Monday, September 19, 2016

WWA4 Results from Atlanta on September 8

From Brian Slack:

WWA4 was in Atlanta, GA on September 8.  Results:  AR Fox vs. Dementia D'Rose ended in a double count-out.  After the match, Dementia D'Rose kept attacked AR Fox.  Austin Towers & Tony Midas defeated the Spearing Mirrors (Jon Averson & The Reflection) to win the WWA4 Tag Team championships.  Ayzali defeated Kayla Lynn to win the WWA4 Inter-Gender championship.  "The Factabulous" Talon vs. Tommy Maserati ended in a double count-out.  After the match, Austin Towers & Tony Midas attacked Tommy Maserati.  Kavron Kanyon defeated AC Mack.  After the match, The Force (AC Mack & Ra's Ali) attacked Kavron Kanyon.  

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