Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Special Episode of GWH TV Now Online

From GWH TV:

Crash of Champions-Brawl in the Fall

Watch great classic wrestling matches such as:

-Assassins w/Paul Jones vs Wahoo McDaniel & Charlie Brown (NWA 1981)
-Jerry Lawler Rare Memphis Wrestling: Bloody Brawl in Tupelo (1978)
-The Bladerunners vs Jackson & Doll
-Wahoo McDaniel & Buzz Sawyer vs Road Warriors (1984)
-Fantastics/Missing Link vs Sting/Eddie Gilbert/Tatum
-Scaffold Match: Rock n' Roll Express vs Midnight Express (Houston)
-Samoans V JYD Mike George Mid-South Belts
-Ron & jimmy Garvin vs Sheepherders (Parts 1 & 2)
-Eric Embry vs. Jerry Lawler - lumberjack rematch (USWA title)
-Tully Blanchard vs Dusty Rhodes Texas Death Match

Catch all the great action.  Subscribe to the official GWH Youtube page and don't forget to like the GWH TV facebook page.

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