Saturday, January 28, 2023

PCW Animal House Rulz 3 -- Covington on January 27

Photos by Alona Cajuste
From Larry Goodman:

From Stephen Platinum through Matt Hankins and now to Brian Blaze, the uniquely wacky spirit that infuses a night at Platinum Champion Wrestling lives on. 

A Confetti Warfare Match, a chaotic no rules six-man scramble match and a wrestler with narcolepsy were all featured on the card.

Skrilla The Great added to his belt collection by capturing the Dealer's Choice Championship in in aforementioned scramble match. Skrilla now holds four titles: IWE Mayhem, KLT Championship, NGW Championship and the Dealer's Choice.

Not all PCW shows have great wrestling. This one did -- the first ever match between Najasism and Joe Black was tremendous. 

Attendance at the luxurious PCW Palace was 70. 

I had the pleasure of taking in a show with RobBrod. It's not often we are at the same event. Rob will have PCW report as well as one on the Georgia Elite show tonight in Austell. 

Friday, January 27, 2023

ACTION Wrestling Lords of Chaos-- January 20

From Larry Goodman:

ACTION Wrestling kicked off their 2023 with a buzzworthy show in Lords of Chaos, one that fully lived up to the name.

Adam Priest defeated Anthony Henry in a no ropes, no DQ match to become ACTION Wrestling Champion for the second time and avenge two consecutive losses to Henry.

The match had  one of the most extreme finishes ever in Tyrone. Priest put Henry through a ringside table with an Alabama Jam launched from near the top of a 12 foot ladder.

Priest and Henry have now met four times in singles matches. Every one of those of matches has been beyond great. Their match at Lords of Chaos was the most high profile match in Georgia this month and received national play (see article from The Ringer)

Culture Inc defeated inaugural ACTION Tag Team Champions The Skulk in a semi-main that received a standing ovation. The win set up a third title match versus the current title holders, Violence Is Forever on March 10. 

The Roger Spencer Community Center was packed with the largest crowd in ACTION history, which had to be in the neighborhood of 350. This crowd was on fire all night long. The electricity in the building came through

One of ACTION's strong suits is how they nail match times. They almost never let a match go too long for the story being told. The running time of Lords of Chaos was 2 hours and 15 minutes (minus intermission). No match on the undercard went over 10 minutes.

The show streamed live on IWTV with Dylan Hales and Mose (Johnny Moseley) on commentary. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

UWF Ultimate Roulette Round One -- Colbert on January 22

From UWF (with some added commentary by RobBrod):

A multi-show scenario where the losers will advance to either get a title shot or fired from UWF on the March 5th show. The winners of the first round will have have a Fatal 4-way match on the Feb. show to get a title shot at the March 5th show.

First round results: Curtis Coleman over Jaden Vain. Jacob Ashworth over Austin Thorne. Grappler # 1 over Luka Daniels. Marcus Adams over Alex Kytel. Those winners face off in Fatal four-way match at the next show on February 5. 

The losers will advance to the next round, also on February 5: Adams vs. Kytel and Vain vs. Daniels.

In other matches:

SFCW Draw the Line - Monroe on January 21

Photo by Harley Kae
From RobBrod:

Boys and Girls Club, Monroe, Ga.

Early start time tonight, I came in right after the National Anthem played. Right at 200 +/-

The Grapplers come out with manager Xander Seabolt to issue an apology to Jaden Vain for the fireball to the face that Vain took at the last show. Half hearted at best. Mic problems, Stryk Nyn sneaks in from behind when they switch out mics. Stryk gets some shots in, but gets hit in the head with a belt. Alex Kytel rushes the ring, he gets some shots in, but Seabolt hits him in the ribs with the tennis racket. Beat down commences until, the ref squad and Bill Behrens run to the ring. Behrens orders them to stop or they’re fired. They do so, but the damage is done: Stryk is able to walk unassisted but Kytel needs help to the back.

Behrens in the ring and brings out Todd Sexton. Sexton is wearing a “Terry ain’t wearing no damn mouthpiece” Tshirt. Memoriam for Jamin Pugh, aka Jay Briscoe, who died last week and his two daughters who were severely injured. Several stories told. Sexton brings out the locker room for a 10 gun-shot salute. Tonight’s show is dedicated to Jay Briscoe.

Rick Richards is your ring announcer. The referees are Dee Byers, David Weakley, Brandon Todd, and Jynnyfyr Wynns. Adam Vance is handling the video commentary duties.

Tipping Point Preview

From Larry Goodman: 

-- William Huckaby will be the special guest of hosts Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman.

-- An interiew with Eric Adamz on the Deep South/KLT alliance and the Chicago screw job - Gorgeous George vs. Don Eagle

-- Thoughts on the GWH Awards and Gala including interviews with  award winners Crystal Rose and Darryl Hall

The show goes live at 7pm.

Tipping Point for January 24

Monday, January 23, 2023

Nick Halen On GWH Award Honors

From Nick Halen: 

 Wrestler Of The Year

 Technical Wrestler Of The Year 

 Match Of The Year 

First, I’d like to thank everyone who ever doubted me, my skills, or that thought just being a good hand didn’t mean anything in this business. 

 We all have a job to do. 

My passion for this business is hard for me to put into words. Professional Wrestling is my mistress. It’s the only thing I’ve ever considered myself to be good at. 

Sunday, January 22, 2023

TWE Results -- Red Bank on January 21

From Scott Hensley:

Attendance at the TWE Arena was 200+, standing room only.

1) Derek Neal d. Jaden Newman by pinfall after cheapshotting him in the throat to retain the TWE Championship in about 39 minutes. One of the best matches to ever take place in that building in front of one of the biggest crowds in it! When it hits IWTV, go check it out. 

2) Sean Campbell d. Erron Wade by pinfall TWE Tag Team Champion Erron Wade dominated in this match up between fan favorites until Campbell inadvertently hit Wade low as Wade attempted to jump over him. Campbell seized the opportunity and put Wade away for the win. 

The Perseverance Award

From Alison Miller:

I attended my first live pro wrestling show four years ago. I didn’t know anything but it wasn’t long before I was yelling the name of someone I’d never heard of with a force I barely recognized. Since then I’ve made it my business to examine the layers of this curious industry and as a writer, bring stories to a national audience full of naysayers. 

Naturally, I had questions about GWH’s first-ever Wrestling Award Show & Gala. What would it look like? What would people wear? Was booze included? I arrived to more questions. How many bottles of bleach had Exotic Youth used on their hair the night before? How many outfits would Matt Hankins wear? (Final tally: three) Would Crystal Rose keep those heels on all night (not a chance). 

Within seconds of walking in the door I nicknamed it Wrestling Prom. By the end, I knew it represented so much more. It’s not the piledrivers and powerbombs and enzuigiris that draw me into this world. It’s the people. 

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Adam Priest Makes ACTION Wrestling History

From Larry Goodman:

Adam Priest defeated Anthony Henry in an incredible main event last night in Tyrone to become ACTION's first ever two-time champion. 

Every match in their series has been fantastic and this one -- no ropes, no DQ -- topped them all.  

Full story to follow. 

They Only Remember the Finish


From James Caleb Kitchens: 

(Editor's note -- article submitted prior the awards show)

No, hell has not frozen over, that was in 2021. 

I attended the recent IWE event "Intensity" and it got me thinking about the titular Vince line "They only remember the finish." While the undercard did not impress me nearly as much as it did Larry (check out his report), the main event was spectacular storytelling the likes of which I probably haven't witnessed since the famous Rhodes brothers bout from 2019. 

While every booker's goal should be a card of variety with highs and lows, culminating in an epic crescendo to end the evening, even the greatest wrestling companies on the planet cannot pull this off night after night. However, I think the worst thing a company can do is have people waiting on the edges of their seats to leave. If a cookout tray is the number one thing on their mind as they exit your venue, that customer is not going to be anxiously waiting to purchase a ticket to your next event. 

You have to nail the main event, and nailed it.  IWE did. This also got me thinking about something and here's a fact: The two biggest draws of the last 10 (it's honestly closer to 15) years in the CSRA are as follows: 

GWH Wrestler of the Year AC Mack Speaks


2022 GWH Award Winners

From Larry Goodman:

As announced last night at the Georgia Wrestling History Awards Show and Gala in Canton. 

It was quite a night at the Action Building. So many special moments.

Photos and video highlights from the event are being posted on the GWH Awards Show and Gala Facebook page

Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you to all the presenters. 

A special thank you to Najasism -- without his vision and an incredible amount of hard work, the live awards show, the first of its kind, could not have taken place.

See the complete list of winners and runners up  below.

IWE Wins Big in 2022 GWH Awards

From Charles Felder: 

Congrats to IWE on Georgia Wrestling History Promotion of the Year, congrats to Timothy Blackmon on Promoter of the Year, congrats to Exotic Youth on Tag Team of the Year, congrats to Tyreke Robinson on Manager of the Year, congrats to Diana Michel on Ring Announcer of the Year, congrats to White Mike, Mikey Gulino and Rob Killjoy on Feud of the Year, congrats to Carlie Bravo for Most Improved of the Year, congrats to Wrestler of the Year AC Mack. IWE NOW HAS EARNED THEIR SEAT AND IS SITTING AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

ACTION Champion Anthony Henry vs. Adam Priest -- Friday Night in Tyrone


Puerto Rican and Lucha Libre News: Legion Nueva Era Argentina, Mucha Lucha Atlanta News and More

From Alfred Feliciano: 

This edition is dedicated to the memories of wrestlers who have just passed away: Mexican lucha legend Black Warrior, Ring of Honor star Jay Briscoe and Rickyn Sanchez, who has been a huge part of WWC Puerto Rico's from their beginnings in 1973 as well as in their years as a member of the NWA until 1984. Sanchez was the Gordon Solie of Puerto Rican Wrestling. On behalf of everyone here in Georgia Wrestling History, I send out our condolences to their families. Here is a video from the now late Rickyn Snachez as he talked about the match between Invader #1 and the late Ox Baker just months before WWC's 10th Anniversary Show in 1983.


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

ProSouth F**k It 3D - Friday the 13th

From Larry Goodman:

This was an important show for ProSouth Wrestling. 

Two weeks into the year with owner Ace Haven about to undergo surgery, business has picked up. 

In what is destined to be one of ProSouth's best matches of the year, Brandon Whatley defeated Joe Black in a no holds barred main event to take the rubber match between them. 

Dameon Ceretone defeated Marcus Eriks to capture the ProSouth Championship for the fourth time in his career;

The stage has been set. 

If you think ProSouth is lacking in the ring, matches 1 and 5 told a different story. 

A livestream of indy southern wrestling every Friday night at 8:30 is undervalued IMO, but I'm a tiny bit biased. I bleed ProSouth blue. 

And what to make of an Ugly Ducklings sighting in Piedmont? 

Wicked Nemesis and Mathias Darkthorne on the commentary and in rare form. Referees were Lewis Santiago and Cowboy Troy.

Unified All Out Champion Aaron Dallas was out to open the show with Santiago and ring announcer James Hardy 3D glasses.

Dallas said scheduled opponent Sal Rinauro couldn't make it but he felt like defending the championship. Out came White Mike. WTF? 

Mike got on the mic and gave his stream of consciousness free reign. Out came Rob Killjoy and Brother Azriel. Dallas said he was fine with defending the title against all of them.

The RobBrod Report 01 21 23

 From Rob Brodhecker:

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Down Home Championship Wrestling --- LaGrange on January 14

From Rob Brodhecker:

Tommy’s Auction Barn, LaGrange, Ga.

 My tour of promotions that I haven’t been to in Georgia comes to the home of Down Home Championship Wrestling in LaGrange, Georgia. This is different. As seen in the pictures, this building has a low, slanted roof, necessitating the use of a low ring set up. I’m sure you could do some moves off the top rope and turnbuckles, but you would have to be extremely careful if you do so.

The building itself is packed out, with at least 120 people in here when I’m writing this at 7:50 and more coming as this is a free and open to the public show. They have a decent concession area with the typical fare plus some ice cream products.

Gad help me, someone has a bull horn.

I’m probably not familiar with a majority of the talent here, I basically came to see AJ Black and Jaden Vain. DHCW run on the second Saturday of every month and can be found on Facebook as: The one and only Down Home Championship Wrestling.

The Ring Announcer Tommy McCann opens the show, starting off with a prayer and the National Anthem. Ref Jacob Howard had a stroke last month but is recovered. Jordan Laster is the other referee.

PCW's Homecoming -- Covington on January 13

From Rob Brodhecker:

What-A-Deal Building, Covington, Ga

This is the second Homecoming show that PCW has held (that I know of anyway), where they welcome back former talent to the promotion for stroll (and sometimes a skip) down memory lane

70+ in the house.

Hardly had a chance to sit down and this happens.

Deon Summerz was working his merch table, Tyrell spots him and starts mouthing off and then flips the table over and they start fighting. The refs come out to try to separate them. Cuatro Cabezas comes out and since he’s in charge while PCW Head Muckity-muck Matt Hankins isn’t here, makes them fight in a match.

Monday, January 16, 2023

WrestleMerica Under New Ownership

From Larry Goodman:

Bob Smith, WrestleMerica's long time head of production, is the new owner of the company. 

The sale was announced at Saturday night's show in Forsyth. 

The ownership change is organic. Former owner Dennis Gale has been in poor health. Smith is a key guy -- WrestleMerica's one man production team, in synch with Gale's old school ways. 

Former booker Ben Masters will be at the February show in his role as announcer/authority figure.

Quick Battleslam Report -- Atlanta on January 15

From Larry Goodman:

Battleslam Dream happened at a cozy new venue, the Dawn Event Center just outside the perimeter on Hollowell Parkway. Attendance was 80 with many more new faces in the crowd than familiar faces from the Morrow shows. 

The Dawn Event Center is done up for parties and receptions. Alcohol was sold. Lighting and sound were excellent. The one obvious negative was the limit on top rope activity due to the ceiling drape panels hung from the chandelier. 

Two late decisions are shrouded in mystery -- The venue wasn't announced until four days before the show, the main event was revealed just 48 hours before bell time. 

There was a focus on telling stories vs. just having great matches, not to say this show didn't have them.

Several wrestlers on the show (MIke Bailey, Jonathan Gresham, Ashley D'Amboise and Kevin Knight) worked the Impact taping Saturday night. 

The show was taped for later release on FITE TV with Gerard Bonner as the solo commentator.

Jabiari McIntyre will have a full report on the show. 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Southern Violence & Wrestling -- Gainesville on January 14

From SVW:

SVW made their debut at Liquid Nation Brewing in Gainesville, GA on Saturday Jan 14th and what a debut it was. SVW was greeted with 197 fans that weren’t going to go quiet into the night. The energy from the crowd fed every single talent on the card on what was one of SVW’S greatest nights in their 8 years as a company. 

 -Trever Aeon and Eric Silva defended The GIPW Tag Titles successfully against two WWA4 trainees (AWOL and A-Town). Aeon and Silva shined as always and brought the fight against the two youngsters. Props to AWOL and A-Town though, two bright futures if they keep working hard. 

IWE Intensity - Augusta on January 14

From Larry Goodman:

The Ugly Ducklings live on in Augusta. 

Coach Mikey defeated White Mike in the cataclysmic finale of Mike's war with the Ducklings, thus securing the Ducklings' future in IWE.

Matches this compelling, this rich with emotion come around once in a blue moon.  Rarely have a seen a wrestling crowd stay as loud for as long as the IWE fans did for this match.

But that wasn't all folks. IWE has new tag team champions. A new Mayhem Champion was crowned. The changes that had to be made to the card actually improved it.

Depending on your tastes, Intensity was possibly better than King of Controversy, which  received a GWH show of  the year nomination. 

IWE has incredibly deep roster that draws upon talent from multiple states. Promoter/booker Tim Blackmon  has a core of talent but keeps things fresh by bringing in new people and filtering wrestlers in and out from show-to-show.

Intensity drew the largest crowd in the history of the company, standing room only, 321 paid at American Legion Post 63.

Almost 10,000 unique viewers checked out the livestream of the show on IWE's Tik Tok page.

Georgia Wrestling Promoter Has Overwhelming Success With Fight League Debut

Photos by Ashley Ingraham

From Duke Ingraham:

Three time Georgia wrestling promoter of the year Gary Lamb has never been one to shy away from new business ventures. So when the opportunity came along to start a fight league in Canton the idea seemed like a no brainier for Lamb. However the idea didn’t come without criticism as many questioned if it was even possible to run a fight league outside the perimeter of Atlanta, much less by someone with zero experience in the fight game. Despite the backlash, ELEV8 Fight League was born. 

Lamb, like he tends to do, converted that criticism into fuel and punched all the critics in the mouth on Saturday night.  Using a similar set up to Southern Honor Wrestling with all the production included, over 900 fight fans were treated to an experience that according to one fighter “sets the bar” for how a show should look and feel.  

GWH Awards Show & Gala -- Canton on January 20

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

This Week's Upcoming Shows in Georgia

 Georgia shows for Jan 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th.

Tipping Point Preview

From GWH News:

Krule -  ICW deathmatch sensation, formerly under contract to MLW, a former IWTV World Champion and a two-time GWH Wrestler of the Year nominated for number three.  

Ace Haven of ProSouth Wrestling -- nothing major, he' just facing surgery that could determine his future as a pro wrestler.  

And there's this awards thing happening on the 20th. 

Hosted by Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman. The show goes live at 7 pm. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Duke's SHW 46 Report -- Canton on January 6

Photos by Ashley Ingraham
From Duke Ingraham:

Redemption: The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil. 

Everything was on the line this past Friday night in Canton. The future of Southern Honor Wrestling was hanging in the balance. For months General Manager Gary Lamb’s promotion had been held hostage by booker Brooklyn Creed, but tonight once and for all full control of the company would finally belong to someone. The stage was set, Brooklyn along with SHW tag team champions and fellow Dis-honor members Happy Madness would try to take over control once and for all in a match against Gary Lamb himself, SHW champion Gunner Miller, and a mystery partner not currently on the SHW roster. It all came down to this one match to decide it all. 

 The 434 rowdy fans had many questions when walking through the door. Would Gary be able to hold his own in the ring? Who did Gary handpick to be his partner? And most importantly would Gary Lamb be able to finally redeem his company and lead them into 2023? Or will Brooklyn and Dis-honor once and for all have full control of Southern Honor so they can burn it to the ground once and for all? 

 The show started just as any other Southern Honor show would. DJ Tonik playing the jams and setting the mood, commentators Brandon Benefield and Gerard Bonner taking their place, Diana Michel hyping the crowd, but you could feel the energy was different in the room than normal. The anticipation was there that tonight could be something special, that tonight could be the redemption of Southern Honor once and for all. 

Monday, January 9, 2023

Puerto Rican and Lucha Libre News: Promotions to Watch in 2023, AILL Saga of Champions 2 and More

From Alfred Feliciano:

As we start this new year 2023 with a bang, Here are the top Wrestling and Lucha Libre promotions to watch. 

Arecibo's Ground Zero Wrestling started this year with a bit of controversy where the promotion's President Richard Rondon decided to rename GZW to EWA (Evolution Wrestling Alliance). That didn't sit well with GZW Owner: Demolition X, He believes that the promotion (GZW) is alive and well with the fact that their next upcoming event will be produced with Felix Perez Matias. They are also heading towards their upcoming Second Anniversary coming in April. Here is the video where Richard Rondon made the change eventually leading to the GZW vs. EWA War throughout the new year.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Southern Fried Last Rites -- Monroe on January 7

Photo by Alison Miller
From Larry Goodman:

Southern Fried busted out of the gate with a great show to kick off the new year. 

On paper, Last Rites was as stacked for in-ring as any show Southern Fried has done and it 100% delivered the goods.

Perhaps not a match of the year, The Last Rites (no DQ, no count out, no holds barred) between Mikal Judas and Xavier Reyes is most certainly a contender for the wildest, most gimmicked up, overbooked fun match of 2023.

Attendance at the Boys and Girls Club of Walton County was 350+. Last Rites was a serious status check on the health of Southern Fried's drawing power in Monroe. Attendance had dropped below 200 for recent shows, which had been up against Georgia football. Aided by the culmination of the Judas/Reyes feud, Last Rites drew the largest, hottest Southern Fried crowd since Crossroads in September. 

My 2023 wish for Southern Fried is better lighting. The full dramatic impact of their best work is never quite what it could be as things stand.

During the course of the night, two big matches were made for the return date of January 21.

ProSouth Wrestling Long Live the King -- January 6

From Larry Goodman:

Long Live the King was a benefit show for Ace Haven presented by New Era Wrestling (promoter Bubba Cagle) in conjunction with ProSouth. 

It was far from a typical ProSouth TV episode. Many of the  wrestlers were not part of the current ProSouth roster. The matches were given more time than usual. 

And an impromptu in-ring reunion of ProSouth's former creative team at the behest of ProSouth's top babyface star (as pictured at the top). 

Storyline was nil until huge developments in the trios main event.  Pro South Champion Marcus Eriks was pinned for the first time in four months.  Brandon Whatley will meet Joe Black in a highly anticipated (at least by me) no holds barred match next Friday night at the ProSouth Palace.

Two matches stood out for in-ring. Aaron Dallas and Dominic Stuckey had a hell of a match to open the show. Shean Christopher and Brayden Toon went balls to the wall in a best of Alabama attraction. Christopher/Toon was more spectacular. Dallas/Stuckey was cleaner in the execution.

Lead announcer Wicked Nemesis was back in the broadcast booth with Mathias Darkthorne. James Hardy, ProSouth Commissioner Amy Haven and promoter/booker Ace Haven were the ring announcers. The referee was Justin Patterson. 

In a significant technical advancement, the instant replay function Wicked Nemesis has been jonesing for finally arrived.

KLT Promotions New Beginnings -- Lindale on January 7

From RobBrod:

Gilbreath Rec Center, Lindale, Ga

My first time at KLT; been trying for a while, just never seemed to work out. This is a revamped KLT as the previous booking regime has left and looks to be starting a new promotion elsewhere in the area. I didn’t know this as I made me decision to come to tonight’s festivities, but hey, serendipity.

This is also a cross-promotion event with Deep South Wrestling.

The crowd here tonight is a bit different than what I’ve been use to seeing lately; it reminds me of the UIW crowds back in the day. I do see some familiar faces in the crowd that I know travel.

The building is set up with about 300 chairs on the floor along with bleachers. Easily 400 in here.

Some of the wrestlers here I do know, some I don’t, so will reserve some judgments on that end.

Referees are Paul Santa, Marty Duncan, and Brad Barnes.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Southern Honor Wrestling #47-- Canton on January 6

Photo courtesy of SHW and Corey Tatum
From Rob Brodhecker:

SHW is starting 2023 with a bang with a ton of top tier and main event matches: Owen Knight, Najasism, Chip Day, and Sean Legacy in a #1 Contenders Fatal 4-way match, Kyle Matthews and Carlie Bravo, Exotic Youth vs. Top Team, Murder 1 vs. Joe Black, Adam Jacobs vs. Shoot Taylor, Nick Halen vs. Michael Stevens, and the main event of Happy Madness and Brooklyn Creed vs. Gunner Miller, SHW GM Gary Lamb and Mystery Partner for control of SHW.

Diana Michel is ring announcer. Gerard Bonner and Brandon Benefield are on video commentary. DJ TonNek is spinning the tunes. The referees are David Weakley, Jeremie Prater, and Paul Santa.

500 chairs were set out at the Action Building and 434 people filled them.

Recap video plays to open the show with Rocky monologue. IMO, still the best video production in the state.

Friday, January 6, 2023

GWH Awards Voting Ends Saturday at Midnight

From GWH News: 

Voting for the 2022 GWH Awards concludes Saturday, January 7 at midnight. 

To obtain a ballot: send your name in an email to

If you requested a ballot and not received one, email ASAP.

REMINDER: Only those active in Georgia wrestling are eligible to vote: wrestlers, bookers, promoters, announcers, managers, referees, production staff and wrestling journalists are all eligible.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Showstoppin Championship Wrestling -- Rockford AL on December 30

From Rob Brodhecker: 

Showstoppin Championship Wrestling Presents: New Years Clash

 Paid Attendance: 180 

 Ring Announcer: Carmen Michael Childers Refs: James Taylor, Cowboy Troy 

 1. Dameon Ceretone defeated Red Solo Cup 

 2. Rah Rah defeated James Barrett by DQ after Red Solo Cup STUNS Rah Rah. Barrett than returned the favor to Solo, and was greeted by Biscuit with a Spear! 

KLT in Lindale on January 7

From Larry Goodman:

The times they are a changin' in Rome, GA.

KLT Promotions kicks off 2023 with the return of Skrilla the Great and and alliance with Deep South Wrestling at a new venue, the Gilbreath Center in Lindale, which is the first town south of Rome.

Former KLT Commissioner Shawn Ambrose has moved on to Prime Time Wrestling and anointed it as "The Home Promotion of Superstars Fan Fest". 

RobBrod plans to be in Lindale Saturday night. 

23 Rivalries

From Dusty Finnish: 

I don’t know if any of these will ever come to fruition. They’re more of wishful thinking involving some of the best and worst our state has to offer. A lot of matchups that have never taken place. Some I think that would just be cool. A few to push wrestlers to their next level.


1. Krule and Brooklyn vs Butcher and ButcHer 

 Is it possible, yes. Probable, no. Would you pay to see it, definitely. I just think this is a fun idea and who hates fun? 

2.  AC Mack vs Najasism 

No one does presentations better than Naja. No one does promos better than Mack. Mack, an A4 graduate, is accustomed to the style that Naja employs. I’m not looking forward to the matches however I’m waiting to see how the internet is set ablaze by two of the greatest showmen the state has to offer. These were the two highest graded MVPs Mack and Action at 92 against Naja and PCW at 90. This would also be a battle between my vote for Georgia wrestler of the year vs Georgia performer of the year. 

This week's RobBrod Report


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2022 "Dukie" Awards

 From Duke Ingraham:

Happy New Year everyone! As 2022 has drawn to a close I wanted to take this time to have a little fun and acknowledge some of the noteworthy people and events of the past year that slipped through the cracks of wrestling award shows. I present to you the first annual (and possibly last) “Dukie” Awards, or “Dukies”.  

“Dukies” have no nomination process, selection committee, or voting process. They are based only on my opinion from what I have seen over the past year. As with every award there are many deserving winners, but there can only be one….well maybe two in some categories. 


And now the 2022 Dukies! 

Monday, January 2, 2023

ProSouth Wrestling Twitch Tournament - December 30

From Larry Goodman:

ProSouth Wrestling closed out the year with a one night, eight man tournament to determine the number one contender for the YouTube Championship held by Cameron Keast. 

Not a lot happening on the surface but a fair amount bubbling underneath.

"King of the Dead" Shean Christopher emerged as the tournament winner with a dominant performance. Christopher scored three pinfall wins in a total time of less than 15 minutes, including a win over Cornelius Pepperbottom in the finals.  

But Keast and his nasty kids made sure the night did not end well for Christopher and Ravenna Vein.

The announce team was Mathias Darkthorne and ProSouth Champion Marcus Eriks. 

As Darkthorne was signing off, Dameon Ceretone attacked Eriks in the announce booth, then laid him out in the middle of the ring with his finisher as the show went to black. 

Tyler Sutton returned in a non-tournament match and went full on babyface.

The tournament was named to mark the company's return o Twitch as a streaming platform. ProSouth episodes will stream live on Fridays nights at 8:30 Eastern on both YouTube and Twitch.

Amy Haven handled the ring announcing as regular ring announcer James Hardy was an entrant in the tournament. Lewis Santiago officiated all eight matches on the show. 

Puerto Rican and Lucha Libre News Year End Edition: Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo, Lutte Academie/Nightmare Factory Partnership and More

From Alfred Feliciano:

2022 was full of losses in the wrestling world,  in Puerto Rican, Mexican Lucha Libre and here in America. We remember those who have passed on and are no longer with us: Two time WWE Hall of Famer and founding member of the NWO Scott Hall, former AWA and WWC Puerto Rico's Women's Champion Candi Devine, CMLL legends Starman and Super Muneco, WWC Co-Founder "El Gigante de San Lorenzo"Jose Rivera,Sr., Mexican lucha legend "El Nino Travieso" Humberto Garza, AAA Lucha Libre commentator: Arturo "Rudo"Rivera, Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Boxing and Wrestling Commission Gerardo Mora Pagan, WWE Tough Enough winner Sara Lee, IWRG Mexico Future Projects Director Ivannia Moreno Tolsa, Melanie Pillman, "El Tigre Colombiano" Bill Martinez, former boxing referee Mills Lane, former UFC Fighter Stephen Bonnar, former NWA X Division Champion Jaysin Strife, Scrapyard Dog and former Impact Wrestling announcer Don West. On behalf of everyone at Georgia Wrestling History News and Notes, I send our prayers and condolences to those mentioned who passed away throughout 2022.