a Monroe Steet fight, CT Keys and David Ali vs. Alan Angels and Ike Cross. Matt Sells is back in the ring, drinking. Todd asks Matt what's going on. Matt wants to be Buck's partner. Todd asks how many losses Matt has, and asks if this is Matt's way of backdooring his way into a championship. Todd says that Buck has to make that choice and sends Matt to the broadcast booth to provide some color with Adam Vance.

Fatal Four-way to determine the #1 contender for the SFCW title: Adrian Hawkins (with The Approved) vs. Griff Garrison vs. Stryk Nyn vs. Mikal Judas

Hawkins sends the Approved to the back. Judas goes after Hawkins to the bemusement of Stryk and Griff. He chases Hawkins out of the ring area. Stryk and Griff pair off and fight ringside while Hawkins attacks Judas from behind. Hawkins is doing everything he can to keep Judas down, including using the bell. A Tower of Doom spot with Hawkins at the apex and Judas power bombing everyone. Judas goes for the crucifix, but Moore and Adonis run out. Judas chokeslams them, but eats a spear from Stryk. Griff dodges a spear from Stryk and lands one of his own. Griff and Judas square off, a double clothesline sends both men down to the canvas. The fire alarm goes off again.

Judas tosses Stryk over his head. Griff spinebusts Judas for a near fall. Stryk DDTs Griff, save made by Hawkins. Judas goes to chokeslam Hawkins, but Hawkins rakes the eyes. Stryk has both Griff and Hawkins up in a fireman's, but Hawkins slips out. Stryk F5's Griff, Hawkins takes out Stryk. Judas gets Hawkins up for the Crucifix bomb, but Hawkins squirms out and makes Judas eat some knees for a near fall. Hawkins sets up for a knee, but Judas catches him and lands the Crucifix Bomb for the pinfall at 13:09.

Judas will face Logan Creed Feb 15th. The crowd gave a huge shout for Judas planting Hawkins. The Approved attack Griff post-match. Marcus Cross comes out to make the save, they beat him down. Stryk comes out with a chair, and he runs off the Approved. Stryk offers his hand to Cross and helps him up. Matt Sells crashes the ring and celebrates with M&M's entrance music plays. They try to peer pressure Stryk to do the hand up dance, but Stryk has a better idea and changes the music Stryk's entrance music, and everyone starts headbanging. That was great.

Final Thoughts;
200+/- looks to be the floor for attendance at SF.
They have had a rough 7 months, injuries to Rinauro and Quinn will force the backstage team to adjust quickly.
The pacing of the matches is on point.

I was hoping to see Jenn Sells tonight but had to settle for Matt.

BoozerMania hits another town.
Next January, I'm going to lock myself in a hyperbolic chamber, so I don't get sick,

PCW Remix Report from Covington on January 17

From Rob Brodhecker:

Johnny Danger and Naja Smalls on commentary. Unique guest ring announcer: One of the Spanish Warhorses, Numero Dos. Darryl Hall and Mays are your refs. 31 is my crowd count at What A Deal.

The Spanish Warhorse is having problems with the mic, he's trying to check it out and doesn't see this beast come out with a kendo stick. The creature knocks the WH down and drags him out of the ring. Matt Hankins will handle ring announcer duties from backstage.

The Carpenter vs. Irving T. West

The Carpenter comes to the ring and calls out Irving T. West. West comes out and strolls around the ring, asking the crowd to apologize to him. Carpenter attacks from behind and beats on him. West rakes the eyes and starts beating on Carpenter. They trade momentum several times until West mule kicks low on the Carpenter and does this reverse hammerlock leg sweep for the pin at 6:07. The crowd wasn't reacting much, C-

Total Aggression Pro Results from Cornelia on January 17

From TAPW:

Total Aggression Pro results from Landmark Arena with attendance of 131. 

Junior Mayson defeated Droxx (with Jaxon Carter)

Rosa De La Cristal and Trixie ended in a no contest because of outside interference from Peyton,Lizzy Blair and JC Kelly

The Coffin Club (Hoss Michaels and Jerry Nelms) defeated Jon Hogan and Billy Starr

Barabbas (with Pete Zimmerman) defeated Jimmy Lee and Ryan Staples

John "The Body" Johnson came to the ring and called out The Dudes. said Sweet Daddy wasn't there and he was willing to fight the both of them. Hogan made his way to the ring looking to defuse the situation, then hit Tony D when he back as turned.  Looked like Hogan joined up with Sweet Daddy and Johnson.

Renegade Championship Wrestling Report from Chatsworth on January 18

From Logan Frazier:

Butts in seats counting children: 122!

No Limits Championship: Jason Collins w. Johnny Viper vs. Paul Manson (c)

Collins kicks Manson in the head while coming around the corner of the ring while he was playing to the crowd. Collins dominates this match, manhandling Mason and takes the three count win in less than 3 minutes. Your new RCW No Limits Champion is Jason Collins. The match was really short but it got it's point across. B-

The announcer tells everyone that Mike Clay cannot wrestle due to injury but they are working on other options

Robert Starr vs. Dorian Crowe

I really like this kid, Dorian Crowe. He is high energy. They start out with a test of strength. Crowe takes control first. Starr grabs the ropes and backs off of him. Dorian hits a couple of dropkicks and lands a 619. Dorian hits a falcon arrow on Starr from the top turnbuckle and scores the pinfall. B

Every Cloud Has a Platinum Lining #6 20 PlatPinions About Tessa Blanchard's Whole Deal

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum dives right into the whole Tessa Blanchard winning the Impact World Championship from a man thing, the "is she racist" thing, the whole women supporting women thing, and all the rest of the associated mess with it in a new feature for Every Cloud Has a Platinum Lining that I call...20 PlatPinions. Feel free to disagree and give me a grade and tell me why in the comments!

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from Royston on January 17

From APW:

Results from the the Royston Gym with attendance of 89, Dynamic Dexter pinned Josh Aeronson; Stevie Ray Frost beat Corey Savior; Scott Mayson beat Kyle Phillips; Stryknyn pinned Young DC; James Boulevard beat Southern States Champin Jaxon Carter by DQ.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Georgia Premier Wrestling Results from Canton on January 17

From GPW:

GPW Edge of Darkness results from the Canton National Guard Armory with 140 in attendance.

Pre-show: Mr.Diggs & Alpha Omega Red & Rich Maxwell defeated Johnny Lerman & Raymond Archer & Von Du

Josey Quinn vacated the GPW Championship. Shawn Dean interrupted and gave Quinn until the end of the night to hand him the championship.

(1) Guns and Spirits defeated Justin Law & Anthony Catena when Catena left his partner during the match; Donnie Janela defeats Matt Sells

(2) Cody Vance hosted an Open Challenge. Vance defeated Hot Tamale, challenged for another opponent and defeated Kit Sackett. 

Tipping Point Preview

From GWH News:

Hosts Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman interview 20 year-old MLW star and Young Dumb 'N Broke ringleader Jordan Oliver his success in pro wrestling at such at tender you age and wrestling legend Les Thatcher on the 45th anniversary of Thatcher's departure from Georgia Championship Wrestling. 

The show goes live Tuesday night at 7pm. Callers welcomed at (347) 324-5735.

Intense Wrestling Entertainment Report from Grovetown on January 18

From Larry Goodman:

IWE started the new year with a new family-friendly venue in a different town – the Liberty Park Community Center in Grovetown, which is not just any suburb of Augusta. Grovetown has tripled in population over the last 20 years. Flatline Pro Wrestling, the kingpin of Augusta indy wrestling from 2012 to 2016, ran their shows in Grovetown at Patriot’s Park.

The move to a family friendly venue paid off right out of the box for promoters Tim Blackmon and Josh Fields. Zero Hour 2 drew IWE’s largest crowd ever at 203 (previous best was 187). The Community Center set up works fine for wrestling. IWE has a good sound system and a video screen. They had light towers on all four sides of the ring. Lighting directly over the ring would be the way to go but the towers beat house lights.

As for the wrestling, when it was good, it was very good, when it was bad, it was pretty awful. Fortunately, the majority of it was on the good side. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Ashton Starr was the most entertaining match of the night. Billy Brash and Sean Legacy had a kick ass main event. The show ran three hours. A couple matches would have been better served with short times.

The booking was fairly straightforward. IWE’s calling card lies in the realm of making unique matches fans can’t see anywhere else as opposed to the depth of their internal storylines.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

ProSouth Results from Last Night in Piedmont

From Larry Goodman:

ProSouth Never Say Never results from January 17 at the ProSouth Arena in Piedmont and streaming live on YouTube (currently being edited should back online later today)

Lights Cameron Action pinned Ace Haven (with Amy Haven) in 13:10. 

Commissioner Amy made Robi Vio the guest referee in an effort to force him to work more harmoniously with his co-tag team champion Ace.

Vio was refusing to make pin counts for either competitor. Action broke Amy's fingers. Vio went after Action and was inadvertently superkicked by Ace, who then hit the Ace cutter on Action with no ref to count. Jackson gave Ace a low blow while referee James Dewberry's back was still turned, then followed up with an Unprettier and Vio made a fast three count.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling in Monroe on January 18

From Larry Goodman:

SFCW presents Game Breaker at 405 Community Court in Monroe with a fatal four way for the #1 contendership for the SFCW Championship: Adrian Hawkins vs. Mikal Judas vs. Stryknyn vs. Griff Garrison; Kyle Matthews vs. Matt Sells;  CT Keys vs. Will Kaution; Wrestling Buddies (Sal Rinauro & Michael Stevens) vs Jeremy Foster & Mason Morris and Bobby Moore vs. Billy Buck plus Marcus Kross and Xander Ramon. Bell time is 7 pm.

Face 2 Face Wrestling in Hampton on January 18

From Larry Goodman:

Face 2 Face Wrestling presents Tribute to the Kids tomorrow night at Hampton High School with Big Hoss defending the F2F Championship vs. Bill the Butcher; Fry Daddy & Kai The Prince Leonard (the former Prince Apollo) defend the tag titles vs. Simon Sermon & Randy Reno; Nate Tatum vs. Eric Havok; Brian James vs. Shoot Taylor; Axel Ross vs. Cosmo Martinez; Damage Inc vs. Jacob Johnson & Renegade Enforcer and more Tickets are $10. Kids under 12 get in free with  a paying adult.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

PCW Remix in Covington on January 17

From Larry Goodman:

PCW Remix returns to What A Deal in Covington on tomorrow night. Bell time is 8 pm.  Gil Quest vs Stunt Marshall; Brian Kane and Brian Blaze vs Quiet Reflection;  The Carpenter's Bench with Irving West and whatever else lurks in the mind of Matt Hankins.

Georgia Premier Wrestling in Canton on January 17

From Larry Goodman:

GPW presents Edge of Darkness at the Canton National Guard Armory tomorrow night featuring Anna Jayy vs. Thunder Blonde - hair vs. hair; Shawn Dean challenges Josey Quinn for the GPW Championship; Cutting Edge & Alan Angels & Lee Johnson vs. Josh Cantrell and BTB; Cody Vance as issued an open challenge plus four more matches. Bell time is 8 pm.

2019 GWH Award Winners

From GWH News:

As voted by over 100 of their peers in Georgia wrestling. Congratulations to the winners. 

Best Overall Wrestler: Logan Creed (second year in a row)
Runner Up: AC Mack

Best Technical Wrestler: Joe Black
Runner Up: Slim J

Best Male Performer: Matt Sells
Runner Up: AC Mack

Best Female Performer: Dani Jordyn (second year in a row)
Runner Up: Brooklyn Creed

Best Feud: Joe Black vs. William Huckaby
Runner Up: Alan Angels vs. AC Mack

Best Manager; Matthew Hankins
Runner Up: Dr. Joseph Brock III

Most Improved: David Ali
Runner Up: Trever Aeon

Best Tag Team or Stable : Lynch Mob (Joey & Matt Lynch) (second year in a row)
Runner Up: New Era (David Ali, Dani Jordyn, Owen Knight Lee Johnson, AC Mack, O'Shay Edwards)

Best Promoter: Gary Lamb
Runner Up: David Manders

Best Booker: Dylan Frymyer (Southern Honor)
Runner Up: Todd Sexton (Southern Fried Championship Wrestling)

Best Announcer: Jonathan Feltner (6th year in a row)
Runner Up: Diana Michael and Pat McDermott (tie)

Best Referee: Darryl Hall
Runner Up: David Weakley

Best Mentor: QT Marshall
Runner Up: Stephen Platinum

Legend of the Year: Larry Goodman
Runner Up: Iceberg

Best Promotion: Southern Honor Wrestling
Runner Up: Southern Fried Championship Wrestling

Show of the Year: SHW 1000 (May 3)
Runner Up: Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Undisputed  (Thanksgiving)

Total Aggression Pro in Cornelia on January 17

From Larry Goodman:

TAPW returns to action at the Landmark Arena this Friday night with Cody Mcculley's final shot at TAPW Champion Tyler Garrison; Jon Hogan & Billy Starr vs. Hoss Michaels & Jerry Nelms; JC Kelly vs. CT Keys; Barabbas (with Pete Zimmerman)vs. Jimmy Lee & Ryan Staples in a handicap match,, Lizzy & Payton Blair, Sara Dox, Jaxon Carter, Droxx, Junior Mayson, The Dudes, John Johnson, Sweet Daddy and Rosa de Cristal. Bell time is 8 pm.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Intense Wrestling Entertainment in Grovetown in January 18

From Larry Goodman:

IWE presents Zero Hour 2 at the Liberty Park Community Center in Grovetown, GA tomorrow night with a 7:15 bell time  Advertised matches include Sean Legacy vs. Billy Brash;  Cody Vance vs. AC Mack; Sugar Dunkerton vs. Ashton Starr; Dani Jordyn vs. Shalandra Royal; Alan Angels vs. Owen Knight; Metro Brothers vs. Ugly Ducklings; David Ali vs. Montana Black and Hunter Young vs. Fluffman.

Plist #16 Top Ten Promotions in Georgia as of the Beginning of 2020

From Stephen Platinum:

Stephen Platinum takes on what will no doubt be the most controversial Plist to date - the Top Ten Promotions in the State of Georgia for the beginning of 2020. But more than that, he has twists, turns, surprises and rivalries that he sees on the horizon. And our biggest, craziest unboxing to date!