Monday, May 23, 2016

Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Porterdale on May 21

From Alicia Stockton:

PCW had a nearly full house last night for Maximum Carnage. The action was hot, the crowd was hot, and fans could tell it is nearing War Games season. Only two more PCW shows are left before PCW's hottest summer show, a July 4th tradition, the 5th annual War Games. If PCW continues with the energy they've had at the last two shows, the rest of the summer leading into Sacred Ground will very well be one of the best summers in Porterdale history.

Drew Game and Matt Gilbert faced the team of Brian Kane and Kevin Park. Kane and Park started out strong. Park's knees and kicks were on point. I like the way they are building his character. It's almost like he's following an anime shonen hero arc. Game's cowardly, yet cocky character mixed well with his partner, Gilbert's stiff, strong style wrestling. Gilbert and Game took Kane's shoulder brace off and they tortured the injured shoulder. I could feel Park's frustration as he tried to get to the isolated Kane. No matter how they tortured him, Kane persevered. Kane and Park double teamed Gilbert pinning him for the win. The match fired up the crowd, and it really set the tone for the rest of the show. It was an excellent opening match.

Troy Hunt faced Slim J, and in my opinion it was the match of the night. Hunt has a great look, and though he's not as flashy as Slim J, his suplexes are crisp and have excellent form. His kicks had a brutal snap to them. Slim J flew all over the place hitting aerial move after aerial move. The best of this was when he hit a hurricanrana, then followed it up with a corkscrew. He hit a perfect moonsault, but only managed to get a two and a half count. He bested Hunt with a neckbreaker from the top rope. He didn't get to celebrate his victory because Logan Creed attacked him. He attacked Troy Hunt as well, throwing him out of the ring like he was a doll.

Gunner Miller came to the ring for his match with Logan Creed, and Creed wasted no time attacking him. It was less of a wrestling match, and it was more of a fight. It doesn't get much better than watching two big dudes battle. Creed left the ring, took the mic, and said he was going to fight Miller on his own time. Miller won the match by countout. The crowd went absolutely insane when Miller did a dive onto Creed. They fought through the bar and out into the parking lot. It was truly awesome, and when those two finally fight for real, it's going to be amazing.

CJ Awesome faced "Go Time" Eric Jones. Awesome waited outside the ring for Jones as he did his lap around the ring high fiving the audience. Jones stopped and went back around the other way until Awesome entered the ring, preventing the outside beatdown. This was the weakest match of the night. I want to like Jones. His in-ring is passable, but he doesn't show enough personality to make me care. Awesome is a decent heel, but neither of them drew me in. Awesome put the ref in Jones' way when he went up top, and he hit Jones with a low blow during the confusion, and he put him in a cradle for the win.

Uncle Money came out to address the crowd and hype the main event. Carpenter joined him and it looked like it might be a war of words, when CJ Awesome assaulted Money from behind. Carpenter took out Money's knee with a baseball bat. Geter and Johnny Danger came to Money's aid and the heels fled.

Randi West, Thunderkitty, and Dementia De Rose tangled in a triple threat first teased during West and Kitty's last appearance at PCW.If you haven't seen Thunder Kitty, do yourself a favor, and look her up. She's the living embodiment of a female wrestler from the 1950's, and she's beautiful. West, in contrast, is every inch a brawler, she's lean, muscular, and has gorgeous dark purple hair. De Rose is beautiful, but viciously deranged. Thunder Kitty tried to start things out with a lock-up, but De Rose was having no part of it. She brutalized Kitty instead, and even bit her hand. West's kicks and knees were on point. De Rose viciously attacked Kitty and Kitty sold it like she was dying. West hit De Rose with a gorgeous underhook suplex. Dementia won the match hitting Kitty with a spinebuster, then a butt drop from the second rope. PCW has always presented amazing women's wrestling, and last night was no exception.

Team Carpenter, comprised of Bill the Butcher, The Carpenter, Joseph Schwarz and Zodiac, faced Team Money comprised of Brian Blaze, Geter, Johnny Danger, and Uncle Money in the main event of the evening. Zodiac and Schwarz were creepy as all get out. Schwarz was getting up in people's faces and growling. Zodiac came up really close to me, up in my face, and caressed my kneecap. It was legitimately unnerving. Carpenter tried to take out Money's knee again at the very beginning of the match, and the match turned into a melee. Geter said "This ain't wrestling. This is a fight". A PCW chant broke out across our arena. The heels clutched their weapons, but dropped them acting all innocent when the ref turned towards them. Geter and Zodiac finally began the match in earnest, and Geter slammed the big man like he was nothing. The tags were quick, and the action moved at that same quick pace. Schwarz distracted the ref so Carpenter could escape Danger's sleeper attempt, and Butcher came in to regain the advantage for his team. Danger also got quite the beating from Zodiac who continued to look at me as the match went on. As it appeared Team Money might regain momentum, Stephen Platinum came out to "Because the Night" by 10,000 Maniacs. During the distraction, Scwartz was able to beat Danger with the pipe and secure the victory for the Carpenter. Then the beatdown began in earnest, and Zodiac tried to scratch out Danger's eyes.

Platinum took a microphone and said "I'm a winner. Carpenter's a winner. We're all winners. On July 4th, there will be War Games, 2 rings inside one cage. I will bring a team, and I challenge your bitch ass, Hankins. July 2nd there will be a haircut match, but I will not wrestle you, Johnny Danger. i will have a champion, you need to choose yours. Right now I'm going to take me a little piece of Danger." He ripped out another large lock of Johnny Danger's hair.

PCW returns to Porterdale June 4th. At that show, Johnny Danger will name his champion for the haircut match, and Matt Hankins will name his War Games Team. There are only a few shows before July 4th's War Games, and everything at PCW is coming to a head. It's going to be a hot summer.

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