Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 16 Empire Wrestling Report from Rossville, GA

From Empire Wrestling Entertainment:

Cabal began show with in ring promo. Johnny Viper began by saying he was the Mastermind behind the Illuminati and is now the Mastermind behind the Cabal. It was his idea to combine the two most dominate forces in Empire history (Illuminati/Team Temptation) to form an unstoppable juggernaut. They formed a deal with Team Temptation to eliminate half of the Devil's Rejects (Alexander and Tank) and Seven and himself took out the other half (Bentley and Black). He said the entire plan had only one small hiccup. Passed the mic to Fortune who said despite what people may believe, the hiccup wasn't Ace Rockwell deciding not to retire. Ace Rockwell should quit. He should quit professional wrestling, but now it doesn't matter. He's an after thought. The hiccup was the fact that Ryan Vega performed the miracle of his lifetime by pinning Fortune to earn a shot at Viper's JR Heavyweight Title at Chasing the Grail. A match that should have never happened according to Fortune. Fortune swore to get even with Vega tonight. New Empire Heavyweight Champion Shaun Tempers then spoke. He said the best parts of the Illuminati and the finest part of all Empire (Team Temptation) have came together to form the Cabal. With the Reject's destroyed, there is nothing that can stop them. Tempers then stated that for weeks everyone has seen what the Cabal means via video messages….but everyone now sees that the Cabal….means….business. 

The first match was Jason Hampton vs Bane Lynch. Hampton requested the match as a means to abstract revenge on Bane Lynch's older brother, Joey Lynch who beat Hampton at CTG. Despite Bane's attempts to use his speed to gain an advantage on Hampton, Hampton over powered Bane and hit his Double Underhook DDT finisher for the win. After the match, Hampton applied a modified Hammerlock Single Boston Crab (Tequila Sunrise). After the refusing to break the hold, the referee reversed the decision and DQd Hampton.

There was then a video message from Empire Commissioner Drew Delight. He stated that he never wanted the position as commissioner, but after suffering an injury, he found it best to accept that position. He wanted to be remembered for great competition with the better man winning. He said that he would never be remembered for that though. He would be remembered for gang violence. Where everyone would have to have back up and someone to watch their back at all times. He would be remembered for the war between the Rejects and Illuminati that almost destroyed Empire from the inside out. He thought that those days were behind him and the Empire fans, but despite Tempers outlasting 15 other men in the Chasing The Grail tournament, he still felt the need to use gang violence to beat Tank for the championship. With the formation of the Cabal, Delight has decided to step down as the commissioner. He said the new commissioner would appear and make a statement tonight.

The next match was Ryan Vega vs Matt Fortune. Every time the rookie Vega would get a bit of momentum behind him, Fortune would regain control using both his experience and vicious streak. After Vega hit a series of strikes, he attempted a springboard which led to him slipping off the top rope. Fortune then hit his spinning neckbreaker for the win.

Johnny Viper then defeated DSCW's Mr. Showtime making his Empire Debut. Mr. Showtime is an extremely athletic young wrestler trained by local legend, Big Wood. Despite his best efforts, Johnny Viper once again showed why he has been JR Heavyweight champion for almost a year and half.

Shaun Tempers faced Joey Lynch and was looking to make it 3 for 3 for the Cabal. Joey Lynch had an outstanding performance against the new Empire Champion, but fell short to the "Temptations" neck breaker. After the match not only did the rest of the Cabal join Tempers in the ring, but Jason Hampton also appeared. Hampton eased to the lifeless Lynch and applied the Hammerlock Single Leg Crab.

Afterward, the familiar entrance music of Ben Thrasher began to play. Thrasher, who has been out of action with a severely injured shoulder for almost a year, announced that he was the new Empire Commissioner. He said he wanted to make his first night as commissioner a memorable one. He said that on November 30 it would be a night of Chasing The Grail rematches. The first would be a rematch between Joey Lynch and Jason Hampton. The second would be a JR Heavyweight Title match with Viper defending against Vega with Seven banned from the building. Thrasher then said that the next mega event, Long Cold Winter, would be January 4th, 2014. The first match was going to be announced…right now. Fortune will go one on one with the aforementioned afterthought, Ace Rockwell and November 30 there would be a contract signing for that match with a special stipulation to be announced. As Thrasher began to leave, he apologized because he almost forgot about the new champion, Shaun Tempers. He said that Tempers will face the man that will be receiving his automatic rematch clause on November 30th…the former champion Tank.

In the main event of the night, the new Empire Tag Team Champions The Best of the Best (Lamar Phillips and Dyron Flynn) defeated the former champions The Double Dragons (KT and Keith Hamill). After a grueling 20+ min match, Flynn used a loaded glove to counter a belly to back suplex from KT Hamill for the win. After the match, KT Hamill appeared to have a possible broken jaw.

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