Saturday, July 2, 2022

GIPW Parts Ways with Roster Member

From Larry Goodman:

Georgia Independent Professional Wrestling has removed Lamar Diggs (Derrick McBride) from their roster. GIPW made the move after Palmetto Creep Patrol post accused Diggs of having an inappropriate online conversation with a 14 year old girl. Diggs categorically denies the accusation.

GIPW posted as follows on the promotion's Facebook page.

GIPW management is aware of the situation involving one of our wrestlers

We have decided to move on without them at this time. 

We will not be going into further detail on the matter.

ProSouth Wrestling Report from July 1

From Larry Goodman:

Episode 593, Undisputed was off the beaten path and a beguiling follow up to Unleashed.

Any lingering doubts about the top challengers to  Dameon Ceretone and his ProSouth Championship were erased in the opening segment, one of two compelling talk segments on this episode. The show closed with a segment as visceral as any ProSouth has presented in recent memory. 

With a running time of just one hour and 15 minutes, there was nary an ounce of fat on this show. It flowed well and the order of the segments was spot on.

The in-ring was compromised by the absence of up-and-comers Jay Lucas, Terry Yaki, Nawfside Heroes and Aaron Dallas (out with a torn AC joint) but the other members of the roster stepped up. Booker/promoter Ace Haven has not appeared on camera since his seizure and concussion almost three weeks ago.

ProSouth isn't known for doing an abundance of clean finishes on their regular weekly shows. But this show had them. Bold choices were made.

This show certainly had its share of comedic moments, some intentional, some not.

Noah Howell and Shane Noles were in broadcast team. The referees were Lewis Santiago and "Slim" Dave Thomas. James Hardy split the ring announcing duties with Howell.

Mucha Lucha Atlanta Results from Norcross on June 26

 From MLA:

Results from MLA 25 at the Espacio Discoteque with attendance of 1200. 4 way match: Rey Fury defeated Bobby Flaco and Fast Forward and Hermano Luchador; Sultán del Aire defeated David Ali; Mini Abismo Negro & JC Navarro vs Star Roger & Cosmos was a no contest due to interference by  La Anexion;   Krule defeated Suicide and D3 in a triple threat match;  Máscara Dorada defeated Marty Scurll; Lucha Dragons Samuray del Sol & Cinta de Oro defeated La Anexion.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Puerto Rican, Lucha Libre and Florida News: Remembering ICW Miami. John Wrestling Promotion and NWA Southeastern/Continental, IWA Florida and More,.

From Alfred Feliciano: 

Independent Championship Wrestling (commonly known as ICW Miami) owned by Jorge E. Portuondo (Skorpio) was a promotion that had a great reputation throughout South Florida. From its beginning in 2008, ICW had live events from marketplaces, country clubs, high school gyms and had their own arena inside the Polish American Club located at 1250 NW 22nd Street near the Little Havana. ICW also had a working relationship with another Miami indy: Uknow Pro Wrestling. Their events garnered the love and respect of fans in the Miami-Dade County area. Stars who were a part of ICW Miami's 11 year history included Lucha World Order members Mecha Wolf 450, Jon Cruz (Serpentico) and Lince Dorado. former WWE NXT superstar Samuel Shaw, Angel Rose (Diamante in AEW and Impact Wrestling), KyLinn King, The Guadalupe Brothers, Julian Kelevera, Barrington Hughes, Santana Garrett, Kaci Lennox, Brandi Lauren, WWE Attitude Era Legend Gangrel, Anna Diaz, Rocky Radley and two stars who are no longer with us, "Ram Man" Johnny Evans (who fought in WWC Puerto Rico from 1996-1997) and Hack Myers (a former ECW star who appeared in IWA Puerto Rico in 2003 as a part of "El Boricua Mayor" Savio Vega's company. Championships defended were from the ICW World Championship, ICW Women's Championship, ICW United States Tag Team Championships, ICW Pure X Championship and both the now defunct ICW Latin American and YouTube Championships. ICW Miami went out of business in 2019. For those who remember the promotion fondly, ICW Miami was more the modern version of the old NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida and Georgia Championship Wrestling for today's fans. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The RobBrod Report 07 02

From Rob Brodhecker:


A light schedule of shows running for the 4th of July weekend in Georgia, but there are some.

Monday, June 27, 2022

GIPW Report from Warner Robins on June 26

From Rob Brodhecker: 

Jesse Combs had been a fixture in Middle Georgia wrestling scene for several years and was instrumental in the development of several wrestlers from the area as well as helping to create GIPW and was their first GM. He passed away in 2020. The tournament will be spread out over this show and the next with the final at the August show and will be a yearly project. 

Cliff McDonald is the ring announcer. Darryl Hall, Mike Fullilove and Brandon are the referees. “Hand of Fate” Noah Howell and Maestro will be on commentary. I estimate the crowd at 100, not including babies and everyone stayed! GIPW had been on Fite TV but the shows will now be on YouTube. 

Pre-show Match 1: Specter vs. Zach Mosley. 

Cannon and Pepperbottom came out to do the pre-show commentary. Mosley got some cheers from people not named Cannon or Pepperbottom. Mosley didn’t have a match scheduled for the main show, so here we are. Specter drop kicks Mosley out of the ring, Mosley catches him as Specter was going out after him. Specter’s on the wrong end of a suplex on the floor, no padding there, folks! They continue to fight on the floor, teasing the 10 count. Cannon and Pepps get a few shots in when Mosley has the ref distracted. Back in the ring, Specter’s on the comeback, getting a few moves in on Mosley, including a nice looking backstabber. It doesn’t last that long and Mosley puts away Specter at 6:04. 

Mosley’s not happy with Specter, doing more damage both in and out of the ring. Cannon and Pepps leave the commentary table and join Mosley. 

Pre-Show Match 2: Brandon Whatley with Luke Stone vs. Kujo. 

Kujo’s throwing Mardi Gras beads out to the crowd. Fist bump to start the match. Kujo’s using his lighter frame to avoid Whatley’s strikes. Unfortunately for Kujo, he couldn’t avoid them forever, and Whatley gets the pin at 4:42. A show of respect after the match. 

Pre-Show Match 3: GIPW Rumble 

Not sure what type of match this will be: Danger and Money start off with no ref in the ring but a couple are ringside. Zamir Zuriel comes out about the 1-minute mark. Raiv out at 1:22, Keelan Cole at 2:10, Leo the great. Giovanni Rayne at 3:15, he gets attack from behind by Slayer Leek. Edward Draven at 4:00. I’m guessing a battle royal, someone was sent over the top rope and sent to the back. Vougan in at 4:43, Vougan’s similar style to Sonny Kiss. AWOL at 5:20 and out at 5:53. No one comes out since then, several people eliminated. Giovanni out at 7:30, 3 people left. The heavy guy, Raiv out at and Mr. Danger picks up the pin fall win at 8:27. The crowd popped for that. Eric “The Ghost” Silva comes out and asks for the mic. He stalks around Danger: he says that he’s not impressed easily, he’s not sure he is now, but he wants to know if Danger is ready to graduate to the big boy table and offers a shot at the Cash in Hand title. Danger accepts and mouths off to Silva; Silva replies that Danger doesn’t seem aware of the danger he finds himself in. 

 Main show begins. 

1st match: Proc “The Croc” Johnston vs. “War Ready” Owen Knight. 

A Banger right out of the gate! This is a match for the tournament. Proc shows the strength early, Knight, the quickness. Good back and forth between them, very physical. Knight shows off his own strength and picks up and plants Proc with a reverse falcon’s arrow for the pin at 7:23. 

Crowd very much into this. First time, one on one match between these two. Sets the tone early. 

2nd match: Rose Gold with Nathaniel Vanderbilt vs. Trixie with Christian Pierce. 

Peirce is threatening Bilt with an umbrella before the match, foreshadowing: dun dun DUNN!! Gold doesn’t want anything to do with Trixie’s antics. Trixie’s offering Gold her hand, Gold’s very reluctant to do so. I believe that Gold has more in ring experience than Trixie. This still doesn’t stop Trixie from frustrating Gold at every turn. Gold and Bilt are kissing out on the floor, Trixie goes to break that up, she gets her eyes raked for her efforts. Trixie wants to throw Gold into some ringside chairs, that gets reversed and it’s Trixie that hits the metal. Gold picks up the win at 11:06 after some shenanigans. 

Trixie chases Gold out of the ring while Christian goes after Bilt with the umbrella. Christian and Trixie want a mixed tag match at an upcoming show. Luke Stone and 

Whatley come out and describe what the Jesse Combs tournament is. Stone’s opponent for the opening match couldn’t make it so that side of the bracket is switched up. Stone gets a bye, the winner of the Hanson/Ceretone match tonight and Trever Aeon will face each other in a triple threat match at the next show. 

3rd match: Bryce Cannon with Zach Mosley and Cornelious Pepperbottom vs. “The Queen of GIPW” Shalonce Royal. 

This is another tournament match. Pepps wants to make sure that Royal gets checked because there’s no way that dump truck is natural. The crowd ohh’ed at that; Pepps mouth is going to write a check his ass can’t cash. Cannon’s on the mic. EY respects Royal even with her Dark matches and they have a gift for her. Pepps gets a cookie sheet from the back. Cannon wants Royal to get back to the kitchen and bring out his real opponent. The match starts and Royal arm drags Cannon 3 times and is all over him; he has to retreat. Royal gives chase, Cannon takes advantage and body slams her. Pepps grabs the mic and Cannon says that she’s not the only one who can sing. Music plays and Cannon starts exercising the vocal cords; the squeaks on the high notes are something else. He reaches the chorus and Royal slaps the notes out of his mouth. Cannon loses it and goes off on Royal, beating her down. Cannon grabs the frat paddle; ref Mike stops him but EY are doing damage behind his back. Royal sends Cannon for the Flair turnbuckle flip and punches him in the stomach on the rebound. Royal gets some more moves in, ending with a back kick for a near fall on Cannon. Cannon lands a springboard drop kick on Royal; He goes for the pin but decides he wants to punish Royal more. He sets Royal up in the corner and wants to punch her, Ref Mike stops him and Cannon shoves him down. Pepps and Mosley are begging Mike not to DQ Cannon. While that was going on, Cannon’s got the paddle, swings, Royal ducks, and the paddle hits the turnbuckle, bounces back and hits Cannon. Royal grabs the cookie sheet and smacks Cannon over the head with it. Royal hits her finisher and pins Cannon at 8:51. 

EY have a total meltdown afterwards, including Mosley doing heart resuscitation on Cannon and Pepps trying to give mouth to mouth. Need to see that on replay. 

Money/Power/Respect promo: Renegade Enforcer, Lamar Diggs with The Ultimate Pusher, Tyreke. 

Tyreke starts the promo off, then hands off to RE. RE’s speaking but the mic gets cut off. The Wright Way to Reno (Mr. Wright and Mrs. Wright and Randy Reno) and Skrilla the great come out, looks like they were behind the mic problems. Tyreke’s mic is finally back on, the 6-man tag is off as Jay Lucas is working the PPV. Skrilla says that Tyreke can fill in for Lucas. Tyreke’s not having it. Zach Mosley comes out, he’s pissed that he didn’t get a match on the main show and runs down everyone. He wants RE to put up the title against him. RE’s taking the night off. Skrilla wants his title shot. Tyreke’s not having it. Skrilla throws it to the crowd and they pop. The GIPW GM, Alex Chase, makes his way to the ring, he’s sick and tired of the shenanigans and he asserts his authority. He makes matches: Lamar vs Reno. RE will wrestle Mosley, Skrilla, and Mr. Wright in a fatal four way but it will be non-title. He leaves, but Tyreke has to get the last word in. 

4th match: Tournament match: Dameon Ceretone vs. Hold My Beer Hanson. 

The winner will be in the triple threat match at next month show. Hanson’s over with the crowd. Ceretone’s a Alabama assassin, working over the legs of Hanson. Hanson tries to fire up, but is selling the leg hugely. Spinebuster by Hanson but is slow to capitalize. Ceretone goes back on the attack and lands a DVD for a near fall. Leg lock on Hanson and he’s in agony but makes the ropes. Ankle lock by Ceretone, Hanson rolls through and plants Ceretone with a belly to back for the win at 10:23. 

Hanson will move to the triple threat tournament match at the next show, facing Luke Stone and Trever Aeon. 

Intermission. July 31st is next show. 

5th match: Mr. Danger vs. representing The Left Hand Path and GIPW Cash in Hand Champion: Eric “The Ghost” Silva. 

Mr. Danger gets this championship opportunity after winning the pre-show rumble and has the family and friends contingent in the crowd. Silva takes his time with his warm-ups. Danger has the youth and energy; Silva, the experience and size. A flurry of offence sends Silva out to the floor. Danger wants high impact moves, Silva wants it slowed down. Silva doing damage to Danger in front of the family. Back in the ring, Silva’s got a reverse headlock on Danger and pounds his head into the mat. Hope spot for Danger but is crushed rather quickly. Body scissors on Danger, haven’t seen that in a while. Buckle suplex leaves Danger on the mat in complete agony. Near fall on Danger after a Silva senton. Danger rolls out of the way of another senton and lands one of his own. Danger’s fired up and lands several rapid fire strikes. He wants to suplex Silva, and Silva blocks it and sends Danger back down. Danger heads to the top rope, Silva shoves Ref Mike into the ropes and Danger lands on the turnbuckle. Danger fights off Silva and goes for the leaping clothesline. Silva snatches him out of air and plants Danger for the win at 15:32. 

Pretty good match. This was Danger’s 14th match of his career. Some of Danger’s strikes needs some work, and he was a bit nervous coming out, but over all a very good job. 

Silva talks smack to Danger’s family on his way to the back. Danger gets a well deserved round of applause from the crowd.

6 th match: Representing Money/Power/Respect: Lamar Diggs with Tyreke vs. Randy Reno of the GIPW Tag Champions The Wright Way to Reno. 

Mrs. Wright remains ringside and Mr. Wright leaves. Ref Brandon sends Tyreke to the back and also Mrs. Wright; he don’t want any interference in this match. Diggs has Reno outweighed by about 150 pounds. Reno’s all over Diggs until Diggs catches him and tosses him out of the ring with a fall away slam. Diggs tries to kick Reno who was in a chair, Reno dodges. Diggs throws Reno all the way across the ring. Reno’s getting the Big Diggs treatment. Diggs goes to the top turnbuckle wanting to splash down. He takes too long and Reno moves out of the way. Reno throwing every thing at Diggs to keep him off of his feet. Reno hits the DDT for a very near fall. Diggs catches a flying Reno and plants him. Diggs is pissed off now and plants Reno with a spinning sit-up powerbomb for the win. Diggs gets into it with a crowd member, they are face to face and touching happens then shoving. They get separated quickly before it gets really breaks down. Found out after the fact that there is/was some history between Diggs and the crowd member. After the shove, several big, and I mean big, bikers got them separated in a heartbeat. 

Fatal Four Way Main event: GIPW Champion, The Renegade Enforcer with Tyreke vs. Mr. Wright with Mrs. Wright vs. Zach Mosley vs. Skrilla the Great. 

As mentioned earlier, the title will not be on the line. Skrilla has major history in GIPW with both RE and Mosley. I believe Wright was champ as well at some point. Ref Hall sends Tyreke to the back before the match, looks like Mrs. Wright will stay for this match. The match begins with everyone attacking RE and sending him into the ring post. Mosley tricks Wright into hitting Skrilla. This leads to Wright and Skrilla fighting each other while Mosley takes a breather out on the floor. Skrilla wants to do a dive, RE pounces him and then does his own dive onto Wright and Mosley; he got major air on that, very impressive. Triple team on RE, pin attempt gets broken up as everyone wants the glory. Wright and Skrilla turn Mosley into a ping pong ball. RE kicks both Wright and Skrilla down, and focuses on Wright. RE has both Wright and Skrilla up and does a fall away slam, Mosley breaks up the pin. Mosley pleading with RE and lures him in and throws RE’s head into the turnbuckle. Tower of Doom suplex on Mosley gets broken up by RE. Mosley gets turned inside out by a RE lariat. RE gets a triple team. Crowd firmly behind Skrilla. Tyreke’s come back out, but a masked Ehren Black’s right behind him and Black drags Tyreke to the back with RE in pursuit. Back in the ring, Skrilla pins Mosley for the win at 10:06 with a spring board cutter. 

Just to give insult to injury, Skrilla gives Mosley another springboard cutter. Wright gets in on the action with sidewalk slam and Skrilla plants Mosley one more time with the cutter. Skrilla and Wright bump fists and thus the show ends. 

 A very good show from GIPW despite several last-minute changes that happened. The Combs Tournament semi finals will see Owen Knight vs. Shalonce Royal and the Triple Threat match of HMB Hanson, Luke Stone, and Trever Aeon. None of the matches sucked and story lines were advanced, my only complaint would have been the overall run time of the main show at close to 3 ½ hours.

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from June 17


From Larry Goodman: 

Results from the Royston Gym on June 17. Stevie Ray Frost pinned Brandon Parker; Justin Sane beat Revolution; The Savage pinned Red Ninja; Rob Adonis beat Eli Smiles; Southern States Champion Caleb Crocker pinned Stryknyn; North Georgia Champ Jaden Vain beat Jeremy Vain.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Southern Violence & Wrestling Report from Athens on June 25

 From SVW:

Southern Violence And Wrestling presented Andey Ripley’s Full Term on Saturday June 25th live from The Warehouse in Athens, GA. 147 paid fans were in attendance. 

 Andey Ripley and Irving West opened the show by making their way to the ring. Ripley let the crowd know that they could make history in the state of Georgia tonight by becoming the first non binary Heavyweight Champion. West backed Ripley’s statement up and made it be known what a big night it was going to be. 

Match 1: Axl Foley vs Eric Silva: Foley and Silva set the tone for the entire show. Both men displayed everything they do and they did it very well. The crowd let it be known that they had Foley’s back. Foley played mind games with Silva throughout and Silva was visibly frustrated. As the match wore own, Silva hit a brutal suplex that sent Foley crashing into the turnbuckle. Foley would recover and get a very close near fall on Silva, but referee Prater counted slow. (Prater has been associated with The Left Hand Path for a while now, so this was no surprise) As Foley backed Prater into the corner, Silva tried to go for a German but Foley reversed it and tried for one of his own, but Silva slung his leg back and low blowed Foley to score the victory. 

Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Covington on June 24

From Rob Brodhecker:

PCW had some good ish on this show, served hot and hot and hot and hot and hot and fresh. About 75 braved the immense heat inside the What-a-deal building to see some of the more interesting wrestling angles running in Georgia, beginning and ending with is the Head Muckity-Muck, Matt Hankins in charge of PCW, or is everyone getting triple (or even quadruple) worked over.

 Double X news video starts the show; Del La Vega recaps what’s been happening at PCW. And then he makes a live appearance in the ring along with Cuatro. He’s here to gives us the news. He gives us some of his history at PCW amid mic problems. The crowd doesn’t really care and that sets De La Vega off in a verbal tirade. He says that there’s no one in charge of the company. This brings Matt Hankins out to the chants of “We want Matt”. Vega’s upset that he didn’t get the invite to the Homecoming show. Hankins corrects him that everyone who ever came through the curtain at PCW was welcome to show up. PCW is built on chaos, everyone is welcome to show up. Hankins tells De La Vega to take his grown ass to the announce booth to call the show along with Johnny Danger.

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on June 25

From Larry Goodman:

Summertime and the livin' ain't easy inside the Landmark Arena. It wasn't the hottest conditions I've experience inside that building. But it was hot enough to hold the crowd down (105) and to some extent, sap their energy. 

My sense is Anarchy will be doing well to hold serve during the summer months as they build for shows of greater magnitude in the fall. 

Not that there was anything wrong with last night's show. I was entertained. Scott Mayson's birthday bash was hilarious, thanks in no small part to Matt Hankins and Undeniable.

More importantly, Xavier Reyes slayed the monster Krule in the main event with the help of fellow Program members Mayson, Proc Johnston and Hunter James. The Program now finds itself on a collision course with Undeniable. 

Georgia Championship Wrestling Results from Buckhead on June 25

From GCW: 

GCW came back to Buckhead Georgia for a HOT night of wrestling. 100 fans were treated to seven big matches. 

Tim Rice opened the evening announcing that Commissioner Kevin Hensley would not be in attendance and that would set well with him as he would introduce GCW to its apocalypse beginning tonight. 

605 Wrecking Crew retained the GCW Tag Team Championship against Dee Money & Leatherface, Dee Money issued a challenge for a Tornado Tag match on July 30. 

Colt McCarthy defeated Wolfgang Timbs by reverse decision when Timbs refused to relinquish the armbar. 

Tradition’’s Shawn Hunter & Jarrod Michaels defeated AJ Black & Frankie Valentine 

Former ROH/WWE & current Impact Wrestling star Jimmy Jacobs, who is an excited NEW RESIDENT OF THE AREA, defeated Chop Top. 

ProSouth Wrestling Unleashed Report from June 24

From Larry Goodman:

Dameon Ceretone emerged as the winner of ProSouth's inaugural Unchained Match at Unleashed. Ceretone went the distance (28 minutes) and outlasted five other men to retain the ProSouth Championship. 

All the other ProSouth titles changed hands. Terry Yaki took the All Out Championship from a game but seriously injured Aaron Dallas; Dorian lost the Youtube Championship to Eric Walker; Nawfside Heroes regained the ProSouth Tag Team Championship they lost to Supreme Metal one week earlier. 

Marcus Eriks and Bubba Cagle had the best wrestling match of the night. Eriks won to keep possession of the Gold Rush briefcase.

Unleashed was solid as ProSouth's big show for the month. I wouldn't place it in the top tier of company's major events. 

James Hardy subbed for Shane Noles as Noah Howell's broadcast partner for most of the show since Noles was wrestling in a match. Hardy may have been in a match but I'll never tell.

Howell split the ring announcing duties with Hardy, which turned out to be a perilous assignment for Noah. Lewis Santiago and Dave "Slim" Thomas were the officials for the evening.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Puerto Rican, Lucha Libre and Southeastern News: Ric Flair, SCI, AIWF Krazy 8, NOW and More

From Alfred Feliciano: 

WWE Hall of Famer and 16-Time World Champion "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair will return to Puerto Rico for WWC's 49th Anniversary Show on Saturday, August 6th at the Historic Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon  Flair will be managing Current AEW Superstar and son-In-Law Andrade (fka La Sombra in CMLL and in WWE as Andrade Cien Almas). as he takes on former WWE Superstar Carlito Caribbean Cool. Flair last appeared in WWC at their 13th Anniversary Show on September 21, 1986 as he fought against Invader #1, when WWC was a member of the NWA.

Andrade recently married Ric's daughter former WWE Raw and SmackDown! Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. So It won't be a surprise if Charlotte is also in Bayamon on August 6th, and hopefully WWC Vice President and WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon with sister Stacy will be at the Anniversary Show as well. Here are the Interviews from Flair and Colon with their match in 1982 where both the NWA and the now defunct WWC World Titles were on the line to merge into the then newly created WWC Universal Championship in a 60 minute match, His match against the late Hercules Ayala at WWC's 12th Anniversary Show and in their 13th Anniversary Show in 1986 as he defends the NWA World Championship (the then newly created Big Gold that was used throughout NWA, WCW and in WWE's Raw and SmackDown! brands) against Invader #1. WWC is proving to all the naysayers through their toughest times, from Hurricane Maria in 2017 to the COVID crisis in 2020, that WWC is still number one on the Island for 49 Years.


More starts are to be announced for WWC's 49th Anniversary Show so stay tuned and check out WWC's Facebook page

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

GWH -- Nothing Like It

From Larry Goodman:

Doing the quality work these people do takes dedication and time. 

And then there's that Platinum guy. 

TheRobBrod Report 06 25

From Rob Brodhecker:


 Wrestling shows happening in and around the state of Georgia for June 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27, 2022.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Jabari's Southern States Pro Wrestling Day One Report

From Jabari McIntyre:

Combine Day is over. The Roster is set (Or is it) and it’s time for SOUTHERN STATES PRO WRESTLING DAY 1! Coming to you from Austell, GA., Southern States Pro Wrestling was looking to shed the past of Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment a bit in favor of a more “Family Friendly” show. From the very start, you could see the changes and it did have a different feel to it. Earlier start time, more inviting music to welcome you in, no PIT Area for the hardcore and yes, more than a few families there. This is the fresh start that Murder One as well as the fans needed. Speaking of fans, the faithful were there early and it seemed that the turnout would be minimal, however people started trickling in more and more and there were 80+ by the time the night was over. 80+ who agree that this was a great way to end Father’s Day and Juneteenth Weekend. Very Solid matches, new creative direction and even a brouhaha of a scrap kept everyone’s attention enough that we want to come back to more shows! 

Before the matches began, 3MP (MP3) and All Business Chip Day came to the ring and immediately started to tease the new Ring Announcer and talk about Duncan Mitchell Mom. 3MP is in his bag early because he knows THE Man of Southern States Pro is now his client and even goes so far as to suggest that last shows victory by Mitchell was just a fluke. Hell, even his casual look added an extra layer to say that this was going to be a Vacation of a night for 3MP and Chip. Duncan Mitchell had enough and finally came to the ring to confront the two and he was a bit fired up. Mitchell bypassed 3MP and asked Chip straight up if he wanted to face ‘Big Duncan Energy’. Chip shrugged it off and told Mitchell that he needs to call his parents because he will have a concussion before the night is over...And of course, put Mitchell’s Mom’s name in his mouth anyway. Phew! 

Pros: Great opening Promo by Chip and 3MP. Chip has a Badass new look and 3MP with the Casual look of Shorts, Polo and Boat Shoes made the 2 look so smug and just fit so well. Mitchell was doing a lot to hold his own and was fired up. 

 Cons: Mitchell needs to bring just a bit more flow to his Promo’s and it will come with time. 

Full Disclosure News and Commentary #168

From Stephen Platinum:

Monday, June 20, 2022

RobBrod's Southern States Pro Report from Austell on June 19

From Rob Brodhecker:

The debut show for Southern States follows their open combine show in May in where wrestlers from around the Southeast had impromptu matches in front of judges and invitations were made for tonight’s show. Promotion and match rules were posted on their page. 

First time being at El Galaxy. It was portioned off from an old K-Mart where the garden/auto section was at. Very large and roomy. They do serve food and, of course, adult beverages. This is not the first time they have held wrestling shows here; PNLL runs here every couple of months. 

Stan Robinson, Butterbean, and Darryl Hall are your referees. Liam Patrick is your ring announcer: I’ve seen him at other promotions in other capacities before. He did a decent job; a couple of miscues but I’ve seen seasoned announcers do worse. 

3MP and Chip Day come out to the ring to start the show. 3MP insults the ring announcer and Duncan Mitchell’s mother. This brings out Mitchell and he confronts 3MP. He’s tired on 3MP’s insults and says that he had pinned Day at the tryout show. One of Mitchell’s better promos that I’ve witnessed. Mitchell wants to hear from Day if Day wants to face the Big Duncan Energy or not. Day says Mitchel needs to call his parents because Mitchell’s gonna have a concussion at the end of the night and Day will put Mitchell’s mother’s name in his mouth anyway. 

Wrestling United Report from Temple on June 18


From Rob Brodhecker:

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a WU show, I usually go to their cousin show, West Ga Wrestling. As it turns out, maybe I should have tried to come out more often. A couple of interesting matches caught my eye: Rising stars Duncan Mitchell and Aaron Dallas are fighting, two of the top tag teams in Georgia and the SE as All-Star Special and The Exotic Youth square up, and Zach Mosley, Brogan Finlay and Alex Kane will be in a triple threat match.

I counted 60 at bell time. That’s a shame.

Jason Boyd is the ring announcer, Darryl Hall and Butterbean are the referees.

1st. match: Bobby Flaco vs. Frankie Valentine with Tweety

Jimmy Jacobs Confirmed for GCW Buckhead on June 25

 From Larry Goodman:

Georgia Championship Wrestling has confirmed -- Jimmy Jacobs will be at GCW Heatwave this Saturday night at the Got 2B Rollin Event Center in historic Buckhead GA, near beautiful Lake Oconee. 

This is a bind mending booking by GCW.

Jacobs has a major role the creative process at Impact Wrestling. He's a five time ROH tag team co-champion with over 20+ years in the ring and a past member of the WWE creative team.

Terry Lawler defends the Brass Knucks Championship against Jerry Nelms in a Lights Out Match; Charlie Anarchy vs. Jarrod Michaels for the Georgia Heavyweight Championship and three other matches. Bell time at 7 pm.

Southern States Pro Report from Austell on June 19

Photo by Julie Puckett
From Larry Goodman:

The Father's Day/Juneteenth edition of Southern States Pro proved to be a Sunday night at the matches. They ran straight through without an intermission - nine matches  -- and it was a wrap in two and half hours.

Attendance at the El Galaxy Bar and Grill was 85. SSP is playing to an entirely new audience than their previous labor of love, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment. The longer the show went, the larger and louder the crowd got, clearly a positive sign. 

I think Southern States has something to be build on with all the young talent on their roster, particularly on a Sunday night. 

The first Southern States event last month was not a traditional wrestling show. It was a scouting combine where the wrestlers did tryout matches in front of a panel of judges.

Almost all of the wrestlers that earned roster spots at the combine were back, plus a few that did not make the team that night. 

This show needs women on it -- wrestlers, valets, females in some form, despite what a pain in the ass they can be to book. Murder One knows this. 

I'd give match of the night honors to Exotic Youth vs. Jay Lucas and Terry Yaki with Merrik Donovan vs. DMC as a close runner up. 

In other news, Southern States Pro absorbed Wrestling United and will  run events in the West Georgia area.

This show was extremely well covered by GWH. Jabari McIntyre and Rob Brodhecker will have more detailed reports than the one below. 

Saturday, June 18, 2022

ProSouth Wrestling Report from June 17

From Larry Goodman:

It's been a tough week for Ace and Amy Haven, which means it's been a tough week for ProSouth Wrestling.   Last Sunday, Ace had a seizure. He has a history lifelong history of syncope (loss of consciousness due to a sudden drop in blood pressure). Ace fainted and the impact of the fall into a wall resulted in a concussion and the seizure. His EEG looked fine but medical follow up is needed and he has not been medically cleared to wrestle.

But the show must go on. 

You Don't Know JACS...Yet was the go home show for Unleashed.  As is often the case, ProSouth did a bang up job of making a major show more enticing with a brilliantly booked go home episode.

The final two combatants in the Unchained match are set. In what could be his retirement match,  JACS will be one of them.  Brandon Whatley will be the other thanks to Jay Lucas, who badly wants a piece of Whatley. Before the night was over, already there was a price to be paid by Lucas.

In Ace's absence, Shane Noles stepped up to lead the trio that will face Violent Gentleman at Unleashed with blockbuster stipulations added.

The segment with Tony Midas, James Hardy and the Super Chicken? Form your own opinion. Me? I'm a mark for perverse entertainment.  

Number one contender Terry Yaki pinned All-Out Champion Aaron Dallas' shoulders to the mat for the second week in a row.

Noah Howell and Shane Noles were on commentary.  Justin Patterson and "Slim" Dave Thomas were the referees. James Hardy was the ring announcer and so much more.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Puerto Rican, Lucha Libre and Southeastern News: Remembering Chikara, UWA Mexico and Resistance Pro

From Alfred Feliciano:

Out of the ashes of ECW's bankruptcy, two new promotions emerged in 2002, Ring  of Honor and Chikara Pro Wrestling. 

Chikara Pro Wrestle Factory was founded by Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth on January 7th of that year..Formerly based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Chikara mixed the styles of Mexican Lucha Libre, Japanese and British Strong Style Wrestling. The first class of graduates from the school included UltraMantis, Mister Zero, Hallowicked, Dragonfly and Ichabod Slayne (Icarus). Chikara's first live event took place on May 25, 2002. The promotion itself had both great and dark moments.   Their well known events were Tag World Grand Prix in April,  Aniversario (Chikara Pro's Anniversary Shows) in May, The Young Lions Cup Tournament and The King of Trios Tournament in September. Chikara had relationships with Japanese promotions Dragon Gate (fka Toryumon), Ice Ribbon, JWP. Joshi Puroesu, Sendai Girls, Osaka Pro Wrestling and Michinoku Pro Wrestling, along with the now defunct Dragon Gate USA and Combat Zone Wrestling. it even had two spin off sister promotions: Wrestling IS Fun and Kiryoku Pro Wrestling.

Major stars that were a part of CHIKARA's History included AJ Styles, Mickie James, Io Shirai, CM Punk, The Briscoes, Jazz,Victoria, Kimber Lee, The Ant Colony (Orange Cassidy, Drew Gulak and others), current WWE superstars and former WWE United Kingdom Champions "The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne and Tyler Bates along with his partner Trent Seven known as Moustache Mountain in NXT UK, Lince Dorado, Drago, Aero Star, Penta Cero and Rey Fenix, Ruby Soho, Billie Kay, ROH Women's World Champion Mercedes Martinez, OMEGA graduates Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee), Kaleb Konley and Andrew Everett (Chiva Kid), JJ Dillon, the S.A.T. (Will, Jose and Joel Maximo), New Japan's Chase Owens, Eddie Kingston, The Original LAW (Hernandez and Homicide) D'Lo Brown and Ricardo Rodriguez were among the many more stars who participated in their events over the years. After Reckless Youth left in 2005. subsequent trainers at the school included Jorge "Skayde" Rivera, Chris Hero (fka Kassius Ohno) and Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro in WWE).

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Battleslam Report from Morrow on June 12

From Larry Goodman:

Battleslam: Fight For Atl wasn't perfection but it sure as hell was entertaining and like their first event, a  show I absolutely do not want to miss. 

Way more hits than misses. Undeniably. Battleslam is going for something uniquely ATL without compromise.

The opportunity for talent ot garner more buzz is there. Major league level performances abounded on this show. 

Check out KC Navarro and Myron Reed in the main event vs. Private Party, JDX and Adam Priest in their survival match, and the four way tag (Workhorsemen vs. Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo vs. C4 vs. Da Russell Twins).

Attendance was 200+. Looked like the crow's nest seats were fans and not VIP. It was a late arriving crowd that filled in nicely. Very much a SWATS of Atlanta vibe.

Fight for Atl was livestream on FITE with Suge D and Gerard Bonner on commentary. I have no clue about how they did as a team but they sure looked good.

Jake St. Patrick was back as the master of ceremonies. His prescence is a plus. .

The event started 30 minutes late and ran around three hours long with no intermission. 

A performance by Lil SCRAPPY energized the crowd going into the opening match.  

The RobBrod Report 06 18

 From Rob Brodhecker:


 All the wrestling shows that I have for for the state of Georgia and surrounding environs for June 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th, 2022. Please remember to like and subscribe to get the weekly wrestling shows.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Full Disclosure News and Commentary # 167: H8

From Stephen Platinum:

Big stuff.

Coastal Empire Wrestling Results from Savannah on June 12


From CEW:

Results from Coastal Empire Brewing with attendance of 109. “New Level” Adrian Davis defeated Abe Wheeler and “Flying Fro” Michael Walker and “Werebear” Troy Magnum, and Voodoo in a Scramble Match; Exotic Youth (Bryce Cannon & Cornelius Pepperbottom & Zach Mosley) defeated Davey Leon & Amor & JJ Lane; “Classically Violent” William J. Blackwell defeated “Raditude” Greyson Beckett; Noir (Ehren Black & Ryan Wright & AM Pain) defeatedTales from the Nawfside (Jose Manuel & Shoota Gabe & Spectre); “Pretty Boy” Matt Odam defeated “Aesthetic One” Crew Lavish to retain the CEW Championship;  Karl Hager defeated Scratch Corey Savior to win the CEW Chaos Championship in a Casket Match. 

Monday, June 13, 2022

KLT Promotions Results from Rome on June 11

From KLT:

Commissioner Shawn Ambrose kicked the show off with a major announcement! Superstars Fan Fest will return to Rome, Ga. Saturday October 22, 2022 at The Anthony Center. Headlining this year’s event is two-time WWE Hall of Fame member Kevin Nash! 

Big Dog vs John Bivens: STREET FIGHT This was a different John Bivens than we are used to seeing. Full of rage and anger and he took it all out on Big Dog using numerous weapons in the process. Winner: John Bivens 

KLT Tag Team Championship Gainz & Lightning (c) vs Beauty and the Beast. This is not the first time these two teams have faced each other at KLT and it showed. Neither giving an inch. Gainz and Lightning definitely have experience on their side, but you would be hard pressed to find a better high flyer than Nate Wilde, or a more athletic big man than Ethan Cage. In the end, the champs found a way to win. Winners: Gainz & Lightning 

WrestleMerica Report from Barnesville on June 11

From Rob Brodhecker: 

It’s been 3 months since I was last in Barnesville for a WrestleMerica show; from the reports I’ve seen, there’s been a lot of shenanigans have occurred in those months: the usual twists, turns, and betrayals that are typical for Georgia wrestling. For the show tonight, the Georgia Weasel, Ryan North has secured a CCW/WrestleMerica title match for his monster, Austin Towers against the champion, FryDaddy. Plus there will be a first time match-up between Terry Lawler and Stryk Nyn. WrestleMerica doesn’t shy away from bringing in new talent as Parker Li, KayJay Impala and Ben Bishop will make their wrestling debut. This will be the last show in Barnesville for several months as the gym will be completely remodeled. WM will be running up the road in Forsyth, Ga. In a brand new gym. Shalonce Royal is announced for that show. 

Some talent advertised for the show were not here; I know of at least one that was double booked, family and illness for the others, hence the debuts. 

Ben Masters is your Master of Ceremonies. Harold “Radar” Martin, David Owens, and Billy the Head of Security are the referees. I estimate the crowd at about 190. Bob Smith on video camera and commentary. 

1st match: Randy Reno vs. KayJay Impala 

Viral Pro Wrestling Report from Thomson on June 11

From Madeline Hater

Viral Pro Wrestling presented Fallout from the Sweetwater Gym in Thomson GA on Saturday June 11th with an attendance of 215. 

215 is a decent number considering the other events running in the area as well as families being on vacation for the summer. Ring announcer for the evening is Jonathan Feltner. He welcomes everyone for coming out. 

Your opening contest is Chase Emery vs Drew Adler in a #1 Contender’s Match for the Outbreak Championship. Referee: Chris Wiggins 

Before the match begins Wade Adams makes his way out as a special guest commentator for this match. Adler enters first to All-Star to a pop, followed by the debuting Emery. The crowd pops for Emery. The match begins as Adler taunts to the crowd screaming LET’S GO to a pop, followed by a lock-up as Emery takes Adler to the mat. Adler counters with a headlock-takeover, wrenching the neck of Emery. Both men shake hands showing sportsmanship and recenter. Adler wrenches the arm of Emery, followed by Emery into a headlock-takeover. Great chaining by these two. Adler counters with a headlock and Emery reverses with a bridge but Adler powers out. Both men recenter and lock-up again. Emery whips Adler off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. Adler goes to shake Emery’s hand and takes him to the mat. Emery then hits a hip toss followed by a scoop slam. The crowd is behind Emery. Adler cuts Emery off into a backbreaker followed by a stomp into the cover to no success. Adler whips Emery into the corner, laying in huge chops followed by a MASSIVE hip toss slinging Emery across the ring. Emery fires back with right-hands and attempts to whip Adler but is countered into a powerslam. Adler then slings Emery out of the ring and hits a suicide dive to the outside! Emery drinks from Adler’s thermos of protein mix and hulks up with a HUGE comeback! Emery then hits a spinning-neckbreaker for the win! Winner and new #1 Contender for the Outbreak Championship: Chase Emery Time: 10:02 

From the Notebook: SHW40

From Duke Ingraham:

After the events that transpired at SHW39 there were more questions than answers surrounding the future of Southern Honor Wrestling than ever before. Over the course of the last month the reigning promoter of the year Gary Lamb and former booker of SHW Dylan Frymyer (James) had remained surprisingly quiet regarding the situation for most of the month. Meanwhile new promoter Brooklyn Creed was busy scheduling Rumble Jack qualifying matches, and doing whatever she could to put some of the most loved people at Southern Honor in harm's way. Including booking Zach The Gear Guy against Krule, and putting Dylan in a match against the best wrestler in the state, Joe Black. As the days inched closer to SHW40, rumors began to spread that Gary Lamb could be considering shutting down or selling Southern Honor Wrestling due to Brooklyn Creed’s recent takeover. People were left wondering what the future of Southern Honor Wrestling would be, or even if there would be a future. Gary Lamb made one thing clear, if this was going to be the last Southern Honor Wrestling, they were planning on going out with a bang. 

 An official paid attendance of 386 as reported from the box office, however it felt and sounded like many more. They were treated to show where the action never seemed to stop. The show was full of moments and the crowd response to everyone was insane. The show provided a wide variety of different match types, sure to please any new or returning fan. The great Larry Goodman has written a FANTASTIC report on this show that can be found on Georgia Wrestling History. I would encourage you to read that before reading this, as I will not be recapping the matches but just offering my thoughts, notes, and ramblings from the events of the night as they transpired. 

TWE Results from Red Bank on June 11

From Larry Goodman:

Sink or Swim Results from the TWE Arena in Red Bank with attendance around 100. The show streamed live on IWTV. 

Damion Turner defeated Payton Blair and Lizzy Blair and Dale Springs and CJ Lawler and Carson Dilbeck in the Sink of Swim Scramble.  

Billy Tipton defeated Pete Youngblood in a Tennessee Whipping Match. 

Nick Iggy defeated Sean Campbell.

Noah Hossman defeated Brogan Finlay. 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga Report from Lafayette on June 11

From Jordan McClure:

Rambler Rumble at Lafayette High School with attendance of 121. 

The show opened will the announcement of two more miracle children being inducted into the Hall of Fame -- Dalton and Tianna 

First up we had Paul Lee issue an open challenge to anyone in the locker room . His call was answered by “Beast Mode” Aaron Galaviz. The match went as expected Paul Lee was to much for the youngster to handle. He took Galaviz for a ride with his up and down “dirtiest player in the game shenanigans.” The match ended with the Figure 4. 

After the pin fall, Lee went after Galaviz with the Kendo but was stopped by local legend Jim Powell. The crowd erupted as a stand off between the two ensued. Paul Lee walked away seeing this fight better fit for another day. Winner- Paul Lee 

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from June 3 and June 10

From APW:

Results from the Royston Gym on June 3. Revolution pinned Quatro Cabezas; Ciaro beat Abraham Storm; Eli Smiles pinned Red Ninja; The Savage pinned Chris Delray; Stryknyn & Jeremy Vain, & North Georgia Champion Jaden Vain, beat James Boulevard & Stevie Ray Frost & Southern States Champion Caleb Crocker.

Results from the Royston Gym on June 10. Chris Delray pinned Red Ninja; Dynamic Dexter beat Rod Houston; James Boulevard pinned Tristan Cassidy; Justin Sane & Josh Cross, & Eli Smiles beat The Savage & Hoss Michaels, & Tyler Graves; Revolution pinned Rayce Steel; North Georgia Champion Jaden Vain beat Stevie Ray Frost; Southern States Champion Caleb Crocker & Rob Adonis defeated Jeremy Vain & Stryknyn.

ProSouth Wrestling Report from June 10

From Larry Goodman:

Two weeks and counting for Unleashed, new tag team champions were crowned as Supreme Metal (Tyrese Murphy & Roma Miller) tasted tag team gold for the first time. 

Nawfside Heroes' title reign is history after just 21 days but it ain't over. The rematch takes place on June 24 at Unleashed. 

The other stories leading into Unleashed were all effectively advanced. 

The Brandon Whatley/Jay Lucas video is a must see. This show made excellent use of video material and the talk segments were stronger than last week.

The in-ring? Dameon Ceretone and Marcus Eriks had chemistry in the main event. There were flashes of good stuff in the tag title match. If you only watch the final minute of other matches, you wouldn't be missing much.

Noah Howell and Shane Noles in the booth. Lewis Santiago and Slim were the referees. James Hardy split the ring announcing duties with Howell.