Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on September 10

From Why We Wrestle:

Dany Only made some official announcements:
1 Slim J was suspended for 30 days for repeatedly striking officials including Only on 8/27.
2. Billy Buck and Kevin Blue were suspended for the night for their involvement in the debacle.
3. WWW Women's Champion will be crowned at Fright Night in 4 way elimination match. Qualifiers start tonight.
4) Stryknyn will face Bobby Moore in main event tonight. (The two had a verbal exchange w Moore upset that the bounty had been cashed in and Stryk no longer had the title.)
5) Gunner Miller defends against Anthony Henry on 9/24
6) Jacob Ashworth returned to apologize for his social media meltdown. He said the situation w Nemesis had destroyed his personal life and he was at the point that he just wanted to quit everything but the swell of fan support he received changed his mind and said he was going to ride the situation out. Only said per Nemesis' orders however, Ashworth had to wrestle tonight and if he won he would get his freedom and if he didn't, he would have to be Nemesis' slave for 60 more days.

1 Timmy Lou Retton w Roni Nicole defeated Jacob Ashworth w help from Nicole. Ashworth couldnt' get out of his own head and Retton took advantage to get a big win. Ashworth remains a slave.

2 Nina Monet defeated Crystal Rose to qualify for the Fright Night women's title match.

3 Bryan Blaze def Mikael Judas by countout when he never appeared. Blaze said he wasn't scared of the Boogeyman. Lights went out. Judas music hit...and came back on to nothing. Blaze claimed he still wasn't scared but he retreated rather quickly.

4) The Monarchy (Black Baron & Prince Apollo) def The Devil's Rejects (Azrael & Brad Cash) to retain tag titles after an opening sneak attack that incapacitated Azrael most of the match. Cash put up a good fight but he couldnt do it along.

5) Aja Perera def Tragedy Ann in a great match as Perera's popularity rises. Post match Dementia D'Rose attacked Aja and claimed that her Super Villain had arrived.

6) Elijah Evans defeated Chase Jordan to continue his winning streak.

7) Seth Delay interviewed Adryan Hawkins who buried Trever Aeon for chickening out of their match and said if he ever showed back up he would send him home for good. (Aeon double booked himself w WWW and APCW)

8) Stryknyn defeated Bobby Moore in main event in a helluva match and what we would imagine is the final stamp on the Rejects vs SBC rivalry.

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