Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment LOUD TV Taping Report from November 29

From Larry Goodman:

The first AWE LOUD television taping took place at The District in Atlanta on the tail end of Thanksgiving weekend. 

Four shows were taped over four hours, 20 matches total. I am still trying to digest it all.

The format was similar to the NWA TV studio tapings --  primarily short matches, many of them squashes, with a competitive main event featured in each episode. One major difference was that most of the interviews were shot backstage so the full form and content of each episode will not discernable until it airs on TV.

Overall, I thought this was a successful first outing for booker Murder One and the AWE LOUD roster. New characters were introduced. Major holdover storyline were advanced. New storylines were developed.

There were a quite a number of interesting debuts and returns. Among those making their AWE debuts were wXw star Alex James, wXw/Impact star Killer Kelly, "Most decorated wrestler in the Southeast" AC Mack and Austin Towers. Priscilla Kelly, Anthony Henry and JD Drake returned after significant periods of absence from the AWE ring. There were a lot of folks backstage. Many wrestlers worked two matches but nobody did more than that.

The risk/reward of their deal with Right Now TV sets up well for AWE. The company will incur minimal additional costs and stands to gain exposure and ad revenue.

Attendance at District Atlanta was around 100 (paying $25-$30) The mask requirement was emphasized by repeat announcements and observed by almost everyone.  The enthusiasm and crowd size peaked during episodes two and three and petered out noticeably during episode four. Many fans stood near ringside, as is traditional at AWE, but were not allowed to be right up against the ring. That obviously wouldn't work for TV.

LOUD debuts on Right Now TV in January, date to be determined. It will possible to watch the show live at the Right Now website.

Josh Wheeler opened the show with an emotional tribute and 10 bell honoring Daniel Scarr, who passed away in July. Scarr ran Opera Night Club and The District and was responsible for giving AWE having a home in recent years. Wheeler also sent out a big FU to Georgia shows running without masks.

Wheeler introduced Young Professor as the host of AWE LOUD. Professor won AWE's top manager contest (one of their best ideas of 2019) and he's an outstanding ring announcer

The RobBrod Report #27

 From Rob Brodhecker:


 A brief look at the shows running on Dec 4th, 5th, and 6th.

Platinum vs RAW 11 30 20



Stephen Platinum looks at THIS fucking show. My God, it has that "written on a napkin" feel all over this, in stark contrast with the talent level being so high otherwise.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #87



Stephen Platinum tackles the news and such of the day including what shows is he going to see in Georgia soon? The commentary is about Jimmy Rave and the passing of the guard in pro wrestling, and the push and pull between the old school and the new.

Jimmy Rave Announces Retirement After Arm Amputation

From Larry Goodman:

Jimmy Rave sent out the following tweet:

“I have been very blessed for the last 21 years in professional wrestling and getting to live out my dream. Today, that dream has ended for me and I have a new reality. This past Tuesday my world came crashing down when Doctors found an infection in my left arm. I tried toughing it out but by the time I saw a doctor it was too late and they had to amputate my left arm above the elbow. Thus effectively ending my in-ring career.

I appreciate everyone who has supported me or anyone who has pegged me with a roll of toilet paper. To my brothers & sisters I have shared the ring with or a locker room; thank you for always pushing me to be better. Thank you to all of my mentors and my students who allow me to still feel needed. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to type. If you have questions or comments please feel free to DM me. Please take your health more seriously than I did. I am sorry for anyone I have let down. Support Pro Wrestling!

Rave was trained by Murder One and wrestled extensively in Cornelia for NWA Wildside during the early part of his career, He was best known nationally for his work in Ring of Honor and TNA.  He also toured Japan with Dragon Gate and wrestled in the New Japan Super Juniors tournament. 

After returning to the Georgia wrestling scene in 2009, Rave booked and wrestled for Great Championship Wrestling in Phenix City and later, for Rampage Pro Wrestling in Warner Robins. Rave underwent treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues and became a leader in Georgia's peer counseling movement. 

Rave's banner year in Georgia wrestling was 2015. Rave became AWE's first Georgia Wrestling Crown Champion, a title he held for 556 days. He also won the inaugural Scenic City Invitational Tournament and was named Wrestler of the Year and best technical wrestler in the annual GWH awards. 

More recently, Rave relocated to Philadelphia where he was wrestling and training young wrestlers for Combat Zone Wrestling. 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

ProSouth Black Friday Report from November 27

From Larry Goodman:

Black Friday was more a stop along the way to ProSouth's 12th anniversary show on December 18 than a final destination. 

The booking (primarily by Ace Haven) continues to be the strong point of this show. The pacing is greatly improved of late. They're packing a lot of content into two hours. Production quality, specifically the audio, continues to be its most glaring weakness. On that score, this episode was a frustrating step in the wrong direction. 

Faith Dorn and James Hardy were back this week as our intrepid announce team. Hardy doubled as ring announcer whilst still hobbling on a crutch from the knee injury suffered a month ago.

(1) "Mr. 1985" Ricky Cagle pinned NEW Tag Team Champions Cody Windham to retain the NEW Open Championship in 7:07. This match could have been right out of 1985, not saying there was anything wrong with that. Windham is a solid talent. He has the length to do his namesake proud,. That's not a typo. Windham somehow won the NEW tag team titles plural. I'm guessing they would like a do over on the finish -- a clunky reversal of a piledriver.   

(2) In a meeting of mind games, Eric Silva pinned  Reynolds with Collateral Damage in 7:58. Reynolds broke out his martial arts strikes and continued to laugh in Silva's face as he took punishment. There was more juice in Silva's offense. Silva called Reynolds "John " during the match and they had a conversation on their knees. In the end, Reynolds hugged Silva to lower his guard, then tried to pull a fast one. Silva anticipated the skullduggery and hit Collateral Damage but Reynolds kicked out. Reynolds slapped Silva before surrendering to a second Collateral Damage. If this was the final chapter of their program, I'm surprised this match didn't get higher billing. Perhaps the two week COVID break caused a change in plans.

Reynolds revealed the method behind his madness -- his mission was to bring back the fire in  "The Ghost" that made him deserving of the ProSouth Championship.

(3) Attempted Murder (Alister Crowe & Dorian Crowe) defeated Proc "The Croc" Johnston & Jay 2Strong in 9:50. This was the second best match on the show behind the main event. The shine put the spotlight on Proc's power. The dueling Gator rolls by Proc and Alister was fun. Attempted Murder were relentless in attacking the body part. Proc and 2Strong were going fo their finisher on Alister when he sprayed Proc with the green mist , then made him tap to a leglock. 

The match told a clear, uncluttered and logical story. Attempted Murder upped their game as heels with a sickness of mind that hadn't been there before, especially for Dorian. Proc taking heat and 2Strong cleaning house was a switch that worked. 

Marcus Erics introduced himself to viewers that missed his debut in a losing effort against ProSouth Champion Tyler Cullprett last week. 

(4) Dameon Ceretone defeated Marcus Erics in 7:47. Ceretone knocked Hardy's crutch out from under him before the match. Cruel move for a babyface but there's a back story -- once upon a time, t Hardy ended Ceretone's All-Out Championship reign. Dorn said Erics was an 8 year vet and  had held tag team titles in California. He sure had me fooled. Erics shows flashes of impressive power offense but I can't see him being a player here. Ceretone picked up the win  with a jumping knee strike followed by a Death Valley Driver followed by a brainbuster. I think he's better off without the brainbuster against a larger opponent. 

Black Lariats Matter (Joe Black & Huckaby) came to the ring.. Huck was rocking the genuine possum fur robe he picked up on Buford Highway. Said the champs would not be wrestling tonight or ever until they got some real competition. 

(5) Cameron Keast defeated Brandon Whatley to retain the ProSouth All-Out Championship in 10:44.. Keast beat Whatley clean last week. The prospect of a rematch did not excite me. Keast was snidely telling Whatley he needed to step up. He was faced with an uber aggresssive Whatley in response, a point that was driven home on commentary. Whatley had Keast in serious trouble when Miller came to ringside making a baseless claim that Keast was injured so the ballot counting...er match, should be stopped. They did the finish where Miller grabbed Whatley's leg and hung on out of referee Fields' line of vision, except it didn't quite work out that way. 

(6) The Youtube title match between Champion Robbie Vio and Scot Patterson and Shane Mako and Roma MIller never happened. Mako inadvertently (cough) decked Hardy and referee Jesse Fields with belt shots before the match could get underway. All sorts of chaos ensued. As Hardy came to his feet, Miller ripped his crutch away and was beating people with it when Commissioner Amy Haven called the mayhem to halt. 

The perverse entertainment factor could be taken to new heights next week, as Amy made a ladder match for the title including everyone in the ring. Taken literally, that would include Hardy. 

Next: a talk segment to set up a three way between the fractured Left Hand Path faction. Austin Towers passionately made his case for how he had earned his ProSouth title shot. Trever Aeon took exception and said the title shot had to go through him. Looked like we were going to get an impromptu Towers-Aeon match but the lights went out and Boom! Eric Silva was in the ring to say the title had to go through him. Towers said he would put his title shot on the line in a three-way to settle it. The segment ran 12 minutes and the audio was the drizzing shits the entire time. A baby in the crowd crying could be heard more clearly than any of the people on the mic. 

(7) Tyler Cullprett (with Attempted Murder) defeated Ace Haven (with Amy Haven) to retain the ProSouth Championship in 13:57. Best match Cullprett has had for ProSouth in a minute. His execution was crisper and more forceful. He and Ace have good chemistry, and there's no problematic size difference to contend with. The way they sell big for each other is a huge plus,

You might say the finish was a tad overbooked. Cullprett ducked Ace's superkick which caught referee Matthew Gibson right on the button. That's two more ref bumps this week. It's ridiculous how badly that spot is being overused. As was checking on the ref, Cullprett gave him a low blow. That brought Amy into the ring with Cullprett's umbrella but Attempted Murder took it away. Cullprett was about to let Amy have it with the umbrella when Ceretone made the save. Cullprett got away unscathed. No such luck for Attempted Murder. BLM showed up with Huckaby leading the charge to lay out Ceretone. Amy tried to shield Ace from further damage. Huck laid her out with the Right Hand of God. Black was none to happy with Huck. Cullprett returned with the Raindrop on Ace, and Gibson recovered just enough to make the three count. 

The show closed with Ace, Amy and Ceretone all still laying in the ring.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Georgia World Class Wrestling Report from Cornelia on Thanksgiving Night

From GWCW:

GWCW’s Thanksgiving Star Wars (with 73 in attendance at Landmark Arena) opened with owner Dennis Fields and board member Tim Rice discussing the tag tournament as several of the original teams backing out due to COVID & other issues. They bring out matchmaker Chris Nelms who announces to enter the tournament he would step down from his role. This prompts Jagged Edge & Skrilla, who enter through the front door to volunteer to enter as the fourth and final team. Nelms who looks like he saw the ghost of Christmas past at the sight of Jagged states that he wants them in round one, but doesn’t want the new clean cut Jagged. If they are going to fight, he wants the Old Jagged. 

In a strong showing between two of GWCW’s big men, Big Andy picks up the win over the impressive Hawk Thomas. 

Hunter James comes out and talks about how he is looking for an opportunity to prove himself in the historic Landmark Arena. He is answered by Landmark Heritage Champion Scott Mayson, who picks up a win in an impromptu Landmark Heritage title match 

KLT Report from Rome on Thanksgiving Night

From KLT Promotions: 

War Games on Thanksgiving night with attendance of 550. 

Roma Miller defeated Charlie Boozer by pinfall at 8:43. 

Plowboy is interviewed in ring about his injuries during the Roman Rumble. As he explains that he was never eliminated but suffered two broken ribs, the Peachtree mafia interrupts. They introduce Zach Mosleys new valet Candy Cannoli and all members berate Plowboy and say he is fragile. The Mafia then declared that after tonight’s WarGames victory they would takeover KLT and fire all the soft wrestlers and crooked referees. Mafia leaves as the fans chant KLT. 

Major Havock defeated Lee Andrews by pinfall at 7:06. 

Keith Arden and Luke Patterson defeated Cameron Cox and Zack Stevens at 9:12.

Texas Tornado Street Fight: Reality Check (Zero and Rudeboy) defeated The Hateriots (Aidan Wright and Joey Idol) by pinfall in 13:19. 

WarGames: If KLT wins Gravedigger is allowed to return. If Peachtree Mafia wins they gain ownership of KLT Promotions. (two men start in the cage and every 2 min a coin flip decides which team sends another member in, until all 4 members of each team are locked inside. Then WarGames begins!) Team KLT (Ricky Wiggins, Big Dog Bowser, John Bivins, and unknown masked participant called US Male) defeated The Peachtree Mafia (Zach Mosley, Wardaddy, Todd Zane, and SUV) by pinfall in 20:32 to reinstate Gravedigger Randy Tucker. The Peachtree Mafia plans to sue based on the claim that US Male looks exactly like Randy Tucker who was banned from the building per the contract.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Pro Wrestling Circuit in Morrow Rescheduled for December 19

From Larry Goodman:

The return of Pro Wrestling Circuit at the Face 2 Face training facility in Morrow is back on with a new date of Saturday, December 19. 

According to PWC promoter Tommy Pitts, his issues with Richard Borger of Face 2 Face have been ironed out. Pitts said he is free to book talent of his choosing. Randy Reno and Prince Kai are on the poster. Pitts has previously alleged that Borger did not want Reno or Kai on the show because they didn't pay their dues by helping to clean the facility on election day. 

The mask requirement, which was never in dispute, is stated on the new poster. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Platinum vs AEW Dark 11 24 20



The longest AEW Dark to date...2:45. 17 matches. WHEW. But there was a lot to talk about beyond a simple recap. Lots of teachable moments for sure!

The RobBrod Report #26

From Rob Brodhecker: 


 A look at the shows that are happening this week for Thanksgiving and the days following.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Georgia World Class Wrestling in Cornelia on Thanksgiving Night

From Larry Goodman:

Georgia World Class Wrestling presents Thanksgiving Star Wars at the Landmark Arena in Cornelia on Thanksgiving night with a bell time of 8 pm. GWCW Champion Bruce Worley defends his title against Damien Bennett and a tag team tournament will be held to crown the inaugural GWCW tag team champions. Advertised talent includes Jacob Ashworth, Skrilla, Northern Lights, Jerry Nelms, Hawk Thomas, Frat Party and Big Andy. Tickets are VIP $12, ringside $10 and general admission $8.

Platinum vs RAW 10 23 20



Stephen Platinum looks at a strange but (in parts) wonderful Raw.

Puerto Rican Wrestling News: RCW, Galli Lucha Libre with Mil Muertes, Bandolero and more

From Alfred Feliciano: 

Mexican Indy Luchadors: Bisonte and Kulkukan are not going to the RCW Thanksgiving weekend event due to their work Visa travel issues. In their place, former WWC Universal Champion, "El Fenomeno" BJ, who also held the now defunct WWL World Championship will be appearing at the event challenging "El mas Volao" Bolster Lopez for his RCW Puerto Rican Championship. The event is now being billed as "Guerra en el Caserio" (War In The Hood) from the Luis Muñoz Morales Residence Arena in Cayey.  Proceeds from merch and concessions  will go for Hector Santiago's medical and travel expenses. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

KLT Results from Rome on November 21

From KLT Promotions:

KLT Promotions Roman Rumble results from 2561 Shorter Ave in Rome with attendance of 425.

Demonmaster defeated Cameron Cox by pinfall in 9:43

Aidan Wright and Sean Sims fought to a double count out at 12:16. 

20 man Roman Rumble Match (Royal Rumble style match, a man enters every 2 minutes until the final 2 and the final 2 face off in a 30 minute iron man match) Entrants in order of appearance: 1. Plowboy 2. Cameron Cox 3. Aidan Wright 4. Major Havoc 5. Roma Miller 6. Zach Mosley 7. John Bivins 8. Joey Idol 9. Big Dog Bowser 10. Alister Crowe 11. Landon Hale 12. The Frat Daddy Bryce Cannon 13. Travis Recon 14. Zero 15. Eli Thompson 16. Big Sean Sims 17. Rude Boy 18. Lee Andrews 19. Demonmaster 20. SUV 

Final two of Roman Rumble at 43:51 are Zach Mosley and Big Dog Bowser.  30 min Ironman Match for the KLT Heavyweight Championship -- Zach Mosley defeated big Dog Bowser 3-2 at 1:14: 51 to win the KLT Heavyweight Championship. 

Mosley and The Peachtree Mafia celebrated the victory before offering Ricky Wiggins and Shawn Ambrose a 2.5 million dollar check for ownership of KLT. Wiggins declined and challenged the Peachtree Mafia to War Games on Thanksgiving. If Team KLT wins, "Grave Digger Randy Tucker is allowed to return to KLT. If Peachtree Mafia wins, they gain control of KLT. Peachtree Mafia accepted the challenge to end the show.

Tipping Point Preview

From Larry Goodman:

No show tomorrow night. Stephen Platinum and I are shooting for December 1 and December 8. We'll see what happens.  

In the meantime, check out a plethora or content at  The RobBrod Report, The Tapped Out Wrestling Podcast and Stephen Platinum's YouTube


Wrestling United Event Rescheduled to January 2

From Larry Goodman:

The Wrestling United event scheduled for Saturday, November 28 at the Heard County Parks and Rec Center in Franklin has been rescheduled for January 2 as a precautionary measure related to health concerns. 

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #86

From Stephen Platinum:


Stephen Platinum breaks down a relatively slow wrestling weekend by having a super cool unboxing and speaking on Greatness and various strange little wrestling stories happening that you may not have known about.

Southern Honor Wrestling Announces Title Tournament

From Larry Goodman:

Southern Honor Wrestling announced a unique one night 12 person tournament to crown a new SHW Champion will be held on December 11 at the Action Building in Canton. The tournament came into being due to the injury suffered by current SHW Champion Joe Black, who is relinquishing the title. 

The tournament format is as follows:

GM Gary Lamb will select six wrestlers and booker Dylan Frymyer will select six wrestlers, with one Lamb pick and one Frymyer pick being announced daily starting today.  

Lamb's picks will square off with Frymyer's picks in six singles matches. The winners will meet in a six man scramble to determined the new champion. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Platinum Pinfall 11 22 2020


Stephen Platinum covers three quick stories - the Triumph of Xavier Woods and how it makes the WWE look bad, Southern Honor's brilliant gamble, and the sad passing of Colt 45.

ProSouth #522 Report from November 20

From Larry Goodman:

ProSouth returned to action with show number 522 after an unscheduled two week break due to COVID issues. 

New storylines were unveiled in the aftermath of Wicked Havoc. The show was in the zone in terms of pacing and match lengths.

ProSouth is facing challenges related to turnover in their roster.

The Audio Problem reared its ugly ahead again this week. Not to dwell on a sore subject, but it’s limiting factor on the success of ProSouth’s Youtube and livestream of the show. 

Ring announcer James Hardy was hobbling around a crutch after being tossed off the ramp at Wicked Havoc and crying like a baby. 

All-Out Tournament winner Brandon Whatley got on the mic – couldn’t hear him. I gleaned he wanted his All-Out title shot now. 

Our broadcast team is Hardy and Faith Dorn. Wicked Nemesis and Shane Noles, who are in the running for announcer of the year, have disappeared without a mention. I’ve enjoyed Hardy’s commentary with Noles. Dorn was a nice compliment to Noah Howell as his broadcast partner. The two of them together will take some getting used to. They certainly let things breathe.

IWE Parade of Champions Report from Grovetown on November 21

Photo by Keith Andrews

From Charles Felder:

This was the best IWE show I've ever seen. It was very well booked and IWE that at one time was a promotion that was known for booking big talent dream matches that people across the state of Georgia wanted to see but had no storylines, were now wanting to prove themselves as they brought in many storylines to go along with the already amazing matches that were booked. Watch out Georgia independent wrestling promotions, IWE in Augusta Ga have something to prove and wants be placed in the running with the top dogs in the Atlanta Area.

Attendance at the Columbia County Fairgrounds was 147.

COVID 19 Precautions- By far the best i've seen from any promotion at a show. It was an outdoor show and fans brought their own chairs. Temperature checks for all fans and staff were done at the door. All the workers in the locker room had to bring a copy of a clear COVID 19 test showing Negative as well as questioned for no contact with anyone who tested positive in the last 14 days. Social distancing was mandated. Masks were mandatory and about 90% of fans wore them even when seated throughout the entire show. Hand Sanitation stations were throughout the venue. All referees wore masks during all matches. In between each match the refs were going around with a spray bottle and rag and cleaning the ropes and turnbuckle pads. At concessions all workers wore masks and gloves and were changing gloves between customers.

Match 1- AC Mack vs David Ali for #1 contender for the New Age Title

Referee for match was David Weakley Jr

Mack enters the ring and gets on the mic and does what Mack does best and that is talk smack to the fans then Ali music hits and interrupts Mack. Ali grabs mic from Mack and states that Mack has never beat him when it comes to a title match or even a #1 Contenders match. While Ali was talking Mack goes on the attack. They both go back and forth pretty evenly matched. The crowd is chanting for Ali showing he is the favorite. Ali gets Mack out of the ring and Ali dives out on top of Mack. Ali gets Mack back in the ring and continues on the attack but Mack turns it around trying to build momentum. Ali was just too much for Mack and Ali got Mack down. Ali goes to top rope for the flying elbow drop and gets the pin for the win earning the # 1 contender spot for the IWE New Age Title. Results- Ali wins via pinfall 10:55 to earn #1 contender for the IWE New Age Title

IWE Mayhem Champion  (Hardcore & Chaos Title) James Houston comes to the ring escorted by his manager Bob Keller. Keller gets on the mic criticizing the fans as they boo them in the ring. Keller says they challenge any man or men in the back to a fight for the title and that IWE has 10 mins to find them an opponent.

Match 2- Tyler Cullprett vs Hunter Young (c) for IWE New Age Title Championship

Referee for match was Danny Meade


Cullprett comes to ring with a very eerie entrance with his umbrella in hand. Hunter Young's music hits and the fans start cheering. It is known that Young is the hometown boy from Augusta Georgia. As Young gets up in the corner to show off for the fans Cullprett attacks him with the umbrella and gets Young down. When young finally gets up the bell rings to start the match. Young immediately goes on the attack but Cullprett shows why he is the fastest rising name in Georgia Independent Wrestling. Cullprett gains momentum and continues the attack and appears to be too much for Young to handle. Cullprett gets a series of 2 counts and Young starts to build a bit of momentum and hits Cullprett with a superplex from the top rope. Then young Goes for a frog splash from the top rope and misses. Young gets Cullprett back down and goes back up top for the frog splash again. He hits it, gets the pin and the win, retaining the IWE New Age Title. Results- Hunter Young wins via pinfall 8:56 to retain the IWE New Age Title


As Young is celebrating his victory David Ali comes out and gets on mic and asks Young what it is that the fans call him. Young says he is called The Wrestling Saint. Ali states that since Young is the Saint and he is the Savior that Young needs to let Ali save him and make him more than he has ever been. This is the first big storyline i have seen developing in IWE and this makes me want to see more.

Match 3- James Houston (c) vs Savannah Evans vs Brandon Parker IWE Meyhem Championship Match (Hardcore Title)

Referee for match was Luke Adams

James Houston comes to the ring with Bob Keller again. Keller takes the mic and says he gave them 10 minutes to find them an opponent. Savannah Evans music hits as she enters. Keller calls out to cut the music and says he said “ANY MAN.” Keller gives her credit for being one of the top female wrestlers around but she needs to be in the kitchen and not there trying to get a date with The Fabulous Playboy Bob Keller. Brandon Parker's music hits and he attacks Evans on the outside and enters the ring and goes on the attack on Houston. Evans gets in the ring and attacks Parker sending him to the outside and continues attack on Houston. Parker gets back in the ring before Evans sends him right back out. While on the outside Parker grabs a steel trash can and throws the lid in the ring and reaches in the can and pulls out a bag of legos. Houston goes on the attack but Parker gets back in and gets both opponents down. While Parker and Evans go back and forth Keller and Houston get a piece of plywood from under the ring and slide it in the ring. Houston gets in the ring and sets the plywood in the corner of the ring and gets in on the fight. Houston attempts to put Evans Through the plywood but Parker stops him and Parker and Evans pick up Houston and send him through the plywood. Evans and Parker start going back and forth attacking each other and take action to the outside and then Houston joins in on the action. Houston and Parker go back and forth and Evans grabs the bag of legos and dumps them on the concrete and grabs Houston slamming him down on the concrete floor on top of the legos. While Houston is down on the outside Evans and Parker go back and forth inside the ring and Evans gets Parker down and gets the pinfall for the win and the new IWE Meyhem Champion.  Results- Savannah Evans wins via pinfall 11:02 to be crowned the new IWE Meyhem Champion

Match 4- Logan Creed vs Alex Hammerstone in a Special Grudge Match

Referee of match was David Weakley Jr

Logan Creed enters first and then Alex Hammerstone's music hits. Hammerstone enters the ring and grabs the mic and looks at Creed and states that they had history together and that it's been some time since he has seen Creed. Hammerstone looks at Creed and says he forgot that they can stack shit that high and starts to talk bad about the state of Georgia and the wrestling fans in Georgia. Bell rings and both guys go back and forth in a show of pure power. Hammerstone gets Creed outside the ring and Hammerstone dives out to him. They exchange blows on the outside and Creed grabs Hammerstone and slams him on the apron. They continue exchanging blows and Hammerstone gets Creed down on the outside and gets in ring and orders the ref to count Creed out. The ref starts counting and Creed gets up and back in the ring on an 8 count. Hammerstone and Creed start exchanging hits and showing their power before Hammerstone gets the upper hand and gets Creed down. Fans start cheering loud for Creed as Hammerstone starts showing off. Stone goes up to the top rope and performs a drop kick to Creed and gets a 2 count. Creed tries to use his power to get Hammerstone but Hammerstone appears to be too much. Hammerstone goes up top again, Creed reverses and slams Hammerstone from the top rope. They exchange blows some more and Creed gets the upper hand and Screams this is my house and lifts Hammerstone for the slam and the pinfall. This was everything you would expect from 2 powerhouse hosses putting on a pure display of raw power. Results- Creed wins via pinfall 12:32 

Josh Magnum music hits and he enters the ring and gets the mic. He says he hears there is a steel cage match for the vacated IWE Heavyweight Championship and says he figures he is the best man suited for the title match not Billy Brash or Sean Legacy. Tim Blackmon IWE Owner enters the ring and says Magnum is nothing anymore and he is just washed up old talent . Blackmon tells Magnum the top 2 guys are in the match tonight for the championship and it's best if Magnum just rolls on down the road and Magnum leaves to the fans singing Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye.

Blackmon then addresses the IWE fans and says he has received a text message from The Metro Brothers and they have said that they will not show because they felt disrespected by the fans at the last show. Blackmon then states that he booked and promoted a IWE Tag Team Championship match and since the current champions decided not to show and The Ugly Ducklings were there for a Tag Team Championship match then the fans were still going to get a Tag Team Championship match. The Ugly Ducklings music hits and the Ducks Coach Mikey and Rob Killjoy make their way to the ring to a loud roar and a lot of Quacks from the fans.

Match 5- The Ugly Ducklings (Coach Mikey and Rob Killjoy) vs High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady and in Willy D absence John Matthews)

Referee for the match was Luke Adams

Bell rings and Killjoy goes on the attack on Matthews. Both guys go back and forth exchanging moves on an amazing display. McGrady gets the tag and gets in the ring and calls for the big guy Coach Mikey. The fans go crazy wanting Coach Mikey to get in the ring and he gets a tag from Killjoy and starts to flex his big beautiful body while rubbing his belly. The fans love it. Mikey and McGrady lock up and McGrady tries lifting Mikey. With a puzzled look on his face Mikey throws McGrady across the ring. Mcgrady gets up and tries to over powerMikey again and Mikey grabs him by the arm and starts to spin him around. They spun around like 4 times each time Mcgrady spun around he attempted to tag his partner in and kept missing. Finally McGrady gets the tag and Matthews gets in only to have Mcgrady thrown into him as they collide in their own corner. Killjoy tags himself in while Mikey is dizzy and he runs to attack both members of High Profile but gets cut short as both members attack Killjoy. The fans start chanting for the Ducks but High Profile keeps the advantage. High Profile displays great tag team skill by trading tags to keep Killjoy down and the fresh member in and keeping the big guy Coach Mikey out of action. Killjoy reverses a move and gets a leaping tag into Coach Mikey. Mikey enters attacking both men putting his size on display. Mikey goes for a pin on Matthews and gets stopped at 2 when McGrady gives him a kick to the face. Killjoy jumps in ring and both teams take turns exchanging blows but Mikey size is too much for them and he scoops up each member of High Profile and slams them down then he gets the cover and the pinfall to win the match and get named the new IWE Tag Team Champions. They begin pretending to be putting invisible belts on each other and of course Mikey's belt was too small. Results- The Ugly Duckling win via pinfall 20:02 and are the new IWE Tag Team Champions

Intermission while ring crew sets up steel cage for the Main Event. Fans continue to move around the venue all wearing masks during intermission and social distance is maintained during intermission at concessions and at talent merch tables.

Match 6- Sean Legacy vs Billy Brash steel cage match for the vacated IWE Heavyweight Championship vacated by Slim J due to retirement.

Referees for match are Danny Meade inside the ring and David Weakly Jr at the door of the cage

The crowd immediately started the Legacy chants. The bell rings and both guys lock up and put on an equal display of power before breaking the lock.They exchange blows back and forth before Brash gets Legacy down and stays on the attack Legacy trys what he can to build momentum but Brash maintains the upperhand.Legacy reverses a hold and goes on the attack. Legacy attempts to climb the cage and escape but he is cut short and brash pulls him down groin first on the corner buckle. Brash continues the attack and attempts to climb the cage to exit and Legacy stops him throwing him in the ring. Legacy goes on a run throwing Brash against the cage hitting all 4 sides of the ring. Legacy goes up to top rope and jumps off landing a cutter to brash mid ring. Legacy gets up and calls for Weakley to open the door. As Legacy goes to climb out the door Josh Magnum runs out from the back and grabs the door to the steel cage and closes it hard slamming into the head of Legacy. Legacy falls in the ring and Brash gets up and puts Legacy in a submission move and the ref calls for the bell because Legacy was unresponsive. Giving Brash the win and crowned the new IWE Heavyweight Champion.

Result- Billy Brash win due to stoppage by referee for Legacy being unresponsive 11:46

While Legacy is down in the middle of the ring and Brash is making his exit Magnum climbs to the top of the cage and does a frog splash from the top of the steel cage on the already unresponsive Legacy. The refs help Legacy as Magnum exits the ring with a grin of pleasure on his face for the destruction he caused.

Notables in attendance- Former ECW Wrestler Chris Hamrick, “The Gifted One” Yahya, Montana Black, Suplexes & Microphones Podcast hosts Joseph Brown and Nate Pritchard, SHW Commentator Brandon Benefield, and Actor Chris Marks

Ring Announcer- David Garrick

Videography- Keith Andrews and Tyrel McCain with the Outsiders 1K

National Anthem sang by- Paige Blackmon

Saturday, November 21, 2020

PList #24 Top Ten Wrestlers in Georgia

From Stephen Platinum: 


Stephen Platinum takes a look at the top ten wrestlers in Georgia...always controversial, always inspires a conversation...and always correct? You be the judge of THAT.

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from Royston on November 20


From APW:

Results from the Royston Gym with atendance of 73.  Kyle Phillips pinned Hoss Michaels; Dynamic Dexter beat Don E;.Jon Hogan pinned Stevie Ray Frost; James Boulevard beat Brandon Bates; Billy Starr & Stryknyn defeated Southern States Champion Jaxon Carter & North Georgia Champ Caleb Crocker.

Puerto Rican Wrestling News: Raeven Marie, Angel Fashion, Controversial Inc, Vertigo Rivera and more

From Alfred Feliciano:

With WWE Survivor Series just around the corner in Orlando, top Puerto Rican wrestling stars are still making noise throughout the Sunshine State. "The Soul Reaver" Raeven Marie, who still holds both CWA and CWS Women's Championships, became the new Knockout Wrestling Women's World Champion by defeating former champion Eliza Haze in a Puerto Rican Street Fight at "The Night of Extreme 3" on Novemer 14 in Leesburg. On November 17 at Pro Wrestling 2.0's Thanksgiving event, Gobble Squabble, Marie faced off against the promotion's women's champion Gia Roman for the title. Raeven also appeared at an independent wrestling event sponsored by FITE TV last night in Orlando along with Simon Gotch, Afa, Jr. (former WWC World Tag Team Champion Manu), Jesus Rodriguez (former WWC Puerto Rican Champion), Sonny Onno and former MMA fighter Stephen Bonnar. 

 Here is a video of match from two weeks ago when Raeven Marie was a part of the WXW Women's Battle Royal.

Friday, November 20, 2020

ProSouth Wrestling in Piedmont Tonight

From ProSouth Wrestling:

ProSouth Wrestling returns tonight after a 2-week absence. The event will be live-streamed on their Youtube Channel at 8:30 pm Eastern. Fallout from Southern Honor Wrestling; Youtube Championship Robi Vio vs Roma Miller; All-Out Championship Cameron Keast vs Brandon Whatley; Reynolds vs Dameon Ceretone; Chris Crunk returns to challenge Trever Aeon and more.

The livestream starts at 8:30 Eastern. 



Thursday, November 19, 2020

But Wait, There's More #14, Follow to FD 85


Stephen Platinum follows up with the Face2Face/Pro Wrestling Circuit mess, looks at the show that's trying to charge an extra buck so you can go without a mask, looks at the improving promoting from Heritage Championship Wrestling and says a few words about Sylvano Sousa, a really great guy and most assuredly one of the boys.

Renegade Championship Wrestling in Chatsworth on November 21

From RCW:

Renegade Championship Wrestling returns to action at 806 N Second Ave in Chatsworth on Saturday, November 21 with a bell time of 8 pm.

-RCW Heavyweight Championship Match: CJ Holloway vs Dino Dupree vs Landon Priest!!
CJ was asked by Commissioner Josh Jones to hand pick his next opponent after finally getting through Priest for good (or so he thought), He chose a man who has never had a title shot in his entire 15 years at RCW, Dino Dupree! Priest then quickly used his rematch clause and was added to the match, who walks out as the champion!?
-RCW No Limits Championship:
Dorian Crowe (c) vs Johnny Viper!!
Viper defeated Torque at our last event to become the #1 contender. 2020 has been ups and downs for Viper and all positive for Dorian. Dorian has been the Champion for 3 months and Viper has lost it all in the last 3 months. Viper now says he has a new prophecy (to hold all the gold on his own), Can Dorian hold off the ‘World’s Greatest Athlete’ or will we get another reign of terror?!
-Tag Team Match: Ganz n Lightning vs The Good Ole Boys!!
As we know, Beauty and the Beast are the actual tag team champions. Although, Ganz n Lightning have been stealing the championships every chance they get. Will the self proclaimed ‘champions’ be focused enough when they go against one of the top teams in Georgia: Shaggy and Cletus!
-Torque vs Tyler Sutton!!
Torque made his return to RCW at the anniversary show with a winning effort. Since then has been winning matches and becoming a fan favorite at RCW once more. Deon Mercer took offense to this (claimed that Torque was there to steal the spotlight and his spot), come to find out so did Sutton (we haven’t heard his reasoning, but it seems like he was the one who planted the seed in Deon’s mind) Sutton has intentionally screwed torque out of wins and now... must face Torque one on one!
-Deon Mercer, Ethan Cage, and more in action!
Ages 11 & UP: $10!
Ages 5-10: $5!
Ages 4 & UNDER: FREE!


Platinum vs AEW Dynamite 11 18 20



A show that advanced and started any number of angles and mysteries to be solved. That's for SURE.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Platinum vs AEW Dark 11 17 20



A new intro and a ton of women's match on this week's AEW Dark!

Photo of the Day


From Larry Goodman:

Jeff G. Bailey posted as follows:

I didn’t just get to enjoy the finest Death Match Wrestling in the world on my trip to Florida. I also got to visit with my oldest friend & his enormous “Bam Bam’” sized 18 month old son. We all had a great breakfast at KeKe’s & it was amazing. Huge thumbs up to KeKe’s. 
As you can see in the pictures, the child was first mesmerized by my ring before raking my eyes & heel kicking me in the groin, and then eventually, peacefully relaxing & drifting off in my arms. 
As my friend Steve said on sight, “That kid is a winner.”
I certainly could not agree more.
Stayed at the Hilton Homewood Suites in Port Richey Sat. Night before the interminable drive back to Georgia that ended my blood soaked vacation. Look forward to doing it all again, hopefully soon.


Heritage Championship Wrestling in Cornelia on December 11


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Platinum vs. Raw 11 16 20


A better-than-its-been Raw, and a pretty good go home show with a big moment you've doubtlessly heard about.

Get Your Own Custom Action Figure Here

From JT Talent: 


Calling All Wrestlers and Wrestling Fans!

Have you ever dreamed of having your face on an action figure?  Have you ever wished you could surprise someone with a customized gift of their face on an action figure? 

Figure of Your Imagination can now make that dream a reality!  At Figure of Your Imagination, we are able to capture your face and create the customized action figure you thought was once impossible!  This week, we are opening up shop for Christmas orders. If you are interested in a figure for yourself or for someone else, we would love to meet with you!  Due to the demand of these figures, we are limiting the orders to 15 so we can make sure and have all orders complete by Christmas.  A waiting list will be created should additional figures be requested after we reach 15.  The face of the figure must be present to get scanned. In order to expedite the process, we are taking reservations for imaging and photos. 

To RESERVE YOUR SPOT, emailfigureofyourimagination@gmail.com.  We have multiple price levels available so let us know what you have in mind for your order!  Please check us out on Instagram and double tap your favorite figure as we are posting photos and videos each week!  https://www.instagram.com/figureofyourimagination/

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #85


Stephen Platinum goes in guns blazing on the controversies about COVID in his commentary, and takes a look at the dramas that have manifested in the last few days on what was a huge weekend in Georgia AND Florida wrestling!

Intense Wrestling Entertainment in Augusta on November 21

From Charles Felder:


Parade of Champions II 

November 21st 2020 

Columbia County Fairgrounds 

5462 Columbia Rd, Grovetown Ga 30813 

Sean Legacy vs Billy Brash in a Steel Cage Match for the vacated due to Slim J's retirement) IWE Championship 

Metro Brother vs The Ugly Ducklings for the IWE Tag Team Championship 

MLW Superstar Alex Hammerstone goes 1 on 1 against Logan Creed 

Rising Star Tyler Cullprett vs Hunter Young for the IWE New Age Title 

Brooklyn Creed vs Savannah Evans Winner will get a title shot against Dani Jordyn for the IWE Women's Championship in January 

AC Mack vs David Ali 


Doors open - 6 PM Bell time - 7 PM 

Ticket InfoPreorder GA - $10 At the door - $13 Family 4 Pack available for - $30 Advanced tickets available at IWEONLINETIX.TICKETLEAP.COM/PARADE-OF-CHAMPIONS-2 

COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS This is an outdoor show under a roof. Social Distancing will be enforced. Bring your own chairs. Temperature checks will be conducted at the door for EVERYONE. MASKS ARE REQUIRED. Hand sanitizer stations will be throughout the venue.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Pro Wrestling Circuit Cancels December 4 Show in Morrow

From Larry Goodman:

The return of Pro Wrestling Circuit on December 4 at the Face 2 Face school in Morrow is off.  PWC promoter Tommy Pitts. and F2F owner Richard Borger had a parting of the way as to the terms of their agreement.

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on November 14

From Anarchy Wrestling:

The belief of purgatory dates back many centuries and has a wide range of meanings and beliefs. Some believe it is a postmortem suffering short of everlasting damnation. Others believe it describes a place or condition of temporary suffering or torment.

210 souls gathered together in The Landmark Arena to witness Purgatory, the last stop on the Highway to Hardcore Hell.

The night began with the appearance of Matthew Hankins and Brian Blaze. Hankins had a lot to crow about as had recently secured the services of Logan Creed and perhaps just as important, Shane Marx was still the reigning Anarchy Heavyweight Champion. Hankins then dropped a bombshell. It appears that the #1 contender to the Anarchy Heavyweight Championship, Billy Buck, had suffered an injury to his knee and would not only be out of the main event of this night’s card, he was also out of any championship match consideration at Hardcore Hell. Hankins was praising the success of The Undeniable and claiming that if it wasn’t for them there would be no Anarchy, when Adrian Hawkins appeared on the big screen. He made a challenge to The Undeniable at Hardcore Hell. 

Deathmatch Wrestling Is the Last Pro Wrestling Left to Us

From Stephen Platinum: 


Roland Barthes’ Seminal Take on Pro Wrestling, “The World of Wrestling” Takes a Bundle of Light Tubes to the Skull.  Then the Jagged, Threatening and Hungry End of a Broken Light Tube Gets Pressed Into Its Forehead As It Screams 

The moment that John Wayne Murdoch took the top half of a broken door – or was it the bottom half? – and struck Alex Ocean’s head as hard as he could with me standing a mere two or three porn dicks away I knew I fucked up.

It wasn’t just that the many aggressive strikes to Alex Ocean’s head with Death’s Door accordioned the neck of the young and tattooed Ocean that put the reptilian portion of my brain into a debate on whether I would cock my internal gun for a fight or flee with two words “away” and “faster” pressing against the back of my very open eyes, urging me towards escape.   It wasn’t just the shot from Murdoch that tore a pussy in the back of Alex’s head creating a venti-sized spill of blood that quickly coated the back of his head…and right ear and a multitude of summoned streaming lines of angry army ants marching lines on his face, across the continents of ink throughout his skin and down to his boots. The blood pooled, it spattered, it collected like an urgent warning on the floor.  What blood lived on the floor near me was cleaned up.  After each battle in the 81Bay Brewing Company whether it was Eric Ryan defeating the very game Jimmy Lloyd, Dominic Garrini managing to put down the crowd-baiting Eddy Only, Justin Kyle winning a fight with Bruce Santee which featured these two men -  MEN’S men kind of men, waylaying one another with strikes that invoke then surpass the term “strong style,” to Akira and Nolan Edward managing to have my favorite match on the card, featuring some pretty great wrestling in addition to falling off of the top of the caged ring after an exchange of strikes while straddling the fence and going through an ICW “table” which I called anything where something flat was placed on something to elevate at least one side enough to create a crunch, a splintering, a visual break in the something flat and the subsequent effect to the victim.  And after each match, the blood was cleaned up somewhat and the ring made clean.  We are in the age of COVID after all.  The call repeatedly for people to mask up was a big a surprise at the relentless and shockingly varied action. 
There was Atticus Cogar defeating Reed Bentley in my new favorite match of the card until John Wayne Murdoch demolished Alex Ocean.  And until SHLAK, the force of unNATURal who does not look or seem like ANYONE else massacring Neil Diamond Cutter.  You read that name right.  You read them both correctly.  
That all happened at the brewery.  
But that limited description, flowery language aside, doesn’t encompass a damn thing.  What I witnessed caused a revelation within me.  More accurately, a Japanese expression of “satori” – badly translated as “sudden enlightenment.”  That satori can be summed up as follows: Deathmatch wrestling IS wrestling.  And it is the epitome of pro wrestling, boiled down and risen up to wrestling’s most basic elements over-emphasized, which is what wrestling used to do with pride – overdo it, manipulate your emotions to cause connection and garner the right kind of energy to enhance, endear, repulse and free the fan of boredom and from resources.