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Georgia Premier Wrestling Supershow Report from Jasper on September 17

From Scott Hensley:

I recently helped out with Georgia Premier Wrestling's Supershow in Jasper, GA and wanted to share the results and some of my thoughts. The show was set to have a seminar with Angelina Love & Davey Richards, a Meet and Greet fanfest from 4-6 pm, then a wrestling event that night starting at 7pm.

This show featured a variety of talent from different promotions that spanned many eras of professional wrestling. Unfortunately, Love and Richards were not able to make it to their seminar so Ricky Reyes took over and received a lot of praise from those who attended and participated.
At the end of the seminar, there was a "run in" by WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat, who spent a lot of time talking to the talent at this event. Reyes and Steamboat makes for a heck of a seminar, especially when it almost had to be cancelled to begin with! The fans trickled in slowly for the meet and greet but grew to around 500 by the time the show started. There were ringside chairs and one side of bleachers, which helped a sizable crowd to not seem so spaced out and distant. There were a bunch of bumps in the road for this show but it didn't even matter because of the quality of the crew running and helping with this event. I'm not patting anyone on the back because they're my friends; I'm recognizing their hard work and determination because they're professionals.

The preshow kicked off at 6:40 PM

Preshow 1) Chip Hazard d. The Hare w/ The Hatter

The veteran Hazard, one half of the tag team The Movement, was in this spot due to his wife being close to delivery of their first child. Hazard's tag team partner, Talon Williams, was in the main event vs Billy Gunn. Hare is better known by Derick Myers but has become a protégé of the always spooky Hatter at Georgia Premier Wrestling. Hare & Hatter with some miscommunication and Hazard was able to pick up the victory.

Preshow 2) The Hatter & Shaggy d. Ray Ray & Crash Test Dummy

A double dose of Hatter, as this time he was in action with the extremely unique Shaggy. Shaggy has a beanpole physique but he works a creative style that incorporates some good technical wrestling, lucha, and everything under the sun. He's gone all out with his embrace of the new persona he's taken on since turning on his partner in the Good ol Boys, Cousin Cletus. Ray Ray is the Bayley of light heavyweight guys in Georgia. I don't know if anyone takes a better licking and keeps on ticking than "The Ultimate Underdog" - who always gets the crowd behind him. The more experienced team of Hatter & Shaggy were able to pull off the win over the fan favorites here.

1) Johnny Rokk d. Matt Gilbert to retain the Southern States Championship.

Hard hitting match with Rokk hitting a top rope elbow drop that actually popped a board up. Luckily it was able to be fixed in a couple of minutes.

2) Cyrus w/ Logan Chase III d. Cletus

These two super heavyweights threw each other all over the place. Unfortunately, the same board that came up in the first match reared it's ugly head in this one as well. A ring buckle support was also stripped when Cyrus attempted to climb the ropes. This fix took a few minutes but Ricky Steamboat signed autographs during this fix and there was enough to talk about with the upcoming matches to prevent it from just being absolute dead time. Several guys from the crowd, who are area workers came down to help the GPW crew, including veteran referee Mark Cooper, to get the ring back together and ready for the next match.

3) Rebel & Tiffany Roxx d. The Priscilla Kelly & Jessica Leigh w/ Logan Chase III

Rebel, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and TNA wrestler, won the fans over with her athleticism and some entertainment here as Kelly & Leigh showed their meaner sides, teaming up to try to keep Roxx down and out. One of the better women's matches I've seen in a while.

4) Paradyse d. Chip Day
OVW mainstay Paradyse is extremely flamboyant and won the crowd over with antics. The fire alarm actually went off when Paradyse came out. Fortunately, it was turned off after a couple of minutes. While they were wrestling in the ring, two metal beam supports fell from under the ring. They were able to finish their match and THAT problem was able to to be fixed during the official intermission which was scheduled after the match. Paradyse won this one with a specifically placed thumb.... and a roll up. The violated Day was not happy about the loss or his harassment throughout the match.

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat came to the ring and talked to the fans about his time in Georgia and thanked them for coming out. Logan Chase III came to the ring and interrupted. Steamboat said Chase was trying to make a name for himself by coming out there but he wasn't going to fight Chase. He'd let him have all the ring time he wanted. Steamboat tried to leave and Chase grabbed him. Steamboat chopped Chase and hit him with a big strike coming off the ropes. Chase flew through the air and the crowd came unglued. It was done really well.

During intermission, the talents came out and signed autographs and took pictures with fans. The ring was fixed once again - this time for good, thank God!

5) Ricky Reyes d. Vary Morales

It was Lucha Underground vs Much Lucha Atlanta in this match. They had some really good stuff and Reyes turned the crowd against him with his demeanor and intensity. Morales reminds me of a smaller Juventud Guerrera. He showcased his athleticism here and has the type of underdog build that ya can't help but root for.

6) Torque w/ Logan Chase III d. Crazy Steve

I wasn't sure how the crowd would react to TNA star Crazy Steve. The reaction was absolutely great. Steve is 1/2 of the TNA tag team champions and the crowd reacted accordingly. Torque put up a fight but Steve outwrestled him. In a moment of desperation and capitalizing on a distraction, Torque planted a foot to Steve's nether region and covered him for the pin when the referee turned back around.

7) Vader, Mr. Showtime, and Cody Roberts d. Big Will, Ray Fury, and Brandon Collins

A fun match and opportunity to see the big man Vader. Vader spoke on the mic before the match and the crowd was super into it with a deafening response of "VADER TIME!" when Vader asked them, "What time is it?!". A funny moment in this match occurred when Mr. Showtime asked the crowd, "What time is it?" and the Middle Georgia faithful replied for him "SHOWTIME!"... I'm not sure Vader was ready for that. The match ended when Vader laid out Big Will with a big lariat and pinned him.

9) Billy Gunn d. Talon Williams

Gunn led the crowd in his usual prematch ritual but jokingly placed the heat on promoter Darrell Morris about Darrell not wanting him to say or do certain things. Gunn skirted it by letting the crowd be the ones who said the "Two words for ya" haha

This was an interesting dynamic and choice of match altogether. Williams is a 10+ year veteran of the Southeast who is primarily known as a tag team wrestler but has always proven to be a hard worker in the ring, a dependable talent, and a guy that can step up and have good singles matches (Superfan/Podcaster/Wrestling journalist Dylan Hales rated a match with Talon Williams vs Kyle Matthews as one of his favorite matches that happened in the Southeast last year). The GPW crowd appreciates him and rooted for him in this match but also wanted to experience the nostalgia of a guy they've watched on TV for 20 years and celebrate with him. For a size, exposure, and experience difference these guys really worked well together and both competed with a lot of offense and by withstanding the offense of the other man. Gunn escaped Williams' finisher and put him away with the Famouser. Gunn worked really hard here and looked like he genuinely enjoyed himself. It wasn't a situation of a veteran just coming to collect a booking fee and trying to do as little as possible. He came to work and you can tell he has a passion for professional wrestling that shone through this night.

After the match Gunn put over Williams as a good opponent, put over the event, and put over the fans.

For a seminar to almost not happen, boards to pop up twice, a rope support to break, ring supports to fall, and the fire alarm to go off this was an amazing collaboration of a bunch of hard working guys that sent 500 fans home happy that night. Kudos to Greg "Woody" Hullander & Darrell Morris for the work they do and the crew they have at Georgia Premier Wrestling.

If you want a family friendly show with good matches, continuing stories, and a lovable group of hard-working guys and girls then please try to check out a Georgia Premier Wrestling event or a DSCW event in Blue Ridge, GA. Check them out on Facebook to find out where they'll be and who they'll have next - as they do often bring in some unique and big name talents.

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