Saturday, October 20, 2018

Total Aggression Pro Results from Cornelia on September 19

From Larry Goodman:

Results from the debut of Total Aggression Pro at the Landmark Arena with reported attendance of 150 as follows: Hoss Michaels defeated Tim Miller; Will Kaution defeated Jamie Holmes; Jimmy Lee and Jon Hogan fought to a double countout; Zee Williams defeated Hawk Thomas; Cody Mcculley and Bolo defeated Ryan Staples and Michael Manson in a tag team street fight with Rick Michaels as special guest referee; 6:05 Crew def GB1C after Scene Nick interfered.

AWN Halloween Hell on October 26 in Fort Valley

From Larry Goodman:

I knew I was forgetting something important when I ran down upcoming live events on the Tipping Point.

All-Star Wrestling Network presents Halloween Hell, their biggest show of the year on Friday, October 26 in Fort Valley at the Wrestleplex, 1341 Peach Parkway.

AWN Champion Logan Creed vs. Bill the Butcher - no ropes - no rules,  knockouts or submissions only; Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens Zac Edwards) vs. Drew Adler & Sal Rinauro;  Stunt Marshall vs. Dax Anthony, Good Brothers (Dean & Fry) vs.  Damage Inc. and Clyde Braddock vs. Brian Blaze.

Bel time is 8 pm. Tickets are $8. Children under 10 admitted free.

Friday, October 19, 2018

UCW Cancels Two More Events

From Larry Goodman:

The Universal Championship Wrestling shows scheduled for October 26 in Carrollton at the VFW Fairgrounds on October 27 in Barnesville at Lamar County High School have been canceled. 

Talent was informed the  shows were being canceled because UCW owner Ron Gossett had suffered a heart attack. Gossett's Facebook post today did not reference the cancellations and instead pertained to the debut of UCW  on FITE TV with their Memorial Mayhem show.

Alberto Del Rio, Road Warrior Animal and Scott Steiner were the major stars advertised for Carrollton. Jack Swagger vs. Del Rio was the advertised main event for Barnesville. 

UCW has now canceled three out of their last four scheduled shows.

 Tickets for Carrollton and Barnesville are still on sale at the UCW website  

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

1 Fall Wrestling Report from Norcross on October 12

From Rob Brodhecker:

The 1 Fall show tonight is scheduled for 8 matches. The set up reminds me of the set up I visited in Knoxville where the ring is in a performance/inside football practice field. I'm familiar with some of the wrestlers from other shows and promotions but more than a few will be new to me. A couple of people in the crowd I've seen from other promotions as well, including some podcasters, a referee, a photographer, and some family members. Attendance is around 60

The ring announcer is Shalandra Royal and she sang the Star-Spangled Banner acapella and knocked it out of the park.

First qualifying match for the 1Fall title: Lamar Diggs v Cousin Shaggy

Shaggy weighs in at 1 goat and 4 chickens. Diggs outweighs him by a cow. Diggs manhandling Shaggy in the early going but Shaggy's quickness comes out. Diggs back to the power game. A staggering verticle suplex by Diggs. A Full Nelson on Shaggy. Shaggy gets a knee up but Diggs counters with a running Soman drop. Diggs brings Shaggy up for a powerbomb but Shaggy counters with a DDT, both men down. Shaggy on the comeback but Diggs hits a running power slam for a 2 count. Diggs rushes at Shaggy in the corner, Shaggy dodges and rolls Diggs up for the 3 count. Time: 6:27. A good opening contest with the fan favorite winning.

A quick promo by QT Marshall. Talks about a Mr. Nastyman LeRoy wanting to be a part of the tourney and was denied. Nastyman comes out and the crowd cheers. QT starts to offer up his spot but swerves everyone and attacks Nastyman to a chorus of boos and jeers. QT yells at me to jot that down.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tipping Point Preview

From Larry Goodman:

The "Boozerweight" Matt Sells keeps that salty and bitter train rollin' on the Tipping Point with hosts Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman. We will talk about the vast array of Georgia wrestling promotions where Sells has recently made appearances, stand up comedy and whatever else comes to mind.

Monday, October 15, 2018

WrestleMerica Report from Barnesville on October 13

From Rob Brodhecker:

Oct 13, 2018
Academy Gym, Barnesville, GA

Scheduled matches: Tyson Dean v Vordell Walker in a Bounty match, O'Shay Edwards v The Monster Pain in a taped fist match, Clyde Braddock v Dax Anthony w Eira. If Clyde loses, he must lace up Dax's boots, If Clyde wins, Eira becomes his valet. Special Challange: 400 lb Pure Goodness w Ryan North v John Saxon. Scotty Beach v Simon Sermon. Ashton Slaughter v Dominique Stuckey. Plus Dementia D'Rose and more!

2 rows of ringside seats hold 124 plus bleachers seats, right now I would say there's about 75 paid. Iceberg was scheduled to be here but due to an upcoming surgery, he had to cancel. Dean/Walker looks to be a 5-star match. Simon always entertains. Braddock/Anthony is an interesting matchup, some stuff that's been posted on social media has been worthy of a soap opera. More people have arrived. I would put the crowd at around 110.

Ring announcer Ben Masters recaps prior happenings and previews upcoming shows. 

(Editor's note: It never ceases to amaze me what a piss poor job most promotions do in this area.)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Anarchy Report from Cornelia on October 13

From Anarchy Wrestling:

As Fright Night inches ever closer, the entire Anarchy roster set out to solidify their spot on the card for the scariest night on the Anarchy calendar. It was a crisp fall night in North Georgia, but the action inside the confines of the historic Landmark Arena was hotter than any Georgia July day.


Will Kaution has had his share of ups and downs since his Anarchy debut earlier this year. Kenji Brea had been on an upswing since winning the Landmark Heritage Championship back on September 2nd at an NCW event. He has victories over Slim J and Sal Rinauro in recent weeks. In this match-up Kaution showed some flashes of offensive brilliance that rocked Brea early on. However, Brea would soon turn to his unorthodox offensive strikes to turn the tide in his favor. Brea would toy with Kaution for the majority of the match, but one misstep led to Kaution being able to get the roll-up and pin on Brea. The new champion would not have very long to celebrate as an outraged Brea would launch a sadistic attack on Kaution. After several knee strikes, Brea set a chair up in the corner and laid the prone Kaution against it. With malice in his eyes and destruction on his brain he set out to injure the new champion, but Xander Ramon would make the save and chase Brea away. There was a brief but intense moment where Ramon looked at the Heritage championship, but he handed it to Kaution and congratulated the new champion.

Action Wrestling Results from Tyrone on October 11

From Larry Goodman:

Results from the ACTION Wrestling free show at Recreation Founders Day Festival in Tyrone on October 11 were as follows: Cabana Man Dan beat David Ali; Leon Ruff & Dani J & Tommy Maserati beat James Ryan & Michael Spencer & Chance Ryzer; O'Shay Edwards beat AJ Gray; James Bandy beat MJF; Marko Stunt beat Alan Angels; Matt and Joey Lynch beat Gymnasty Boys (Timmy Lou Retton & White Mike), AC Mack beat Gangrel.

Georgia Premier Arn Anderson Homecoming Report - October 13

James J. Dillon, Teddy Long, Arn, Tony Hunter
From Larry Goodman:

Georgia Premier Wrestling presented the Arn Anderson Homecoming Show at the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds in Rome.

It was not one of GPW’s better shows, much less the special event that GPW so wanted it to be.

At 175 (paying $25 for ringside $15 for general admission), the attendance was huge a disappointment for promoters Darrell Morris and Woody Hullender. GPW does better than that for their regular events in Canton. It was not a particularly lively crowd, and frankly, for much of the night there wasn’t much to get excited about.

They say timing is everything, and GPW’s timing was lousy. The Superstars of Wrestling show beat them to the punch by three weeks and sucked a lot of wrestling attendance dollars out of the Rome area. To make matters worse, the annual Wings Over North Georgia Air Show was held in Rome this weekend. The 2017 air show attracted over 80,000 people.

The highlight of the night came early in the form of tremendous speeches by Anderson and James J. Dillon. The meet and greet before the show included Anderson, Dillon, Teddy Long, Glacier, Bob Armstrong, Ernest “The Cat” Miller and Cortez Castro. Magnum TA was scheduled but missed due to illness.

The wrestling wasn’t bad, but with few exceptions, it was pretty average. The finishes weren’t particularly compelling or imaginative. Chip Hazard and Johnny Rokk had a good match. I liked the opener (Torque vs. Vary Morales). I wished Castro Cortez vs. QT Marshall had been given more time and substance.

(A) Talon Williams won a pre-show battle royal. Other participants were Jaxson Cassel, Brandon Whatley, Ray Ray, Lamar Philips, JD Jenkins, Joey Idol, Frankie Swamptower, Tyler Knight, Oblivion, Casey Owens, William Cage and Eric Havok. Cassel’s physique and athletic ability separated him from the pack. It came down to Williams and Cassel. Williams pulled the ropes down to dump Cassell, who skinned the cat and charged again. Williams again pulled the ropes down and this time, Cassel spilled to the floor.

Teddy Long was introduced at the guest general manager and announced a gauntlet tag match for the main event. Long recalled refereeing Arn Anderson matches when he got his start as a referee in 1982 and introduced Dillon.

Dillon talked about giving Long his start as a referee in WCW and knowing he had done something positive for the business. Dillon said he was blessed to have two hall of fame rings. He was never the biggest or the best, but nobody loved wrestling more than he did or was willing to work harder, and he was surrounded by some of the greatest talent ever. Dillon told the story of Anderson coining the “Four Horsemen” name during an interview on TBS and them having no idea at the time what it would mean, and how big it would become. Dillon talked about the originality of Anderson’s interviews. “Things come full circle. I wouldn’t have missed being here. He’s become a dear close friend, someone who was finally appreciated for his ring talent and the uniqueness of his interviews and being a special person.”

Anderson got a standing ovation. Anderson referred to Dillon as a national treasure. Anderson said he went to East Rome High School and outgrew Rome because he showed his backside more than a few times. He ended up in front of a judge who told him he was too big to be running around town fighting, and if he came back in front of him again, he better bring a toothbrush. Anderson talked about meeting Ted Allen at Barron Stadium and asking Allen about how to get into the wrestling business. Allen agreed to train him. A friend named Terry Hicks offered to buy a ring and set it up in the back of his furniture store so Arn could train. He went to Atlanta television where he wrestled Bob and Brad Armstrong. He’d had only three or four matches. Bob asked him to come to the Pensacola territory but only for three weeks. Arn quit his job cutting steaks at Warehouse Groceries and went to Pensacola. Bob got him booked with Bill Watts for five months, and from there he came back to Atlanta where he was managed by Paul Ellering and teamed with Matt Borne. He went back to Pensacola for 14 months where he met his wife, Erin. “What patience.” Then to Crockett. “Man, what a ride”. From there to WWF and then to WCW. Andersons said how much it meant to him that former WCW producer Neal Pruitt came down to see him tonight. “They say you can never go home again. I don’t know about that. You may know too much about your neighbors but there’s a feeling to that that makes you belong.” Arn thanked the fans for honoring him and said he wanted to turn it around and honor them. Arn closed by thanking promoter Morris.

Dillon said Anderson started from the bottom and paid his dues. Dillon showed the scar on the back of Anderson’s neck and talked about Anderson’s left hand beginning to atrophy and how he tried to hide it. “You see the glory side on TV. They don’t just give it you. You have to want it. This man paid the price.” Dillon said Anderson was able to rebound from surgery and never displayed the pain he was in. Dillon called Arn an encyclopedia of wrestling and how the young wrestlers need him to impart the knowledge he has.

(1)Torque pinned Vary Morales with a 450 to retain the GPW Cruiserweight Championship in 8:52. Morales did some heelish stuff early on. From there it was a straight up modern US style match and a pretty good on at that. Torque got a near fall with a tornado DDT. Morales answered with Eat Defeat for a near fall. Morales countered a second tornado DDT with a northern light suplex. Torque did a trio of side Russian legsweeps. Morales missed a swanton and got laid out with a brainbuster to set up the finish.

(2) Ashton Starr & Jessica Leigh defeated Matt Sells & Dani Jordan in 7:42. Announced as a mixed tag but worked as an intergender match, not that it mattered, least of all to referee Jonathan Chastain. Starr and Leigh were subjected to a stereo version of Matt Sells’ signature Rat Trap. The heels isolated and humiliated Sells. He hit the Christopher Jack Daniels STO and tags were made. A train of big moves led to Jordan hitting an impressive black hole slam on Starr. Leigh then caught Jordan off guard with a sloppy roll up using the tights. Didn’t look like both of Jordan’s shoulders were on the mat, not that it mattered. I enjoyed the individual performances, Sells especially, but neither side had much chemistry as a team.

(3) Chip Hazard (with Gabe Walters) defeated Johnny Rokk in 9:26. These guys brought their A games. Rokk’s high impact offense looked good. Hazard’s work as a heel was one best things about the show. He did despicable things and amplified his selling without being cartoonish. Hazard used tights to dump Rokk out where Walters sent Rokk into the post. A slugfest ensued. Hazard used a ripcord back elbow to set up a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Rokk had the pin with a DDT but Hazard got a foot on the ropes. Rokk hit a great top rope elbow for a visual fall as Walters’ antics kept referee Tyler Thomas occupied. Hazard kicked Rokk in the groin for the 1-2-3.

(4) Glacier & Ernest Miller & Bullet Bob Armstrong defeated GPW Tag Team Champions Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards & Mike Reed in 7:47. The introduction of Bullet Bob as the surprise third member of the legends’ team got one of the biggest pops of the night and a standing ovation. Glacier cleared the ring with an array of martial arts chops. Miller was having the time of his life and looked like he could still go. His job here was to take the heat. Match broke down with all the heels selling for Bullet’s 79 year old chops. Finish saw Stevens take superkicks from Miller and Glacier and another Armstrong chop. Stevens had the honor of being pinned by Bullet Bob for another big pop.

(5) Chip Day defeated Suge D via submission in 10:30. I don’t recall ever hearing a “this is boring” chant during a Chip Day or Suge D match but it happened here. The wrestling wasn’t bad but it didn’t speak to these fans. Lots of trash talk between Day and Suge and Day and the audience. A comedy dance spot prompted Suge to tell Day he was a terrible dancer and an ever worse wrestler. Day worked on Suge’s knee. He was kicking the hell out it. Suge said Day kicked like a girl, then said sorry, that was in insult to girls. The action and crowd energy picked up leading into the finish. Suge’s big near fall came off a springboard twisting European uppercut. Day locked in a heel hook that forced Suge to tap.

(6) Cortez Castro defeated QT Marshall (with Logan Chase III) in 8:20. Castro was eating Marshall alive with chops. Chase had to fan Marshall’s chest with his tennis racket. Chase interfered allowing Marshall to take control. Castro’s comeback offense looked strong. Chase jumped on the apron to distract as Castro prepared to his finisher. Marshall then pinned Castro with feet on the ropes and an assist from Chase. Promoter Morris said not on his watch. He called for a restart and ejected Chase. Castro pinned Marshall with La Magistral cradle in no time flat. No surprise the wrestling and striking in this match were a cut above the rest of the show.

(7) Good Ole Boys (Cuzin Cletus & Cuzin Shaggy) defeated Jungle Kings (Lex Lee & Kevin Coffman) and Syndicate (Elijah Evans & TJ Boss) and Brother Fusion (Jason Collins & Brandon Collins) in 13:27. It was four way rather than a gauntlet match as Teddy Long announced. Cletus wiped his ass with one of the Kings’ furs. They did a seven way sleeper spot. A domino sequence of bionic elbows by Cletus culminated in a double bionic elbow on Lex by Good Ole Boys. The heel teams (Syndicate and Jungle Kings) took turns beating on Brandon and Shaggy. Cletus took the hot tag. The heel/babyface alliances broke down. Dives ensued. Hoss fight moment between Moss and Cletus. Moss climbed the ropes and chose to dive on the guys outside the ring rather than on Cletus inside the ring. It looked like Cletus wanted to join the dive party but Evans cut him off. Shaggy then pinned Evans with a top rope splash. Match was kind of zany and disjointed but not bad.

(8) Cody Vance defeated “Nature Boy” Paul Lee to retain the GPW Southern States Championship in 7:47. GPW did their championship no favors here. Vance has a great look but is too bland and doesn’t carry himself like a champion. He was totally overshadowed by Paul’s obnoxious personality. Paul did his bargain basement Flair act – the chops, the face first bump, taking the slam off the top, baiting the ref until the ref shoved him down, etc. I would have liked to have watched Anderson and Dillon’s reactions but they were long gone. A missed middle rope elbow drop by Lee set the stage for Vance’s comeback. Paul tried to pin Vance with feet on the ropes but the ref caught the cheating. Vance then speared Paul for the win.

Postmatch – Paul repeatedly insisted that was “two, two, two”. Morris told him if number two was a problem, there was a bathroom in the back. End of show.

NOTES: GPW returns to Old Buffington School Gym in Canton on September 20 with Besties defending vs. GA Heat, and Williams vs. Hazard – last man standing…The Anderson seminar was attended by about 20 trainees...Scott Hensley was the emcee…The ring announcer was Miss Brittany…Shalandra Royal sang the national anthem…The referees not mentioned in the report were Chris Emerson and Nathaniel Spivey…John Arden was at the show.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Southern Honor Owner Issues Statement

Gary Lamb
From Larry Goodman:

Southern Honor's Gary Lamb posted the following statement on Facebook.

This past Sunday night I had the honor of being on my friend T.O. Myron Fancher talk show called Shoots Fired to discuss all things SHW. Anyone that knows me knows when you get a mic in front of me, I’m about as honest and real as they come. It is one of the reasons people love to have me in front of a mic. I am who I am.

We talked about the debut of SHW, we talked about several other things and in the course of the discussion we got into a conversation about a local wrestler that I have great respect for. As we continued the discussion, it was mentioned that this wrestler is affiliated with another local promotion and therefore it was unlikely he would appear on one of our shows in the near future. I laughingly said since that was the case I would just have to put the other promotion out of business. It would appear this statement has offended the promotion that meets in the old gym.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Southern Honor Owner Takes Shot at GPW

From Larry Goodman:

Gary Lamb, the owner of Southern Honor Wrestling did an interesting interview on the Shoots Fired podcast. Around the 25 minute mark, Lamb talked about the possibility of doing business with David Manders (who he went to high school with) and Southern Fried Wrestling, and goes on to discuss his recruitment of QT Marshall. Lamb acknowledged Marshall's loyalty to another local promotion (GPW). Host Myron Fancher stated Lamb wouldn't respect Marshall if he left the other promotion.

"I wouldn't, so I guess I'm just going to have to put them (GPW) out of business and then it won't be him (Marshall) not being loyal anymore. There's a reason our next show is called City Takeover and they have a show the next night. So let's just leave that at that. It's going to be a fun weekend."

Lamb also stated that SHW plans to release a 30-minute television show to Facebook and YouTube every Wednesday..

Monday, October 8, 2018

AWE Norcross Debut Rescheduled

From Larry Goodman:

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment is rescheduling their October 11 debut in Norcross at the Monte Carlo Ballroom to Sunday, December 9. 

The October 11 event was to be a "members only" show for season ticket holders that paid $200 (or committed to monthly payments of $23) for a 10 month season. A post on the AWE Facebook page thanked 14 purchasers of season tickets. The show was envisioned as an abbreviated version of a typical AWE show and the company had a plan in place to expand tickets sales beyond season ticket holders, it became apparent, however, that a Thursday night was not going to work for AWE fans. 

AWE debuts in Jonesboro at Furnace 41 on October 21 and returns to Atlanta at the Opera Night Club on November 11.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Wrestling Memories Part 62

Argentine wildman Firpo files his teeth before a match
From Larry Goodman:

Below is a link to Mike Mooneyham's story on Pampero Firpo, who I got to see wrestle at the Chicago Amphitheater as a kid. Firpo was featured on Vern Gagne's AWA All-Star Wrestling show out of Minneapolis, although he was much bigger star in the Detroit area. Firpo was a larger-than-life character as the photo at left demonstrates. Firpo had a shrunken head called "Chimu" that he would put to good use during matches. 

Southern Fried Wrestling Report from Monroe on October 6

From Larry Goodman:

Another Saturday night in Monroe, another great show with superb storytelling and a superheated crowd from Southern Fried Championship Wrestling. No promotion in Georgia does a better job of presenting their wrestlers as stars. Matchmaker Todd Sexton has his finger on the pulse of the Southern Fried fanbase.

Master and The Machine capped off a solid opening half in exciting fashion by defeated JB Enterprises to capture the SFCW tag titles. That was as good as it was going to get for the babyfaces and the SFCW fans.

The second half was heat booking at its finest. Nothing went the babyfaces way sending the fans home in a dark mood.

Corey Hollis is the new SFCW Heavyweight Champion and he wasn’t even scheduled to wrestle. Champion Ike Cross had just barely survived a match with Tetchi Makuji when the master manipulator strolled to ringside to cash in the title opportunity Hollis earned by putting Jacob Ashworth out of action. Hollis’ hired monster, Mikael Judas had earlier given Billy Buck such a sadistic beating that the towel was thrown in. Everyone and their brother thought surely this was the night The Approved would get what was coming to them from an irresistible force, the reuniting of Bobby Moore and Todd Sexton. It was not to be as The Appproved blindsided them at every turn.

Paid attendance at the Boys and Girls Club gym was 318 with prices for the first two rows increased to $20 and $15. I do believe it is the naturally loudest wrestling venue I’ve ever been in, and the Southern Fried fans rarely let up from the opening bell to the bitter end.

Changes at GWH

From Larry Goodman:

The reason for the abbreviated posting at GWH is this: Brian Slack has been unable to do his usual postings of upcoming events, results and the daily birthdays and memoriams due to illness. It's a lot of work. Without Brian, none of that happens. Get well soon, Brian.

Southern Honor Wrestling Report from Canton on October 5

From Rob Brodhecker:
Southern Honor Wrestling at The Action Building, Canton GA

The Action Building doubles as a church and I must say it's a pretty neat set up. A nice concession area plus clean restrooms. The powers that be behind Southern Honor have gone out of their way to make the area around the ring spacious but cozy at the same time. With all the hype leading up to the debut show, we will see if they can jump over the bar. A lot of WWA4 Alumni are in matches tonight, along with Raven, O'Sheay Edwards, The Lynch Mob, and the Jungle Kings. At least 6 matches are scheduled. Attendance is over 220. The ring announcer is "Big Poppa" Chris Daughtry. The video commentary team is Brandon Benefield and Daryl Collins. Your referees tonight are Ryan Harmon, Todd Fox, and Jeremy Prater.

First qualifying match for the SHW title: AC Mack vs. Jordan Kingsley

AC does his intro and no one does it better. Kingsley's music interrupts AC. The ring announcer introduces him as Jordan Mack but the graphics on the screens say Jordan Kingsley. Jordan starting out fast with a couple of quick near falls on AC. AC rakes the eyes to try to gain some momentum but Jordan fights through it. Jordan locks in a submission but AC makes the ropes. AC lands a backhand to start his offense but Jordan quickly regroups and does a suicide flip over the top rope on AC. Wicked clothesline by AC. Jordan does a Flair flip over the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick for a very near fall. AC hits a whirling DDT and sets Jordan up on the top turnbuckle. Jordan fights him off and goes for a backflip. AC rolls through and goes for the Mack 10 but Jordan flips him over for the pin. Time: 8:47. The crowd was hot for Jordan throughout the match. AC's offense wasn't clicking tonight. Jordan Kingsley advances.

Ring announcer introduces "The Godfather" Gary Lamb, the GM of SH. Says the show was 12 months in planning. They are doing it for the love of the product. Nov 2nd is the next show. Shannon Moore advertised.

Peachstate Wrestling Report from Carrollton on October 4

From Rob Brodhecker:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance presents Thursday Night Throwdown at the VFW Fairgrounds, Carrollton, GA.

6 matches are scheduled for tonight: Ace Haven vs. Shean Christopher, Cyrus the Destroyer vs. Cousin Cletus, CB Suave vs. Kevin Ryan, Fry Daddy vs. Drew Game, Josh Storm and Austynn Madison vs. Matt Gilbert and Katie Ohno, and the winner take both titles tag match: Sal Rinauro and Michael Stevens vs. Romeo and AC Mack. 

33 adults at bell time. About 10 more came in later.

Jason Boyd is your ring announcer. Your referees are Justin and "Grandpa" Darryl Hall.

First match: Shean Christopher vs. Ace Haven

Shean and Ace are no strangers to each other, as Shean is a former trainee of Ace's and is the current Pro South champion in Alabama. The action starts as soon as Ace hits the ring. Ace in control until he tried to do a leg drop onto the ring apron while Shean was across it. Shean working over Ace's left leg. Ace with a Thez Press for a brief comeback. Shean back to the attack on the leg. Some good old school working there. Ace selling the leg on the comeback. Both men on the ring apron. Shean with a Spicoli driver on the apron. Shean content with the ref giving Ace the 10 count. Ace in at 9. Shean working Ace in the corner but misses a bowling ball. Shean hits a double arm DDT for the 3 count. Time: 9:45. Shean grabs the mic. Cuts a good promo running down Ace and putting himself over. Ace cuts his own promo, calls Shean Gerber Baby. HAH! Says that the only way he's going to quit the business is if you bury him in a casket and put him 6 feet under, but you better make sure that he's laying face down so you (Shean) can kiss my ass. Crowd popped for that.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Peachstate Scraps Next Show

From Larry Goodman:

Peachstate Wrestling canceled their next event scheduled for October 18 after drawing only 40 people to their show last night. Peachstate was unable to secure Saturday night dates at the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton for the months of September and October. Owner Shane Noles decided to go with Thursday night shows until the promotion could get back on their traditional Saturday night schedule starting November 3. The first Thursday night show in September drew only 50 compared to 200+ PWA averages on Saturdays.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

WWA4 Report from Atlanta on Septembrr 27

From Rob Brodhecker:

It's been a while since I've been to a WWA4 Thursday night free show. They have several new trainees working matches tonight so I'll be somewhat lenient in my report. Seven matches are scheduled.

Triple Threat match for the WWA4 title. Talon Onyx v Mason Tyler v Bobby Flaco

Mason bails as soon as the bell rings. Talon and Bobby hook up. Bobby gets a near fall right off and but Mason blindsides Bobby off the cover and then drills Talon. The backstory is that Mason had stolen the title from Bobby's possession. Bodies are flying around and out of the ring. Bobby hits the Mex-factor for a near fall on Talon. Mason isolating on Talon but Talon squirms free. Bobby with a near fall on Mason. Talon hits a DDT on Bobby for a very close 3 count. Cutter by Bobby leads to a Coup de gras on Mason for the 3 count. Time 7:09. Good match to start off with, spots in the right spots and timing of the spots were spot on.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Tipping Point with Drew Blood and Tyson Dean

From GWH News:

In part one, Steven Platinum and Larry Goodman discuss the recent Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment show, news regarding Universal Championship Wrestling and mark out moments. Please disregard technical difficulties at the 18 minute mark and go on to Part II.

 Tipping Point for October 2 - Part I

Drew Blood of Southern Fried Championship Wrestling and Tyson Dean from the Good Brother Dojo were the guests. Blood's ego ran wild as he talked about the upcoming SFCW Crossroads event, Bill Behrens and Behrens proteges. Dean commented on pay issues at the recent Superstars of Wrestling show, his Wrestlemerica matches with Mikael Judas and revealed a new wrestling promotion coming to Middle Georgia.

Tipping Point for October 2 - Part II

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment Results from Atlanta on September 30

From Larry Goodman:

Attendance at the Opera Night Club: 100-125.

Blacklist Uno (with Adrian Armour, Slade Porter and Aria Blake) addressed Su Yung and their October 11 match at AWE's Norcross debut at Monte Carlo Ballroom (season ticket holders only).

Pre-show: Lamar Diggs & Deandre Jackson & Sylar Cross defeated Random Maskey Guy & The Brickster & King Bailey Blake.

(1) Chris Crunkk defeated Teddy King with a pumphandle facebuster in 10:40 to earn a spot in the Be The Man Tournament.
(2) Ashton Starr won a scramble match to become the number one contender for the Georgia Heritage Championship over Chris Mayne and Matt Kenway and Jaden Newman and Rafael King in 8:20.
(3) William Huckaby defeated Calvin Tankman in 11:20. Tankman hit the world's largest frogsplash and Huckaby reversed the pin.
(4) Eddie Kingston defeated Chip Day via DQ in 6:35 after Lamar Diggs and Sylar Cross interfered. Day then leveled referee Stan Robinson with a missile dropkick and told Kingston to "suck his dick". Kingston demanded a match in which he could end Day's career.
Su Yung spit blood in the mouth of some poor little dude and and cast a spell on him.
(5) Owen Knight defeated Slade Porter to retain the Georgia Heritage Championship in 11:15. Yung was watching from the stage. Porter attacked Knight after the match with Starr making the save.
(6) Aria Blake defeated Kylie Rae and Harlow O'Hara and Zeda Zhang in a ROAR fatal four way at 9:39. Blake pinned Zhang with feet on the ropes after Zhang laid Rae out with a Northern Lights Bomb.
(7) Blacklist Uno & Adrain Armour defeated the Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) in 10 minutes. Day interfered and Uno and Armour destroyed Awful with a springboard knee/Ether combo. 
Iggy turned on Awful after the match. 
(8) Joe Black pinned Simon Gotch at 13:50 with a lariat to retain the GWC. Gotch's feet were on the ropes. Gotch sold the lariat like crazy.


Tipping Point Preview

From GWH News:

Steven Platinum and Larry Goodman host with special guests Drew Blood of Southern Fried Championship Wrestling and Tyson Dean of Good Brothers Dojo. Topics will include Superstars of Wrestling, AWE< SFCW, WrestleMerica and Anarchy.

Southern Underground Pro Results from Nashville on September 23

From Larry Goodman:

SUP results from Basement East on Nashville on September 23 as follows:

1. Joshua Bishop defeated Cajun Crawdad
2. Marko Stunt won the Trick or Treat Battle Royal earning a Bonestorm Title shot at a time of his choosing in the process
3. Jake Parnell pinned Joey Lynch
4. Brett Ison and O'Shay Edwards beat Kerry Awful, Tripp Cassidy and AJ Gray
5. Craig Mitchell bested Gary Jay
6. Teddy King defeated Mr Brickster in a LEGO Death match after "JV" Jaden Newman interjected himself into the match and distracted Brick
7. Tracy Williams successfully defended the Independent Wrestling Championship against Kevin Ku
8. The Production beat IFHY
9. Dominic Garrini submitted Wheeler YUTA to retain the Bonestorm championship.
10. Marko Stunt cashed in his Trick or Treat Battle Royal title opportunity and upset Dominic Garrini to win the Bonestorm Championship

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on September 29

Spectra Wins TV Title
From Larry Goodman:

Without question, last night's HYPE TV taping was eventful evening at Landmark Arena.  Whether or not all the hub bub has a positive result is an entirely different question. 

Anarchy has been in a major transitional/rebuiliding phase since their first iPPV, Hostile Environment on July 28. Booker Dan Wilson is winding down his career and has less input. Logan Creed, their newly crowned heavyweight  champion and most popular babyface promptly turned heel. Creed has been destroying everyone in his path, scoring clean wins over other premier babyfaces -- the returning Stryknyn and former Heritage Champion Ike Cross. The top heel faction in the company, Team TAG turned the other direction. A new crew of villians, imaginatively named The New Threat arrived on the scene led by Matthews Hankins.  The overall talent depth has not been what it was due to departures of Gunner Miller (injury), Kyle Matthews (retirement) and The Appproved.

The lone holdover storyline -- Cash of Cult vs. Jacob Ashworth hasn't exactly been magical,  largely due to issues resulting in a less than formidable Cult. That feud has gotten long in the tooth and cooled off Ashworth in the process.

A new TV champion and new tag team champions were crowned last night. Kenji Brea captured the Heritage Champion at the September 2 NCW event. On paper, all three titles are now in weaker hands.

Anarchy has their work cut out for them on October 13, theirr final TV taping prior to the 20th annual Fright Night iPPV on October 27. Only one match has been announced - Creed vs. Mikael Judas for the heavyweight title. Cash vs. Ashworth is "pending" due to Ashworth's injury at Southern Fried. 

Bright spots that come to mind from last night -- Brea's match with Sal Rinauro,  the action in the Championship Cash In match won by Ike Cross, the shock and awe of Chris Spectra winning the TV title out of nowhere and a surprise appearance by Mikael Judas as Creed's replacement for four minutes of hell with Stryknyn.

Attendance at Landmark was a lowly 75. Attendance has been trending in the wrong direction of late (120 was the norm prior to Hostile Environment). Hopefully, last night was a one off due to the date being moved from the traditional 4th Saturday of the month.

Neither Rick Michaels or Wilson were at the show. Bill Behrens was in charge assisted by Todd Sexton and Triston Michaels. Bret Wolverton pinch hit as John Johnson's broadast partner for the FITE TV taping.

September 30 Birthdays and Memoriams

Candice Michelle and Shane Strickland celebrate birthdays today.

Black Venus died at the age of 46 on this day in 1995, and Bobby Jaggers passed at 64 in 2012.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

September 29 Birthdays and Memoriams

David Sammartino, Ann Casey, and Tajiri celebrate birthdays today.

Steve Kovacs died on this day in 1998, and Eric Pomeroy (a/k/a Stan Pulaski and Stan Vachon) passed at 79 in 2012. Gene Lewis passed away on this day in 2013.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

PCO Mini-Documentary

Pierre Carl Ouellet or PCO has been a professional wrestler for over 30 years. He's worked for every major promotion in North America include WWE, WCW & TNA. He's also performed on almost every continent. At age 50, he found a new resurgence in his career thanks to his match against WALTER at GCW's Joey Janela's Spring Break 2 over Wrestlemania Weekend. Thanks to his bizarre and intense online workout videos with the mysterious 'Destro,' PCO has become one of the most sought-after wrestlers on the independent circuit.

September 25 Birthdays and Memoriams

Jimmy Garvin, Britt Jackson, and Bo Oates celebrate birthdays today.

Joe Lynam died at the age of 31 on this day in 1948, and Anthony Durante (a/k/a Pitbull) passed at 36 in 2003. Leroy Redbone was 53 when he passed away on this day in 2009.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Peachstate Wrestling Report from Carrollton on September 20

From Rob Brodhecker:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance presents Thursday Night Throwdown, Sept 20, 2018, at the VFW Fairgrounds, Carrollton GA. 

This Thursday night show is a departure from the usual Saturday showings for PWA due to the Fairgrounds being rented out over the weekends in September and October. PWA will return to their usual first and third Saturday schedule in November. 6 matches are scheduled for tonight with Tyson Dean and Cyrus the Destroyer as the main event. Also, scheduled to appear are CB Suave, Ace Haven, Katie Ohno, Austynn Madison, "Marvelous" Michael Stevens, AC Mack, Josh Storm, Matt Gilbert, Sal Rinauro, Fry Daddy, Amy Haven, and Sean Nelson.

Paid attendance was at about 50 plus about 15 kids. Not what the owners were hoping for but will see what the next two Thursday shows will bring.

September 24 Birthdays and Memoriams

April Hunter, Stephanie McMahon, Chris Nowinski, Gary Valiant, and Shane Noles celebrate birthdays today.

Abe ‘King Kong’ Kashey died at the age of 61 on this day in 1965, and Joe Corbett passed at 82 in 1987. Roy Heffernan was 67 when he passed away on this day in 1992.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Superstars of Wrestling Report from Rome on September 22

From Larry Goodman:

Superstars of Wrestling Fan Fest returned to the Forum River Center in Rome, GA after a three year hiatus with a bigger fanfest than ever before, featuring the hottest act in pro wrestling, the Young Bucks.

Stars at the fanfest included Jeff and Karen Jarrett, Booker T, Jillian Hall, Sandman, Francine, Abdullah the Butcher, Robert Gibson, James Storm, Nikita Koloff, Demolition, Scott Steiner, Ron Garvin, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Marty Jannetty, Daffney, Duke “The Dumpster” Droese, Rosemary, Samuel Shaw, Tim Horner, Tom Prichard, Mo from Men on a Mission and Jimmy Powell. All of the advertised stars were present with the exception of Chris Harris.

The wrestling show was a success. It gave the crowd, mostly casual fans from the local area, what they wanted to see – appearances by the major stars that put them in the best light. Air Paris did a great job of putting the show together, and had to make some last minute adjustments due to legends bowing out on planned spots.

The show closed with a Young Bucks’ superkick party that tore the house down. The Bucks said they would be back and maybe next time they would be able to wrestle.

The event was co-promoted by the River Center and Almost Famous restaurant, owned by Phil Hefner and Chris Ganz. Original Superstars promoter Shawn Holcomb was involved but did not have a financial stake in the show. Total ticket sales approached 1000. Attendance at the wrestling show was around 600 as some fans attended only the fanfest and the event’s major sponsor, Synovus Bank of Rome, purchased a block of tickets that were not all used.

The promoters had hoped to do better but reportedly still turned a small profit. Walk up sales were far less than what they anticipated. The cost of a great majority of the stars was picked up by vendors.

APCW in Douglasville on October 6

From Larry Goodman: 

All Pro Championship Wrestling returns to action in Douglasville at   a new venue --- Heirway Christian Academy --  with an APCW title match: Champion Dark Mon vs. Tommy Coffey; East Tennessee's The Heatseekers (Sigmon & Elliott Russell) vs. Carolina Fight Club; Jordan Kingsley & Damien Bennett & Tommy Penirelli & JR Reynolds. Bell time is 7 pm.

September 23 Birthdays and Memoriams

George South, Matt Hardy, Zane Dawson and Jeff G. Bailey celebrate birthdays today.

Gene Stanlee died at the age of 88 on this day in 2005.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

WWE Results from New Orleans on September 10

From Brian Slack:

WWE was in New Orleans, LA on September 10.  Results:

September 10, 2018, WWE RAW episode:  Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) defeated Ruby Riott (w/Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan).  The Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar)(w/Drake Maverick) vs. Roddy Ace & Nathan Bradley.  Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre defeated The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) to retain the WWE RAW Tag Team championships.  Kevin Owens vs. Tyler Breeze never happened because Owens attacked Breeze before the bell.  Bobby Roode & Chad Gable defeated The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor).  Ronda Rousey & Natalya defeated Alexa Bliss & Mickie James (w/Alicia Fox).  Finn Balor defeated Elias.  

September 14, 2018, WWE Main Event:  Apollo Crews defeated Zack Ryder.  Ember Moon defeated Dana Brooke.

Southern Underground Pro in Nashville on September 23

From GWH News:

Southern Underground Pro will be at The Basement East in Nashville, TN on September 23.  Advertised:  Dominic Garrini defends the Bonestorm championship against Wheeler Yuta.  Tracy Williams defends the Powerbomb.TV championship against Kevin Ku.  Mr. Brickster vs. Teddy King in a lego match.  Curt Stallion, O'Shay Edwards & Brett Ison vs. AJ Gray, Kerry Awful & Tripp Cassidy.  The Production vs. IFHY.  Gary Jay vs. Craig Mitchell.  Jake Parnell vs. Joey Lynch.  The venue is located at 917 Woodland Street.  Tickets are $15.  Doors open at 1:30 PM and bell time is at 2:00.

Notes:  Must be at least 18 years old to enter.  There will be an after-party at Rudie's Seafood & Sausage, which is located at 1402 McGavock Pike in Nashville, at 6:00.  

Premiere Wrestling Xperience in Charlotte on September 22

From GWH News:

Premiere Wrestling Xperience will be at the Hebron Hall in Charlotte, NC on September 22.  The venue is located at 330 East Hebron Street Suite C.  Tickets are $25 at the door front row VIP, $20 advance front row VIP, $15 at the door rows 2-3 VIP and $12 advance rows 2-3 VIP.  Doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

Note:  If you purchase four or more row 2-3 VIP tickets, the tickets are then $10 each.

Pro Wrestling EGO in Jackson on September 22

From GWH News:

Pro Wrestling EGO will be at the Hideaway in Jackson, MS on September 22.  Advertised:  O'Shay Edwards, Ursa Major, Dax Anthony, Sterdust, The Cavemen (Alex Graves & Wes Warren).  The venue is located at 5100 I-55 North.  Tickets are $15 VIP, $10 general admission and $5 children ages 5-11.  Doors open at 5:30 PM for VIP ticket holders and 6:00 for general admission.  Bell time is at 7:00 PM.